Top 13 Best Cutting Boards 2018

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Cutting Boards are an essential tool in your Kitchen. In addition to the convenience and ease of cleaning up your kitchen afterwards, there is also the issue of conserving your countertops. But gone are the days when you had to choose between just Wood and Plastic Cutting Boards. Today we have so many choices that range from Silicone, Glass, Bamboo, Epicurean, and of course, the classics Wood and Plastic Cutting Board. In general, it can be difficult to settle at a particular type of cutting board as the best one among any others.

Best Cutting BoardEach Chef, Amateur or Professional, has varying need and purposes in their choice for the right kitchen tool. The perfect Cutting Board will depend on the specific usage appropriate for such kind of board. It will also depend on the type of knives that will be used as well as the consideration in terms of its aesthetic (design and functionality).

We have evaluated the top quality cutting boards based on the material quality they are made of. Our goal is to help you select a cutting board that will be durable and provide you a pleasant experience while cooking your meals. You will be able to decide which one is the best cutting board for your kitchen needs. Here are some of them:

Glass Cutting Board

If you are looking for the most beautiful as well as patterned board for cutting a wide variety of food items, tempered glass cutting boards may be the cutting board that you have long been searching for. In terms of features, this cutting board is among the most impressive. Tempered glass cutting boards are highly durable and heat resistant. In addition, its significantly smooth glass surface allows more assured sanitation. Unlike some wooden cutting boards, the composition of this cutting board’s chemical bonds is more compact. This only means that there is a lesser tendency for substance absorption. Oil, moisture, and tiny food particles will all be on the surface of the board. Such substances and food materials can easily be wiped or washed away.

Tempered glass cutting boards are very convenient to clean, which minimize the possibilities of cross contamination.  They are attractive and very durable.  However, if you’re considering the noise factor, this may not be your top pick. Nevertheless, a tempered glass cutting board is an excellent choice for cutting cheese and can also be used as a tray for cheese and crackers.

The cutting boards shown come in two different sizes. Select the size that is more convenient for you.

Wood Cutting Board

Traditional wood cutting boards, if well-taken care of, can last for years. A heavy wood board is kind to knives, and will not dull them quickly. They should be oiled regularly with food-grade mineral oil to protect it from staining or warping, they are not dishwasher-safe.

Plastic Cutting Board

Plastic cutting boards are highly recommended by professional chefs. They are usually light weight, durable and easy to clean. Most plastic cutting boards are made out of polyethylene, which assures durability and convenience for the user. What’s more amazing with this type of cutting board is that it is safe for the dishwasher. They might still tend to scar but since are usually not too expensive, they can be replaced more frequently than wood cutting boards. They come in a variety of colors which give you the opportunity to maintain a color-coded cutting board for each type of foodstuff — fish, poultry and meat.

Bamboo Cutting Board

The bamboo is a type of grass that is tough and flexible. It is also a sustainable, renewable resource that is highly recommended by environmentalists. It is a low-maintenance wood that absorbs less water than traditional wood and therefore is less prone to accumulation of bacteria. It is a great alternative to traditional wood boards, and provides a lighter and more durable option for those who love wood. If you decide for a bamboo board, like the wood cutting board, you will have to put in some effort for its maintenance but nothing major. You can clean it by using hot water and soap or a dilution of bleach and water (1 tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water). Occasionally treating the boards with mineral oil will maintain the cutting board’s beauty and extend their useful life. It is not dishwasher safe because of the high heat of the machine.

The Bamboo has a great appearance. It is a naturally-light wood with a fine grain, which makes it look very stylish as the grain can be uniform and homogeneous. It doesn’t scar as normal wood would, therefore continuing to look smooth and sleek for a long time. Additionally, due to the resistance in water absorption, bamboo is less likely to crack and split like regular wood boards. Bamboo also prevents staining better.

These are among the best cutting boards you can use. Pick the one that is best suited for your needs and reap all the benefits that these cutting boards have in store for you.

Check out the 13 Best Cutting Boards on the market right now:

1. John Boos RA03 Maple Wood Rdge Grain Reversible Cutting Board

John Boos RA03
BoosBlock professional cutting boards are used by professional chefs throughout the United States. Kitchen prep is made easier with this solid, reversible maple wood cutting board. FDA-approved; features a hard maple edge grain construction with a cream finish, 2 flat sides, and slightly rounded edges. Handgrips on the ends offer easy transport from countertop to stovetop. For care the board requires simple handwashing and oiling regularly. Offers ample surface space, measuring 24 inches long by 18 inches wide by 2-1/4 inches thick. Weight : 27.5 pounds.

