Top 10 Best Air Mattresses 2018

Buying Guide

Air mattresses have become very popular and widely used throughout the world because of its environmental friendliness, practicality and a large selection and variety of models. The four main qualities that made them very popular are the convenience, compactness, portability and price.

Best Air Mattress

One reason for the success of air mattresses is that they provide maximum comfort for sleeping. Studies show that air mattresses create much less pressure on your lower back than conventional mattresses. These mattresses are better than traditional spring mattresses for several reasons.

First, an inflatable mattress distributes the load evenly over the surface of the body, so you can sleep in comfort. Air mattresses are often used in hospitals and many hotels. These mattresses are useful for people suffering from back pain, neck pain and joint pain. If you frequently suffer from insomnia, it is possible that your mattress is to blame for this. No matter how you sleep, air mattresses help you sleep well at night.

Air Mattresses Can Change Your Bed

Because of the small amount of rolled up inflatable mattresses delight us with their mobility. It’s a bed; we can always take a holiday in the countryside. Weight, the inflatable furniture minimal and even a child can easily carry it. Yes, and use mats as inflatable boats for sailing and fishing, it also quite possible.

The price for this furniture, as compared to traditional, very low and the difference can be substantial. If you’re strapped for cash, but want to sleep on a comfortable bed than take a look at inflatable furniture.

The air mattresses have various designs to suit our needs. There are air mattresses that have built-in frames on it and others have headboards too. Raised air bed mattress is also available. It does not need a bed frame anymore.

Important Things to Consider in Buying an Air Mattress

  • Check the top surface cover if it’s made of plastic/vinyl or a soft material. It matters during hot season. A soft cover provides a cozy effect on your back especially if you like to use thin cover sheets.
  • Does the air mattress come along with an electric pump? Having an electric pump saves time and effort.
  • Does it have a package or a bag that is easy to store in the house when they are not in use or easy to bring on travel?
  • How large when it is folded up and the weight?
  • Check for the common complaints of the buyers in the websites. There are areas for product reviews and take note of the issues that the customers wrote.
  • Compare prices but don’t sacrifice quality. You may end up spending more when you bought the cheapest available one yet making you unsatisfied after how many months and buy another better quality air mattress.

Our back deserves a bed that helps it relax during the night. A bed that is flexible to every move we make during our good night sleep. Air mattress does not have hard coils that give pressure towards the back. The top surface is designed to allow the muscles to relax and efficient circulation of the blood.

Cover the air mattress with any bed sheet combinations you like. With your favorite pillow and comfy blanket, sleep and feel the difference from the old regular mattress you have. It’s amazing how it works on your back!

Check out the 10 Best Air Mattresses on the market right now:

1. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Insta-Bed Raised
The Insta-Bed Raised Air Bed with Never Flat™ technology makes getting into and out of bed easier and just might be the most comfortable air bed you’ve ever slept on. Able to maintain it’s pressure throughout the night, Never Flat™ elimates sagging and loss of air pressure that is so common in airbeds. Never Flat™ technology is an auto-engaging, whisper quiet pump that maintains constant air pressure throughout the night for an undisturbed, continuous night’s rest that is never flat. Choose your desired comfort level–Plush, Medium, or Firm–and let the powerful Primary Pump inflate the bed. Once inflated, the Secondary Pump continusly monitors and senses when it needs to silently engage in order to maintain the chosen comfort level throughout the night. The powerful, integrated primary pump enables effortless inflation and deflation of the air bed. The automatic shut-off feature turns the Primary Pump once the bed is fully inflated or deflated, allowing you to turn on the pump and walk away without worrying about the pump getted burned out. Clear dial settings for plush, medium, and firm allow for preferred personal mattress comfort levels. Pressure sensing technology constantly monitors and adjusts to match the chosen mattress comfort level. Pump silently, as neccessary, engages throughout the night creating a consistently comfortable feel. *21 circular coils on the Twin Bed and 35 circular coils on the Queen Bed create a comfortable sleeping surface while vertical and horizontal reinforcements allow bed to maintain shape. Flocked top keeps bedding in place. Carry bag included. Guaranteed to stay inflated all night!

