Top 12 Best Digital Photo Frames 2018

Buying Guide

Digital photo frames are an excellent way to display your photos and share your happiest memories with family and friends. Having the right frame that best meets your needs, and most suits your tastes, will impress your family and friends and accent any room for years to come.

best Digital Photo Frame

There are many frames to choose from.

We suggest you consider the five simple “rules” listed below when purchasing your digital photo frame:

1. Conisder the features you want

There are many different features offered on different types of frames.  While displaying your photos will most likely be your number one concern, other features such as setting your slideshow to music, ability to play videos, or even size and design, might be more important to you. Even the color of the frame might be important, especially if you want to match it to a specific room’s decor.

2. Be aware of the resolution

While price is very important to most people, do not settle for a low-resolution frame just to save a few pennies on its cost. We strongly suggest choosing a frame(s) that has a minimum resolution of 640 x480 in order to best display your photos in a fashion you will find most attractive.

3. Choose your aspect ratio

While you may find a digital photo frame with a 15:9 aspect ratio suitable to your needs, most cameras take photos at a 4:3 ratio and you will probably want to choose a frame with these parameters.

4. Know your needs and comfort zone

Digital frames can offer a wide array of features from a basic display screen to state-of-the-art technology like streaming internet radio and everything in between. Choose the one that best fits your needs and doesn’t stress you out over learning how to use it. While all of the frames come with user-friendly instruction manuals, and the technology is fairly easy to use, if you are a total newbie to this you may find some features more difficult to use than others.

5. Brand and pricing

You should not buy a digital picture frame based strictly on brand and/or price. Consider all the features offered, the design, and how everything combined satisfies your tastes and needs.

There are many styles and brands to choose from and its very common to mix sizes and styles to best meet your needs and suit your tastes. It will of course depend upon your individual taste but it’s even nice to combine traditional photo frames with their newer, state-of-the-art counterparts. Displaying photos in this manner will enhance any room and impress your family, friends and guests.

Sizes for frames range from keyring size to 20 inches and everything in between. The most common sizes are the keyring, 3.5 inch, 5.6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch, 10 inch, 10.4inch,  11 – 12 inches, 15 inches, and 19 – 20 inches.

While the quality of the picture will vary with different sizes, you can find one in any size that will satisfy your needs.

Check out the 12 Best Digital Photo Frames on the market right now:

1. Nixplay Original 18.5 inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Nixplay Original 18.5


  • Always connected so never miss a moment
  • The easiest way get in touch with your photos
  • Place the frame in your loved one’s home and easily email or send photos using the Nixplay Mobile App for iPhone & Android
  • Using WiFi connectivity, display photos sent from anywhere in the world
  • Instant Sharing: Capture moments, add captions and send them directly to any Nixplay Frame
  • Nixplay Friends: Invite family and friends to share
  • For Everyone: The whole family can start sharing! Anyone can download the Nixplay Mobile App to send photos to loved ones’ frames
  • Simple, Easy and Intuitive, the Nixplay Web app helps you get more out of your photos.
  • All in one place: Upload photos from your computer or tablet and access your social media platforms including Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, Picasa and Flickr
  • Playlists: Create playlists of your favourite moments and choose any combination to display on your frame.
  • Cloud account: Safe and secure. Enjoy 10GB of FREE Cloud Storage and the ability to connect up to 5 frames.
  • Frame Settings to suit your preferences: Shuffle Photos, Display Most Recent, Photo Transitions, Captions and Clock
  • Smart Sensing, power saving
  • Hu-motion: Nixplay Original turns on when you enter the room to display the most recent photos and off when you leave
  • Control the frame settings remotely: Imagine having a frame in Mom’s home and being able to easily update photos, adjust frame settings and send playlists from wherever you are.  Now Mom need never lift a finger

>> Nixplay-Original-18.5-inch-WiFi-Cloud-Digital-Photo-Frame




2. Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Pix-Star 15


  • Instantly receive photos from those you love from anywhere in the world using photo-mails!
  • This frame is part of the Pix-Star’s desire to make photo sharing easier and to bring generations together through easy technology
  • Now, no matter where your photos or the photos of your friends and family reside, you can be certain you will be able to access them
  • Sharing pictures is now easier than ever
  • Pictures are taken everyday, most are shared on social networks or forever doomed to stay on a digital camera or computer
  • Thanks to the connectivity and ease of use, Pix-Star brings generations together and helps reduce the feeling of loneliness and distance
  • Easy to configure, effortless to use, with powerful features and a free,unlimited storage online account
  • Sharing, receiving and sending photos has never been so easy!
  • No touchscreen, no fingerprints to wipe off!
  • Play web radio stations and listen to your music!

