Top 11 Best Breast Pumps 2018

Buying Guide

The Lactating mothers of this generation are blissfully lucky to have been blessed with overwhelming options on maternity products. However, choosing one perfect product from these overwhelming choices can be a bit confusing especially for the first time mothers. The main idea here is to help first time mothers in short listing some of the best breast pumps available in the market, according to nursing needs and budget so that a right choice is made.

Best Breast Pump

For those, who are still confused, do I really want a breast pump?

Precisely, in two conditions there is no requirement of the pump:

  1. Planning to go bottle feed
  2. Stay-at-home mothers

But, you may need a pump, if you are a stay-at-home mother who will be occasionally leaving the infant with another caretaker. Also, if you are a working mom, definitely you’ll need a pump to ensure your baby gets the wholeness & goodness of breast milk.

Some factors & aspects to look for, while cherry-picking the best breast pumps:

  1. How frequently you will be using the pump?

For occasional short-term separations, it is advised to buy an inexpensive manual product type, whereas for women who will be resuming their jobs after giving birth will possibly need an electric and hospital grade product type.

  1. How portable the product should be?

For women, who will be using pumps at work on their morning commute, a portable & light weight product will possibly work. While, a heavy or a bulky model type will be okay for pumps that stays at home all the time.

  1. How much times will a pumping session would need?

A single pump will be all-sufficient for stay-at-home moms. Whereas, for those looking for quick and efficient pumping in one go may need double model type with strong suction.

  1. Will it require a power source?

There are all-inclusive varieties of pumps available in the market; some are battery powered, whereas some run with an AC Adapter. As far as manual pumps are concerned, these do not need any kind of power source.

  1. Exactly, what size of breast shield a lactating mom needs?

Mostly, all the models follow a standard size breast shield. However, there are many model types, which carry a different size card and can be ordered separately. For mothers, who have exceptionally small or large bosom, it is advised not to buy the standard size but which fits the best.

  1. At what cost these pumps are available?

Finding the right product in the right price range is the key. Why would you spend a lot for some product, which you’ll be using for a short time period? A good manual pump type is available at $15-30, whereas a battery operated model type is available at $100-$300 (price may vary depending on the add-on accessories).

  1. Proper Research

Though this aspect is stated at no. 7, it is one of the most important elements when planning to buy a perfect product for your needs. Always remember, a breast pump can either break or make breastfeeding success for a lactating mother.

So, perform all the necessary surveys, read product reviews, ask other moms to ensure that your product meets all the desired needs and is in-budget.

Check out the 11 Best Breast Pumps on the market right now:

1. Spectra Baby USA S1 Double/Single Breast Pump, Rechargeable Battery

Spectra Baby USA S1 Double/Single
The S1 boasts so many great features, including an inbuilt rechargeable battery and is designed to truly meet the needs of moms wanting to feel confident that they have an effective, powerful breast pump to support supply while also incorporating features to make life a little easier. Like all Spectra pumps, the S1 is a closed system – a physical barrier between the milk and the pump ensures hygiene and motor performance. The S1 is intended to rival the Medela Symphony, and even surpass it with some of its innovative features designed to make life easier for moms. The S1 is hospital grade – strong and efficient enough to support milk supply. Used in hospitals to establish a milk supply for moms with premise. With a maximum suction strength of 350mmHg and the ability to be used as a single or double pump, plus a host of additional features, the S1, like her sister the S2, is set to become the ultimate breast pump to support U.S. moms. Completely flexible, touch button with the S1 pump’s digital controls. These allow you to set the pumping program to the speed and rhythm most effective for your body. The pump will start in ‘massage mode’, a short, shallow mode designed to stimulate your body’s letdown reflex (start the milk flowing) just like how your baby tells your body to start milk flow. The pump will then switch to expression mode, a deeper, slower pattern of suction which mimics how your baby nurses when the milk is flowing. For women who find it hard to get a letdown when pumping, this feature really helps – switch back and forth as needed. The suction is also adjustable whether in let-down or expression mode. Includes a timer and nightlight. You can see on the picture that you can adjust both cycle (how often the pump ‘sucks’) and vacuum (the strength of the suction) easily, and the digital display allows you to see your program at a glance. Can be used with it’s inbuilt battery for 1 hour on full charge or plug it in… it’s up to you.