>> Insta-Bed-Raised-Air-Mattress-with-Never-Flat-Pump




2. Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Air Mattress

Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise
The Fox Plush High Rise 2015 Design is better than ever. This *Top Rated* air mattress is stronger and much more comfortable with the all-NEW Air Flow system. No longer will you fall into the center of the bed with the all-NEW air flow system. The Plush High Rise inflatable beds are all true to size and take standard fitted sheets. The Twin XL is 80 inches in length and takes Twin xl sheets. King: 80″ x 76″ x 25″ Queen: 80″ x 60″ x 25″ Full: “75” x 54″ x 22″ Twin xl: 80″ x 39″ x 20″.

>> Fox-Air-Beds-Plush-High-Rise-Air-Mattress




3. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress – Raised Electric Airbed With Built In Pump & Carry Bag

Lazery Sleep Raised Electric Airbed With Built In Pump & Carry Bag
Treat overnight guests to a deep, sound slumber with the Lazery Sleep Air Mattress with ComfortCoil technology. This self-inflating bed provides incomparable support with its 40 internal air coils, double chamber design, and a range of selectable firmness settings. Whether you’re hosting a kids sleepover or need a makeshift bedroom for visiting relatives, this highly durable motorized mattress feels just as cozy as a traditional bed on legs and a frame. In as little as four minutes, you’ll be sleeping on air anywhere the night takes you. So skip the backbreaking cot and sofa, and fill up on comfort to your exact specifications!

>> Lazery-Sleep-Air-Mattress-Raised-Electric-Airbed-With-Built-In-Pump&Carry-Bag




4. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Insta-Bed with Never Flat Pump
Two pumps in one bed. The patented neverFLAT pump system silently keeps your airbed inflated all night. Guaranteed! The primary pump automatically inflates and deflates your airbed in less than 4 minutes. The secondary neverFLAT Pump monitors and silently maintains the air pressure to your desired comfort level while you sleep. Convenient auto-shutoff feature on primary pump automatically turns the pump system off when the airbed is fully inflated or deflated. Queen set includes a 90 x 102 inch flat sheet, 60 x 80 x 12 inch fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. Polyester microfiber offers strength and exceptional softness.

>> Insta-Bed-Raised-Air-Mattress-with-Never-Flat-Pump




5. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump

SoundAsleep Dream Series
The SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress with ComfortCoil Technology is the most advanced air mattress on the market. The Dream Series is designed for in-home use and provides overnight guests the comfort of a traditional mattress with the flexibility of an air bed. Queen sized, the mattress inflates in less than 4 minutes with a powerful, integrated primary pump enabling effortless inflation. The patented motor is designed to be 20% quieter during inflation than other competing products. The user friendly pump also eliminates sagging and loss of air pressure found in other air mattresses. This air mattress comes with ComfortCoil Technology where 40 top air coils provide added comfort to both single sleepers and couples. The SoundAsleep mattress is easy to setup and extremely comfortable; engineered to find the optimal firmness level for the individual user. The puncture resistant material is also designed with added durability against normal wear in the household and allows weights of up to 500 lbs.

>> SoundAsleep-Dream-Series-Air-Mattress-with-ComfortCoil-Technology&Internal-High-Capacity-Pump




6. Air Mattress with Hypoallergenic Bamboo Bed Sheet/Skirt and High Capacity Air Bed Pump

Hypoallergenic Bamboo Bed Sheet/Skirt and High Capacity Air Bed Pump
Whether you need a guest bed or are planning your next road trip, this bed is what you are looking for. Alternate Pinch Valve—No electricity? No problem! The pinch valve gives you another way to fill your air bed, making it versatile enough for any adventure. Accurate measurements—No one likes to order a twin- or queen-sized air bed only to find that the manufacturer has shaved off an inch or two to save on materials. With our air mattresses, that’s not the case. The dimensions you see online are exactly the size your mattress will be. Storage Bag—Large enough to easily stuff your deflated air bed into, small enough to carry around easily, this bag is great for travel and storage.

