Top 12 Best Dog Beds 2018

If you are looking for the best new dog bed for your pup then you’ve come to the right place.

Buying Guide: The Importance of Picking the Right Bed For Your Dog

Best Dog BedWhen it comes to your dog’s bed, the important reality to bear in mind is that no two dogs are the same even if they do come from the same breed. In determining which dog bed is best for your pooch, his stature and sleeping habits play the biggest role.

First up, your dog’s size determines the proper construction of the bed. Large breed dogs start off small and cuddly but can quickly grow and destroy their puppy bed as these are not designed to hold the weight of your dog as it grows from a cute little pop to a 100 pound adult. In these cases, most dog beds “bottom out” and lose their orthopedic support. Note also that large breed dogs age faster than the small breed so they are more prone to arthritis and other bone-related disabilities. A large dog bed takes care of this as it can support the dog’s weight for a good, comfortable sleep.

A big drawback dog owners often come to realize is when their dog doesn’t like to sleep on the dog bed they just bought. They get confused to why such is happening and blame the dog when the problem is actually the bed itself. All dogs have different sleeping habits. The way your dog sleeps gives you a hint as to the type of bed he prefers. For example, does he like to curl up or sprawl out? Does he sleep on his back or on his tummy? Think of these as clues and your guide to finding the best bed that matches your dog’s sleeping habits.

Dogs that usually sleep outdoors will sleep in a tight curled position to preserve warmth. Indoor dogs may nestle for the same reason along with the feeling of security it provides. Be aware though that sleeping in a tightly curled ball is not the most relaxed for a dog as their muscles have to be tense to hold this position. A bolster dog bed with walls is ideal for such dog sleepers because it gives them maximum comfort and sense of security as they sleep.

If your dog loves to stretch and occupy the whole bed just like you do, go for a bed that offers the softest and roomiest spots possible on which to crash. If he falls asleep sprawled out on his back, a large dog bed delivers ample room for him to stretch out and offer plenty of cushiony support.

One important thing to remember also is to select a bed that will contain your dog. Note that your dog’s head or paws should not be forced to rest off the edge or supports unless they naturally come to rest that way. Once you, as the dog owner, already understand the specific needs of your dog depending on their favorite sleeping position, you are already geared up to confidently choose the best dog bed that will provide your canine buddy the maximum comfort for a good sleep that they deserve.

The Many Different Types of Dog Bed

It can be confusing trying to figure out the difference between all the different types of bed so we have put together this all-new guide to help you decide on the best option.

  • Memory Foam Dog Beds
  • Orthopedic Dog Beds
  • Raised Dog Beds
  • Heated Dog Beds
  • Indestructible & Chew Proof Dog Beds

Check out the 12 Best Dog Beds on the market right now:

2 Memory Foam Dog Beds

As with us, humans, your pet dog would also want to lie down on something comfortable when he sleeps or takes a rest. This is where memory foam dog beds come in. A continuation of the phenomenon of memory foam that was started by Tempurpedic in the 1900′s, the memory foam is now a popular bed choice not only for humans but for pets as well.  This type of dog bed gives your pooch the same level of comfort as a memory foam mattress would to you.

1. PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge in Premium Edition

PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge in Premium Edition
Tired of cheap pet beds that easily tear, are difficult to clean and don’t provide your pet the comfort they deserve? The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Lounge was designed with all these features in mind with an attractive, modern touch that blends in seamlessly to your home. Premium materials, quality construction and smart features set the Ultimate Dog Lounge apart from the crowd and provide excellent value for your money. Solid 4 inch memory foam base for superior overall comfort, reduced joint pain and improved health, mobility, & energy. Recycled ‘green’ polyfill support bolsters are generously filled. Durable & comfortable polyester (65%) & cotton (35%) twill. Removable cover is machine washable. Simple to spot clean & remove hair.

