Top 11 Best Cooktops 2018

Buying Guide

Looking for a cooktop offers great versatility in your kitchen. You can customize everything according to your needs.

Best Cooktops

The most usual cooktop ranges scale from 30 up to 48 inches wide in various colors (white, black, stainless steel…).

Cooktops can either be operated by gas, electric, halogen and you can also find induction and modular models. The most picked option is gas, because it is a fast and cheap solution, however the latest trend is electric cooktops because they offer more “additional” options (clocks, timers, alarms…) and are easier to clean. Some of these appliances employ both types.

A couple of things you should know:

1) When using a cooktop, a certain amount of heat is produced.

2) Make sure you know the exact size that is suited for your own kitchen.

3) Decide if you want to spend more money on additional features such as lock controls, indicator lights, removable knobs. Often not being sure about this results in the customer spending a lot more on their cooktop than they originally had planned.

As for the money required to purchase and use a cooktop, it is cheaper to get an electric cooktop, but cheaper to use a gas one. You should however consider the cost of installing the appliance too, as usually the electric line is cheaper to install (or is almost always pre-installed).

The appliance’s price varies from $350 up to $1,500 regarding home consumers, however if you’re looking for something more sophisticated or some business is implicated, you can expect the cost of acquiring a cooktop to scale up to $5,000.

Check out the 11 Best Cooktops on the market right now:

#1. GE PHP900DMBB Profile 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop

  • Induction elements: fast, efficient cooking
  • 11″ induction element (3700-Watts on HIGH setting): their most powerful element available!
  • Electronic touch controls: provide a flat and smooth, easy-to-clean surface
  • 19 control settings: ensure precise temperature control
  • Pan presence sensor: shuts the element off when not in use

GE PHP900DMBBPros: fast shipping, sleek look, touch panel controls, temperature control is very great, it cooks super fast, heats the water in seconds, the burners cool down really fast, easy to clean up with glass top, safety interlocks are much appreciated because pets and children are protected …

Cons: wish the element rings were not so hard to see …

=> GE-PHP900DMBB-Profile-30″-Black-Electric-Induction-Cooktop





#2. GE CGP650SETSS Cafe 36″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop

  • Deep-recessed cooktop Deep-recessed cooktop contains spills in one area that’s easy to wipe clean
  • Sealed cooktop burners Burner elements are sealed to the cooktop to keep foods and liquid contained on the cooktop, making cleaning painless
  • 20,000 BTU tri-ring burner Three-in-one burner is designed for accelerated boiling and gentle simmering
  • Non-stick griddle Prepare pancakes, eggs, bacon and more on the large, non-stick surface
  • Precise Simmer burner Allows for low, even heat distribution that is ideal for delicate foods and sauces
  • LED backlit knobs Sleek LED backlit knobs indicate when burners are on
  • Heavy cast grates Premium cast iron grates deliver the highest level of cooktop performance

GE CGP650SETSSPros: great customer service, came quickly and nicely packaged, fabulous stove top, power burner rocks, strong, solid feel, functional, excellent temperature control, produces tons of heat and boils large pots of water in a hurry, performs outstanding, heavy duty but not too difficult to lift for cleaning, easy to clean and the grates …

Cons: some of the knobs are harder to turn than others …

=> GE-CGP650SETSS-Cafe-36″-Stainless-Steel-Gas-Sealed-Burner-Cooktop





#3. Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

  • This 30″ electric cooktop is built-in oven compatible and easy-to-clean with its dishwasher-safe knobs and eco-friendly Schott Ceran surface
  • An indicator light will also let you know when this cooktop’s surface is too hot to touch?even after the heating element has been turned off
  • Eco Friendly Schott Ceran Glass Surface
  • Dishwasher-Safe Knobs
  • Hot Surface Indicator Light
  • Built-In Oven Compatible
  • Right Front: 9″ (2500W), Left Rear: 7″ (1800W), Left Front: 6″ (1200W), Right Front: 6″ (1200W)

Whirlpool W5CE3024XBPros: it looked beautiful when you finished up, love the hot burner light that reminds you that the surface is still hot, works flawlessly, heats quickly and evenly, easy to clean, recommend purchasing it if you need something to dress up the place of your kitchen …

Cons: it would start beeping every time the unit got wet, smudges easily but cleans well …

