Top 12 Best Dog Car Barriers 2018

Buying Guide

Dog car barriers keeps your dog safe in the backseat of the car. This is important because a dog that is constantly moving around in the car is a danger not only to the driver and passengers but to themselves as well!

Benefits of Dog Car Barriers

  • Will protect your dog from injury in the event of a sudden stop.
  • Keeps an excited puppy from jumping into the front seat – a safety hazard to both drivers and passengers!
  • Protects luggage and cargo from a roaming dog.
  • Keeps the front seat hair-free.

Types of Dog Barriers For Cars

There are many types of dog car barriers on the market today. Most car pet barriers are easily adjustable and are made to fit in a variety of cars.  Whether you are looking for tubular type dog barriers or wire mesh, you’ll be able to find just the right style to select from.

Backseat Dog Barrier For Cars

Backseat Dog Barrier For Cars

This type of car dog barrier works by creating a strong wall between the front and back seats of the car.  Even if your car has to make a sudden stop, your dog will stay safely in the back.  This type of barrier also works great for puppies and will keep them from jumping into the front seat.

  • Most backseat barriers will also come with an additional partition that can  separate dogs from passengers in the back seat.
  • The barrier is usually made from a strong nylon material and attaches under the head rests.
  • It is super easy to install and can be removed as needed or left there on a permanent basis.

Tubular Dog Barrier For Cars

tubular dog barrier for cars

This type of dog car barrier is made from welded, heavy guage steel. It effectively keeps your dog in the back of the car yet doesn’t obstruct your vision.  It easily adjusts for different vehicle heights and widths and is easy to install.  Tubular feet are encased in rubber cupped feet so you don’t have to worry about damage to the interior of your car.

Net Mesh Dog Barrier For Cars

Net Mesh Dog Barrier For Cars

This type of car dog barrier utilizes a micro mesh type of material, which allows you to see your pet much more easily than the metal tube style dog barriers.  The net is attached to a pop up wire frame.  This prevents the net from sagging and makes it super easy to install and uninstall. The net’s side panels are adjustable which makes it suitable for vehicles from small cars to full-size SUVs.

When selecting a dog barrier for your car, always be sure to measure the area in which you are going to place the barrier, to ensure proper installation. Explore the various car dog barrier options before you buy, so that you can select the right style for your pet.

Check out the 12 Best Dog Car Barriers on the market right now:

1. GMI PetShield Mesh Travel Barrier

GMI PetShield Mesh
Fits most vehicles. The unique telescoping design is an industry first. The telescoping supports and side panels ensure the easiest and quickest installation/removal, without tools, of any pet barrier available. Simply extend the vertical supports to the floor for vertical stability, expand the side panels to provide the horizontal barrier, and you’re ready to go.

>> GMI-PetShield-Mesh-Travel-Barrier



2. Zoo Keeper Auto Pet Barrier

Zoo Keeper
The original ZooKeeper Pet Barrer features a new, exclusive, innovative design that maintains seat movement and easy backseat access. Design allows for more visibility than most pet barriers, helping drivers maintain clear sight for vision. Pet barrier works with flexibile cords that wrap around your headrest hardware. Nothing is permanent. Works with your car and seats as they are. Flexible cords feature adjustable and flexible connection points that allow seats to tilt forward, recline backward, and slide—all independently of each other. Guaranteed to work with headrests in ALL types of vehicles: 2-Door Cars, 4-Door Cars, Trucks with Extended Cabs, Wagons, and SUVs. No tools needed! Easy assembly. Easy installation. Easy removal. Assemble in minutes. Install in minutes. Remove in minutes. Custom fits to your vehicle with horizontal and vertical adjustments. Black matte finish accents any interior décor while preventing shiny blind spots. Made with heavy gauge tubing for durability. Protective caps around tubing prevent rattles. Expandable from 42″ to 61” wide. Height is 28.75″. Fits space perfectly between seats, consoles and ceilings. Engineered in USA.

>> Zoo-Keeper-Auto-Pet-Barrier



3. EZ Pet Barrier, Regular

EZ Regular
Pet barrier moves with seats, adjusts to any vehicle. Lightweight and easy to install and remove. Made of metal and no tools to assemble. Extended version available for RV’s, trucks or to keep small dogs in the back seat.

>> EZ-Pet-Barrier,Regular



4. WeatherTech Tubular Pet Barrier

WeatherTech Tubular
Keep those paws and claws off the upholstery. The WeatherTech Pet Barrier is adjustable, expandable and keeps pets safely in the rear of your vehicle. The heavy-duty 5/8 inch diameter telescopic tubing installs easily without tools or drilling. The barrier adjusts vertically and horizontally to suit any vehicle and any pet. “No-Mar” rubber coated components protect your interior and ensure a rattle-free installation. third bar is optional.

>> WeatherTech-Tubular-Pet-Barrier



5. Petego K9 Guard Universal Pet Safety Barrier

Petego K9
For use between the front and rear seat or between the rear seat and cargo area, the Kar 9 Guard keeps your pet safely contained while you’re driving. The Kar 9 Guard features the clever K9 attachment system, making it fully portable and easy to install. Minimum size: 12″H x 34″W. Maximum extension: 18″H x 56″W.

>> Petego-K9-Guard-Universal-Pet-Safety-Barrier

7 Travall Pet Barriers

All Travall guards are laser-cut and precision-welded using an advanced centre-line technique to ensure each product is free from burrs and sharp edges. Frame’s oval profile enhances overall strength and rear visibility. Innovative, vehicle-specific design. Tailored fit, no additional modifications required. Easy installation and removal. Limited lifetime warranty.

6. AUDI Q5 SQ5 – TDG1238

AUDI Q5 SQ5 - TDG1238


7. BMW X3 – TDG1315

BMW X3 - TDG1315


8. VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan – TDG1183



9. JEEP Patriot – TDG1158

JEEP Patriot - TDG1158


10. HONDA CR-V CRV – TDG1392



11. LAND ROVER LR3 LR4 Discovery 3 4 – TDG1299

LAND ROVER LR3 LR4 Discovery 3 4 - TDG1299


12. FORD Focus Wagon – TDG1303

FORD Focus Wagon - TDG1303