>> Pix-Star-15-Inch-Wi-Fi-Cloud-Digital-Photo-Frame




3. NIX Advance 15 inch Digital Photo & HD Video (720p) Frame

NIX Advance 15


  • Ultimate Playback Experience – Mix your HD Videos and Photos
  • Designed to keep all your precious memories in one place:
  • NIX Advance frames allow you to play HD videos and photos in the same Slideshow
  • 720p HD Video Formats: MP4 (H.264 HD 720p AAC)
  • Fast processor: View thousands of photos and videos from your inserted USB stick or SD/SDHC card
  • Hu-Motion Sensor – Smart Sensing, Power Saving
  • Hu-Motion Sensor makes sure that you don’t have to worry about turning the Frame on or off
  • Nix Advance turns on when you enter the room to display the most recent photos & videos and turns off when you leave
  • For the ultimate convenience, Nix Advance allows you to set the frame to switch off after sensing no movement for 5 minutes up to 1 hour
  • Intuitive User Interface and Experience with Plug and Play simplicity

>> NIX-Advance-15-inch-Digital-Photo&HD-Video-(720p)-Frame




4. Micca M1503Z 15-Inch 1024×768 High Resolution Digital Photo Frame

Micca M1503Z 15-Inch


  • The Micca M1503Z is very easy to use, with no required setup and no software to install
  • Just load the included 8GB storage media with photos, insert it into Micca M1503Z and the slideshow will automatically start
  • You can even take a SD card from a camera and play photos from it directly without any additional processing
  • With a built-in On/Off timer, the M1503Z can automatically turn itself on and off based on a flexible schedule – perfect for the office
  • The sleek and elegant M1503Z is less than 1.5 inch thick, with a mirrored acrylic front and sculpted back, delivering a beautifully modern and sophisticated look
  • It is also very energy efficient, consuming only 14 watts of power in use, or about the same as an energy-saving CFL light bulb
  • In addition to photos, the M1503Z also plays videos and music through built-in stereo speakers or the headphone jack
  • A compact remote is included for convenient use and operations

>> Micca-M1503Z-15-Inch-1024×768-High-Resolution-Digital-Photo-Frame




5. Nixplay Edge 13-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame, Full HD 1080p

Nixplay Edge 13-Inch


  • It gives you control over your photos and the power to share them where you want
  • Place in your loved one’s home and easily email photos for instant display
  • With a IPS Display, photos and videos (USB/SD/SDHC Card) are vivid and clear
  • Slim, elegant & simply beautiful. With super thin bezels, curved edges & a sleek stand, focus on what’s most important: the photo, the memory, the moment
  • View in portrait or landscape by simply rotating the frame
  • Fully customizable settings
  • Create your FREE Nixplay Cloud Account
  • Share to frames at home, work, mom and your grandparents anywhere in the world
  • Create & update different photo playlists easily and choose which frame displays each playlist, or send multiple playlists to each frame! You have complete control
  • Hu-Motion Sensor for Ultimate Convenience: Turns the frame on when you enter the room and off when you leave the room!

>> Nixplay-Edge-13-Inch-Wi-Fi-Cloud-Digital-Photo-Frame,Full-HD-1080p




6. Nixplay Original 12 Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Nixplay Original 12


  • The perfect gift for a loved one: Easily send photos direct to the frame using Email or iPhone/Android App
  • Create personal photo playlists: Access all your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr & Picasa and upload them safe and securely to Nixplay online cloud storage.
  • Manage multiple frames from one Nixplay Cloud Account: FREE Sync up to 5 frames and enjoy 10GB of photo storage (Plus Account: sync up to 10 frames, 30GB storage + storage options). Perfect for multiple frames for the whole family, anywhere in the world.
  • HD Video Playback: Watch high definition videos with audio from your USB or SD/SDHC card.
  • Anti-glare LED Backlit display, premium matte Rubberised Surface Finish, WiFi connectivity, VESA wall mountable.

