Top 9 Best Dog Automatic Feeders 2018

Buying Guide

With so many different kinds of dog bowls that you can purchase from, it can be rather overwhelming to choose the right one. However, this task is actually not that hard once you know what to look for and what factors to consider. The last thing you want to do though is just use one of your regular plates as pets should have their own food containers in which to eat their meals.

Best Dog Automatic Feeder

Depending on what your needs are and what you are looking for, there are actually a ton of different styles and designs that you can choose from whether you want something that is simple or fancy. Before you purchase the first one you settle down be sure that you know the different types so you can choose accordingly. You should get a dog bowl that is very easy to clean since you will probably do this on a regular basis.

In addition, it should also be made with rather durable material too especially if you intend to use an elevated dog bowl since there is a possibility that it can get knocked down to the floor. Obviously, there is no one ideal solution here as this will ultimately depend on what kind of pet you have.

The different types of dog bowls to choose from

1. Plastic bowls – These are probably the most popular choice as they are rather inexpensive which can be ideal if you are on a budget. The only problem though is that these are relatively easy to scratch especially if you are dog starts to bite into them. This can present problems later on since those scratches can eventually lead to bacteria forming in them. In addition, there are even some pets who may have allergic reactions to plastic so you may want to stay away from this type of dog bowl.

2. Ceramic bowls – If you want to be able to heat up the dog food, then you should purchase a ceramic dog bowl. In addition, these are also heavy enough where they can prevent spills. The only problem though is the material as it can easily break if it is dropped. However, there are many designs available so these are rather aesthetically pleasing if that is what you want.

3. Stainless steel dog bowls – This type is actually recommended by veterinarians and is fast becoming a popular choice. In fact, if you purchase an automatic dog feeder then most of the time it will make use of stainless steel bowls. The benefit to getting these as opposed to the other ones above is that it is extremely durable and has a scratch free surface. In addition, it is also rust proof so you can expect them to last for a long time. The only thing is that you will need to clean it on a regular basis. When choosing timed food dispensing bowls for dogs these usually come with stainless steel bowls.

Tips to purchasing an automatic dog feeder

Everyone seems to have an extremely busy schedule these days which is why purchasing an automatic dog feeder will really come in handy. These are especially useful if no one is home during the afternoons but you need to ensure that your dog is well fed. Using these timed feeders will ensure that they deliver the right amount of food at the right during the day so that your pet does not go starving. Choosing from the many different types available can be rather overwhelming so here are tips to helping you purchase dog feeders with timers and what factors to take into consideration:

  1. The height of the dog feeder – The type of feeder that you ultimately purchase will depend on what kind of dog you have. If you have a large pet, then it is recommended that you choose one of those automated feeders that are elevated or raised. Ideally, the height of the feeder should be such where your pet can easily be able to eat without much difficulty.
  2. Capacity of the automatic dog feeder – This one should be fairly obvious but the most important aspect is to ensure that the feeder is able to hold plenty of food. If you ever plan on taking a vacation for a few days, then these devices can really come in handy although it is still recommended that you have someone ensure that your pet is okay. Most feeders are available in a wide range of volume so be sure to choose accordingly.
  3. The material and construction of the dispenser is important – Ideally, you should choose an automatic dog feeder that is made of durable material that will not break. Chances are that your pet will be curious as to what is feeding him so they will most likely play with the device. If it happens to fall from its stand, then you want to make sure that the material is strong enough where it will not break.

In addition, it should also make use of low thermal conductivity as this will ensure freshness. You will need to clean these dispensers on a weekly basis so it should be rather easy to clean. While you can easily purchase a cheaply built model, in this situation it is highly recommended to purchase a quality feeder as spending that extra money can really go a long way.

