Top 10 Best Espresso Machines 2018

Buying Guide

Are you excited at the very thought of owning the best home espresso machine for your home? Imagine the fun which you can have when you go about experimenting with the different types of drinks that you can make and also when you start creating the most perfect beverage you have ever tasted.

Best Espresso Machines

While shopping for your espresso machine it is necessary that you purchase for yourself the best espresso machine for your needs. In order to do this, you will have to decide as to what type of home espresso machine will be suitable for you.

Here are some of the different types espresso machines:

1. Espresso Machine Automaticity

These days an Espresso manufacturer includes valves, pumps, sensors and grinders to help automate the Espresso brewing process. They are known as automatic coffee makers.

Here the various types of automatic espresso machines:

  • Semi-automatic

In the best espresso machine which is semi automatic water flows from a pump and not by manual force. The rest of the brew pressure is applied with the help of a three way valve.

  • Super Automatic

With the flick of a button, the super automatic espresso machines do lots of things for you: they will help you grind your coffee, measure it, tamp as well as brew your espresso. They will also throw away the used coffee grounds into an indigenous waste box. This is why they are convenient and easy to use.

  • Automatic

A controlled amount of water flows via a flow meter. After that the pump is closed brew pressure is released via a solenoid valve.

2. The moka pot or percolator

It is a very popular and simple espresso machine. A pressurized bottom is utilized to send the steam though the coffee at the top part of the machine. It is here that the espresso is collected. It is very simple to use and are very cheap models.

When you purchase for yourself a home espresso machine, you are at the same time adding self-sufficiency in brewing coffee where you will no longer have to step inside a local coffee parlor. It will be possible for you to have the perfect coffee at any time of day and that too from the comforts of your own house.

You can easily purchase these espresso machines online. With the types of espresso machines, you will be able to know what to look for in a new machine and also locate the different types of espresso makers.

Tips In Selecting The Best Espresso Machine

Based on your time for making your morning espresso, you should select a model that suits your needs. If you are looking for the amount of control on a quality espresso machine then you should go in for semi-automatic or manual models. On the other hand if you simply wish to learn the nuances then opting for an automatic or super-automatic machine is the best choice for you.

You will be able to get the super-automatic espresso machines with a grinder. It is this grinder which helps to grind your coffee beans and also in extracting the espresso in a simple process. As one of the best espresso machine they don’t need any sort of expert coffee-making skills from you. Pressure is created in the automatic and semi-automatic machines with the help of a pump. This feature also requires little skill on your part.

You must be aware that these Espresso machines are available in many different price ranges. While searching for a suitable espresso machine for yourself, you should know that a wide variety of styles of in these machines are available and if you don’t have a budget in mind, you may end up spending more than what you intended to. You will be simply amazed at the fancy and cool models which are also available in the market that you don’t really need.

You should remember that you are not enticed into buying the high-end machines that have a number of features. This is because if you are on a shoe string budget, you should remember that an excellently brewed coffee can be made even with machines with limited features. You basically require quality machine not cheap models. It is necessary for you to search for espresso machines that will last long and have good in connection with their espresso making abilities.

Other than this, you should also select a machine which will be able to extract maximum pressure. Only those espresso machines which have the highest pressures will be able to extract cream from the bean.

So, all in all; it is worthwhile for you to select a machine which will be easy to operate and one which is also appealing to look at. Asides from this they should also be able to match your kitchen decor.

Check out the 10 Best Espresso Machines on the market right now:

#1. SAECO HD8753/87 Philips Intellia Cappuccino Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Only Saeco Intelia One touch Cappuccino Metal offers you the perfect espresso experience, easy to use, easy to clean, embedded in long lasting premium materials
  • One touch cappuccino
  • Integrated automatic milk function with Easy Refill, milk carafe included
  • Adjustable coffee strength and temperature, Ceramic grinders for Aroma preserving
  • Automatic cleaning and de-scaling
  • Pre-brewing function for flavor enhancing

SAECO HD8753/87Pros: well-engineered, very efficient machine, you do nothing, one-touch, makes excellent espressos and cappuccinos, extremely happy with the quality of the coffee, no knocking, no measuring, no tamping needed, requires weekly or monthly cleanings …