>> PetFusion-Ultimate-Pet-Bed&Lounge-in-Premium-Edition-with-Solid-Memory-Foam




2. Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dogbed4less Memory Foam
Dogbed4less offer the best material for comfort, support, durability and easy to clean. Their pet bed products are made with high quality durable fabric and top rated memory foam to ensure the ultimate comfort and orthopedic support, which are rarely sold elsewhere due to higher cost & weight. The high density memory foam is 5 times denser and 4 times heavier than regular foam, which will not flatten overtime and provide many years of comfort & support under normal use. Memory foams are also highly resistant to bacteria, molds and mildews, and dust mites. 2 excellent layers of fabric covers: Internal layer waterproof fabric zipper cover to help secure the pad. The bed also comes with durable 10oz/yard canvas fabric zipper cover (55″X47″X4″ size) for easy cleaning and maintenance. The external canvas cover is 100% cotton made which is interchangeable top/bottom side and great for pets that are allergic to synthetic fabrics. The external cover is machine washable and dry-able.

>> Dogbed4less-Memory-Foam-Dog-Bed




4 Orthopedic Dog Beds

Let’s face it. As our dogs grow old, so do their muscles and joints; hence, they would not be as strong as they used to be. Degenerative conditions like Arthritis and Hip or Elbow Dysplasia are common among older dogs. All these diseases have one thing in common and that is joint pain. This causes your dog to lose his mobility and lower his quality of life. This is when Orthopedic beds enter the picture.

Orthopedic dog beds can certainly provide additional support and comfort for your dog’s muscles and joints brought about by such ailments, as well as better weight distribution when your dog is at rest. For some dog owners, they would start their puppies out on orthopedic beds to avoid the possibility of muscle and joint problems developing as they grow. Other benefits include active dogs, as in the case of working or service animals, or dogs recovering from accidental injury or surgery.

1. Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker 7
Specially calibrated for bigger dogs. Available in Large, XL, Giant XXL. Too powerful for smaller dogs. 10 year guarantee. American made orthopedic foam is highest quality you’ll find in a dog bed. Won’t flatten or pancake over time. Easy to clean, machine washable. 100% Microfiber cover. Soft to the touch, looks great in your home. Foam will retain 90% of original shape & loft for 10 years or your money back. Handmade in the USA by craftsmen with over 30 years experience in their small California workshop.

>> Big-Barker-7″-Pillow-Top-Orthopedic-Dog-Bed




2. eLuxurySupply Orthopedic Dog Bed – 5″ Thick

eLuxurySupply 5
The stylish yet luxurious dog beds feature a 4-layer design that ensures each dog bed will perform as good as it looks. The 1st layer (interior) features an exclusive 2″ Orthopedic Gel Enhanced Memory Foam Swirl that is proudly made in the USA. The 2nd layer (interior) features a 3″ High-Density Supportive Base Foam also made in the USA. The 3rd layer (encasement) features a 100% waterproof, washable & removable cover to protect against all your pet has to offer. The 4th layer (cover) is a durable 100% cotton canvas, which is fully removable, machine washable & preshrunk. All pet beds feature custom designs and only use the finest of materials to ensure absolute luxury for your small, medium, or large dog.

>> eLuxurySupply-Orthopedic-Dog-Bed-5″-Thick




3. Integrity Bedding Orthopedic Memory Foam Joint Relief Bolster

Integrity Bedding Orthopedic Memory Foam Joint Relief Bolster
Your Pet will love this 3-layer, 5-inch thick memory foam dog bed. Bed includes a built-in wrap-around fiber filled bolster that cradles the head, protects your wall, and gives comfort and security to your pet. This ultimate pet bed is great for pets of all ages, especially pets with arthritis or bone, hip, or joint problems. Built with a 3-inch dense polyurethane base layer, a 1-inch medium polyurethane soft center layer, and a 1-inch premium visco convoluted memory foam memory foam top layer to allow for excellent airflow and ultimate comfort for your pet. The removable zippered cover is a washable plush faux fur with a coordinating side border to compliment any decor (Color may vary from photograph). Recommended for indoor use.