>> Nixplay-Original-12-Inch-WiFi-Cloud-Digital-Photo-Frame




7. NIX Advance 12 inch Digital Photo & HD Video (720p) Frame

NIX Advance 12


  • Photo & 720p HD Video Playback: Mix photos (JPEG) and video (MPEG-4) in the same Slideshow
  • Hu-Motion Sensor: Turns the frame on when you enter the room and off when you leave the room!
  • High Resolution 800×600 (4:3) LED Backlit Display
  • 8GB Thumb Portable Drive Memory Included, frame accepts USB & SD/SDHC Card. Comes with an intuitive remote control.
  • Clock/Calendar Function, Stereo Speakers

>> NIX-Advance-12-inch-Digital-Photo&HD-Video-(720p)-Frame




8. Aluratek 12-Inch ADMPF512F High Resolution Digital Photo Frame with 4 GB Built in Memory

Aluratek 12-Inch ADMPF512F


  • What separates Aluratek from other brands is picture quality, ease of use, and affordability
  • You cannot get a better quality image or video than what Aluratek frames deliver, thanks to the best quality “true digital” LCD panels that are available on the market for production
  • Combined with an easy-to-use interface, wide format support, and the simplicity of automatic playback, Aluratek are the best choice for storage and playback of your important memories
  • View hi-resolution pictures, listen to music and watch videos easily on the TFT true color LCD panels at amazing resolutions
  • Most Aluratek frames come with built-in flash memory ranging from 256MB to 2GB
  • Transfer files quickly and easily to the on board memory with USB 2.0, or easily insert a compatible memory card directly to the memory card slot on the frame
  • With Aluratek you can share all your digital pictures, videos, and music files with family, friends, and coworkers
  • The advantage of utilizing digital panels over analog panels is very similar to the difference in watching HDTV (High Definition Television) instead of standard definition TV
  • It makes a big difference to watch in crisp clear HD as all the vibrant colors and intricate details will be noticeably better

>> Aluratek-12-Inch-ADMPF512F-High-Resolution-Digital-Photo-Frame-with-4-GB-Built-in-Memory




9. Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Pix-Star 10.4


  • 10.4 in. (26.4 cm), 4:3 ratio, high-quality display with low consumption LED backlight. Manage the Frame from the Web and create a multi-frame account to remotely control up to 25 frames from 1 single web account, TOTALLY FREE.
  • Send your photos by email via the 3G/Wi-Fi Network on your mobile phone, 4 GB memory (20,000 pictures), supports USB stick, SDHC and SDXC cards
  • Receive pictures directly on your Pix-Star frame from the Internet with its dedicated email address at NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Send pictures from your frame to individual or groups of email addresses directly from the frame
  • Access more than 20 online providers and view pictures from web albums, including Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Smugmug, and more and Receive daily updated weather forecasts for a selection of countries and cities

>> Pix-Star-10.4-Inch-Wi-Fi-Cloud-Digital-Photo-Frame




10. NIX Advance 8 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor (X08E)

NIX Advance 8


  • Photo & 720p HD Video Playback: Mix photos (JPEG) and video (MPEG-4) in the same Slideshow.
  • 1024×768 High Resolution IPS (4:3) LED Backlit Display
  • Hu-Motion Sensor: Turns the frame on when you enter the room and off when you leave the room!
  • USB & SD/SDHC Card: Plug and play to Instantly display all your digital photos. Comes with an intuitive remote control.
  • Clock/Calendar Function, Stereo Speakers

>> NIX-Advance-8-inch-Hi-Res-Digital-Photo-Frame-with-Motion-Sensor-(X08E)




11. Sony DPF-D810 8-Inch SVGA LCD (4:3) Digital Photo Frame

Sony DPF-D810 8-Inch


  • Beautifully display your favorite pictures at home with the easy-to-use 8″1 LED backlit
  • Enjoy your photos as single images or as a slideshow using a variety of transition effects
  • For added convenience, you can even view a clock or calendar along with your pictures
  • Enjoy your favorite memories of family and friends in vibrant color and crisp detail on the 8″ LCD
  • Simply plug in a USB thumb drive or camera memory card directly into the frame.
  • Don’t keep your favorite pictures hidden away on your computer. Put them out where everyone can see and enjoy them.
  • Multiple power On/Off settings
  • Convenient operation using the included remote control

>> Sony-DPF-D810-8-Inch-SVGA-LCD-(4:3)-Digital-Photo-Frame




12. Vera Wang Grosgrain Digital Photo Frame, 8-Inch

Vera Wang Grosgrain 8-Inch


  • Play music, video and photo slideshows
  • Easy menu navigation puts all the features of the frame right in front of you
  • Enjoy all the vibrant colors of your favorite photos on the clear, brilliant display
  • Features built-in memory for easy storage of your favorite photos – No memory card required
  • Screen resolution: 800×600, Aspect ratio: 4:3, 4-in-1 card reader, and remote control

>> Vera-Wang-Grosgrain-Digital-Photo-Frame,8-Inch