Best Garden Shredder Chipper Accessories

Because of some of the comments made by reviewers and the instructions given by manufacturers, we have decided to add a section on some necessary accessories to enable a safer more effective session with your new found garden shredder chipper.

1) Do You Have an Adequate, Safe, Power Extension Cord?

Yellow Jacket 2885 12/3 Heavy-Duty 15-Amp SJTW Contractor Extension Cord with Lighted Ends, 100-FeetWhat is an adequate, safe, power extension cord?

Well, when working electric garden shredder chippers at a distance from a power supply you need to be aware that the cord you use must be capable of delivering enough “oomph” to the electric motor. This is especially true for motors rated over 10 amps, but really any electric motor that is working at a distance from the mains supply needs to have a beefed up cord.

If the resistance of the cord is too high, the available current will not be enough to drive the electric motor and the engine will over-heat and will be damaged. So we suggest you buy a heavy duty (12 gauge) cord to keep within safety limits. The Coleman 12/3 cable is ideal for this:

  • Extra  flexibility even in cold weather
  • 12 gauge wire; rated up to 15 amps
  • “PowerLite power indicator”  lamp shines through the extra heavy, clear molded plug when the cord has power
  • Carries Lifetime warranty
  • UL listed
  • Meets OSHA specifications


2) Protect Your Ears!

3M Peltor H10A Optime 105 EarmuffAlthough some of the garden shredder chippers we have reviewed are quieter than others they still emit a sound that is hard on your ears. While you may think that the quietest shredder chipper may not be an issue, it is the length of time your ears are exposed that is the issue. As a test, wear them for half an hour and with the machine still operating take them off – you will get quite a surprise as to how loud the sound really is. sell the extremely popular Peltor H10A Optime . The Pelton H10A will look after your ears because:

  • Earmuff-style hearing protection
  • CSA approved; 29 dB hearing reduction
  • Comfortable protection for noise levels up to 105 dB. CSA Class AL
  • Twin cup arrangement reduces resonance.
  • Tough plastic casing with softer ear molds achieves  the most high and low sound attenuation
  • One set of earmuff hearing protectors (2 ears) is included
  • Lightweight 1.6 pounds; 30-day product defect replacement


3) Have You Got a Decent Bag!

Patriot Products 888000061 Standard Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder Collection BagOK some of us will have bags to collect the mulch, but it might be handy to get one (or two…..) that have been specially made to attach to a shredder chipper.

These are made by Patriot Products but should fit any chute of a shredder chipper:

  • Made of durable raschel knit polyester
  • “Pillow case” design with draw string and cord grip
  • Fits a range of machines including McCulloch, Yard machines, Simplicity, Troy-bilt, and Patriot
  • Flat dimensions: Width 24 inches; Length 36 inches.
  • Capacity  about 2.5 bushels
  • Open end can be connected to chipper shredder discharges up to about 48 inches circumference.

4) All You Wanted to Know About Composting but Didn’t Know Who to Ask?

Let it Rot!: The Gardener's Guide to Composting (Third Edition) (Storey's Down-to-Earth Guides)Well you have mulched the garden debris and mulch is excellent for the garden. But you can also compost, and mulch is very good for that too. So don’t finish doing a good recycling job in the garden, do your bit for reducing the country’s organic waste mountain and compost your kitchen waste as well.

This little book “Let It Rot; The Gardeners Guide To Composting” will teach you all you need to know:

“A readable, quietly humorous introduction to composting, this covers reasons to compost; differing approaches; how decomposition works; various methods, ingredients, and containers; how to speed decomposition; and how to use the end result. Campbell is an experienced gardener, and the book goes into great detail, but the text remains clear and interesting. The simple black-and-white illustrations vary between decorative sketches and straightforward diagrams; they could have been more frequent and more informative.

The bibliography lists 14 other books on composting; a list of sources of composting supplies is also given. An interesting treatment of a basic subject for general readers, this is recommended for all gardening collections needing material on compost heaps”.

– Sharon Levin, Univ. of Vermont Medical Lib., Burlington

Copyright 1998 by Storey Publishing LLC.

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