>> Air-Mattress-with-Hypoallergenic-Bamboo-Bed-Sheet/Skirt-and-High-Capacity-Air-Bed-Pump




7. SimplySleeper SS-58RF Raised 18″ Full Air bed with Built-in Fully Automatic Electric Pump

SimplySleeper SS-58RF
The SimplySleeper® SS-58RF Full-Size Air Bed offers a market leading PVC side and Flock top. The increased thickness results in a sturdier air bed with increased comfort. The SimplySleeper® Full Raised air bed is a perfect sleeping solution for even the weariest traveler. Combining top-of-the-line quality and weightless comfort into one convenient package can turn any room or place into a comfortable bedroom in only a minute. Easily inflates to a Raised (Double Height) of 74″x54″x18″ in around 3 minutes. A True Queen Size for extra room and restful sleep for 2 adults. Maximum weight supports up to 500 lbs with superior overnight air retention. Quad Chamber Technology: oval coil internal chambers provides unmatched sturdy and supportive that feels like a real bed. Includes powerful built-in AC pump with a single-click pump and tough travel bag. Quick release valve for super fast deflating. All SimplySleeper Air beds come with a 1-year warranty. The SimplySleeper® airbed is a perfect sleeping solution for even the weariest traveler. Combining top-of-the-line quality and weightless comfort into one convenient package can turn any room or place into a comfortable bedroom in only 3 minutes.

>> SimplySleeper-SS-58RF-Raised-18″-Full-Air-bed-with-Built-in-Fully-Automatic-Electric-Pump




8. Ivation Air Mattress (Twin), Inflatable Blow Up Mattress Air Bed

Ivation Twin Inflatable Blow Up
Experience the comfort and support of a traditional mattress with this fast-inflating air bed. The Ivation Twin size air mattress is the highest rated and most advanced durable airbed available in the market, built with super strong PVC materiel preventing air leaks and holes when handled with care, built to last long and for many uses; Incorporates FirmaCoil air coils, a new type of air coil technology with an innovative figure-8 design. The large, closely placed coils provide superb durability and incredible comfort. Quickly and easily provides extra sleeping space for overnight guests, vacation homes, campgrounds, and temporary quarters. A built-in, AC-powered air pump means you’ll never have to search for the pump when you want to inflate or deflate the bed.

>> Ivation-Air-Mattress-(Twin),Inflatable-Blow-Up-Mattress-Air-Bed




9. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress Bed

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable Inflatable
The Shrunks tuckaire toddler travel bed designed to offer comfort and safety, Shrunks tuckaire toddler travel bed makes for a safe night’s sleep for kids. The portable bed allows standard crib size sheets and blankets to be tucked neatly into the inner mattress, keeping the sheets off the floor. It’s lightweight, folds easily and inflates in just about 5 minutes. Special signature rails protect kids from rolling off. When it comes to sleepovers, camping or just travel, this inflatable bed will be become a part of childhood memories. Why you’ll love it: patented snug fit system allows crib size sheets to be tucked around the mattress. Age: 24 months and up. Features innovative design for comfort and safety; contains no BPS, lead or phthalate; inflates and deflates rapidly with electric pump; inflated size: 60 x 37 x 9 (inches), 152 x 94 x 23 (cm); approximate deflated size: 16 x 7 x 7 (inches), 40 x 18 x 18 (cm); weight: 6.6 lbs, 3 kg; maximum weight capacity 150 lbs, 68 kg; won Babbles Award for best toddler travel bed; includes: Jetaire electric pump.

>> The-Shrunks-Toddler-Travel-Bed-Portable-Inflatable-Air-Mattress-Bed




10. LazyNap LZ-04K Kids Air Mattress with Wrap-Around Bumpers, Soft Cover

LazyNap LZ-04K Kids
LazyNap Kid’s Air Bed with side bumpers – Wrap-around bumpers help reduce chance of rolling off during sleeping! Easy to use hand-held 2-in-1 pump can inflate or deflate the air bed in approximately 3 minutes. A special one-way intake valve insures no air is lost during the inflating process. No need to blow up the bed manually with your mouth.

>> LazyNap-LZ-04K-Kids-Air-Mattress-with-Wrap-Around-Bumpers,Soft-Cover