Top 7 Best Canister Vacuums 2018

Buying Guide

A canister vacuum is typically a cylinder-shaped type of vacuum cleaner which collect and stores dirt and debris. Canister term refers to the body of the apparatus that contains the vacuum’s motor and filter, as well as dust collection container (using a bag or bagless).

Best Canister Vacuums

Canister container is mounted on wheels, allowing you to pull the vacuum behind you as you progress with cleaning.

When you buy canister vacuum, depending on the manufacturer, you will receive various specially designed attachments. These are designed to help you complete specific tasks with maximum results.

Canister vacuums are often lightweight and ideal choice for cleaning of stairs and hard to reach spaces like upholstery.

Many of canister models come with power-heads as a standard or either an add-on accessory, which contains the same power-driven beaters as upright unit supplies.

Thanks to mechanical beaters canister vacuums are as efficient to use on carpeting as the upright models.

Canister Vacuum Benefits

  1. Powerful
  2. Easy to manoeuvre
  3. Compact and do not require much of the storage space
  4. Lightweight
  5. They are effective on hard surfaces and prevent dirt dispersion that may be a problem with some upright vacuum cleaners.
  6. Regardless of the type of floors you have, either hardwood, carpet or rug, canister vacuum will provide equally best results.

Why Canister and Not Some Other Type of Vacuum Cleaner?

  1. For people who doesn’t like noise, they are much quieter than upright vacuums.
  2. They come equipped with a useful variety of tools to assist you in cleaning hard-to-reach areas of your home with little effort.
  3. Yes, you will be able to reach all these tight spots under furniture, on your staircase or maybe in your car.
  4. Also, some of the pet models will come with specially designed accessorize to help you deal with pet hair and dander.
  5. Canister vacuums are particularly useful in cleaning of drapes and ceilings as is on harder surfaces and will prevent debris and dirt from scattering unlike many upright cleaners do.
  6. Due to their lightweight design they are easy to pickup and easy to navigate as you move through your home.
  7. If your home has stairs canister vacuum is the best option as you can carry the canister and use the attachment wand to clean each stair tread with ease.

Advantages of Using a Canister Vacuum

1. Easily Stored

Canister vacuum cleaners take less room to store in comparison with upright vacuums. The canisters can be taken apart and will fit tight into closets and tiny spaces.

2. Improved suction

Canisters have a much better suction, and their unique attachments will quickly remove pet hair and dander, as well as dead skin and dust particles from your home.

3. Easy to Lift and Carry

Canister vacuums are typically lightweight and can be effortlessly pulled across your floor. Many have attachment hoses that will rotate up to 360 degrees, helping you better reach areas to be cleaned. Canister vacuum cleaners are superior for their flexibility, maneuverability, versatility, and the vacuuming power they deliver.

Different Canister Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

A vacuum cleaner accessory or tool is based on airflow and how well it will transport dirt particles to the dust container. A great agitator will dislodge the soil from your carpeting, flooring, upholstery and other dirty surfaces.

As a result, you should consider which vacuum tools or accessories will be suitable for use in your home. When your home has a lot of carpets or have areas soiled with pet hair, a canister vacuum’s accessory tools will allow to reach and better clean these sections.

Even if your vacuum cleaner has the best airflow compared to others; without an adequate cleaning tool your results will be less than ideal.
Accessories & Tools that may be Included with a Canister Vacuum Cleaner are:

  • Canister Wand
  • Filter Bag & Sometimes HEPA filter
  • Crevice Tool
  • Bag Holder
  • Nozzle Brush
  • Exhaust Grill
  • Canister Cleaner Hose
  • Floor / Hose Attachments
  • Upholstery Nozzle
  • Dusting Brush

How To Choose the Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner?

Before purchasing a canister vacuum cleaner, you should take into consideration several factors

  1. The performance and the durability of the canister vacuum cleaner.
  2. When choosing your canister vacuum, you’ll want to select one that is efficient and will not require several attempts at picking up dirt, dust and debris from your flooring or carpet.
  3. The suction strength, as well as the power of a vacuum cleaner, is essential.
  4. Most canister vacuum cleaners provide a power of 1200 watts through 2000 watts. The higher the vacuum’s wattage, the more powerful the suction will be. Higher suction power means you spend less time vacuuming your home, and that a larger percentage of debris is collected and contained.
  5. Another important factor in regards to your selection of a canister vacuum cleaner is durability. How and what material is used to make the vacuum?
  6. Make certain that you select a vacuum that is of solid build and can handle banging and bumping as you clean your home.