Cons: power input is 120V, expensive water filters …

=> SAECO-HD8753/87-Philips-Intellia-Cappuccino-Fully-Automatic-Espresso-Machine





#2. KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

  • From robust espresso to flavorful coffee and creamy cappuccino, even hot cocoa or tea, enjoy cafe-quality beverages at home with the Espresseria EA8250J4 fully automatic from KRUPS
  • The compact machine takes up minimal counter space, and its fully automatic system means anyone can enjoy the perfect cup—amateurs and coffee connoisseurs alike
  • With 1450 watts of power, the machine’s built-in metal conical burr grinder quickly and evenly grinds whole coffee beans right before brewing to capture the freshest flavor, and its grind setting can be adjusted as desired—finer for espresso and coarser for coffee are the settings that work best
  • The machine’s large sealed hopper keeps beans fresh and holds enough to prepare several drinks in a row, while its user-friendly control panel with an intuitive LCD screen and ergonomic knob allows for simple navigation through every step of the process
  • To ensure the perfect shot of espresso, the Espresseria’s patented compact thermoblock heating technology, 15-bar high-pressure pump, and hydraulic automated tamping system provide perfect tamping, precise extraction, and consistently hot results
  • Designed and manufactured in France, the machine also provides a steam nozzle for creamy latte drinks, a large 1.8-liter/60-ounce removable water tank with an empty indicator, and a removable drip tray and cake container for easy cleaning
  • Accessories include a KRUPS F088 water filtration cartridge, XS3000 cleaning tablets, and F054 descaling powder
  • Bring the gourmet experience home with the KRUPS Espresseria Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

KRUPS EA8250Pros: good value for the price, very smart machine for reasonable price, very convenient, easy to clean and maintain, does not take too much of a counter space, the steamer for milk is very powerful, it grinds the beans and makes great espresso, good coffee and creamy lattas, enjoy your brew in less than 2 minutes …

Cons: it’s loud, the filter runs out very quickly, you can’t run oily coffee beans, unplugging the machine resets some of the maintenance timers …

=> KRUPS-EA8250-Espresseria-Fully-Automatic-Espresso-Machine-with-Built-in-Conical-Burr-Grinder





#3. Philips Saeco RI9737/21 Vienna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Trips to the coffee shop are a thing of the past when you use the Saeco Vienna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine
  • Using OptiDose technology and the Aroma System pre-brewing cycle, you can tailor the strength and consistency of your espresso
  • A Pannarello steam wand lets you froth milk perfectly, while removable parts make it easy to keep this machine clean
  • Make a variety of espresso drinks at the touch of a button
  • Optional pre-brew cycle maximizes flavor extraction
  • Includes Pannarello steam wand for milk frothing and hot water
  • OptiDose technology allows you to adjust amount of beans per cup
  • Removable brew group for easy, thorough cleaning

Philips Saeco RI9737/21Pros: this automatic espresso machine is a winner for the price, great entry level super automatic you can buy, fast, responsive, plastic doesn’t look cheap, easy to use, the instructions are clear, coffee tastes a lot better than regular coffee machines, recommend this to anyone that enjoys delicious espresso …

Cons: a bit noisy though …

=> Philips-Saeco-RI9737/21-Vienna-Plus-Automatic-Espresso-Machine





#4. Rancilio HSD-SILVIA Silvia Espresso Machine

  • This popular traditional style semi-automatic espresso machine is built to last
  • Its strong linear designed housing is constructed of an iron frame and stainless steel side panels
  • Built with Rancilio’s commercial grade group head for excellent heat stability and premium extraction quality
  • Features a patented ergonomic 58mm porta filter for superb extraction
  • These are the same porta filters used on Rancilio commercial machines
  • The single boiler of the Silvia has the largest volume capacity of any home machine in its class
  • Holding 0.3 liters (12oz) this chrome plated brass boiler produces outstanding steaming power and remarkable recovery time between shots
  • The two quart water reservoir can be removed or filled from the top at anytime during the operation
  • The Rancilio Silvia features an articulating stainless steel steam wand that allows for a complete range of motion for steaming perfect latte quality milk
  • Control steaming power with the commercially designed steam knob
  • This Silvia comes with a 7 gram coffee scoop, a plastic tamper and two filter baskets (single and double)
  • This is the most current version of the Silvia available direct from the factory

