Top 12 Best Dog Car Seat Covers 2018

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We hope you find some useful information on this article from information on various car seat covers for dogs in addition to suppliers. Nothing is worse than a dirty vehicle full of dog hair. Not to mention the horror on most people’s faces as they watch their four legged friend scratch up the nice leather in their car.

best Dog Car Seat Cover

Car seat covers for dogs will not only provide a nice spot for your dogs to get comfortable but they will keep your car looking clean and new!

Truck Seat Covers for Dogs

While most people focus on the fact they are looking for car seat covers for dogs don’t rule out the fact that they also make them for pickup trucks and SUV’s.  With the cost of some SUV’s today protecting your seats from your dogs claws and messy hair is an excellent idea.  For your truck or SUV you will want to get a bench seat dog cover.  Most bench seat dog covers will work perfectly with any stand alone bench seat or even with those that fold down.  The best type of material to use is a micro-velvet material as it will retain a nice look for years with proper washing.  The micro-velvet material prevents pet hair, dirt and moisture from harming your vehicle seats.  In addition, it is the perfect car seat cover for dogs because it remain cool in the summer and nice and toasty in the winter time.

Hammock Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Looking for some extra comfort for your dogs and making sure you can safely drive?  The hammock dog car seat cover is an extremely popular car seat cover for dogs.  The beauty of a hammock style dog car seat is it allows your dog to feel comfortable without feeling as if they are going to fall on the floor of the car.  In addition, it helps prevent the dog from getting into the front seat which can be a danger for the driver and other passengers.  The use of a micro-fiber material again is a good idea as it will not allow hair to cling to it, you simply just shake it off and it is machine washable.

Bucket Seat Dog Covers

Some dogs just require that they ride in the seat shotgun!  Well, no worries as there are bucket seat car seat covers for dogs also.  As stated before, micro-velvet material is the way to go with these for their excellent ability to not allow hair to cling to them.  Most importantly they protect those expensive car seats from getting scratched up by your dogs nails and keeps your car clean.

Check out the 12 Best Dog Car Seat Covers on the market right now:

1. 4Knines Rear Bench Seat Waterproof Non-Slip Cover with Hammock

4Knines Rear Bench Seat Waterproof Non-Slip Cover with Hammock
Unique high temperature rated non-slip rubber backing and seat anchors will keep the cover securely in place. Colorfast water resistant durable quilted material holds all dirt, pet hair and moisture on the cover and provides a comfortable ride with a high-end feel and look. Easy to clean with a wet cloth and vaccuming or throw entire cover in the washing machine. Measures 60 inches wide fitting most large trucks and SUVs. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

>> 4Knines-Rear-Bench-Seat-Waterproof-Non-Slip-Cover-with-Hammock




2. The Ultimate Waterproof Non-slip Pet Seat Cover/Hammock

The Ultimate Waterproof Non-slip
Most seat covers protect your seats from scratches and dirt but how do you clean a dirty seat cover? Most can’t be machine washed and if they are waterproof or have non-slip backs they can’t be machine dried. They must be dried on a clothes line. Dryers weaken or melt waterproofing and non-slip backing. Clothes line drying is difficult if you live in a cold weather state or apartment. The removable fleece mat attracts and absorbs dirt and pet hair. Simply throw it in the washer dryer to clean and SANITIZE it eliminating germs and smells. The fleece mat is soft and soothing to your dog. It provides traction so your dog can move around without slipping. Seat belt access allows the use of seat belt extenders to keep your pet in the back seat and from jumping out of the window. Adjustable leather reinforced straps fit most vehicles. Seat anchors hold the seat cover in place and allow you to pull it tight for an attractive custom fit look. Side flaps protect seat sides from pet scratches. Large storage pocket keeps toys and accessories accessible.

>> The-Ultimate-Waterproof-Non-slip-Pet-Seat-Cover/Hammock-and-Soft-Washable-Fleece-Dog-Bed




3. Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover Waterproof

Plush Paws
Dogs get excited when they take car rides. usually, they get too thrilled hence the need for dog seat covers. The seat cover protects your car seat leather and upholstery from claws, paws, spills, hair and dander. It is specifically designed to defend against the typical damage that dogs inflict. The biggest, finest and toughest, rear seat cover yet – 63″wide x 65″length. made for full size trucks and suv’s. Machine washable and hose able. Use wipes or vacuum. Anchors fits in between your seats, secures your seat cover in place preventing it from moving around during curves and sudden stops. Two elastic straps fitted under seat cover compliments the anchor giving it an absolute snug fit! New and improved non-slip backing. This is the original pet seat cover and how it is meant to be! Ultimate plush luxurious cover, carrier and barrier. Keeps your car interior in good shape years down the line. Plus, it gives dogs and kids plenty of plush treatment, so you can stay focused on the road while driving. Can also be used for conveying goods in your car. ideal for all automotive with reinforced adjustable head straps. Side release buckles for heavy duty – straps – polyester/nylon 5 panel seat belt webbing.