Check out the 7 Best Canister Vacuums on the market right now:

#1. Miele S8590 Alize Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • Miele’s Complete C3 Alize vacuum cleaner features an AirTeQ Combination floor tool ideal for cleaning low pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring
  • The AirTeQ has streamlined airflow for uninterrupted floor contact as you switch from smooth flooring to carpeting
  • The Alize offers a savvy, self-adjusting Automatic setting
  • As you transition from hardwoods to carpeting, the Alize automatically decreases suction, then increases suction when you return to smooth, solid flooring — saving you both time and energy
  • A telescopic, stainless steel wand and long electrical cord, with one-touch automatic rewind, provide a total cleaning radius of 36 feet
  • The Alize is also equipped with a Deluxe Comfort Grip handle with LED headlight and six-stage suction controls, plus Automatic setting, via a +/- foot switch
  • Other conveniences include three integrated accessories — a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle — and a 3D bumper

Miele S8590Pros: great canister, easy to use, well built, really strong vacuum, light, less noisy, it has a retractable cord, bag is easy to replace without having to inhale dust, great for wood floors, great for cleaning the car and various upholstery around the house, very nice for a garage vacuum, perfect for hardwoods, tile, vinyl and low pile carpets …

Cons: no beater bar, wish the electric cord would be a little longer, wish the flat tool would be longer to reach further …

=> Miele-S8590-Alize-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner





#2. Electrolux UltraActive DeepClean Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300B

  • Active cyclonic cleaning for all surfaces
  • Compact storage with telescopic wand and ErgoShock storage solution keep UltraActive compact and tidy when not in use
  • Powerful cyclonic technology with 12 amp motor and DeepClean powerhead
  • Easy-empty dust cup releases with the touch of a button

Electrolux UltraActive EL4300BPros: excellent canister vacuum cleaner, no need of bag just dump the collector when it starts to look full, easy to empty and clean, light weight, easy to handle, love the height adjust on the handle for making the reach longer or shorter, power head does an excellent job on the carpeting, tons of power and suction, glides easily from carpet to hard surfaces, love the transformer possibilities, easy to empty dirt bin …

Cons: little heavy up and down the stairs, wish the power cord had extra length for those bigger rooms …

=> Electrolux-UltraActive-DeepClean-Bagless-Canister-Vacuum,-EL4300B





#3. Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • Spare your back without sparing a particle of dirt with this Dyson DC39 The Ball™ Multi Floor Canister Vacuum
  • The Dyson Ball, which turns on a dime and gives you greater control
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology, a system of reconfigured air channels that reduce turbulence
  • Preserve air pressure so inner cyclones can extract more microscopic dirt particles from surfaces while expelling cleaner air
  • The turbine head is controlled at the handle, too – including a fingertip switch that raises
  • Lowers the brush bar for different floor types – so you don’t have to bend down to make adjustments
  • Easily see when the clear dust bin is full and empty it with the push of a button, minimizing contact with dust and allergens
  • Plus, there’s no loss of suction and a non-removable HEPA filter for ultimate cleaning
  • Includes stair tool and combination tool
  • Dimensions: 10L x 19.9W x 14.5H in.

Dyson Ball MultifloorPros: it is a homewrecker, very convenient vacuum, the attachments fit nicely on the handle, the ball joint gives this unit great maneuverability, super light weight, unbelievable power, suction is so strong, disposal of the mess is also quite easy, power cord with enough length to cover a full-size living room, recommend this model to anyone looking for a fabulous and light canister vacuum …

Cons: a bit expensive but worth money …

=> Dyson-Ball-Multifloor-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner





