Top 9 Best Fairway Woods 2018

Buying Guide

Most people spent a lot of time and money searching for the perfect driver but do not pay enough attention to their golf fairway woods. You know; the other clubs with the big heads and the funny looking socks on them that are not your driver. These are the clubs you use off the fairway for the most distance. And the better you get at golf, the more important they become as a part of your game.

Best Fairway Wood

When you first start out you spend a lot of time finding your drives in the rough. To hit out of the rough you need an iron like a four or a five iron, so those are the clubs you use the most and get most comfortable with. But, then when you start to get a better handle on your drives and you are playing your second shots from the fairway more often, you find that a four iron is not going to get you anywhere near the green on a par five, or even on a par four.

That is where the golf fairway woods come in. A good golf fairway wood is easy to hit off the grass and you get great distance and control from it. But it takes some practice because it is different from both the driver and the irons. Once you master hitting a golf fairway woods , you won’t know how you ever played without it. Gone will be the days of swinging as hard as you can with a two iron, hoping to make the green. That never works. No one can hit a two iron well. In fact I think the club is actually a sick joke that the club manufacturers are playing on golfers. Whenever I get stuck out in a thunderstorm and there is a bit of lightening, I just hold up my two irons over my head, because not even God can hit a two iron.

Types of Fairway Wood

They come in several different styles that you need to choose from. Fist off you can get stainless steel or titanium. Stainless steel is heavier which gives more control to fast swingers. Titanium is lighter and so it is better for those who swing slower because it will encourage them to increase their speed. Both types come with different size heads, small, large, or oversize. The smaller clubs will hit the ball further if you hit it just right, but they are less forgiving of mistakes. The bigger heads have bigger sweet spots, so while the ball may not go quite as far, it is much more likely to go in the right direction.

You can get them in three different lengths as well depending on your height and the way you swing. The longer the shaft, the faster you can get the club head going at the end and hence the further the ball will go. But, like the head size, the extra distance comes with the trade off of control. The shorter club is easier to control so you will hit less erratic shots with these golf fairway woods . The club you choose will be based on personal preference and level of experience.

Tips on Choosing a Fairway Wood

You should not be scared to tell the shop assistant what you want your fairway golf wood to do:

  1. Do you want a high ball flight or one with a more penetrating trajectory?
  2. Do you want a wood that is strong (lower degrees on the face) or one at the higher end of the scale? – Strong faces give lower ball flights so basically are harder to get the ball airborne.
  3. Do you want a shaft with a high kick point or low kick point? – High kick points for low ball flights and the reverse for low kick points.
  4. Would you like a head that is set up to draw the ball to give you a little assistance with your perennial slice?
  5. Do you want a Titanium club head or will steel do? – Titanium clubs heads are lighter making the whole club lighter. Lighter club means faster swing speed and increased distance in theory.
  6. Do you want a stiff, regular or even senior flex for your shaft?
  7. A club with a large sweet spot because you tend to miss hit a lot of shots or one with a small sweet spot because you middle the ball more often than not?
  8. Club head that’s deep or more traditional and slimline?
  9. Do you want a club that is shorter or longer? – Shorter shafts are easier to control but longer shafts create a wider swing arc meaning more power for longer shots.

As you can see, there are countless of combinations for you to get the maximum benefit from your fairway wood and you should not have to settle for a lesser club or one that is not as least close to your specifications. I am not saying to go to the lengths of the professionals, but most manufacturers will let you swap and change the components of a golf club and it will pay to take the time to get it right.

Check out the 9 Best Fairway Woods on the market right now:

1. Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Fairway Wood

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion
Thanks to the use of a lightweight triaxial carbon crown and a bonded hosel design, engineers had more than 20 grams of discretionary weight to work with in the design process. That weight has been positioned primarily low and deep in the clubhead to create a low CG that makes them not only more forgiving but higher launching and more stable as well. The use of triaxial carbon in the design also made a new, more aerodynamic head shape possible, and they utilize a Speed Step on the crown, technology borrowed from the XR series and CallawayaTMs collaboration with Boeing, to help generate faster swing speeds and improved distance. Also utilized in the design is CallawayaTMs industry-leading Hyper Speed Face Cup technology, which helps produce tremendous ball speeds for enhanced distance on shots struck not only from the center of the clubface but from impact points across the face. They are being offered in lofts of 15 degrees (3-wood), 18 degrees (5 wood), and 21 degrees (7 wood), and as mentioned earlier there is no adjustability within this fairway wood line.

>> Callaway-Big-Bertha-Fusion-Fairway-Wood




2. TaylorMade Men’s R15 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Men's R15
It is the first fairway with a sliding weight to adjust the shape of your shot. The casting in this golf club promotes a lower and more forward CG along with the Front Track system that decreases spin and increases the sweet spot. First fairway with sliding weight for shot shape adjustability. Front Track system acts like a speed pocket to decrease spin and expand the sweet spot. Four degree loft sleeve for more loft options to dial in your launch conditions. Thick Thin Casting promotes a lower, more forward CG. Contoured back track glides through turf. Highest strength face material with Ni-Co 300 Superalloy. Fujikura Speeder 67 Evolution graphite shaft available in Regular Senior Stiff X-Stiff. Lamkin UTx grip. Available in left- and right-hand. Includes headcover TaylorMade… the best performance golf brand in the world.