>> John-Boos-RA03-Maple-Wood-Rdge-Grain-Reversible-Cutting-Board




2. Catskill Craftsmen 30-Inch Pro Series Reversible Cutting Board with Groove

Catskill Craftsmen 30-Inch
Catskill’s Professional Cutting Board Series was created for the specific challenges faced by today’s professional and semi-professional chefs and yet fit perfectly into any kitchen, commercial or residential. The perfect size for any kitchen, whether its at the restaurant or back at home. The inch-and-a-half thick design guarantees a long life under even the most grueling of work loads. Featuring a deep juice groove and a plain reversible side, these boards are sure to assist with any food preparation. Manufactured in the USA from North American Hardwood.

>> Catskill-Craftsmen-30-Inch-Pro-Series-Reversible-Cutting-Board-with-Groove




3. Catskill Craftsmen Super Slab with Finger Grooves

Catskill Craftsmen Super Slab with Finger Grooves
Catskill’s “Gourmet” collection offers a wide range of chopping blocks for every occasion. Blocks include special features such as rounded corners, deep blended juice grooves, wooden ball feet with rubber pads, and laminated domestic hardwood in a variety of grain patterns for durability, toughness and beauty. All have oiled finishes. A Butcher’s Block for the Counter. Over 30 pounds of rugged beauty. The ultimate end grain Domestic Hardwood Chopping Block for serious chefs everywhere.

>> Catskill-Craftsmen-Super-Slab-with-Finger-Grooves




4. Totally Bamboo Little Kahuna Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo Little Kahuna
From the original bamboo cutting board company, Totally Bamboo, this cutting board is a beautiful, functional, ecologically sound addition to any kitchen. Bamboo is 16% harder than maple, making it an excellent cutting surface. Bamboo is actually a grass that grows to a harvestable height of 60 feet in about 3 to 5 years, growing as much as 2 feet per day. It has an extensive root system that continually sends up new shoots, naturally replenishing itself. It does not require replanting, making it one of the most renewable resources known. Totally Bamboo uses ‘Moso’ timber bamboo which is neither a food source nor a habitat for the Giant Panda. Totally Bamboo’s cutting boards are assembled with approved food-grade glue — none of their products are made with formaldehyde-based glue. No dyes or stains are used in the manufacturing process. The pleasing designs are created by using the naturally occurring variations within the wood grain. Totally Bamboo prides itself on using only premium hand-selected bamboo, innovative design, exemplary craftmanship, and fair labor policies.

>> Totally-Bamboo-Little-Kahuna-Cutting-Board




5. Tableboard Co Reversible Cutting Board PBB1

Tableboard Co Reversible
A must have for any home chef/baker, The Pastry/Kneading Board/ Cutting board is a perfect over the counter work station. Its large hard maple surface is perfect for kneading bread dough, rolling out pizza or pie dough, working with pastry dough and many other baking and cutting tasks. A 1-1/2″ lip on both sides holds the board in place when kneading, cutting or working with dough. Suggestion: Keep one side smooth for working with dough and use the reverse side as a cutting board. The handcrafted durability of this kneading board will be valued for generations. Made of the finest hard maple wood by Amish master craftsmen in the heartland of the US. Large 28″ x 22″ x 3/4″. Wipe with damp cloth to clean. One coat of FDA approved food safe mineral oil applied before shipping.

>> Tableboard-Co-Reversible-Cutting-Board-PBB1




6. Camco 43548 Bamboo Stove Top Work Surface

Camco 43548
Camco’s Bamboo Stove Top Work Surface is made of natural bamboo to create a sturdy and stylish surface. The legs can slide up to 3.5″, allowing you to position the work surface around stove burners giving you extra working space. The built-in juice groove helps prevent spillage onto your stove or counter tops. The work surface can also be used a cutting board. Bamboo resists moisture, minimizes cut marks, and won’t dull knives. The work surface is lightweight at 8 lb. and measures 29.5 length x 21.25 width x 2.5 height. Easy to clean, just hand wash and dry with a cloth.

>> Camco-43548-Bamboo-Stove-Top-Work-Surface




7. SoulFino Large Bamboo Cutting Board & Serving Tray

SoulFino Large Bamboo
SoulFino Bamboo cutting board is premium quality, eco friendly, durable and adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Many chefs love the natural look of bamboo and the modern elegance that it conveys. Bamboo is lighter than most woods, but extremely hard, durable & scratch resistant. it’s dense enough for safe chopping, while soft enough to not cause knife damage. designed for use by professional chefs and home cooks.