>> Spectra-Baby-USA-S1-Double/Single-Breast-Pump-with-Rechargeable-Battery




2. Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack

Medela Pump In Style Advanced
Pump In Style Advanced is a daily use breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day and offer portable convenience for discreet pumping anywhere. 2-phase expression technology with one-touch let-down button produces more milk in less time when pumping at maximum comfort vacuum in the expression phase. Stylish microfiber bag with built-in pump holds everything you need to pump. Battery pack lets you pump anywhere, anytime. (8 AA batteries not included). Single knob speed/vacuum adjustments for comfortable pump settings. Removable cooler bag with contoured ice pack holds 4 breast milk bottles and ice pack to keep breast milk bottles cool.

>> Medela-Pump-In-Style-Advanced-Breast-Pump-Backpack




3. Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Philips AVENT Double
Philips AVENT SCF334/12 Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump helps you save time and lets your baby enjoy the benefits of breast milk. Unlike breast pumps that only operate properly when you lean forward, the Philips AVENT Double Electric Breast Pump allows you to sit comfortably upright as you pump because the pump’s angled neck lets milk flow naturally from breast to bottle. The pump also has a unique, soft cushion with 5 massaging petals that help gently stimulate milk flow by mimicking your baby’s natural suckling patterns. The breast pump is simple to use, with only a few lightweight parts that are easily assembled. Parts are dishwasher safe and can be sterilized for easy cleaning. It includes the Natural bottle and nipple for easier latch-on and transition between breast and bottle feeding.

>> Philips-AVENT-Double-Electric-Comfort-Breast-Pump




4. Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set, Breastmilk Cooler Set

Medela Pump In Style Starter Set
Collect breast milk at work or during other absences from baby with the Medela Pump In Style Advanced. Designed for moms who pump several times a day, this daily-use breast pump features 2-Phase Expression technology that mimics the two distinct phases of how babies breast-feed and offers portable convenience for pumping anywhere. Medela Pump in Style Advanced features patented 2-Phase Expression technology, which mimics the two distinct phases of how babies breast-feed. This is proven to get 18% more milk when double pumping vs. single pumping with 2-Phase Expression technology at Maximum Comfort Vacuum. All pumping accessories (breastshields, valves, bottles, etc.) are made from BPA-free plastic.

>> Medela-Pump-In-Style-Advanced-Breastpump-Starter-Set-Model-with-Breastmilk-Cooler-Set




5. Medela Swing Breast Pump

Medela Swing
The Medela Swing Breast pump is a portable, lightweight single electric breast pump with 2-Phase Expression Technology produces more milk in less time when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum in the expression phase. Wonderfully compact pump can be taken anywhere, it even fits neatly in your purse. The Medela Swing breast pump comes with a belt clip and neck/shoulder strap to make mobile and tabletop pumping easier. The convenient drawstring bag helps keep the pump’s components organized and clean. Requires four AA batteries (sold separately) for portable use, and includes an AC adaptor.

>> Medela-Swing-Breast-Pump




6. Snugabell PumpEase Fabulous 50’s Collection hands-free pumping bra

Snugabell PumpEase Fabulous 50's Collection hands-free
PumpEase are the world’s ONLY fashionable hands-free pumping bras. Does it matter if it’s pretty if you will rarely, if ever be seen in it? Considering the 9.6 billion dollar lingerie industry in which over 80% of purchases are made by women, we would say it does! Made from an 88% polyester/12% spandex high-performance technical fabric, PumpEase will hold your pump in place as securely for your 1000th pumping session as it did for your 1st. Our wonderful fabric is super soft and comfortable, easy to care for, breathable, durable, has exceptional stretch and memory (i.e. won’t bag out) and has quick-dry and wicking qualities. PumpEase feature patent pending, ‘no-stitch’ horn openings, guaranteed to accommodate any breast pump on the market. Read, write, text, talk on the phone, use your computer or tend to your baby, ALL while pumping! Keep in mind that we don’t recommend being fit for a PumpEase until you are at least 36 weeks pregnant or a minimum of 2 weeks postpartum. Sizes S/M/L/XL.

