Top 9 Best Hidden Cameras 2018

Buying Guide

Hidden cameras have escaped the big screen and are now residing in the stockrooms of ordinary gadget stores. They have ceased to be equipment exclusive for spies and are now available for the purchase of common men. Some friends and/or relatives may have encouraged you to buy hidden cameras. You may have been a little intrigued about what purpose they could serve you.

Best Hidden CameraHere Are Some Possibilities:

  • Keep an eye on employees
  • Monitor nanny’s activities
  • Look out for burglars while sleeping
  • Make sure roommate is not stealing what is not his

General Security Reasons:

Now that you know what they could be used for, it is time to buy a hidden camera. There are multiple sites online that sell these things. Spy gadget shops, home security websites, ordinary electronics stores – all of them have some form of hidden camera on their catalog.

When you buy hidden cameras, it is best to already have a function for the cameras in mind. After determining this, it is now time to plan their locations.

There are specific kinds of cameras for different places:

  • Wired – this is connected with cords to a main computer system where the videos are stored and where you can view them
  • Wireless – this transmits its recordings to the main computer system
  • Stand alone – this stores its recordings in a memory card and plugs into a computer with its built-in USB for file viewing and is powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Black and white – works well anywhere; the only choice for dim places
  • Colored – this is best placed in well-lit places

You can also buy a hidden camera in different forms. Some are design to be hidden in clothes, on walls, in things – even ordinary-looking household furniture.

Another thing to consider are you state’s laws. As mentioned above, there are some cameras that are able to record both audio and video. However, it is a federal offense to covertly record audio. It is better to check first with a lawyer or someone knowledgeable in these things before installing the devices in order to avoid getting in trouble. If you are going to use it for business as employee surveillance, have a talk first with your employee’s union (if there is one) before set up.

Check out the 9 Best Hidden Cameras on the market right now:

1. Spy-Max WiFi Power Outlet Hidden Covert Camera

Looking for a covert hidden camera to secretly keep an eye on your home or office? Then this power outlet (non functional) spy cam is just what you need! They’ve fitted a high quality camera inside a power outlet that is WiFi enabled. So you can view your space remotely from any smartphone, tablet, or PC. And since it comes with one IP address, you can view multiple cameras on a single screen placed in different locations. The camera for spying records video in either SD or HD, full color, and at 30 FPS, using a high quality Sony lens with an extra wide viewing angle. And you’ll enjoy virtually unlimited storage. Simply sync the device to your PC over WiFi, and you can use the hard disk on your computer to hold months of footage. And since the camera is motion activated, you’ll never stare at video clips of an empty room.

>> Spy-Max-WiFi-Power-Outlet-Hidden-Covert-Camera-20-Hour-Battery




2. Wireless Spy Camera with Camera Hidden in a Wall Clock

Wall Clock
iPhone, android smart phones and tablet friendly. Super low light, wide angle, high resolution, 1.3 MP, 720P, 1/2.8″ sensor, fast wireless-N speed WiFi connection. True P2P automatic set-up technology, anyone can set-up in minutes! Internal 16GB SD card memory. Extensive Central Monitoring Software for PC recording (proprietary), connect up to 32 cameras. No monthly fee what so ever, record on to your own PC using included CMS software or smart phones.

>> Wireless-Spy-Camera-with-WiFi-Digital-IP-Signal,Recording&Remote-Internet-Access(Camera-Hidden-in-a-Wall-Clock)




3. Spy Camera WiFi, Camera Hidden in a Vertical Hard Drive Case

Vertical Hard Drive Case
Ever wonder why smartphone cameras do not perform well under low light? That is because of the small sensor size. Bigger sensors use more power, more costly and take up much more space, make it unsuitable for your smartphone. This camera use 1/2.8”, one of the biggest sensors in the martket, which allows low light cabability, wide angle view and will focus more sharply on moving objects. Fast wireless-N speed WiFi connection. True P2P automatic set-up technology, anyone can set-up in minutes!

