Top 14 Best Hand Exercisers 2018

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Anyone who is looking to develop a set of strong hands and fingers would be interested in getting one of these hand strengtheners. This is a type of equipment that helps you in strengthening your arms, hands, muscles, fingers, etc. they do the work of toning and reshaping your arms and hands. You can also strengthen your fingers with the help of the equipment. The best part in using them is that they can be used any time either while your regular work out sessions or while watching a favourite TV show at your home. The sole requirement of the hand strengtheners is that you have to take them and squeeze them. The motions in which you squeeze the hand strengtheners do the work of toning up your muscles and shape. The ones that made specifically for the fingers are a bit different from the other ones. These are equipped to be pressed down on the pistons instead. They are quite easy to use.

Best Hand Exerciser

Choosing a proper hand strengthener is very important. You need to choose the appropriate one for yourself. It is very important to note that the springs fitted onto your hand strengthener are quite long lasting and durable. The chrome steel made ones are believed to lat long. A comfortable handle should be there for best grip and comfort. The ones that are soft and can offer a firm hold are the best ones for working out. Those strengtheners that are portable and lightweight are good for the use in homes. The light weight allows them to be used at any times. Before getting hold of the hand strengthener you should make sure that they fit into both your hands properly.

If you perform a good research on the types of them available in the market the large number would definitely surprise you. Each of the various strengtheners available has their own functions.

  • Hand grip – this is the most common type of strengthener used for your regular work out sessions. This one has two handles on to a set of steel made springs and can be squeezed to create tension.
  • Strengthening systems – these are the ones that have the facility to be adjusted and can also be adjusted according to the resistance levels. The strengthening systems are also available in the form of the piston for the finger strengthening. They are so small that they can be kept in your pocket or purse.
  • Putty hand strengtheners – this type is made out of silicon rubber and give way to strong and steady muscles and hands.
  • Squeeze balls – these are found in the shape of an egg and offers the comfort to be held on to your hand.

This would make a great equipment to have in the home and add to your workout schedule. Before you purchase one of these handy equipment, make sure you know what your exact requirements are so you can choose the right one that is right for your need.

Check out the 14 Best Hand Exercisers in the market right now:

1. The Vatiz Adjustable Hand Gripper, Double-Spring Version

It doesn’t just workout the hands. The Vatiz will actually increase the density of your forearm and grip muscles. Regular use will flush blood into all your muscles from your lower arms and down, giving you a good pump and progressive development of super strength. 29 adjustable resistance levels from 60 to 390 pounds (27 to 177kg). Very smooth action, feels great in your hands due to brilliant polished finishing with a corrosive-resistant surface. Handles not too rough and not too smooth, just right so it doesn’t slip out of your hands. Distance between handles is 70mm (2.76 inches).

>> The-Vatiz-Adjustable-Hand-Gripper-Double-Spring-Version




2. GD GRIP Adjustable Hand Gripper (55 to 176 lb : Iron Ext. 80)

Owning the Iron Grip 80 EXT is like owning six separate metal hand grippers. It provides resistance from beginning to professional levels. Extending the handles with the provided add-on parts provides easier handling for people with larger-sized hands. The extension also increases the resistance depending on your grip position which allows you to set various training strengths. Stage 1. 51lb – Stage 6. 176lb (80kg)

>> GD-GRIP-Adjustable-Hand-Gripper-Hand-Strengthener(55-to-176-lb:Iron-Ext.80)




3. NSD Power AutoStart Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser

NSD Power AutoStart
NSD Spinner will give your hands, wrists and forearms a workout with resistance training. It can develop and shape your grip and forearm muscles to improve baseball, tennis, golf games and most sports. Burn fat and get rid of flabby arms. It may help prevent and relieve repetitive stress induced injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and RSI. NSD Spinner is a compact, simple way to isolation exercise without having to go to the gym. Lightweight, portable and perfect for traveling. It’s great for anyone with no time to work out.

