Top 10 Best Countertop Blenders 2018

Buying Guide: What Key Points to Look For in a Good Blender

Of course you can go ahead, go to any Store and buy yourself a blender. For most people that will work just fine. Until, one day, you think “I want to crush some ice…”. You put the ice cubes in your blender, start the engine, and gone is your pitcher, because it is made of plastic. If you want to crush ice, you need a glass pitcher. Lesson learned. Personally.

Best Countertop Blenders

So Why not educate yourself a bit more and buy the best blenders for smoothies that will serve you well and is money well spend? Here are the points to look for in any blender. Below that is our Top 10 of the best blenders for Smoothies.

1. The Blades

Some argue that this is the most important part of any blender. I think it all depends on the total package. But yes the blades are essential. All blender blades are stainless steel. What you want to look out for are blades that have a thick base and are sharp of course. The thick blade will make the blades over all more stable and less likely to become numb. Look for blenders with 3 or more blades. Also if the blades are pointing in different directions (up, down, and horizontal) your end result will usually be better.

2. Healthy Smoothie Food The Pitcher

Most blenders will have a glass pitcher. You want a glass pitcher. Plastic will be cheaper, but you won’t be able to crush ice in it. Any sales person telling you it is possible has never used a blender before. Than there are blenders that come with different pitcher sizes. Consider what you will be using your blender for before buying. The pitcher size is mainly personal preference of course.

3. The Engine

This might be a simple one. The higher the amount of watts the better. The only potential down turn is that the overall size of the blender increases, making portability less easy. One more point of consideration, if your blender of choice comes with different wattage, opt for the one with the stronger engine. Some blenders, when used often (5 times a day or more) burn the engine that is not strong enough.

4. The Cleaning

This is an easy trick to clean pretty much any blender: Simply put detergent in your blender, add water (warm water) and blend for a minute. Rinse, and you’re done. Once in a while take out the blade and the seal, and clean that properly. Make sure you let the seal dry before you put it back. It will extent its life time.

Now that you know why you should drink Smoothies lets get to the the Top 10 of absolutely the best blenders for Smoothies. This Top 10 has been carefully selected keeping a couple of things in mind:

  • Multi-purpose use
  • Effectiveness to make a really good Smoothie
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Durability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • And of course Price

Check out the 10 Best Countertop Blenders on the market right now:

#1. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

  • Vitamix Pro Series 750 in Stainless Steel PVC Base
  • Sanoprene Brand Rubber Lid
  • PVC plastic BPA-free housing in stainless steel
  • 2.2-peak-horsepower motor and wide blade radius
  • 2-piece santoprene rubber lid with a removable plug for adding ingredients while use
  • Stainless steel blade construction
  • 64-oz. carafe is BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester
  • Measures 8.8 w x 9 d x 17.4 h, Weighs 12.5 lbs
  • UL Listed120 Volts, 1200 Watts
  • 7 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Vitamix Professional Series 750Pros: super fast shipping, the most versatile and wonderful countertop blender, the quality is the best, excellent powerful, does everything you ask it to and more, no black specks, makes great smoothies and drinks, easiest blender ever to clean …

Cons: it is a little loud, expensive …

=> Vitamix-Professional-Series-750-Blender





#2. Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series, Platinum

  • So good, it’s endorsed by the best. Vitamix has joined with the Culinary Institute of America to design the CIA Professional Series, the only blender trusted by the CIA to train the next generation of professional chefs
  • With a powerful motor and Variable Speed Control, this machine has the ability to process the variety of textures and ingredients that master chefs require
  • Create smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts in a single machine
  • 64-ounce container is perfect for family meals and entertaining
  • Two cookbooks, including Recipes From the CIA Master Chefs
  • Commercial-grade, powerful, 2-peak horsepower motor that propels blades up to 240 mph to blend the toughest ingredients
  • Easy-to-use equipment paired with extreme versatility
  • The ability to chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, churn and more, with a single machine
  • Quick and easy self-cleaning with a drop of dish soap and warm water; just run on High for 30 seconds
  • 7-year full warranty
  • Ongoing recipe ideas and community support

Vitamix 1363Pros: definitely a great investment, made in the USA, very high quality blender, sturdy, powerful and reliable, allows you to consume a larger amount of vegetables and fruits by blending it into tiny pulp, makes the smoothest smoothies, it can make the same recipe taste better …

