Top 11 Best Baby Safety Gates 2018

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Having a baby around the house can be a daunting and yet rewarding task for parents. Their safety and protection is the number one concern. Parents need to childproof their homes from possible accidents especially if their toddlers start to crawl, run, or walk around the house. This is especially true if your house has stairs because this can pose accidents when your baby accidentally falls on the stairs. It would be to your advantage to equip your house with baby safety gates to protect your toddlers not only from going down the stairs unsupervised but also for preventing them to access other rooms in your house.

Best Baby Safety Gate

Using baby safety gates is not only designed for the stairs but for other areas in your house as well. Just think of the places in your home where you always keep your baby and figure out what rooms or areas need to be limited. You may have a bungalow house which would mean that there are no stairs inside and you might think that safety gates for stairs are no longer necessary. How about rooms that should not be accessed or entered by your toddlers like the kitchen? There are other dangerous areas that your kids need to be kept safe from. There can be a variety of purpose for installing retractable safety gates and whatever it may be it will serve its ultimate purpose of keeping your child protected and safe from accidents.

Now that you have realized the importance of using baby safety gates, you might want to consider these helpful tips when buying one:

Buy the Right Type of Baby Safety Gate

You will have to consider where to install it and once you have determined the area in your house, you can choose the right or proper type of safety gate. For instance, if you are going to use it on the stairs, then buy a baby safety gate for stairs. Child safety gates have different specifications and are differently designed for its specific purpose. Pay special attention to how it will be mounted because safety gates for stairs should be wall mounted and not pressure mounted. There are kid safety gates that are designed to be installed in unusual spaces and therefore there is a different configuration for this type. If you are not sure about what to get, you may ask assistance from the sales representative so they can better explain these things to you.

Take the Right Measurements

It is very important to take note of the right and accurate width and length measurements so that you won’t have to guess or estimate which one you should buy. This will not only save you money but also time when selecting a baby safety gate for your house. Write down the measurements so you won’t forget it and bring it with you when you go shopping for a safety gate. If you are going to purchase it online, make sure that you indicate the correct measurements. Remember that these child safety gates don’t come in similar sizes. The rule of thumb when considering the gate’s length is that it should not be lower than ¾ of your child’s height. So this means that you should also take a measurement of your child’s height because if you purchase a gate that is only up to your child’s waist then it defeats the purpose of protecting your toddler. They may easily find a way to topple it or climb onto it and there goes your protective gate.

Choose the Right Material of the Gate

Another significant consideration to think about is the material of the baby safety gate. Every parent wants to know that what they are going to buy is of durable quality. There are several kinds of gate materials that you can choose from and it your selection can also depend on how or where you intend to use it. It comes with metal, wood, mesh, or plastic. For those who have fireplaces inside the house and wants to put around a child safety gate for that purpose, they may opt to use metal because of its sturdiness and durability. However, it is also heavier as compared to other materials. Other people may prefer wood because it is more appealing in terms of appearance and is considered to be safer than metal safety gates. Just make sure that you choose a wooden baby gate that has splinter-free finish or with rounded corners and not something with sharper squared edges because this can hurt your baby’s tiny fingers.

Consider Installation Preferences

Finally when you have taken consideration all other tips mentioned above, you can now decide which one is your preferred installation. The pressure mounted baby gates are much easier and quicker to install. Aside from this, it can be transferred or moved easily from one point to another. However, please note that this is not appropriate when it comes to top stairs provision. Another reminder is that you should only use it on spaces with parallel opposing walls. Meanwhile, the hardware mounted child safety gate will need more time for installation but they are fundamental to many applications. Most people will prefer pressure-mounted baby gates because this will not damage the walls but over time it may come loose due to the pressure and pushing that may be applied. It depends on how long you want to use the baby safety gate but this is not recommended if you are expecting more babies around your house and you want to reuse it.

