Top 4 Best Hockey Bags 2018

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If you play hockey on a regular basis, you will know how important it is for you to get a bag that will help you carry all your gear. A good hockey bag is more than just simple storage. It is about keeping your things organized. It is also about keeping your gear protected. Most hockey equipment is pretty expensive and needs to be handled properly. A good carrying bag is just one of the methods you can use to take care of your hockey equipment.

Best Hockey Bag

Again, you need to remember that hockey is a very active game and you will need a number of accessories like extra jerseys, towels, water bottles, some quick pain relief sprays and medicines, etc. You may need frequent access to these items. It is because of this reason you will have to ensure that the bag you get is also capable of standing the test of time and is highly capable of tolerating rough use at and away from the hockey rink. So, there is a lot riding on a simple bag! Simple! Not really, right? A bag undergoes the most wear and tear of any piece of equipment you own. It must do a good job safeguarding your other gear.

So, what should you look for in a quality bag?

As good practice, you must first find out the various brands available in the market. Don’t simply settle with the first brand that you come across. Why? Simply because different brands will come up with different innovative ideas! A brand may simply hire regular professional designers to design a bag and another brand may hire an extra sports professional to give additional input in form of ideas. It is natural that when a hockey professional gives input, the output will be better because that hockey player will know what is required and what not compared to only a professional designer!

Next, look for design. Design here does not refer to the external looks. It is about the features. How many compartments are there? Are there additional small pockets? How big and spacious is the bag? Will it hold all your gear? Will it allow you to assign different pockets for different types of gear? How many handles are there for carrying the bag? Are the handles short or are they long? Are there additional transport options like trolley-bag-like telescopic handle with a wheel system? Does the bag have proper ventilation? All of these features will define how well organized your gear is, how quickly you can access it and how easily you can carry it!

Finally look for quality and durability. What kind of material is used to make the bag? How well stitched is the bag? What about the materials used for the handles? What about the quality of the zippers? How is the overall balance? It is waterproof?

Once you find information on these aspects, you are now ready to make your purchase. But before that, consider reading customer reviews too. Manufacturers will say many things but the truth is quickly revealed by real users! So, if you think you are ready to hunt for a bag, we have a set of expert reviews of carefully selected bags. Feel free to read through them and in case you find any one of them to be great, follow your instincts!

Check out the 4 Best Hockey Bags on the market right now:

1. Grit Tower SE Junior 33″ Hockey Wheel Bag

Grit Tower SE Junior 33
The HTSE includes all of the innovative features found on their most popular HT1, with the addition of a frame adjustment feature. Removable composite rods provide support between the sides and base. These braces allow you to make adjustments to the bag’s supporting frame, and to collapse the bag for storage and shipping.

>> Grit-Tower-SE-Junior-33″-Hockey-Wheel-Bag




2. Grit HTSE Hockey Tower 36″ Equipment Bag

Grit HTSE Hockey Tower 36
The HTSE frame is similar to the popular HT1, except it has composite bracing to allow it to stand upright, yet it still folds flat for easy storage and shipping. A BladePort on either side of the bag to hold your blade and straps at the top to secure your stick in place. A Removable stick strap for left or right handed players. Helmet shelf with slots for skates. Holds, Elbow pads, gloves, shoulder pads, shinguards, pants and sandals. Front zipper flap. Removable wet/dry bag. Foot carpet. Air dry vents. Dimensions: 36″ Height, 20″ Width, 18″ Depth. The Grit® Hockey Tower has been improved many times since its inception in 2006. Major improvements include: reinforcing the shelves with fiber-polymer struts, upgrading the wheels, single door construction and the use of higher quality materials in production.

>> Grit-HTSE-Hockey-Tower-36″-Equipment-Bag




3. Bauer Premium S14 Medium Hockey Wheeled Equipment Bag

Bauer Premium S14
This is where your game begins. Be organized and ready for your next big skirmish on the ice with Bauer’s S14 Premium Wheel Bag. This strong, durable 500-denier polyester wheel bag has plastic piping reinforcements in high friction zones, ventilation grommets to allow air to pass through, durable grab handles, and a single internal accessory pocket. A single large external skate pocket is positioned for optimal comfort and bag balance, giving you even more space to store your stuff in the main compartment. An internally constructed locking telescopic handle expands and retracts to your desired height, and the all-terrain wheels will make navigating the different surfaces found in and around the ice rink a breeze.

>> Bauer-Premium-S14-Medium-Hockey-Wheeled-Equipment-Bag




4. Bauer S14 Skate Bag

Bauer S14
The Bauer skate bag in pink will accommodate a pair of recreational, figure or ice hockey skates that are carried to and from the arena. Easy protective transportation for your skates. Senior 15″ x 9″ x 15″. Junior 13″ x 7.5″ x 11″.

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