Top 9 Best Baseball Bats 2018

Buying Guide

Purchasing a baseball bat can be one of the most exciting and daunting tasks you’ll ever encounter. This article was put together to assist you in your search for the baseball bat that’s right for you.

As a player in both high school and college, I know first-hand the anxiety felt when trying to decide which bat to buy when the time comes to upgrade and of course the expense.

Best baseball bat

Baseball bats aren’t cheap, at least the good ones aren’t. I’m always wanted to make certain that I got the most bangs for the buck.

The problem was this. When researching bats, I would get stuck in the mire of terminology and engineering features that each bat possessed. What the heck was BBCOR? What does hybrid vs. composite mean? What the heck was a silver trace bonding agent and a pitch black plus handle, etc.?

Eventually, I’d just give up and call my friends to find out which ones they liked or heard about. Not a bad thing to do, but by itself way too subjective. I ended up with way too many baseball bats that sucked – good for pinging rocks down by the lake and that was about it.

And you need to look at it as an investment. I know it can “hurt” big time to drop two or three Benjamins on a bat. However, the feeling you get when you make that solid contact, hear that “ping”, and see that short stop freeze in fear as the ball screams past him towards left center doing 100+mph is worth all the money in the world. Believe it!

So dive in and check out my best list below and then choose the baseball bat that’s right for you and get ready for a great season!

Check out the 9 Best Baseball Bats on the market right now:

1. DeMarini CF8 BBCOR Baseball Bat

DeMarini CF8 BBCOR
For players who want speed and power, the CF8 (-3) pushes the limits of BBCOR. Light-swinging with a massive sweet spot, this composite bat has an unprecedented combination of balance and boom. They’ve got performance boiled down to a science. Both light swinging and powerful, the balanced CF8 is the peak of bat technology. Now with a new, extra-long barrel, you can get more pop than ever with this massive sweet spot. This barrel is made from the premium Paradox + Plus Composite so it breaks in faster and is hot right out of the wrapper. For players who choose to have it all, this is the science of power. This is DeMarini CF8.

>> DeMarini-CF8-BBCOR-Baseball-Bat




2. Easton YB15MK MAKO COMP -11 Youth Baseball Bat

Easton YB15MK
Speed design for low M.O.I and faster swing speeds. Fastest bat thru the zone, with the most barrel in the zone. Tct thermo composite technology offers a massive sweet spot and unmatched bat speed. The cxn patented two-piece conation technology maximizes energy transfer for optimized feel. Ultra-thin 29/32″ composite handle with performance diamond grip. Certification: USSSA 1.15 BPF, Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Pony Baseball, AABC.

>> Easton-YB15MK-MAKO-COMP-11-Youth-Baseball-Bat




3. Easton MAKO COMP 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

Easton MAKO COMP 3 BBCOR Adult
Easton Mako Maximize Your Power Easton Mako baseball bats return with a massive sweet spot and unmatched bat speed to enhance a playerA’s performance at the plate. Easton’s exclusive TCTATM Thermo Composite Technology creates a bat that gives players the benefit of having more barrel in the hitting zone with the bat speed to drive the ball from line to line. The Mako is a balanced design featuring EastonA’s patented two-piece ConneXionATM technology to maximize energy transfer for optimized feel. Easton Mako TCTATM Thermo Composite Technology for a massive sweet spot and unmatched bat speed Balanced barrel design has a lower swing weight index for faster swing speed technology maximizes energy transfer for optimized feel. 31/32″ composite handle with 1.2mm HYPERSKINATM grip, 2 5/8″ barrel.