=> Whirlpool-W5CE3024XB-30″-Black-Electric-Smoothtop-Cooktop





#4. Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30″ Electric Cooktop

  • Alerts you when your cooktop may be too warm to touch
  • Alerts you when your cooktop is on
  • Select options or control cooking temperature with our easy to use controls
  • White, Black and Bisque cooktops come with matching knobs — while Stainless Steel models feature our neutral black knobs
  • Hot-Surface Indicator Light: Yes
  • Left Front: 6″ – 1200 Watts
  • Left Rear: 9″ – 2500 Watts
  • Right Front: 9″ – 2500 Watts
  • Right Rear: 6″ – 1200 Watts

Frigidaire FFEC3024LBPros: great value for the price, the instructions were very clear and concise, the larger controls are nice and are easily removable for cleaning, the elements heat up very fast, it makes great surface area contact with my pots and pans, cool fairly quickly after use …

Cons: a little hard to clean around elements heat …

=> Frigidaire-FFEC3024LB-30″-Electric-Cooktop





#5. Whirlpool W3CG3014XS 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop

  • 30-inch Gas Cooktop with 5,000 BTU AccuSimmer Burner The secret to mastering your most delicate dishes is this gas cooktop and its specialty burners
  • A 5,000 BTU AccuSimmer burner delivers precise temperature control, so you can melt chocolate and simmer sauces perfectly
  • A 10,500 BTU burner also produces enough heat to quickly boil water and add the perfect sear to a steak
  • After your delicious meal, keep your cooktop looking like new with our dishwasher safe enamel steel grates, dishwasher-safe knobs and sealed burners

Whirlpool W3CG3014XSPros: good buy for the price, installation was easy, clean look and very sleek, the food cooks so much faster with gas as compared to electric, makes heating a small saucepan easy, spills are easily seen …

Cons: the surface is a bit fussy …






#6. GE JP328SKSS 30 Electric Cooktop – Stainless Steel

  • GE 30″ Built-In Electric Cooktop – JP328SS
  • Two 8″ And Two 6″ Plug-In Calrod Heating Elements
  • Up-Front Color-Matched Glass Control Panel
  • Infinite Heat Rotary Controls
  • Chrome Removable One-Piece Drip Bowls
  • Stainless Steel Finish

GE JP328SKSSPros: excellent cooktop for inexpensive price, American made, fast delivery, it was easy for a handy man to install, natural control layout, the knobs give a much wider range so can control the heat much better, heats up very quickly, cool quickly when you turn them off, works as advertised …

Cons: it is etched stainless steel and not solid shiny …

=> GE-JP328SKSS-30-Electric-Cooktop-Stainless-Steel





#7. Ramblewood high efficiency 2 burner gas cooktop(Natural Gas), GC2-48N

  • ETL safety certified for US
  • Gas pressure regulator (GR1-2N, 1/2 inch NPT thread size at both inlet & outlet) included
  • Off-The-Grid feature allows burner to be light up by match in case of storm power outage
  • Cooktop glass dimension:12″(W) x 20″(D)
  • Cut out dimension: 10.47 inch x 18.82 inch
  • Minimum depth clearance for installation: 3.5 inch depth measured from counter top surface
  • Gas inlet pipe thread size: 1/2 inch NPT
  • There is an Elbow/L shape connector packed & it has 1/2 inch NPT thread size at both ends
  • 4.9 ft power cord

Ramblewood GC2-48NPros: does a nice job for the price, very nice little stove with electric ignition, slick looking, feels sturdy, well made, operates well, the BTUs are powerful for it price, heats up real quick, recommend to anyone who needs a light use two burner gas stove …

Cons: when the burners are on they are a little loud, the on-off gas knobs are a little too close to the main burner …

=> Ramblewood-high-efficiency-2-burner-gas-cooktop-(Natural-Gas),GC2-48N





#8. B41601 Kenyon Caribbean 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

  • With clean graphics and effortless operation, the Caribbean elegantly combines value with virtue
  • Smooth clear black glass, durable and easy to clean, with safety features uniquely Kenyon
  • Both one and two burner models available in 120, 208, or 240 volts, with push-to-turn controls, infinite heat control and quick-to-heat radiant ribbon elements
  • Safety features include heat limiting cooking surface protectors and On indicated light for each burner and a Hot burner indicator light
  • And as all Kenyon products, backed by uncompromising quality and an exclusive 3-year replacement warranty