>> Plush-Paws-Pet-Seat-Cover-Waterproof




4. Petego Cars Front Seat, Rear Seat, Hammock Seat

Petego Cars Front Seat
Keep your back seat free of fur, dirt, mud, and anything ever else your dog usually brings into the car. The Petego car seat protector hammock is constructed with extremely durable polyester “canvas”. The underside is made with an anti-skid mesh. Thanks to ingenious neoprene belts, the two loose corners are solidly anchored to the seat. Additionally, the clever headrest belt can be used to cross around the seat “shoulder” if the headrest is not available (usually on older cars). The seat hammock measures 58 3/4 inches by 64 1/4 inches and is perfect for SUVs.

>> Petego-Cars-Front-Seat,Rear-Seat,Hammock-Seat,Interior-Protector,Seat-Cover




5. Kululu Design Premium Pet Seat Cover-Hammock Style

Kululu Design Premium
The unique design (the only hammock style Cover with a “Clearview Window”) will help you to always keep your pet calm, as it allows you to keep continuous contact with your pet. And don’t forget that the “Clearview Window” allows for better air circulation, which helps the air flow properly within the vehicle – no more discomfort for you or your best friend. Waterproof, scratchproof, with side flaps, seat anchors and strong extra straps will offer your dog all the stability it needs. Excellent manufacturing material and features, which do not allow the cover to flip or get slippery and fall out of place. Stability and comfort at the same time, due to its ideal size and material quality. Thick enough to make a soft bedding for your pet and stable enough to stay put. There is much more to it –here let’s just mention how easy it is to clean and how easy it is to install within a few minutes!

>> Kululu-Design-Premium-Pet-Seat-Cover-Hammock-Style




6. WE LOVE ANIMALS – Dog Seat Cover For Cars Suv’s And Trucks

Protect the back seat of your Car, SUV or Truck and fits any automotive bench seat with headrests. They use color fast material so you never have to worry about damage to your vehicle from color bleeding. 3 layers of pu waterproofing (much safer than pvc and much lightweight than other products). Nonslip rubber backing material and straps to hold the cover in place. Extra side flaps for extra seat protection + optional barrier hammock convertible. seat belt openings with velcro closure & child car seat latch openings. Adjustable straps with clips for easy installation. Machine washable – delicate cycle only, cold water with low spin. Lifetime warranty with excellent customer service.

>> WE-LOVE-ANIMALS-Dog-Seat-Cover-For-Cars-Suv’s-And-Trucks




7. BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover for Cars, Trucks, Suv’s – WaterProof & NonSlip

BarksBar Pet
Barksbar premium car seat cover: An easy and effective way to protect your car seats from scratches, rips, hair or damages when taking your pets around. Made from high-quality heavy-duty waterproof polyester, the seat cover is durable, convenient and very easy to install. You will no longer have to worry about your pet leaving behind too much hair or damaging your car seats and mats. Your car seat cover comes with: sleek and luxurious design, heavy-duty water-proof material with extra padding for comfortability, simple buckle straps and seat anchors for easy-installaion, seat belt openings with velcro closures, and a nonslip rubber backing for a snug fit. How to use: simply snap on the buckle straps around your back seats’ headrests, tuck in the seat anchor between your seat cushions and pull your seat belt buckles through the velcro openings. And you are all set. If you want to turn your seat cover into a hammock, simply snap the remaining buckle straps at the bottom of your cover around the front seats’ headrests.  Easy To Clean and Maintain: Machine-Washable. Use gentle or delicate cycle and air dry. Easy to vacuum and wipe off. Definitely a must-have seat cover to protect your car seats and catch hair/fur if you have a pet.