>> NSD-Power-AutoStart-Spinner-Gyroscopic-Wrist-and-Forearm-Exerciser-with-Auto-Start-Feature




4. Heavy Grips Set of 3 – 150 lbs, 200 lbs, 250 lbs Resistance

Heavy Grips Set of 3
This was developed for athletes who want to take the training of their grip strength to the next level. These high quality aluminum-handled hand-grippers are crafted with 50 inch-force-lb torque increments from 100lbs to 350lbs so that you can train your grip similar to training any other body part– by increasing resistance. This will finally allow you to build the huge forearms and crushing grip you have been unable to achieve by doing endless reps with plastic-handled hand-grippers. If you want to develop serious hand strength for a sport, or just want to impress your friends, then these are the perfect choice for you! If you’re worried about working hard, getting sore hands and possibly some calluses on your fingers, than this product is not for you!

>> Heavy-Grips-Set-of-3-150-lbs,200-lbs,250-lbs-Resistance-Hand-Grippers-for-Beginners-to-Professionals




5. Grip Strengthener and Adjustable Hand Exerciser | 55-154 lbs (25-70 kgs)

55-154 lbs (25-70 kgs)
The solid steel compression spring is designed to be completely silent when compressed. You’ll never have to worry about the squeaky sound that plagues other grippers. You could train with your Death Grip next to a sleeping baby, and they would never even know you were there. With a resistance range of 55-154 lbs (25-70 kg), it can offer a level of resistance that can challenge both beginners and veterans alike. Regardless of your current grip strength, you will find levels of resistance that will allow you to see dramatic improvement while challenging you every step of the way. Crafted 100% from Thermoplastic Nylon and Steel, you can feel the quality the instant you pick up it. There is no squeaky spring, no side to side wobble and the resistance only adjusts when you want it to. If you’re looking for a gripper that you can use and then hand down to the next generation, this is it. By using a compression spring design, they’ve eliminated the danger posed by adjustable grippers that create resistance by stretching a metal spring. Stretching a spring places a tremendous amount of tension on the spring and the anchors holding it in place. When that much force & potential energy is placed on weak metal & plastic components, they will eventually fail, sending dangerous debris flying through the air.

>> Best-Grip-Strengthener-and-Adjustable-Hand-Exerciser|55-154-lbs(25-70kgs)




6. Simply Solutions Great 2-in-1 Set For Your Hands & Fingers Fitness

Simply Solutions Great 2-in-1 Set
Hand-Excerciser (1x) – a total hand exerciser that will strengthen your hand grip and the spreading movement in just one go, more movements than a Gripmaster Pro or a Theraband. Comfortable to squeeze and open, it does not slip out of your hand. Available in 3 resistance levels. Durable, long lasting, hypoallergenic, washable, latex-free. Patented design.
Finger-Excerciser (1x) – an adjustable finger exerciser that can focus practice on strength, coordination and responsiveness of your fingers. Adjustable levels to calibrate effort and achieve results quickly. Patented design.

>> Simply-Solutions-Great-2-in-1-Set-For-Your-Hands&Fingers-Fitness




7. Zenith Gripper

Zenith complements the captains of crush grippers line – Designed specifically for digital fitness and conditioning, building strong and healthy hands for the 21st century. Zenith offers a bold, new, different way to train with silky handles and a smooth ride, in a world-class package that has been hailed as much for its appearance as for its performance. The Zenith Agility offers very light resistance, perfect for rehabilitation.

>> Zenith-Gripper:The-Digital-Fitness-Gripper




8. Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

Captains of Crush
If you could choose only one grip training tool, this is it: Captains of Crush are the gold standard of grippers and are designed to give you the biggest gains in the shortest time. It changed the world as it took what had largely been a plastic plaything and turned it into a grip training tool that is serious, high-quality, and suitable for everyone from rank beginners to World’s Strongest Man winners. Legendary design and build quality, with 11 strengths to choose from. Perfect for standalone training or used in conjunction with Zenith or IMTUG, also from IronMind. Comes with complete training information, backed by IronMind’s expert, ready-to-assist customer service.