Rancilio HSD-SILVIAPros: superior machine, built like a tank and will last for several years, less expensive, very good home machine, it is quite small so you don’t need lots a space in your kitchen, solid and beautiful make the kitchen looks elegant, simple and very easy to use, grind beans fine, makes a fantastic coffee, recommend to anyone who is looking for a good home espresso machine …

Cons: takes very long for it to get hot …

=> Rancilio-HSD-SILVIA-Silvia-Espresso-Machine





#5. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

  • The Breville Barista Express is built from high-quality materials so the resulting machine is as sturdy as possible
  • No-slip feet keep the machine from sliding across the counter when the burr grinder is activated
  • The Barista Express is housed in a sleek stainless steel casing, making it an attractive and timeless addition to any kitchen
  • The entire unit is easy to clean and comes with a hideaway storage compartment for the included cleaning tools, in addition to an easily removable drip tray
  • Espresso making is notorious for being both an art and a science, requiring you to carefully adjust each of the inputs (grind size, grind amount, etc.)
  • In addition to its integrated burr grinder, the Breville Barista Express has an Italian-manufactured 15 bar pump and thermocoil heating system that ensures accurate regulation of water temperature for a full-flavored espresso

Breville BES870XLPros: this machine is better than the price, best home espresso machine, space saving, save money and tastes great, easy to operate, easy to get perfect espresso in less than a minute, gives you a perfect cup of espresso, clean up is so easy, a great way to start the morning or just enjoying a great coffee …

Cons: it’s messy and fairly noisy …

=> Breville-BES870XL-Barista-Express-Espresso-Machine





#6. Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

  • Combining advanced technology with a classic design, this coffee/espresso machine for making hot drinks at home includes all the benefits of a commercial system
  • Designed in Italy by Gaggia, one of the most respected names in the espresso industry, the unit uses standard 58 mm filters to provide ample room for brewing rich, full espresso
  • Its commercial-grade construction includes stainless-steel housing, a high-power 17-1/2-bar pump with a high-voltage boiler for quick warm-up times, and an independent expansion valve
  • A three-way solenoid valve is also included, providing immediate pressure release from the grouphead once an espresso pull is completed, allowing the portafilter to be removed and the next shot to be prepared instantly
  • For excellent temperature stability, its portafilters and grouphead are made of heavy-duty marine-grade brass with chrome plating
  • The machine works with coffee pods and is designed to deliver two cups at once
  • Other convenient features include a hot-water dispenser for tea, a frothing wand for crema, and a cup warmer
  • A single- and double-shot stainless-steel filter basket, coffee tamper, and 7-gram measuring scoop are included
  • Its 72-ounce water reservoir is removable for easy filling or cleaning
  • To keep the espresso machine clean, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth

Gaggia 14101Pros: excellent home espresso machine, perfect fit in small kitchen, great machine for any coffee lover, perfect machine-without some of the bells and whistles, a good clean-up and back-flushing solved the problem, make great coffee with good crema, coffee taste is so good, perfect for a couple quick espressos or occasional latte …

Cons: the steamer nozzle is annoying to clean though, the really cheap tamper …

=> Gaggia-14101-Classic-Espresso-Machine





#7. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker With Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

  • The Pixie machine features two pre-set cup settings with reprogrammable cup volumes
  • As with all of Nespresso machines, perfect in-cup results are assured with a 19 bar pressure pump and thermoblock heating unit producing a delicious and rich crema cup after cup
  • Includes the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus & Milk Frother
  • Perfect milk froth in seconds

Nespresso PixiePros: the machine looks nice and is small, convenient and takes up minimal space, milk frother is amazing, quick to be ready for brewing, makes a decent cuppa espresso, the espresso tastes really good, better or equal to restaurant quality, no other coffee machine compares in convenience and quality …