>> SoulFino-Large-Bamboo-Cutting-Board&Serving-Tray




8. Epicurean Prep Series Cutting Boards by Epicurean, 4 Piece, Natural

Epicurean Prep Series
Epicurean cutting boards are a practical and distinctive improvement from poly, glass and wood cutting boards. They have all of the best qualities and none of the bad-in one highly functional surface. Every design is thoughtfully detailed for functionality in use, clean up and storage. All epicurean cutting boards are designed to fit in the dishwasher, will be easy to clean, and will not harbor bacteria. Cutting on an epicurean cutting board will not dull your knives because the surface will score slightly, which helps it protect your knife’s edge. Epicurean has a company eco initiative commitment. They are green guard certified, and use sustainable manufacturing practices with minimal recyclable packaging. Epicurean features a set of 2 prep series wood composite cutting boards. These boards measure: 9.5″ by 6.5″ , 2 boards at 13″ by 8.5″ and 16″ by 10″. They are heat resistant up to 350-Degree and are designed with a handle opening on the end of the board. Dishwasher safe. Made in USA from trees harvested under the guidelines of the north America sustainable forestry standards.

>> Epicurean-Prep-Series-Cutting-Boards-by-Epicurean,4-Piece,Natural




9. Heim Concept 1PC Premium Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Heim Concept 1PC Premium Large Organic Bamboo
Hand Crafted from sustainable bamboo, this gorgeous end-grain cutting board is designed to resist stains, odors, and warping. Makes an elegant serving tray, too! This beautifully crafted butcher block/ serving tray will put your old wood & plastic cutting boards to shame! Made of renewable bamboo, this lovely board makes the perfect cutting surface for veggies, fruits, breads, cheeses, and more. It’s made with the bamboo oriented horizontally along the grain. This not only gives the board a stunning checked pattern that reveals the bamboo’s natural markings-it makes it ultra-tough against moisture, stains, odors & even nasty kitchen bacteria!

>> Heim-Concept-1PC-Premium-Large-Organic-Bamboo-Butcher-Block-Chopping-Board-Cutting-Board,Professional-Grade




10. Top Home Choice Antimicrobial Cutting Boards Dishwasher Safe

Top Home Choice Antimicrobial
Made of antimicrobial material. BPA-free set includes 3 color-coded mats. No more cross-contamination! After using your flexible cutting boards fold them & microwave for 1 minute to eliminate food-borne bacteria. They’ll be 99.99% germ-free! Thicker for Safer Chopping: Unlike flimsier mats these premium boards measure a full 4 mm thick. You can confidently chop slice & dice without fear of nicking or damaging kitchen counters. Each Top Home Choice chopping mat has gripper-dot backing to keep it from slipping & sliding. Plus there’s a convenient utility slot for hanging anywhere in your kitchen.

>> Top-Home-Choice-Antimicrobial-Cutting-Boards-Dishwasher-Safe




11. Kooq Large Bamboo Chopping Block with Feet

Kooq Large Bamboo Chopping Block with Feet
Kooq create original kitchen products designed with the modern cook in mind. If you want your food to be taken seriously, then you need the right tools for the task. If you’ve ever used a cheap, thin board for chopping before, you’ll know there’s nothing more frustrating than cutting on a slippery surface that quickly gets cut up and you end up with wood chips in your food. Well, not with the KOOQ solid bamboo chopping block. This block makes chopping quick and easy, providing a large, solid base for the knife to cut cleanly. It’s easy-to-carry handles make it perfect for use as a presentation board too. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes to your cooking enjoyment.

>> Kooq-Large-Bamboo-Chopping-Block-with-Feet




12. Snow River 7V03345 Pastry/Prep Board Backsplash

Snow River 7V03345 Pastry/Prep Board Backsplash
Beautifully hand crafted of the finest hardwood. This pastry board comes with front lip and backsplash to protect your countertops while it stays in place. Perfect for rolling out cookie dough, pie crusts and much more. A full size 18-Inch by 24-Inch by 3/4-Inch. Snow River is best known for producing premium wood cutting boards that are hand finished by experienced craftsmen. The wood is dried in a tightly controlled process to ensure a consistent moisture content which is critical in avoiding wood cracks and splitting. All sawdust from production is recycled into wood pellets for pellet stoves.

>> Snow-River-7V03345-18-Inch-by-24-Inch-by-3/4-Inch-Pastry/Prep-Board-Backsplash




13. Breville BOV800CB Bamboo Cutting Board

Breville BOV800CB Bamboo
The Smart Space Saver. Bamboo cutting boards are ideal as they absorb very little moisture and have natural antibacterial properties. They are also harder than most cutting boards and are less prone to knife markings over time. Recessed handles on the sides make it easy to pick up and transfer directly to the table for serving. As a tray, it replaces the need for a trivet or heat mat to protect the table surface from heat damage. Mounted silicone feet on the underside allows the top to remain cool, so you may store common kitchen items on top of the Smart Oven without losing counter space. Regularly used items such as fruit bowls, knife block or loaf of bread may be conveniently housed in this way.

>> Breville-BOV800CB-Bamboo-Cutting-Board