#4. Panasonic MC-CG937 “OptiFlow” Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • The MC-CG937 canister vacuum cleaner also features OptiFlow technology, which helps ensure a steady volume of airflow through the dust bag, even as it fills up with dirt and debris
  • The vacuum cleaner’s HEPA media filter, which sits behind the dust bag, captures airborne allergens, while its removable caddy makes changing the dust bag a snap
  • A true household companion, the MC-CG937 canister vacuum cleaner makes it easy to achieve a thorough clean throughout your home
  • Equipped with a powerful 12 amp system, the vacuum makes easy work of everything from daily touch-ups to those more detailed spring cleans
  • The vacuum cleaner accommodates both bare-floor surfaces and carpets beautifully
  • There’s also four-position height adjustment depending on the height of the carpet
  • A quick-release pedal frees the telescopic aluminum wand from the power nozzle, while the included on-board accessories allow for more tailored cleaning

Panasonic MC-CG937Pros: great suction nice vacuum, HEPA vacuum bags are the heaviest quality, easy to change bags and filters, very light and maneuverable, easy to operate and handle, the telescoping feature is really nice, height adjustment on handle is a convenient feature, recommend it for homes with wood floors and area rugs, excellent for pet hair and stairs, lots of power for your thicker carpets and bare floors, good for walls and up high places too …

Cons: expensive vacuum bags, wish it had an indicator that the bag is full …

=> Panasonic-MC-CG937-“OptiFlow”-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner





#5. Dirt Devil Featherlite Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum, SD40100

  • This small but mighty vacuum has powerful cyclonic filtration for an added level of dirt separation
  • Combined with HEPA Media filtration to protect against over 99 percent of common dust and allergens
  • Featuring a small compact design to fit any home environment and tucks away nicely after cleaning is done

Dirt Devil Featherlite Cyclonic Bagless SD40100Pros: great mobile cleaner for the money, compact, small but actually powerful enough to work, fits into all crevices and hard to reach places, easy to handle, easy to empty the container of dirt, love the cleanable HEPA filter, retractable cord is a plus to have winds automatically, great reach for high places, perfect for the occasional carpet cleaning or wood floor vacuuming …

Cons: the wand is a little short for someone, the filter needs to be cleaned every month to get decent suction …






#6. Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum

  • With the Bissell Hard Floor Expert Deluxe canister vacuum, you have a specialized, lightweight tool designed to clean delicate surfaces, high and low, with powerful suction
  • Digital fingertip controls let you reduce suction power for area rugs and other delicate surfaces
  • Rubber wheels and felt treads won’t scratch or mark floors, and the brush has extra soft bristles so you can clean with peace of mind
  • The Easy Empty dirt tank, automatic cord rewind, and a full complement of tools make cleaning your hard floors fast and easy
  • Finally, a vacuum that’s made for your hard floors and your life

Bissell 1161Pros: it’s fairly lightweight, excellent suction, adjustable speed, filter is easy to change, includes lots of attachments, emptying the collection cup is fast, swivel head is great for getting under tables and chairs, cord retracting function works great, excellent for hard surfaces …

Cons: the cord is a little short, I wouldn’t recommend it if you have lots of carpet because it has no power nozzle …

=> Bissell-1161-Hard-Floor-Expert-Deluxe-Canister-Vacuum





#7. Ovente ST2000 Featherlite Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum with Hepa Filter

  • The Ovente ST2000 in black, silver and red is a topnotch cyclonic vacuum that uses permanent bagless design
  • It uses hepa filter that protects against over 99 percent dust and allergens and 1200-1400-watt of power- this cyclonic vacuum provides easy and convenient way of cleaning hard to reach areas
  • This cyclonic vacuum has an Automatic Cord Rewind with the press of the button
  • The cyclonic vacuum comes with a translucent dust compartment
  • The singular cyclone that was being produced by the cyclonic vacuum enables the speeding up of the airflow and forcing the dust away from the filter and into the bin
  • For safety purposes, this cyclonic vacuum is equipped with automatic cable rewinder to access easy to reach areas and also comes with a 188.5-inch cord that enables easy access to the outlet
  • The cyclonic vacuum approximately measures 11.5 x 15.5 x 10 Inch

Ovente ST2000Pros: excellent delivery, the price was very appealing as well, it gets into tight corners easily, easy to handle, light weight and good suction, easy to carry and storage, works best on hard floors or low pile rugs or title floors, the HEPA filter is easy to clean, recommend it for laminate floors …

Cons: a little to short handle, short cord, it will reach a normal size room but no real large room, might not work great on high carpet …

=> Ovente-ST2000-Featherlite-Cyclonic-Bagless-Canister-Vacuum-with-Hepa-Filter