Cons: loud when on full speed, too tall to fit under someone’s cabinet …

=> Vitamix-1363-CIA-Professional-Series,Platinum





#3. Blendtec Total Blender, FourSide Jar

  • The Total Blender Classic is the all-in-one appliance that makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milk shakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, bread dough, dressings, salsas and more!
  • It replaces up to 9 other appliances with 1 fast, easy-to-use machine
  • This package includes the new precision–tuned 4″ blade in the large, nearly 3-quart, BPA-free WildSide jar
  • The new large blade and large jar combination powers through tougher blending tasks and larger recipes with ease—and in less time

Blendtec Total FourSide JarPros: the most amazing blender, best blender money can buy, recipe book included and can access tons of recipes on the Blendtec website, it’s very powerful, very durable, clean up is simple, recommend to everyone who is interested in eating a healthy diet, makes wonderful smoothies and purees soups and baby foods without hesitation or strain …

Cons: the lid is hard to handle, can not make smoothies without added liquid …

=> Blendtec-Total-Blender,FourSide-Jar





#4. Breville BBL910XL Boss Easy to Use Superblender

  • The Boss features a high velocity ProKinetix blade and bowl system that pulverizes virtually any combination of ingredients
  • Creating up to 50-percent smaller particles than traditional blending
  • This super fine texture increases absorption of nutrients and creates a smoother mouth feel that traditional blenders have not been able to achieve
  • 2 peak-horsepower motor
  • Five one touch functions: smoothie, green smoothie, frozen dessert, soup and pulse/ice crush make it easy to achieve the perfect texture
  • Variable speed dial makes it easy to fine-tune texture while blending
  • High-velocity ProKinetix blade and bowl system pulverizes virtually any combination of ingredients and creates smaller particles for a smoother outcome
  • Easy-to-operate controls with large, backlit LCD display
  • Timer function for set-and-forget convenience
  • Dedicated cleaning function
  • Tight-fitting lid is vented to allow steam to escape when blending hot soups and features Breville’s ring assist for easy opening and closing
  • BPA-free Tritan jug

Breville BBL910XLPros: terrific blender, well designed, large motor with high rpm speeds, super powerful, heavy duty, works excellently for making smoothies or milkshakes and salsa, smoothies come out super smooth and creamy, love the cleaning function, recommend to anyone who has serious blending jobs …

Cons: plastic not stainless, a bit loud …

=> Breville-BBL910XL-Boss-Easy-to-Use-Superblender





#5. Cleanblend: 3HP 1800-Watt Commercial Blender

  • Cleanblend has designed the perfect blender to help you through the journey to better health
  • It is a 3 horsepower, dynamo of a blender, that will liquefy fruits and vegetables to get the most vitamins, proteins and antioxidants from the whole food into one delicious drink
  • The Cleanblend blender is less expensive than its competition but with all the same features
  • They guarantee the blenders for 5 years and have focused on quality in every detail, including a BPA Free container
  • Welcome to the next generation of commercial blenders. Welcome to Cleanblend

Cleanblend 3HP 1800-WattPros: awesome commercial blender for the price, sleek, sturdy, functions superbly, smooth, not chunky, powerful and does a nice job, great at making nut milks and smoothies, no large nut pieces were left, clean up is simple …

Cons: it doesn’t handle frozen fruit too well, no real manual or suggested recipes …

=> Cleanblend:3HP-1800-Watt-Commercial-Blender





#6. Oster VERSA 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender

  • Step aside basic blender
  • The Oster Versa Performance blender comes equipped with a powerful 1400-watt motor and a stainless-steel blade that spins over 250 MPH to blend effortlessly, taking on recipes most typical blenders can’t handle
  • The durable machine delivers the power needed to blend just about anything–from soup to nuts, making it easy to prepare fresh, flavorful foods that are part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Take the guesswork out of food preparation with the Versa Performance blender’s three programmed settings: Smoothie, Soup, and Dips/Spreads
  • In addition to the three programmed settings, the blender provides a pulse button for superb control over the consistency, as well as a variable speed dial to instantly adjust the speed as needed
  • Replace other kitchen appliances with the versatile, easy-to-use Versa Performance blender
  • Thoughtfully constructed, the Versa Performance blender features an all-metal drive where the two connecting pieces are made of metal (instead of plastic), which means a more durable and longer-lasting blender that you can rely on, year after year
  • The Versa Performance blender’s 64-ounce BPA-free Tritan plastic jar comes with a secure-fitting lid, no-mess spout, easy-to-read measurements, and a soft-touch, non-slip handle
  • The Versa Performance blender comes with two beautiful color cookbooks with recipes to inspire you

Oster VERSA 1400-wattPros: great blender for descent price, you can’t go wrong with this blender, comes with a thick recipe book, fits better under the cabinets or limited counter space, the buttons are intuitive, easy to operate, powerful, well-built, makes wonderful smoothies and frozen drinks …