Cons: no problems …

=> Nespresso-Pixie-Espresso-Maker-With-Aeroccino-Plus-Milk-Frother





#8. Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker

  • Brew a single or double espresso using either ground espresso or pods with this programmable espresso maker
  • The unit’s 15 bars of pressure deliver consistently authentic espresso with excellent crema, while its stainless-steel steam nozzle makes it easy to turn an espresso drink into a frothy cappuccino or latte
  • Pre-programmed cup sizes include 1-1/2 ounces and 3 ounces
  • The espresso maker’s 64-ounce reservoir removes for easy filling, and its steam button functions separately for convenience
  • Other highlights include a cup-warming tray on top, a removable drip tray and cover for easy cleanup, and a porta-filter holder with a locking mechanism, which makes it possible to quickly pump out wet grounds after each use
  • Accessories include a stainless frothing cup and a tamping tool with a measuring spoon
  • Beautifully designed in professional stainless-steel housing with an embossed Cuisinart logo

Cuisinart EM-200Pros: overall good value for the price, perfect for our use at home, convenience of push button, fast, steamer does its job very well, espressos are perfect and cappuccinos are quite easy to do, makes a great cup with good crema, the frothing is fantastic, easy see through tank filling, has an auto shutoff-rare for this price range …

Cons: a little bit noisy, the insert that holds the espresso grounds loosely fits into the handle …

=> Cuisinart-EM-200-Programmable-15-Bar-Espresso-Maker





#9. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker with Automatic milk frother, BVMC-ECMP1000

  • The Mr. Coffee Café Barista lets you be your own Barista right at home
  • With the touch of a button, you can choose between single or double servings of espresso, latte, or cappuccino
  • Featuring 15 bars of pressure to create delicious beverages you would expect from your local coffee house
  • The integrated milk container allows you to easily create frothy lattes and cappuccinos without the hassle
  • Simply add your favorite espresso or coffee grounds to the portafilter, fill the milk reservoir and press one of the three beverage preprogrammed beverage options
  • The Mr. Coffee Café Barista will do the rest, creating a masterpiece before your eyes
  • The process is easy and creates great results With the manual espresso and milk froth modes, you can customize your drink exactly how you like it
  • The milk reservoir can be easily removed for storing in the refrigerator or easy cleaning in the dishwasher
  • The removable water reservoir holds up to 55 ounces of water so you can brew multiple drinks before refilling
  • The sliding cup height platform is perfect for brewing into smaller cups
  • The drip tray can be easily removed for cleaning
  • The included recipe book features 10 delicious drink recipes you can easily make with your new Mr. Coffee Café Barista

Mr. Coffee Cafe BVMC-ECMP1000Pros: a nice coffee brewing machine, good product for the price, the instructions were straight forward, very easy to use, clean and maintain, it foam the milk automatically, makes a super reliable, brainless shot of espresso with lots of crema, excellent quality lattes …

Cons: it is loud, wish it ground beans …

=> Mr.Coffee-Cafe-Barista-Espresso-Maker-with-Automatic-milk-frother,BVMC-ECMP1000





#10. Capresso EC100 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

  • This device is easy use and performs very well. There are two parts of the frother
  • There is a Frothing Sleeve for cappuccinos and when the Frothing Sleeve is removed, it reveals the Steam Tube for lattes
  • Frothing: Frothing Sleeve is in place over the steam tube
  • Hot steam and air are injected into the milk
  • The air will swirl inside the milk creating silky dense froth on top of the milk, ideal for a cappuccino
  • Steaming only; Frothing Sleeve is removed to reveal the Steam Tube
  • Only hot steam will be injected into the milk
  • This is ideal for a latte

Capresso EC100Pros: it is a nice machine, great unit for the money, small counter footprint, the instructions are very nice, renders delicious coffee, perfect for a quick jolt when needed, makes great cappuccinos and espresso, the crema is beautiful, the nozzle works well for steaming milk, clean up is easy …

Cons: the water tank’s plastic is very thin …

=> Capresso-EC100-Pump-Espresso-and-Cappuccino-Machine