  1. Features that are included – When it comes to electronic pet feeders these devices come with a ton of different features depending on which one you purchase. For example, there are ones available that you allow you to easily program it according to your needs such as how much food you want dispensed and when you want it dispensed. You can even purchase those units that are completely automated once everything is set up.
  2. Consider your budget – As mentioned earlier, spending just a little more money on a quality automatic dog feeder is certainly justified as the last thing you want is a low quality unit that will break down on you. You can actually find these devices for low prices at most online retail stores or you can purchase them at a local pet store if you need it right away. Just be sure that the price you pay is reasonable for what you are actually getting.

Check out the 9 Best Dog Automatic Feeders on the market right now:

1. PetPal WiFi Automatic Pet Feeder

PetPal WiFi
PeTreaT’s PetPal is fun to use, and simply the best pet feeder on the market! PetPal not only offers you the opportunity to have lunch with your pet everyday, but also is packed with cool features, and the patent pending construction is easy to assemble, disassemble, re-fill, and clean. Connect to your PetPal using an IOS, or Android device and have lunch, brunch, or dinner with your pet from anywhere. The PetPal’s simple construction has three main parts, the Top, the Hopper, and the Body. The Top contains all the electronics: the camera, speaker, mic, motor, and Wi-Fi electronics. The Hopper is a stainless steel tube where your PetPal stores food, and the stainless steel Body looks great indoors or outdoors. Simplistic, Simplistic, works great, and designed to last a lifetime!

>> PetPal-WiFi-Automatic-Pet-Feeder




2. Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built In Webcam and Wi-Fi

Feed and Go
Feed and Go is a really smart pet feeder that has been designed by pet owners to be an ultra reliable solution for when you need your pet to be fed their wet/dry food or even treats, on time, every time. With a built in webcam, so you can always check on your pet, real time notifications of when your pet has been fed and the ability to control multiple pet feeders from any smartphone including iOS, Android and Windows, Feed and Go gives you peace of mind when you can’t be home with your pet.

>> Feed-and-Go-Automatic-Pet-Feeder-with-Built-In-Webcam-and-Wi-Fi,for-Dogs-and-Cats




3. GemPet SmartFeeder, Automatic Pet Feeder

GemPet SmartFeeder
Free downloadable SmartFeeder software compatible with Androids, Apple Ios and tablets. When the SmartFeeder is off line or it isn’t connected to Wi-Fi, it will automatically change its setting to “Offline Feeding Model,” which will distribute food according to your setting. Easily monitor the amount of food served at each meal time, and you can use your smartphone to control the feeder whenever and wherever you are located. With food measurements ranging from 10 grams to 100 grams per serving, you can cater the meal to your pet’s specific dietary needs. The front 100,000,0 pixel camera can record every movement of your pet. You can watch your dog or cat anytime you want, as long as there is light. The collapsible feeding bowl and pet food storage container make it easy to clean up it and provide your pet with a cleaner and safer eating environment.

>> GemPet-SmartFeeder,Automatic-Pet-Feeder-Controlled-With-Your-Iphone,Andriod-or-Other-Smart-Devices




4. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

PetSafe Healthy
The Healthy Pet Simply Feed is a convenient, automatic feeder that makes it easy to feed your pet on time. Stop worrying about who fed the cat or whether your dog will get fed on time. Your pet will get just the right amount of food right on time, no matter how busy your daily schedule is. This fully programmable pet feeder automatically gives your pet each meal based on the portion and schedule you set. The feeder uses a conveyor belt to dispense food for the best portion control and accuracy. The feeder works with most dry kibble and semi-moist pet foods. You can customize your pet’s meals with flexible portions from 1/8 – 4 cups and up to 12 meals per day. The Slow Feed option dispenses scheduled meals slowly over a 15-minute period to help prevent gulping, vomiting, and bloat. The stainless steel bowl is hygienic and easy to clean; just toss it in the dishwasher when it gets dirty. With portion control and a consistent feeding routine, it’s easy to manage your pet’s weight or help with weight loss for your overweight pet.

