Top 7 Best Hockey Skates 2018

Best Hockey Skate

Are you ready to play the game? And your hockey skates are your defining piece of equipment. Consider your skate a part of your foot—it’s vital that your hockey skates are designed for your style of play and level of experience. Whether you are an experienced hockey player who has worn through several pairs of skates and researched the latest models or a beginner, our site is the best place for you!

Check out the 7 Best Hockey Skates on the market right now:

1. Bauer TotalOne MX3 Senior Hockey Skates

Bauer TotalOne MX3 Senior


  • The most efficient equipment is a sizable advantage in the world of sports today
  • Bauers Supreme TotalOne MX3 are a good fit
  • They provide a customizable, totally efficient option that performs well on the ice
  • From the bottom up, they are revolutionary
  • The Tuuk LS Fusion runners are designed to fuse strength and performance of our elite stainless steel with high-grade aluminum, reducing the weight of the runner by 27%
  • They feature an injected stability lacing system which allows for increased forward flex and features integrated lace-locking eyelets
  • Powered by Footbalance, the QuickFit footbed is designed to promote better alignment, energy transfer, support and overall comfort
  • The footbed is also 100% thermoformable, allowing customization to your foot contour
  • An anatomically-correct Curv composite upper and insole provide a more comfortable fit and thus a more responsive
  • Through anatomical thermoforming, the-skate is heated so it can be formed around the ankle and heel, giving a true 360-degree custom fit for any foot shape
  • The customization doesn’t stop there the 3-FLEX tongue Curv composite inserts let players customize the flex and performance of the tongue
  • Curv composite inserts act like a springboard: as you flex forward, the-skate responds and lets you spring back
  • The Free-Flex tendon guard is designed to allow players the maximum amount of range of motion for their skating style
  • Maximum range of motion enhances stride power and overall efficiency
  • Efficiency to the extreme, the Supreme TotalOne MX3 are the one total solution to maximize comfort and efficiency

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2. Bauer Supreme 170 Ice Skates [SENIOR]

Bauer Supreme 170 SENIOR


  • With Bauers Supreme 170 on your feet, nothing will be able to stop you except perhaps a well-timed check into the boards
  • They are a reasonable buy for a player looking to get a new pair
  • Just like the name suggests, the Bauer Supreme line is a supreme choice for performance, comfort and style
  • They feature the Tuuk Super Stainless Steel runners which are fitted into the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge blade holder
  • This blade holder provides increased height for the tightest possible turns and a trigger removal system for easy replacement in the future
  • The 3D Ultra Lightweight Tech Mesh quarter package provides a comfortable, sturdy fit
  • The Form-Fit footbed with stabilizer grip helps stabilize and support your foot while helping with energy transfer and comfort
  • Anaform Fit foam ankle pads keep your ankles secure and hydrophobic grip liners help wick away moisture
  • Will bring you one stride closer to achieving maximum efficiency and performance
  • When youre looking for these qualities in a middle-of-the-line-skate, you know you’ll be getting good value for your dollar
  • The Supreme 170 maintain the comfort that one expects from Bauer and perform well, too

>> Bauer-Supreme-170-Ice-Skates-[SENIOR]






  • The Vapor family continues to be the most popular family within Bauer’s 3-fit platform
  • It features a standard v-fit profile which consists of a standard width through the toebox and forefoot with a low-volume, narrower fit in the heel and ankle
  • The updated X-Rib pattern, that can be found throughout the Vapor line
  • Providing structural support to them, lab tests, designed to measure performance, showed that the X-rib pattern led to improvements in heel and ankle lock which resulted in quicker cross overs and tighter turns
  • This pattern is thermoformed into the sublimated tech nylon quarter construction of the X500 and also offers a jump start on a great fit, the balance of which can be achieved from heat molding the skate to the shape of your foot
  • The X500 uses a hydrophobic microfiber liner, which is both comfortable and helps to reduce drying time between ice times
  • The 2-piece felt design of the tongue features comfortable 40 oz white felt and includes a high-density foam metatarsal guard that provides extra support and protection
  • The boot sits atop a clear injected TPU outsole, which is a commonly used material for which to mount the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder
  • This holder design provides an added three millimeters of height, in comparison to the Tuuk Lightspeed 2 holder which allows the skater to get lower to the ice for sharper, tighter turns without “bottoming out” or in other words a greater angle of attack
  • The other huge benefit of this holder is the ability to change the runners in seconds with the pull of a trigger
  • Carrying an extra set of sharpened steel in your bag makes good sense, given the ease of which these can now be changed
  • The X500 comes with the Tuuk EDGE Super Stainless Steel, sometimes referred to as S EDGE Stainless, runner
  • In its class, you will find a lightweight with great lateral support at a value price in the Vapor X500 from Bauer