>> Snugabell-PumpEase-Fabulous-50’s-Collection-hands-free-pumping-bra




7. Simple Wishes D Lite Hands Free Breastpump Bra, Soft Pink, X-Small/Large

Simple Wishes D Lite Hands Free
Simple Wishes D*LITE Hands Free Breastpump Bra – This is the same high-quality bra as the Simple Wishes Signature Bra, the only difference is this option doesn’t include the 1″ or 2″ Center Panels. The Center Panels are used by women who need to create a little extra space between their breasts to get proper alignment of the breast pump bottles with their breasts. If that’s not you, then you’ve found the right choice! The D*LITE Bra allows you to handle other tasks while pumping, helping keep you on top of your to-do list, or allowing you to get that few extra minutes of sleep. Remove the hassle and time constraint of pumping, with this hands-free pumping bra. The D*LITE Hands Free Breastpump Bra offers exceptional hands-free support of breastpump bottles and adjustability in size as a nursing mother’s shape changes. Adjusting the size of the bra is a breeze by tightening or loosening the secure Velcro back panel. Included with this bra are straps to allow for Racerback, Standard, or a Strapless fit, ensuring you get exactly what you need!

>> Simple-Wishes-D-Lite-Hands-Free-Breastpump-Bra,Soft-Pink,X-Small/Large




8. Simple Wishes Hands Free Breastpump Bra, Black, L-Plus

Simple Wishes Hands Free L-Plus
The Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bustier Bra provides convenience to mothers while they are pumping breast milk, leaving them free to do other tasks. This comfortable and versatile bra features an adjustable band for a custom fit throughout your entire nursing period. The L/XL/XXL size fits a wide range of bra sizes from 44AA to 36J.

>> Simple-Wishes-Hands-Free-Breastpump-Bra,Black,L-Plus




9. Whiteleopard Electric Breast Pump Single Comfort Breastpump

Whiteleopard Electric Single Comfort
Whiteleopard Electric Breast Pump: 2 modes –BLUE light for suction& RED light for massage; adjustable multi-level dual mode for expression; silent motor with mellow and fashion design, USB connector; compact and lightweight, easy to store and carry; more convenient and easy to operate, just push the button to operate it.

>> Whiteleopard-Electric-Breast-Pump-Single-Comfort-Breastpump-2-Mode-Suction&Massage




10. Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

Philips Avent Manual Comfort
Philips AVENT SCF330/20 Comfort Manual Breast Pump is uniquely designed for a more relaxing and comfortable expressing position to promote milk flow. Unlike breast pumps that only operate properly when you lean forward, the Philips AVENT Comfort Manual Breast Pump allows you to sit comfortably upright as you pump, while the pump’s angled neck lets milk flow naturally from breast to bottle. When you are able to relax, you can produce more milk. This manual pump is great for moms who want to pump either at home or on the go. It features a soft massage cushion with 5 textured petals intended to help gently stimulate milk flow by mimicking your baby’s natural suckling patterns. An ergonomic handle and lightweight, compact design makes it easy to operate with one hand. The collection container that connects to the pump also works as a bottle with the included natural, breast-shaped nipple. The nipple makes transitioning between breast and bottle easier for your baby by encouraging comfortable latch on. The breast pump also features an uncomplicated design with only a few parts that can all be washed in the dishwasher. It can also be sterilized using a Philips AVENT steam sterilizer or by boiling in water for 5 minutes.

>> Philips-Avent-Manual-Comfort-Breast-Pump




11. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Medela Harmony Manual
A single, manual breast pump designed for occasional time away from baby. Lightweight design is portable and discreet. Great complement to a Medela double-electric breast pump. 2-Phase Expression technology in an easy-to-use. Soft-touch, ergonomic swivel handle makes manual pumping comfortable. Compatible with PersonalFit breast shields. All parts that come into contact with breast milk are made without BPA. Includes: (1) manual pump, (2) 5oz bottles with lids, (1) bottle stand, (1) nipple with collar, (1) cap, (2) membranes.

>> Medela-Harmony-Manual-Breast-Pump