B41601 Kenyon CaribbeanPros: it fits the bill, installation was very straightforward, love the clean look, heats up quickly and you can boil water in just a few minutes, it provides the function and necessity that you were looking for, perfect for a small kitchen …

Cons: none …

=> B41601-Kenyon-Caribbean-2-Burner-Electric-Cooktop





#9. NuWave PIC Pro High Powered Model Induction Cooktop

  • NuWave Pro 1800-Watt Next-Generation Induction Cook Station and Case
  • It’s those big, grandiose holiday gatherings where this portable induction cooktop proves its worth
  • Delivering quick and efficient heat without warming the entire room, it’ll become your go-to when you need an extra burner in the kitchen or warming plate on the table
  • Programmable cooking times and temps help ensure the results are magnifique
  • Plus, the carrying case brings a little cheer, in the form of your signature dish, anywhere you go
  • What You Get Induction burner Instructional DVD Carrying case with removable strap
  • User’s manual with more than 60 recipes
  • Not compatible with all cookware types: works with induction ready cookware, including cast iron, enameled iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum with magnetic bases
  • Does not work with non-induction-ready aluminum, copper, pottery-type vessels or glass
  • As a general rule of thumb, if a magnet will stick to the bottom of your pan, then your pan is induction-ready
  • Heating surface accommodates pans measuring up to 12″ in total diameter; heat will transfer more slowly to the outer edges of larger pans
  • Measurements: Approx. 14″L x 12-1/4″W x 2-1/2″H Weight: Approx. 5.4 lbs
  • Power Source: Plugs into a standard household outlet Listing: ETL

NuWave PIC Pro High Powered ModelPros: great powerful cooktop, fine-tuned, versatile, controls temperature nicely, performs beautifully, can boil water in 2 minutes, time saving, cools down super fast, the ceramic cooktop cleans up easily, it saves a lot of space for my apartment, save a little more energy than gas and safety …

Cons: instructions are a little lacking …

=> NuWave-PIC-Pro-High-Powered-Model-Induction-Cooktop





#10. Eurodib Cooktop, Single Induction, 1600-Watt/120-Volt

  • Induction cooking produces heat through the production of magnetic fields
  • This is an extremely energy efficient cooking method using approximately 90 percent of the energy produced
  • When used with magnetic cookware the electrical energy utilized by the induction cooker is transmitted directly to the pan surface
  • It is the pan not the burner that heats up
  • In addition to being efficient, this allows for very responsive temperature adjustments
  • Induction is also an extremely safe method of cooking
  • Once the pan is removed from the cooker, the energy transfer stops and the cook plate is soon cool to the touch
  • This single burner, portable induction cook top is designed for domestic use
  • It features a high quality glass cooktop with a hard plastic frame
  • Only use induction compatible cookware

Eurodib 1600-Watt/120-VoltPros: good service, great for tight places in small apartments, simple design, portable, looks beautiful and reliable, no vibration noise, highest setting boils water really fast, low setting is perfect for long simmering sauces, it has a safety feature that automatically shuts it off after the pot is taken away, ease of cleaning is outstanding

Cons: no complains …

=> Eurodib-Cooktop,Single-Induction,1600-Watt/120-Volt





#11. Nuwave PIC – Precision Induction Cooktop with 9-inch Non-stick Fry Pan

  • 20% larger heating surface and a new and improved auto shutoff feature with smart sensor technology, you can cook all of your favorite foods on the PIC Gold faster, without missing a beat
  • Made from durable, premium grade stainless steel, this versatile 9-inch pan is perfect for use on the NuWave PIC, as well as electric and gas stoves
  • It’s even oven-safe. It’s the perfect size for individual dinners, sauces, vegetables, potatoes and more
  • Please do not purchase from unauthorized sellers, your warranty will not be granted as well as the quality of your product will not be promised

Nuwave PIC with 9-inch Non-stick Fry PanPros: great for the prices, doesn’t take much space, perfect for your small apartment, it saves energy while cooking the food rapidly, you can control the heat so easily, the 9-inch pan is barely worth the extra ten dollars for the set, heats up quickly, go from a rolling boil to a simmer with a simple button press, recommend to anyone who enjoys doing home cooking …

Cons: it makes a distinct and constant high frequency sound when you turn it on …

=> Nuwave-PIC-Precision-Induction-Cooktop-with-9-inch-Non-stick-Fry-Pan