4. Reebok RIBCOR Pump Senior Ice Hockey Skates

Reebok RIBCOR Pump Senior


  • The Pump technology is the ultimate in personalized pro performance and comfort
  • RibCor Pro gives that enhanced pro ribbed reinforcement harnesses flexion resulting in maximum power
  • EP Foam is a lightweight thermoformable foam that enhances stiffness and heat moldability
  • Dual Zone liner with Duratex grip and tacky nash
  • Pro Felt and EPE foam hybrid that molds great and provides comfort and minimizes the tongue twist
  • Vented Light Weight and Carbon Composite outsole
  • Lightweight Composite Midsole
  • Griptonite
  • SpeedBlade 4.0 holder increases attach angle providing greaterstrides and cornering
  • SpeedBlade Black is treated for longer edge life and resistance to corrosion

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5. Graf 135s Supra Xi Sr. Red 7.5

Graf 135s Supra Xi Sr. Red 7.5


  • If you’re looking for a quality-skate but do not want to spend a king’s ransom, the Graf Supra 135S are right up your alley
  • Designed with the beginner player in mind
  • With a moderate- to deep-fitting style, the Supra 135S have thermolam reinforcements throughout the boot, allowing you to heat mold the skate to better form to your feet
  • This will eliminate the long process of breaking-in-skates
  • The Supra 135S also are constructed with Molded Nylite quarters, giving you added protection along the sides of your feet
  • Your ankle is well protected, as the single-density foam gives you support and keeps the sting away from when pucks bounce off your ankle

>> Graf-135s-Supra-Xi-Sr.Red-7.5



6. DR 114 Adjustable Youth/Junior Ice Hockey Skates

DR 114 Adjustable Youth/Junior


  • Reinforced synthetic leather upper
  • Anatomic padding and footbed
  • Lace-up closure
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Easily adjust to 4 different sizes
  • Ideal for a young player growing in size or just starting out
  • Fit one size below shoe size

>> DR-114-Adjustable-Youth/Junior-Ice-Hockey-Skates



7. Easton Stealth 85S Junior Ice Hockey Skates

Easton Stealth 85S Junior


  • Easton 85S’s combine many of the same high quality features as its older sibling, but bring their own game to the table
  • Equipped with Molded Thermoformable Quarter Package, a mouth full we know, this simply means the boot is anatomically molded to start and can be baked to further form the boot to your ankles anatomy
  • They are lighter than some competitors, giving you the competitive edge in the speed department
  • Along with being lightweight, the boot holds stiff providing sufficient ankle support
  • This aids you during quick stops, cutting and cornering, giving you the upper hand on breakaways or quickly digging out of a corner
  • Adding to speed, the 85S immediately gives you a quick connection to the ice with low-profile outsoles featuring Dry Flow™
  • Not only does this outsole let the boot flex slightly with your foot, it also lets you feel every stride, corner, and cut straight from the ice to your feet
  • Dry Flow™ in the outsole is constantly working to keep your feet dry within the boot, ultimately keeping your foot in place rather than sliding within the boot because of moisture
  • Speaking of moisture, we all know back to back game days can be your worst nightmare when your skates don’t dry quick enough
  • To take care of that Easton has equipped the 85S’s with a quick drying moisture management lining
  • This lining is specially designed to dry them faster, which in the end gives you fresh skates to step into before game time and reduces the risk of blisters
  • On the topic of comfort, Easton designed an anatomical tongue with integrated lace bite protection that fits snug against the front of your ankle protecting you from shots, slashes, and the ever annoying lace bite
  • Identical to the RS’s, rounding out the 85S’s are the Razor Bladz II Holders, designed with optimal height on the heel helping you stay power stance ready, on top of Easton’s aggressive Elite Runners

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