>> Integrity-Bedding-Orthopedic-Memory-Foam-Joint-Relief-Bolster-Large-Pet-Dog-Bed-Toffee




4. BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

BarksBar Large Gray
BarksBar grey large orthopedic dog bed: a good night’s rest is essential to your dog’s happiness and well-being. Designed for everyday use and made with high end orthopedic memory foam used for humans, this luxurious dog bed is built to last promoting endless support and joint relief. Yours Barksbar large orthopedic dog bed comes with: High quality orthopedic foam provides deep cushioning and pressure relief on joints. Cotton padded walls designed to instantly contour to the neck and head for optimum confort. Comes in a quilted gray, removable, machine washable cover that matches any home decor. The bottom of the bed is lined with nonslip backing rubber to prevent the bed from ever sliding around.

>> BarksBar-Large-Gray-Orthopedic-Dog-Bed-40×30-inches-Snuggly-Sleeper-with-Nonslip-Orthopedic-Foam




2 Raised Dog Beds

Also known as elevated beds, raised dog beds are a multipurpose bed that comes with many benefits. One of these is the design itself. Firstly, it keeps your dog off the hard cold floor which keeps him warm especially during winter months and secondly, as air can circulate under and over the bed; it keeps him cool in the summer.

The way the raised dog bed is constructed allows your dog to gently lower himself onto the fabric. Let’s do a little experiment. Observe your dog as his body reaches the surface of the material. Try to hear what sound you will hear from your pooch. I bet you it will be a sigh of relief or contentment instead of a grunt. Employing this type of bed, particularly for older dogs with arthritis and other joint problems, is sure to give your dog his much needed comfort.

1. K9 Ballistics Durable Chew Resistant Raised Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Durable Chew Resistant
Built dog tough! When it comes to their dog beds, they don’t cut corners. Every single one of their products is made from only the highest-quality materials to ensure that your dog bed will last for years, and the Cujo Cot is their strongest bed yet. Nothing out there is truly indestructible, but this one comes close! Constructed from the same proprietary blend of 1680 denier Ripstop ballistic nylon that makes their TUFF beds so durable, the densely woven bed sling will resist tearing and scratching, while the Ripstop pattern of fibers prevents small holes from growing in size. The smooth, canvas-like texture of the bed allows dirt, fur, and liquids to slide right off, so cleanup is a breeze. Most spills and messes can be simply wiped up, but the sling can be machine-washed if needed. The frame is composed completely of aluminum, including the corners and legs; they don’t use weak plastics that will grow brittle and snap in a matter of months. The metal frame protects all edges and corners of the bed (the most vulnerable spots) while also pulling the material tight so that there is no excess fabric for the dog to gather into its jaws. It works well both indoors and outdoors, and allows plenty of airflow under the dog to keep them cool during the hot summer months. It’s also a great crate bed, and is the only bed that will survive a dog that chews aggressively when crated.

>> K9-Ballistics-Durable-Chew-Resistant-Raised-Dog-Bed




2. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric
Keep your pet healthy, safe, comfortable and cool with a deluxe Coolaroo Pet Bed. Perfect for dogs and cats of all sizes, breeds and weights, Coolaroo elevated Pet Beds help keep your animal cool by increasing air flow to its fur coat and comfortable by reducing pressure on its knees, hips, elbows and shoulders. Unlike low-quality imitations Coolaroo Pet Beds are available in five designer colors and feature high-quality, breathable, 100% recyclable lead- and phthalate-free fabric, which is GREENGAURD certified. This not only helps create a healthier environment for your four-legged friend, but is flea, mite, mold and mildew resistant for optimal health. Treat your pet to the rest it deserves with the original Coolaroo elevated Pet Bed.

>> Coolaroo-Elevated-Pet-Bed-with-Knitted-Fabric




2 Heated Dog Beds

Much like humans, dogs feel aches and pains as they grow old. There would come a time when he cannot run as fast as he used to anymore and would limp or move stiffly after exercise. He also would not be able to climb the stairs as nimbly or cannot get up easily from a lying-down position. To put it simply, his joints and muscles are just not as strong as it used to be.