>> PetSafe-Healthy-Pet-Simply-Feed-Automatic-Feeder




5. Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder

Portion control in 1/16 cup (15cc) scales. ; Up to a maximum of 1 cup (240cc) in 1/16 cup (15cc) scales programming is appropriate for small dogs or cats. As you can set up the amount of food per every feeding schedule, it is convenient for pet owners who want to control the pet’s daily amount of intake. You can also program 0g no-meal setting. *The dispensing amount of pet food vary depending on types. Setting a 24-hours repeat feeding schedule. ; You can program the feeding schedule 3 times a day in minutes. The repeat operation runs daily at the same time just with a single programming. You can easily adjust the program by operating the button. The capacity of pet food dispenser tank, 2700cc (1000g), is just right. ; On average, the tank becomes empty within 10 to 14 days so that you do not have to fuss about the best-by date of the food. *The amount of pet food to contain vary depending on types. *A case with an adult cat or a middle-sized dog with average weight. Manual feeding mode is available at any time. ; In addition to programming the automatic feeding schedule, you can also feed meals using a manual mode button any time. Convenient for “little snack” time.

>> Lusmo-Automatic-Pet-Feeder




6. BABADIO Automatic Pet Feeder with Remote Controller, Voice Reminding

Your pet will get just the right amount of food right on time, no matter how busy your daily schedule is. This fully programmable pet feeder automatically gives your pets each meal based on the portion and schedule you set. The feeder uses a conveyor belt to dispense food for the best portion control and accuracy. The feeder works with most dry kibble and semi-moist pet foods. You can customize your pet’s meals with flexible portions from to 6 meals per day.The built-in infrared detection can prevent the food locking or spilling and makes dirty in your house. With portion control and a consistent feeding routine, it’s easy to manage your pet’s weight or help with weight loss for your overweight pet.

>> BABADIO-Automatic-Pet-Feeder-with-Remote-Controller-and-Voice-Reminding-for-Dogs-and-Cats




7. GemPet Automatic Pet Feeder, Up to 5 Meals Per day For Dry & Wet Food

It can feeds your pet according to the time and quantity you preset. It can last up to 5 days(one meal per day ) and can be programmed to open 5 different times . At each meal time, the cover will open for the first feeding and your prerecorded voice message will be played to let your pet know it’s time to eat. The pet feeder contains 5 food trays, will remain open until the next programmed feeding time. At the preset time, this tray will cycle to the next full food tray, allowing your pet to eat at their own pace. It is really an easy way to program your pet’s meals while at home or away.

>> GemPet-Automatic-Pet-Feeder,Up-to-5-Meals-Per-day-For-Dry&Wet-Food




8. Bergan Gourmet

Bergan Gourmet
Your pet will always have plenty of fresh water and food thanks to Bergan’s Petite Gourmet Combo, one 1.5 Gallon waterer and one 6 Pound Feeder. This pet waterer and feeder come with a wide, convenient opening for simple cleaning and filling. The lids help prevent splashing and spilling and are designed specifically to help distribute water and food slowly into the basin. The Gourmet Line of feeders and waterers releases food and water at a slow, steady pace that’s right for your pet. Wide, stable base helps prevent feeders and waters from tipping over. Feeder and Waterer are both made in the USA and are BPA-free. The waterer holds up to 1.5 gallons of water for your pet. And the feeder hold up to 6 pounds of dry dog food. Bergan products are designed to help you enjoy an active lifestyle with your pet. Jump in, live intentionally, relish life with your best friend.

>> Bergan-Gourmet




9. WOpet Automatic Dog Cat Feeder Bowl

The product can be free assembly just you buy two or more, which can be feeder more meal accroding to your hobby. Multicolor arbitrary combination. Ice pack helps keep food fresh.Great for portion control and establishing eating routines. Conveniently feeds your pet whether you are at home or away. Timer allows you to set up to 1 meals within 48 hours. The timer is not a clock, but a countdown of time, you dial up the number of hours till the time you want it to open. Multiple arbitrary combination feeder will be the best gift for the dog/cat lovers,provide a interesting and better quality of living for your pet with WOpet!

>> WOpet-Automatic-Dog-Cat-Feeder-Bowl-with-Ice-Pack-1-Meal-Multicolor-Arbitrary-Combination