Purchasing baby safety gates are not really that hard especially when you know what you really want and where you want to place it. There are many reputable manufacturers that sell these safety gates online. If you want to buy high quality safety gates then choose the brand that you have trusted for your baby. Remember that what is at stake is your child’s safety, so don’t rush into buying without thinking.

Check out the 11 Best Baby Safety Gates on the market right now:

1. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall
Child proof your home in style with the multi-use deco extra tall walk-thru gate. This attractive metal gate is adjustable to accommodate most door openings and stairways. Hardware is included for extra secure mounting, or pressure mount for a secure installation that doesn’t leave marks on walls. It comes with a banister installation kit that can be used banister-to-banister or banister to wall, without the need to drill in to banisters. 36″ tall gate fits openings 28-48″ wide. Dual locking, auto-close walk through door.

>> Summer-Infant-Multi-Use-Deco-Extra-Tall-Walk-Thru-Gate,Bronze-with-Banister-Installation-Kit




2. KidCo Auto-Close Configure Gate

KidCo Auto-Close
The Auto Close Configure Gate provides maximum safety for use in any extra wide or odd shaped area when mounting points do not line up directly across from each other. All joints rotate; setting individual sections to the ideal angle, and then easily lock in place for a secure attachment. The unique handle design on the extra wide door applies Magnet-Lock technology; a dual magnet design that automatically draws the door closed and guarantees it locks each and every time! The configure gate also employs a hold button, allowing the auto close door to be held open indefinitely until it is pushed closed. 30″ door section can be place anywhere within the gate layout, 23″ extra wide door opening.

>> KidCo-Auto-Close-Configure-Gate




3. Retract-A-Gate safety gate

Certified for use at the top and bottom of stairs by the JPMA, proven for use with cats and dogs; mesh is scratch resistant. Quiet operation when opening or closing, retracts automatically, no manual winding required. Tough, washable, and see-through fabric. Childproof lock on top prevents it from opening. Installation is easy and quick. Truly operates with one hand to open or close. Has the ability to quickly and easily relocate with an additional wall bracket kit.

>> Retract-A-Gate-safety-gate




4. Cardinal Gates Heirloom Wood Gate

Cardinal Heirloom
Whether you’ve got a rambunctious rover or a curious toddler, the Cardinal Gates Adjustable Wood Safety Gate is sure to keep them safe. Crafted of wood in a colonial maple finish, this gate has an adjustable width to best fit your home’s needs. Durable wood gate for toddlers or dogs. Easy to install – clears most base boards. Great for angled openings up to 30 degrees. Childproof one-handed latch. Optional, one-way swinging safety feature. Dimensions: 29.5 – 49.25W x 29H inches.

>> Cardinal-Gates-Heirloom-Wood-Gate




5. Munchkin Loft Aluminum Infant Safety Gate

Munchkin Loft Aluminum
Finally, an infant safety gate that will not only please your keen design sensibilities, but also offer the latest in safety gate technology. This gate features head turning modern design and safety features that adapt to the fit of your home. The indexed sizing system adjusts for a perfect vertical fit when walls aren’t level and the Integrated Tuning System allows for quick and easy width adjustments with pre set index positions. The quick release wall mount allows the gate to be removed and replaced quickly for high traffic times or entertaining. Use it virtually everyplace in the home top of stairs, bottom of stairs, or between rooms. The double locking system on the integrated handle is easy for adults to use, but difficult for a child. The two way opening gate locks shut with just a simple push and the extra wide walkthrough allows for easy in and out access. Dimensions: 26.5 40″ W x 30.5″ H.

>> Munchkin-Loft-Aluminum-Infant-Safety-Gate




6. Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate, 6 Foot Wide Extra Tall

Summer Infant
The Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate, 6 Foot Wide Extra Tall Walk-Thru is ideal for extra wide doorways. The hardware mounted installation keeps gate securely in place, and a simple, one-handed walk through door allows parents to move easily from room to room. The stylish bronze metal finish complements most home décor. This fits larger openings 3.5-6′ wide, hardware mounts securely in place and has a convenience walk thru door for easy access between rooms. This fits openings 44” to 72” 106cm to 183cm and stands 36” 91cm tall. The stylish bronze finish compliments new and contemporary homes. It can be operated in one hand and comes with stylish arched walk thru door and includes 4 extensions.

