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Glue Guns are portable devices that utilize and dispense hot melt adhesives. First produced in the 1940s, hot melts—thermoplastics in the shape of tubular sticks—were created as an improvement to water-based adhesives that weaken when exposed to humidity. When they were initially fabricated, hot glue guns were used to bond shoe soles, though they are applicable to various other projects and materials. They are used to apply glue to delicate cloth fabrics and to denser materials, including wood.

Best Glue Gun

Common Glue Gun Applications:

1. Woodworking

2. Retail Manufacturing

3. Recreational Decor

4. Shipment & Packaging

Selecting the right type of gun model is essential for every application:

Low temperature guns melt glue at 250 degrees and are suitable for delicate materials. High temperature guns can reach 400 degrees and are only compatible for more durable or “hard” materials. Manufacturers produce dual temperature models for multiple projects.

Check out the 12 Best Glue Guns on the market right now:

1. Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun

Surebonder PRO2-100
The PRO2-100 Industrial high temperature glue gun delivers approximately 2.5-Pounds of glue per hour with 100-Watt of heating power. Features solid state PTC (positive temperature control) heaters. Ergonomic design long trigger for less effort. Insulated and interchangeable nozzle, double insulated ground cord, ON/OFF power switch. Complete with removal wire stand.

>> Surebonder-PRO2-100-100-Watt-High-Temperature-Industrial-Glue-Gun




2. Rapid Heat Ceramic Glue Gun

Rapid Heat Ceramic
The DEWALT DWHTGR50 is designed to meet the needs of professionals with the World First ceramic heating element in a glue gun. DEWALT has always had an unwavering commitment to producing tools and accessories that can withstand harsh jobsite conditions and meet the unyielding day-to-day demands of professional contractors. And now, DEWALT has applied that same no-nonsense, Guaranteed Tough philosophy to this glue gun. Heats up 50 percent faster than standard glue guns. Proprietary ceramic heater warms up faster and stays hot longer. Sturdy fold-out stand and handle base prevent mishaps.

>> Rapid-Heat-Ceramic-Glue-Gun




3. BSTPOWER Glue Gun

The ceramic PTC thermistor will help to keep the constant temperature when it heats up to the set temperature. There’s a dial that moves between 100°C-220°C for different use, the speed of the glue flow is different according to the different temperature, and you may need use a small flat-bladed screwdriver spinning on the dial to change the temperature. The diameter of the nozzle is about 9.20mm, orifice diameter is 3mm,length of whole nozzle is about 30mm and you can change to the longer one for different use. The copper nozzle has the better thermostability than the other nozzles.

>> BSTPOWER-Glue-Gun




4. Surebonder HE-750 High Temperature Professional Glue Gun – 80 Watts

Surebonder HE-750
Surebonder Professional High Temperature Glue Gun comes with 80 watts of heating power. The ergonomic long trigger requires less effort. Complete with removable wire stand. Interchangeable noz.zles available. Glue melts twice as fast as full size glue guns. Creates a stronger bond on material such as wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, magnets, leather, paper and fabric. Uses standard .44″ diameter glue sticks.

>> Surebonder-HE-750-High-Temperature-Professional-Glue-Gun-80 Watts




5. MELTOX Dual Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

MELTOX Dual Watt Hot Melt
MELTOX by 2Square is the premium quality hot melt glue gun for all around use in the home. Whether it is for crafts with the kids or fixing up things around the house, MELTOX is the standard glue gun you need. With the dual wattage technology, you are able to use 60Watts of power to do light gluing such as making crafts while still having that powerful stick. No need for that mini glue gun. The 100Watts option is great for heavy duty jobs working like an industrial glue gun . It comes with 12 extra long hot glue gun sticks of standard diameter.

>> MELTOX-Dual-Watt-Hot-Melt-Glue-Gun-Kit




6. Woodland Scenics Low Temp Foam Glue Gun

Woodland Scenics Low Temp Foam
The glue gun with the low temperature glue sticks operates at a temperature that will not damage foam and bonds instantly.