>> Spy-Camera-with-WiFi-Digital-IP-Signal,Camera-Hidden-in-a-Vertical-Hard-Drive-Case




4. Conbrov® DV9 HD 720P Portable Hidden Spy Camera Book

Conbrov DV9
Easily carry and disguised like a book,that’s an ideal black box for indoor home, library, office and meeting protection security use. 1080*720P at 30fps and record with date/time watermark which is adjustable. The camera will by activated to start recording automatically by the temperature change when the person or pet get into the detection area. One big black LED which are invisible and conceal that promise a night visual range up to 15 to 25 feet in the total darkness (LED not light up in use). Built in 10000mah Super Battery which ensures the PIR motion activated recording standby time up to 2 years.

>> Conbrov®DV9-HD-720P-Portable-Hidden-Spy-Camera-Book




5. VOTECOM Wi-Fi Hidden Camera 1080P Full HD Motion Detection Activated

A mini lens is hidden in the regular plug, so that it is discreet and covert, and nobody will suspect it as a security camera. It can shoot videos in 1080P, clearly telling you what is going on within its field of view. Plug it in to power it on and set it up to monitor what you matter most. It will notify you in real-time when motion is detected to call your attention. Let you make informed decisions to avoid potential risks and dangers. Push notification triggered by motion detected. Micro SD card loop recording. It supports loop recording and extension up to 64GB.

>> VOTECOM-Wi-Fi-Hidden-Camera-1080P-Full-HD-Motion-Detection-Activated




6. ProduTrend SecreSpy Hidden Spy Cam Clock Radio with Infrared Night Vision

ProduTrend SecreSpy
Did you always dream of being a world class spy Well, get one step closer to your dream with your very own ProduTrend SecreSpy hidden camera clock. How cool would it be to conduct your own clandestine twilight spy capers with a cleverly disguised surveillance device that appears to be nothing more than your average digital alarm clock. Secret spy-cam records both video and still photos. Features small playback screen for independent use. Can operate on rechargeable batteries or can be plugged into outlet. Cute and compact design, comes with carry bag. Automatic infrared light mode can record in pitch black.

>> ProduTrend-SecreSpy-Hidden-Spy-Cam-Clock-Radio-with-Infrared-Night-Vision




7. YYCAM 1080P HD USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera

It might look like an ordinary wall charger, it is the firs type no hole charger camera. The Camera without any key, easy operation, just plug it into any standard AC wall outlet, and it will start recording, automatically stop saving video files. 1080P HD spy camera allows you to see exactly what is going on when you aren’t around in your home, office, business, or wherever you need covert security

>> YYCAM-1080P-HD-USB-Wall-Charger-Hidden-Spy-Camera




8. Corprit Full HD 1080P Mini Pocket Video Recorder Pen Camera

Compact construction and pocket clip design, convenient to carry around in your pocket, easy to use. Great for meeting and conference recording and everyday use. 5MP CMOS sensor and 6 lays all glasses pinhloe lens, it record video in clear full HD 1920*1080p and support voice recording and photo taking. With Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery, the camera can keep recording for 1.5 hours. The camera comes with motion detection and loop recording, so you can set the camera to start recording only when movement detected, and save power and storage without missing important events.

>> Corprit-Full-HD-1080P-Mini-Pocket-Video-Recorder-Pen-Camera-Portable-Tiny-Hidden-Video-Voice-Camcorder-DV-HDMI-Output




9. iSpyPen Pro 32 GB Hidden Camera 1920p x 1080p 2.1 Megapixel Spy Pen Gadget

iSpyPen Pro
Due to popular request by their amazing customers they now offer a premium version of their one and only iSpyPen – introducing iSpyPen Pro. The iSpyPen Pro offers more advanced functionality including a 1920×1080 resolution camera, audio-only recording functionality, extended battery life, and heavier feel (to name a few things). It can also be plugged directly into your computer as shown in the pictures. You may also use the included USB cable or MicroSD Card Adapter to access saved footage.

>> iSpyPen-Pro-32-GB-Hidden-Camera-1920px1080p-2.1-Megapixel-Spy-Pen-Gadget