>> Summer-Infant-Metal-Expansion-Gate,6-Foot-Wide-Extra-Tall-Walk-Thru




7. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide
Providing a versatile way to keep your child safe, the Regalo 4-In-1 Metal Play Yard offers numerous convenient configurations for around the house. Made with sturdy steel construction for the ultimate in durability, the play yard is easy to set up and take down. The foldable design and walk-through gate make it hassle-free to use and portable for family trips. Includes 8 removable and configurable panels that enclose 19 sq. feet. Expands to become a 192-inch wall mounted gate or free standing barrier.

>> Regalo-192-Inch-Super-Wide-Gate-and-Play-Yard




8. GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate

GMI Keepsafe
Keepsafe® Expansion Gates with their patented design prevents pinch points and choke points without any plastic coverings. This eliminates injury from chipped, broken or chewed off plastic. The pivot points are designed to allow maximum expansion without exceeding J.P.M.A. certification specifications. Extra tall height varies from 33″ fully closed to 30½” fully extended. It attaches at four points and is hinged to swing 180 degrees to allow unobstructed use of the opening, collapsing to the industries’ narrowest gate, when not in use. Industry exclusive center-mounted leg makes the gate sturdy even when fully extended and its rubber stop prevents damage to the floor. One hand latching and unlatching makes for ease of use.

>> GMI-Keepsafe-Expansion-Gate




9. North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate

North States
Do you have a large opening like a porch or other wide opening? The North States Supergate Deluxe Decor Metal Gate offers perfect security for your child or pet. Constructed with a strong powder-coated metal. Gate is wall mounted using only the toughest materials. Easily adjusts to doorways 37″ to 72″ wide-over 6′, height is 30″. For added security, this gate offers one swinging walk-thru panel built with a child-proof double-locking system and also has a stay-open feature. This proprietary safety feature allows you to easily enter and exit the play yard while keeping you assured that your little one can’t escape without your assistance. Or you can swing out of the way the entire gate with ease when not locked in place. This product will instantly complement any of your home’s existing decor.

>> North-States-Supergate-Deluxe-Décor-Metal-Gate




10. Regalo Easy Open 50 Inch Wide Baby Gate, Pressure Mount

Regalo Easy Open 50 Inch
Make your life less complicated with the Regalo Easy-Open Wide Gate. It has a baby and pet-proof closure that is adult-friendly. This sturdy, wide baby gate has a single door opening handle designed to offer one-hand operation. It allows you to pass through with ease. This is ideal when carrying in packages or transporting a baby to another room. The convenient design means you’ll never have to step over a gate to enter or exit. It is made of strong steel and has a quick and easy assembly. This gate is suitable for placement at the top of the stairs or at the main door. This item meets all safety standards and fits openings 29.5″ to 52″ wide. It comes with two extension kits and all necessary hardware. This gate is also well suited for homes where dogs are left home during the day unattended.

>> Regalo-Easy-Open-50-Inch-Wide-Baby-Gate,Pressure-Mount




11. Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate

Safety 1st Wide Doorways
Safety 1st has parents covered with the Wide Doorways Fabric Gate. It stretches easily to cover spaces as wide as 60 inches, making it perfect in open spaces and wide doorways where a regular-size gate can’t go the distance. It’s machine washable and includes a drawstring bag that’s easy to store or take with you on the road. Features include pressure mounted fastening so no hardware is required, a height of 27 inches to keep little ones safe, and a stain resistant protection for durability.

>> Safety-1st-Wide-Doorways-Fabric-Gate