Cons: a little loud but is a workhorse …

=> Oster-VERSA-1400-watt-Professional-Performance-Blender





#7. KitchenAid KSB1575WH 5-Speed Diamond Blender with 60-Ounce BPA-Free Pitcher

  • The KitchenAid Diamond Blender, with exclusive diamond blending system, provides the ultimate blending performance to stir, chop, mix, puree and liquify, with pulse 1-5 settings and crush ice mode
  • A robust motor, unique one-piece, BPA-Free diamond pitcher, stainless steel blades and electronic controls combine to create a powerful vortex that is fast and thorough for exceptional blending results
  • Additionally, Intelli-Speed Motor Control senses contents and maintains optimal speed to power through all ingredients

KitchenAid KSB1575WHPros: fast delivery, great large powerful blender, can’t beat the price, love the look and rich variety of colors, fast and pretty quiet, works great to crush ice and make smoothies & milkshakes, easy to clean blender, dishwasher safe, recommend this to all the people that are losing weight on the hcg diet …

Cons: it is quite tall, wished it had a glass jar …

=> KitchenAid-KSB1575WH-5-Speed-Diamond-Blender-with-60-Ounce-BPA-Free-Pitcher





#8. Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

  • Whether creating delicious frozen drinks for a party or a quick smoothie for one before your dash out the door, the Ninja BL660 Professional Style Blender with Single Serve is ready with 1,000 watts of power to crush ice and blend fruits and veggies with ease
  • The built-in single serve function makes a shake for one in a convenient 72 ounce carafe, and it also features six blade Ninja technology, a sleek design, touch operation and dishwasher-safe parts
  • 1,000 watt output. 3 speeds, 6 stacked blades. 72 ounce capacity
  • Chrome finish. Dimensions: 12W x 9.25D x 16H in.
  • Dishwasher safe parts. 1-year warranty

Ninja Professional BL660Pros: delivered on time, great blender for the price, can’t beat the convenience of the single serving cups, strong and powerful motor, blades extremely sharp, the 3 blades grab everything, safety features to keep from cutting your hands, it handles the ice incredibly well, chops fruit up to make great smoothies for your family …

Cons: noisy but does the job well …

=> Ninja-Professional-Blender-(BL660)





#9. Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

  • The Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System by Magic Bullet is portable, safe for kids, easy to use and effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein shakes into a delicious, smooth texture
  • The Nutri-Bullet’s power, patented blade design and cyclonic action combine to extract all of the nutrients from your food helping you to achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible today
  • To get the most out of your life, you need to get the most out of your food
  • This product is manufactured in compliance with US & Canadian Electrical Standards
  • This product should not be used with any type of Adapter or Voltage converter device, nor should it be used outside of the United States or Canada
  • Use of Adapters and Converters is considered an unauthorized modification of the product and as such will void the warranty

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-PiecePros: lovely compact blender with the power to quickly make a variety of drinks, can create very nutritious and delicious smoothies, great results and great taste, a must have for smoothie lovers, a good investment for better health, doesn’t take up a lot of room, clean up is so easy …

Cons: the cups are too small …

=> Magic-Bullet-NutriBullet-12-Piece-High-Speed-Blender/Mixer-System





#10. Oster BVCB07-Z Counterforms 6-Cup Glass Jar 7-Speed Blender

Oster BVCB07-Z Counterforms

  • Beautiful form and incredible function
  • It looks pretty sharp on your counter top
  • The Oster Reverse Motor Blender is a true precision machine
  • The powerful 600-watt, reversing motor alternates the blades forward and backward, drawing food and ice down for consistently smooth blending, which means no more trying to scrape food from the blender with a spatula
  • A super sharp, 6-point star blade evenly chops food and creates a shaved ice blend in a matter of seconds
  • The lid is clear and features a 2-ounce measuring cup. Pre-programmed settings – including time and function – provide one touch operation, so you can let the blender do the thinking
  • Seven speeds and high and low pulse options give you amazingly precise control at the touch of a button
  • And Low, Medium and High manual settings provide even more options for blending a variety of food and beverages from frozen drinks to dips, sauces to smoothies, soup to nuts
  • The 6-cup, dishwasher-safe, glass pitcher makes blending better and pouring easier
  • The glass has been Thermal Shock tested so you can pull it out of a steamy dishwasher and safely make a frosty cold beverage right away
  • And like most Oster Blenders, it is made in North America and backed by the superior quality of All Metal Drive. Because the two pieces that connect are metal (instead of plastic), you get a more durable and longer-lasting blender that will function flawlessly, party after party, year after year

=> Oster-BVCB07-Z-Counterforms-6-Cup-Glass-Jar-7-Speed-Blender