Baby Swings Tips

While there is certainly suitable baby swings for any type of baby out there, your task as a parent doesn’t end with buying a baby swing.

baby swing tipsIf you’re new, feel free to look through these 7 top tips at your leisure. If you’re experienced, there’s always no harm in refreshing your memory, is there?

1. Safety First!

The exclamation mark is to emphasize how important this parts it. Always check for a 5-point safety harness. This harness should be at the shoulders, hip and crotch to avoid your baby falling out of the seat.

Just like when you are looking for a baby swing, the base which has to be wide and low must be tip resistant.

Then, when you are using it, never leave your baby unattended in the swing, even with the safety harness on. Also, if you are using a portable swing, don’t put it on an elevated surface.

2. Comfort/ Position of the Swing

With the first key tip out of the way, comfort is to ensure that your money spent buying a baby swing does not go down the drain if your baby does not want to use it. A reclining position is good for infants while an upright position is good for older babies. So, if possible, a baby swing that can be adjusted from upright to reclining position will save you the hassle and cost of buying two swings.

Wherever possible, buy a new baby swing. For instance, canopies which protect babies from the sun will not be worn down.

3. Speed

Note that as your baby grows, it affects how the swing swings. So, get a swing which has a variety of speeds. If you have older children, don’t let them push your baby in the swing as a safety measure.

As with all things, start with the lowest setting. Limit the amount of time of swinging, for e.g. no more than 30 minute intervals. Don’t leave your baby swinging for hours as you fall asleep!

4. Transport

Don’t use your portable swing as a transport/ infant carrier! They are two separate models with their own purposes.

5. Assembly of the Swing

If the manufacturer has specified the weight limit or the method of assembly, follow it exactly. Cutting corners is not productive when it comes to your baby.

6. Power

If you are getting a baby swing that is powered by battery, do try to purchase a battery recharger when you purchase the baby swing. In that manner, even though it is normally costly, it is certainly cheaper than getting battery replacement day in and day out.

7. Know when to stop using a swing

Once your baby can roll or push up on his/ her hands and knees, you know that is the time to stop using a cradle swing. Before that, it is still safe to use it. If you want to prevent your child from falling every time you turn your back, don’t use a traditional swing the moment your child attempts to climb out.

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