This is precisely what makes a heated dog bed a necessity and not a pampering item. Aside from providing comfort and warmth on a winter night, it also helps relieve your dog from aching muscles and joints and serving as therapy from dogs with conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia and back problems.

1. K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed
The K&H Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated pet Bed is the soft design Lectro-Kennel that you have heard about. It has all of the great features of the K&H Original Lectro-Kennel, but it is made of softer material giving owners much more flexibility in placement and transportation, and giving your pets extra comfort. Lectro-Kennel has been warming pets for over 30 years, and the K&H Lectro-Soft has quickly become a best seller. Designed for doghouses, basements, garages, barns, sheds, porches or any other outdoor shelter, it is the perfect outdoor heated bed to keep your pets warm on a chilly day. It uses an internal thermostat to keep the temperature at a desirable 102 when the pet lies upon the pad. The unit is constructed of a soft but durable material and has a steel wrapped cord to ensure your pet’s safety. The Lectro-Soft comes in 3 sizes (S, M, L) and is extremely low wattage.

>> K&H-Manufacturing-Lectro-Soft-Outdoor-Heated-Bed




2. Lectro-Soft Heated Outdoor Bed

Lectro-Soft Heated Outdoor Bed
Lectro – Soft Heated Outdoor Bed. A warm, soft retreat for Rover! The first soft, Outdoor Heated Bed on the market! The Lectro-Soft comes in 3 sizes and is extremely low wattage. Perfect for doghouses, basements, garages, barns, sheds, porches or any other outdoor shelter. This soft, orthopedic Bed is unique in that it will still provide soft, comfortable warmth even in sub-zero weather! Super soft PVC is used on the exterior to ensure the Bed doesn’t absorb water and stay wet like a fabric bed would. Indoor or outdoor use. Thermostatically controlled to warm to your pet’s normal body temperature.

>> Lectro-Soft-Heated-Outdoor-Bed




2 Indestructible & Chew Proof Dog Beds

If your dog is one to chew his bed apart, you’re in serious need of an indestructible and chew proof dog bed. Remember that with typical dog beds, your dog may eat its material and stuffing which he could vomit later; thereby, resulting into a mess you have to clean or it could make him feel full; hence, making him miss on the healthy food that he needs.

These beds are also sturdier than typical dog beds. Coated in a durable water repellent finish, it’s stain-free from dog spills, urine and saliva so it’s less messier and even easier to clean up.

1. Kuranda Dog Bed – Chewproof – All Aluminum – Indoor/Outdoor

Kuranda Chewproof All Aluminum Indoor/Outdoor
Tired of replacing your dog’s bedding only to find it destroyed again and again? Give your dog a lift with the orthopedic support and comfort of a patented Kuranda chewproof dog bed. This high strength, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum to stand up to the toughest dogs, indoors our out. The satin colored aluminum frame blends perfectly with their wide choice of fabric colors to look beautiful in any home. The corners and legs are also aluminum. Unlike other dog beds, the patented design of the Kuranda Bed allows the fabric to slide inside the frame which hides the  edges of the fabric to discourage chewing. The Ballistic Nylon fabric is abrasion resistant and durable, and has a smooth finish that won’t catch hair for easy cleaning, great for indoor use.

>> Kuranda-Dog-Bed-Chewproof-All-Aluminum-Indoor/Outdoor




2. Kuranda Dog Bed – Chewproof – Walnut PVC – Indoor Bed

Kuranda - Chewproof - Walnut PVC - Indoor Bed
High strength PVC frame supports up to 125 lbs. For heavier dogs, try the Kuranda All Aluminum Dog Bed or Bronze. Aluminum Dog Bed. (NOTE: Walnut color bed not for outdoor use, they recommend their Almond color or Aluminum beds for outdoors). Elevated/Raised orthopedic design to keep your dog dry, cool, and comfortable. Easy to Clean, guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning. Cordura is abrasion resistant, is as durable as canvas, and it provides plenty of traction getting on and off the bed. Its great for indoor use.

>> Kuranda-Dog-Bed-Chewproof-Walnut-PVC-Indoor-Bed-Cordura-Fabric