>> Captains-of-Crush-Hand-Gripper




9. Grip Pro Trainer Hand Grip Forearm Strength Gripper 30, 40 & 50 lbs

Gripper 30, 40 & 50 lbs
Grip Pro Trainer is an extremely effective finger-hand-forearm strength and endurance trainer. It comes in 3 different levels of difficulty: Green-30lb max resistance (easier) for lighter weight people and warming up, Black-40lb max resistance (medium) for average weight men to train with and Red 50lb max resistance (difficult) for big guys or lower rep strength training. Can be used anywhere and anytime. Try 3 sets of 30-100 reps a couple times a week for best results over time. It’s also great for stress relief. This is a set of three grips that comes with one of each size: 30 lb, 40 lb, and 50 lb.

>> Grip-Pro-Trainer-Hand-Grip-Forearm-Strength-Gripper-30,40&50-lbs




10. Epitomie Fitness Finger Master Hand Strengthener

Epitomie Fitness
Not everyone’s hands are alike, and they’ve taken the steps to ensure that the Finger Master hand strengthener is a versatile, ever-changing hand exerciser that advances with you. Each one of the five pistons can be independently manipulated or locked into place to meet anyone’s needs or specifications. This allows for a wider variety of hand and finger exercises with 5 to 6 different grips!

>> Epitomie-Fitness-Finger-Master-Hand-Strengthener




11. TheraBand Flexbar Hand Exerciser – Tennis Elbow Relief Bar

TheraBand Flexbar
The TheraBand FlexBar is a flexible, durable device used to complete hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow exercises that improve grip and forearm strength through bending and twisting. It also provides excellent upper extremity stabilization exercises through easy oscillation movement. TheraBand FlexBar is perfect for those looking to strengthen the elbow, wrist, forearm, and hand for sports, painting, rock climbing, guitar playing, and many daily activities like opening doors and jars. The simple exercises are provided with the product. By progressing from one resistance level to the next, the FlexBar family offers a measurable, functional exercise and training program.

>> TheraBand-Flexbar-Hand-Exerciser-Tennis-Elbow-Relief-Bar




12. Freegrace Premium Stress Relief Squeeze Balls Bundle

Freegrace Premium Stress Relief Squeeze Balls Bundle
With Freegrace, stress relief is in the palm of your hand – literally! Do you find yourself overstressed from your work, studying or responsibilities? Aren’t you sick of being unable to relax your racing mind? Would you like to try an effective stress relief method to help you get some peace of mind? Freegrace’s squeeze ball, egg and ring bundle may just be exactly what you need. 7 in 1 ultimate value stress relief bundle.

>> Freegrace-Premium-Stress-Relief-Squeeze-Balls-Bundle




13. The Friendly Swede Hand, Finger and Grip Strengthening Therapy Stress Balls

The Friendly Swede Hand
It allow you to exercise your hands and fingers anytime you want and anywhere you want! Stretching fingers after working on the computer for a while or simply to relax while having a coffee break. They are a great item to train your forearms, fingers and hand grip with some very simple exercises. These eggs are very easy and comfortable to use, and a perfect tool not only for exercising but also for relieving stress! Try them, they are sure that you will not be disappointed!

>> The-Friendly-Swede-Hand,Finger-and-Grip-Strengthening-Therapy-Stress-Balls




14. Kootek 2 Pack Hand Grip Strengthener Adjustable Resistance 22-88 Lbs

Kootek 2 Pack
Quickly increase hand wrist finger forearm strength. Ideal for rock climbers, bodybuilders, golfers, surfers, tennis players, drummers, guitarists, pianists, massage therapists, baseball players and violin players. Also beneficial for people who have arthritis, tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. They train your fingers, hand grip and forearm effectively. That leads to better workouts, and you can avoid several injuries. Ergonomically designed, it perfect for men and women, seniors and teens. We can choose from various resistance level. There are ones for beginners as well as for advanced users. Built with the best quality materials and enhanced strong spring to endure long-term and frequent use. Typically they are small equipment so you can use them when and wherever you want.

>> Kootek-2-Pack-Hand-Grip-Strengthener-Strength-Trainer-Adjustable-Resistance-22-88-Lbs