>> Woodland-Scenics-Low-Temp-Foam-Glue-Gun




7. Aoleca Hot Glue Gun

The glue sticks come with the Aoleca Melt Glue Gun Kit is environmental-friendly, it has super strong adhesive when glue between 2 different parts, but easy to clean when forced apart these 2 stickup parts, it will always keep your items clean. Material: Plastic & Aluminum. Working power: 20W. Working voltage: 100 to 230V. Working temperature: 356 to 392℉. Nozzle diameter: 0.070-0.078 inch. Warm-up time: 3-5 minutes. Cable length: 47 inch
Size: 5.1 inch*4.3 inch*1 inch.

>> Aoleca-Hot-Glue-Gun




8. Geli Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun Kits

Geli Mini
Including 15 pcs hot melt glue sticks (5 pcs yellow color glue sticks,5 pcs white glue sticks,5 pcs black glue sticks) diameter is 7 MM which is high quality, super strong adhesive and easy cleaning properties to protect your health and items. Heat up very quickly,normally it need 3-5 minutes, it will work for home or office repair like DIY crafts/circuit board/electronics/toys/metal/artificial flowers/cloths/wood/glass/card, ect… The heater component of the product is made of positive temperature Coefficient electric resistance (PTC), and heater body installment was designed to insulates heat which is work longer life. The hot melt glue gun is 20W can use normally in 100V-240V electrical, inside place the fuse, use more safe, body of hot melt gun made of high quality which is very stable.

>> Geli-Mini-Hot-Melt-Glue-Gun-Kits




9. Attican Black Iron Hot Glue Gun with 15 Pieces Melt Glue Sticks, 20 Watts

Attican Black Iron
Enjoy this amazing offer for the Black Iron Hot Glue Gun that comes with 15 melt glue sticks (7*200 mm). This heavy duty kit is perfect for starters and professionals in doing art and crafts. It works perfectly on fabric and other craft materials. It’s a must-have for everyone who love making DIY projects. Don’t miss this amazing offer. Grab your kit today!

>> Attican-Black-Iron-Hot-Glue-Gun-with-15-Pieces-Melt-Glue-Sticks,20-Watts




10. CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

CCbetter Mini
Heats up in 3-5 minutes and maintain constant temperature automatically making it an ideal adhesive for home, office and school DIY crafts projects including metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics and so on. Safety and comfortable power switch with LED light mode. With detachable and flexible support to keep the gun stable and upright, and allow you to use this gun in any angle. Trigger propulsion device controls glue flow will help you save much more glue sticks. With high quality and insulated nozzle, there’s no deforming of the gun even long-term use under 500℉. Including 25pcs environmental-friendly glue sticks (o.27 inch *10 inch each), with super strong adhesive and easy cleaning properties to protect your health and items.

>> CCbetter-Mini-Hot-Melt-Glue-Gun




11. Best Hot Glue Gun Heavy Duty 20 Watt Rapid Heating Technology

Heavy Duty 20 Watt Rapid Heating Technology
Included with every package is 25 individual glue gun sticks. including smart temperature control, internal safety fuse to prevent overheating, led on/off display, all while being energy efficient. Ready to use in as little as 3 minutes! Smart temperature control keeps it at a consistent reliable temperature. including arts & crafts, card making, holiday decorations, jewelry repair, minor household repairs, and so much more!

>> Best-Hot-Glue-Gun-Heavy-Duty-20-Watt-Rapid-Heating-Technology




12. Vastar Hot Glue Gun

20 watt, 100-240 volts; beautiful detail design and high quality material; perfect for repair and DIY. Ergonomic design trigger & safety and comfortable power switch with LED light mode. Fuse safely for effective protection, insulated nozzle and detachable auxiliary stand. Glue sticks(o.27 inch), strong adhesive and easy cleaning properties. Heats up in 3-5 minutes and maintain constant temperature automatically, ensure effective work.

>> Vastar-Hot-Glue-Gun


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