>> BarksBar-Pet-Car-Seat-Cover-With-Seat-Anchors-for-Cars,Trucks,and-Suv’s-WaterProof&NonSlip-Backing




8. Parachute Pet Products Non-Slip Backing Wide Bench Car Seat Protector

Parachute Pet Products Non-Slip Backing Wide Bench
Drape the cover over your seats or turn it into a canopy hammock to prevent your dog from jumping into the front seat, falling into the seat crack, or transporting a kennel. People can still use the seatbelt functionality as normal to sit with their dog thanks to the wide seatbelt openings. Fits most Cars, Trucks & SUVs thanks to their adjustable straps and universal dimensions! Go measure your car to see if a 55″ wide cover will fit – they bet it will! Easy to install and take off in less than 30 seconds. Also works in the trunk of SUVs perfectly – still loop the headrest straps around the back headrests to keep it stable. Easy to clean and remove odors/stains with machine wash or cloth wipe down! – has an easy to reach velcro pocket. durable materials, waterproof backing, triple stitched straps, built for even the largest dogs!

>> Parachute-Pet-Products-Non-Slip-Backing-Wide-Bench-Car-Seat-Protector




9. Just4Pets Auto Back Rear Seat Barrier, Quilted Waterproof Hammock Style

Just4Pets Auto Back Rear
This Non Slip Car Seat Cover can be used comfortably with Bucket as well as Bench Seats in a Car, Truck, Van, SUV and Auto. Specially Designed to hold on to the Car Seat. It not only protects the Seats from Pet’s Paws but also helps protect your dogs from sliding.

>> Just4Pets-Auto-Back-Rear-Seat-Barrier,Quilted-Waterproof-Hammock-Style-Car-Seat-Cover-for-Dogs




10. NAC&ZAC Waterproof Hammock Pet Seat Cover for Cars and SUV

NAC&ZAC Waterproof Hammock
The NAC&ZAC Hammock Pet Seat Cover is made from extremely durable canvas like polyester, and there are 3 layers to protect your back seat from dirt, muddy claws, and wet hair. The nonslip backing and multiple attachments can hold the cover in place when your dog jumps in and out of the car. The nonslip backing is black , if you want to use black hammock for light colored leather seats, choose the V3.0 black version which has clear silicon backing. Extra side flaps on both sides to protect the entire back seat. And the seat belt slits with velcro closures allows the seat belt buckles easily get through and keeps unwanted pet hair out.

>> NAC&ZAC-Waterproof-Hammock-Pet-Seat-Cover-for-Cars-and-SUV




11. 4Knines Non-Slip Water Resistant Cargo Cover

4Knines Non-Slip Water Resistant
The 4Knines Extra Large Cargo Cover is a luxurious and beautifully designed cover with a classy look that blends seamlessly with your interior and allows your loving pet to travel safely and comfortably while protecting your car from fur, dirt and claw marks. Cover also features side flaps for additional protection of the cargo area and a bumper flap that extends down to protect the bumper during loading and unloading. Unique high temperature rated non-slip rubber backing and seat anchors will keep the cover securely in place. They use colorfast durable material that is free of azo dyes and heavy metals and holds dirt and moisture on the cover. Their attention to detail and premium components set their apart. They use heavy duty stitching, premium straps and reinforcements and UV coatings to make sure their covers last! Easy to clean by wiping down with a wet cloth and vacuuming. If really dirty, the entire cover can go into the washing machine and be air dried! Features head rest fasteners with clips for easy installation. This cargo cover measures 55 inches by 106 inches and is made for large SUVs. The cargo covers are backed by a Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

>> 4Knines-Non-Slip-Water-Resistant-Cargo-Cover




12. Plush Paws Waterproof Cargo Liner, Bumper Flap, Machine Washable

Plush Paws Waterproof Cargo Liner, Bumper Flap, Machine Washable
Plush Paws® Versatile Cargo Liner – the cargo liner has a center slit to access center console. You can easily lay either of your car seats down, zip down one side or both or all. Climate tolerant backing will not disintegrate in your car like rubber backing cargo liners. Plush paws cargo liner keeps your cargo spotless with the distinctive silicon drop-plastic non-slip fabric for a water resistant barrier, drools, scratches, mud, dirt and general dirt that fits in the rear of your SUV. The quilted surface is soft and comfortable for your pet to sleep and travel on as well as haul cargo. Triple layered ensures your cargo area is well protected and claws and heavy duty cargo cannot penetrate this robust material as well non-slip silicon backing – silicon, the best material for non-slip all rear seats can fully lay down and the cargo area is fully protected.

>> Plush-Paws-Waterproof-Cargo-Liner,Bumper-Flap,Machine-Washable