>> TaylorMade-Men’s-R15-Fairway-Wood




3. Cobra Men’s 3-4 W Bio Cell Fairway Wood

Cobra Men's 3-4 W Bio Cell
MyFly8 Technology with SmartPad provides eight adjustable loft settings to maximize distance, manage trajectory, and optimize yardage gaps. Forged thin, shallow high strength steel face inserts enables more face flex for faster ball speeds, longer distance, and higher trajectory. Forged BiO Cell and E9 Face Technology creates a larger, faster sweet Zone that delivers maximum distance with high launch and low spin. Neutral/Draw Bias Weighting allows the golfer to easily square the face at impact which delivers longer and straighter shots from the fairway.

>> Cobra-Men’s-3-4-W-Bio-Cell-Fairway-Wood




4. TaylorMade Men’s Rocketballz Stage 2 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Men's Rocketballz Stage 2
It features a new ultra-high strength rocket steel material which creates a thinner and faster flexing face. The improved speed pocket design allows for faster flexing to promote faster ball speed and more distance. The lower and more forward cg promotes faster ball speed, high launch and low spin. The shallower, lower profile head shape allows this fairway wood to be playable from a variety of lies and provides a higher launch with ease. Better players gain up to 10 yards against original rocketballz fairways. Ultra-high strength tailor-made rocket steel supplied by carpenter creates a thinner and faster-flexing face. Improved speed pocket design flexes faster to promote faster ball speed and more distance. Lower and more-forward cg location promotes faster ball speed, high launch and low spin. Shallower face and lower head profile for increased playability and easier launch. Thick-thin crown design saves weight which is redistributed to improve cg location. Black clubface, non-glare white crown and new crown graphic all promote easy alignment. Ultra-light matrix rocket fuel 60 graphite shaft (60 grams) promotes fast swing speed.

>> TaylorMade-Men’s-Rocketballz-Stage-2-Fairway-Wood




5. TaylorMade Men’s M2 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Men's M2
They were designed with one simple goal in mind: to give golfers maximum distance and forgiveness in a fairway wood. M2 features a shallow face to help improve launch, especially from the fairway, and a larger sweet spot that keeps ball speeds high on shots struck low on the clubface or off the heel or toe. The stock shaft for the M2 fairway woods is the TM REAX, which comes in 55 and 65 gram models, but multiple premium shafts are also available at no upcharge.

>> TaylorMade-Men’s-M2-Fairway-Wood




6. Callaway Men’s XR Pro Fairway Wood

Callaway Men's XR Pro
In the XR Pro Fairway Wood, they’ve started from scratch and changed everything from the Face Cup to the shape to make better golfers even longer than they already are. It’s led by a next generation Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup that increases ball speeds across the face for greater distance and forgiveness, whether you’re playing it off the tee or the fairway. More distance and consistency are the highlights of adding a re-engineered Internal Standing Wave. And the completely redesigned shape provides a deeper face for better players. All these new technologies give better players what they need to pick up more yards.

>> Callaway-Men’s-XR-Pro-Fairway-Wood




7. Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 Golf Fairway Wood

Tour Edge Exotics XCG6
The new XCG6 features a no-weld, 15-3-3-3 beta titanium cup face, a high-density steel body and a tungsten sole plate that are combo-brazed for the ultimate in power and forgiveness. The larger 15-3-3-3 beta titanium cup face provides to-the-limit rebound even on off-center hits. The high-tech, high-density, steel body moves weight to the heel and toe areas. The heavy tungsten sole plate puts 65% of the total club head weight in the sole for a higher moment-of-inertia, reduced club head twisting and greater forgiveness. The XCG6 is the longest fairway wood in golf.

>> Tour-Edge-Exotics-XCG6-Golf-Fairway-Wood




8. Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood

Adams Tight Lies
The new Tight Lies will revolutionize the game just as the original did. The playability from every type of lie, and the ease at which golfers can get the ball in the air makes Tight Lies the perfect club to hit those long par-4’s and par-5’s. For the first time in a long time, golfers will love hitting a fairway wood again.

>> Adams-Tight-Lies-Fairway-Wood




9. Cleveland Golf Men’s Fairway Wood

Cleveland Golf Men
Incorporating Speed Innovation technology into this family of woods makes them lighter, longer and faster than ever before. The CG Black Fairway utilizes lower swing MOI and lower center of gravity to increase launch angle and carry for Seniors and Women. The new CG Black woods feature an advanced face thickness to reduce the carry loss on off-centre hits. The engineers lowered the Center of Gravity and moved it closer to the club face to launch the ball higher with lower spin.

>> Cleveland-Golf-Men’s-Fairway-Wood