>> Easton-MAKO-COMP-3-BBCOR-Adult-Baseball-Bat




4. Combat Youth Maxum Senior League -10 Baseball Bat

Combat Youth Maxum Senior League
The team at COMBAT said that “something big” was in the works. But the bat that emerged has pushed through the boundaries of what was even considered possible with a composite bat design! Introducing: the new COMBAT MAXUM! COMBAT has made a name for themselves in the bat industry by consistently delivering bats that offer an extreme combination of a light swing weight and HUGE sweet spot, but the MAXUM takes the crown in both categories. This COMBAT MAXUM -10 Senior League Baseball Bat: MAXSL110 provides hitters with an almost unfair sweet spot that is 20-40% larger than competitor models! Switching to the MAXSL110 will also result in an average of 23% Swing Weight Reduction! These bats are one-piece composite designs created through advanced Precision Molding Technology (PMT). Unlike typical composite bats that are created by rolling/overlapping layers of material, the PMT process injects liquid resin into seamless high-quality carbon sleeves under extreme pressure. The result is an ultra-consistent product that eliminates seams/weak points that you get with the traditional process. That means that players can rest-assured that the MAXUM will deliver perfectly tuned performance over a longer lifespan.

>> Combat-Youth-Maxum-Senior-League-10-Baseball-Bat




5. Easton Stealth Speed Fastpitch (-10) Softball Bat

Easton Stealth Speed Fastpitch
Easton stealth speed fastpitch softball bat maximum energy transfer the easton stealth speed fastpitch softball bat is a two-piece design featuring an IMXATM composite barrel barrel that optimizes the sweet spot for maximum performance. Focus Flex handle technology increases power. CNTA Carbon Nanotube Technology strengthens composite structures 29/32″ tapered handle with Pro-Tack cushioned grip Focus Flex handle technology increases power. 2A1/4″ barrel.

>> Easton-Stealth-Speed-Fastpitch(-10)Softball-Bat




6. Rawlings Youth Velo Alloy Senior League -5 Baseball Bat

Rawlings Youth Velo Alloy Senior League
The next generation of Rawlings VELO Senior League Baseball Bat: SLVR5! It has earned a reputation for being one of the lightest swinging bats on the market, and the new version completely backs it up. Thanks to the VELO’s Comp-Lite Composite End Cap, unnecessary weight is removed from the barrel of the bat, shifting the MOI towards the players hands. If the swing speed you generate with this bat doesn’t turn heads at the park, the maximum pop and resonating “ping” created by the bat’s stiff flex, fully alloy construction, and AP (Acoustic Performance) Technology surely will. Like many of you already know, some bats that focus on maximizing swing speed fall short in other performance categories. But not the VELO. Not only is this an extremely well-balanced design, but its barrel has been optimized for maximum strength and compression / trampoline on contact.

>> Rawlings-Youth-Velo-Alloy-Senior-League-5-Baseball-Bat




7. Rawlings Men’s Senior League Velo Baseball Bat

Rawlings Men's Senior League Velo
The Rawlings Velo, balanced alloy with composite End Cap, aluminum baseball bat features a balanced design utilizing high strength VELO alloy and Comp-Lite end cap that delivers ultra-low MOI for maximum swing speed. Available in End load construction, 33″ and 34″ only.

>> Rawlings-Men’s-Senior-League-Velo-Baseball-Bat




8. Easton S500 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

Easton S500
The Speed Brigade Easton S500 baseball bats are crafted from 7050 aircraft-grade aluminum. This light yet strong material enables Easton to create a powerful bat with a light swing weight and a large sweet spot in an evenly balanced design. Speed is power, and this bat is designed to give you plenty of both. Easton S500 7050 aircraft alloy for fast swing speed 31/32″ tapered handle with All Sports grip 2 5/8″ barrel.

>> Easton-S500-3-BBCOR-Adult-Baseball-Bat




9. Mizuno Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball Bat

Mizuno Bamboo Elite Wood
The Mizuno MZE243 Bamboo Elite bat combines bamboo and glass fiber to create exceptional durability. The MZE243 features a sanded handle for a better grip. Over 30 years of expertise in engineering of bamboo bats. BBCOR certified.

>> Mizuno-Bamboo-Elite-Wood-Baseball-Bat