Top 9 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2018

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If you decide you want to play hybrids, then you need to know what they are for and why golfers choose to add them to the golf bag. This Hybrid golf club review site will hopefully shed a little light on not only the best way to use a hybrid, but the best hybrid golf club that is suited to your playing style. Hybrids began as a utility club and could be used for digging balls out of the rough, hitting from fairway bunkers, and also for regular play from the fairway.

Best Hybrid Golf Club

They were then transformed into a club that was used to replace longer irons in the golf bag. This helps players that cannot hit their 3 and 4 irons very well to have a club that is easier to hit from longer distances.

The Benefits of playing Hybrid Golf Clubs

There are many benefits to playing a club that is a mix of an iron and a wood. The first benefit is pretty obvious and that is distance. If you decide to add a hybrid or two into your golf bag, then you will notice you hit them further than a typical long iron shot would go.

This is one of the reasons that many professional golfers have added a hybrid to replace the 5 wood in their golf bag. Another benefits of the hybrid golf club is that they are very easy to hit compared to a typical long iron.

They are made to be very forgiving and slide across the turf instead of digging in like many irons tend to do. These are much easier for the average golfer to hit than a long iron is.

The Key Features of Hybrid Golf Clubs

  • Designed to have the face of an iron with the backing of a wood
  • Made to be a very easy golf club to hit
  • Built with a graphite shaft that is specific to the hybrid club
  • Designed to glide across the turf instead of dig
  • Can be used from the fairway, rough, or bunker
  • Also used for chipping by many golfers

The Cost of The Average Hybrid Golf Club

Most of the hybrid golf clubs on the market will retail between $75 and $750. It all depends on the design of the golf club, how many different technologies are being used, and who the club is built for. Typically the more expensive the hybrid golf club is the more skilled golfer it is made for.

This is simply because the design that goes into building a hybrid for a highly skilled golfer is much more precise than the design for a hybrid that can be played by the average golfer. Also, the better the shaft the more expensive the club is going to be.

Hybrid Vs. the Long Iron

When you take a hybrid golf club and you compare it to the typical long iron you will find that nearly every golfer hits the hybrid further. This is, of course, assuming the two clubs have the same loft. The great thing about the hybrid is that you can get it in lofts ranging from 17 degrees all the way up to about 30 degrees. They even make golf club sets that mix in 3 or 4 hybrid clubs to replace all the long irons and keep the shorter irons since most people can hit those just fine.

Who is hitting with Hybrids?

The hybrid golf club is made for all golfers. They can be used to replace long irons or the 5 wood, if necessary. Nearly every PGA tour player carries a hybrid in their golf bag. They can also be used for the older golfer that needs more distance.

This type of golfer can carry 3 or 4 hybrid clubs to replace all of their longer irons. There is a hybrid out there for every golfer and they are highly recommended for all handicap golfer. They are especially recommended for the higher handicap golfer and the beginner because they are so easy to hit.

Check out the 9 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs on the market right now:

1. Callaway Men’s X2 Hot Combo Set

Callaway Men's X2 Hot Combo Set
The New Deep Central Undercut increases the rate the face flexes and rebounds. Exceptional sound and feel at high ball speeds come from a stabilizing arch that reinforces the face. Lightweight Speed Step 85 steel shaft available in regular and stiff flexes. A new lightweight graphite shaft offering brings great feel and control with higher launch angles. Increasing ball speeds to make this iron even longer.

>> Callaway-Men’s-X2-Hot-Combo-Set




2. Cobra Men’s Baffler Hybrid Iron Combo Set

Cobra Men's Baffler
Cobra golf is celebrating its rich heritage with the all new baffler hybrid iron combo sets in honor of their 40th anniversary. The baffler hybrid irons combo sets take key technology from cobra’s iconic bafflerhybrids to create an easy to hit iron that delivers maximum forgiveness, higher launch and improved distance; it truly is golf made easy.

>> Cobra-Men’s-Baffler-Hybrid-Iron-Combo-Set




3. Adams Golf Super LS Hybrid Golf Club

Adams Golf Super LS
In the development of VST over the years, engineers have found that it is the sole slot that has the most impact on ball speeds, and the SUPER LS Hybrid features a next generation sole slot for a level of hotness near the USGA limits. A redesigned crown slot that is deeper, longer and thinner provides for improved performance. The new crown slot improves deflection across the entire face to increase launch angle without creating any additional spin. The multi-material design of the SUPER LS Hybrid creates a high-performance technological marvel in the golf industry. This design creates an exceptionally low CG for greater all-around performance. The Idea SUPER LS Hybrid features a matte white crown to make the clubhead look larger, and a contrasting PVD face for ease of alignment. The combination of these features provides the golfer with increased confidence at address. Exceptional performance was the goal, and the advancements in Velocity Slot Technology combined with the multi-material construction have been able to produce that with this hybrid.

>> Adams-Golf-Super-LS-Hybrid-Golf-Club




4. Senior Men’s Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set

Senior Men’s Majek
Replace Your Entire difficult to use iron set with the Majek K5 all hybrid iron set! Majekally improve your Hybrid-Iron game! Pure Golf Engineering: Majek Hybrid was Co-Engineered by members of the UCLA’s engineering department. This unique relationship and pure engineering approach created the Majek All Hybrid Iron Set. More weight positioned behind the “sweet spot”. Deeper cavity back creates a tighter shot dispersion, which increases the accuracy on off center hits. Aerodynamic design creates a reduction in drag, which leads to higher club head speeds. Wide to thin crown design creates a lower cg to promote higher launch angle for more distance. Lightweight premium graphite shaft promotes faster swing speed for greater distance. Black crown and arrow markers make alignment easy and eliminates glare.

>> Senior-Men’s-Majek-Golf-All-Hybrid-Complete-Full-Set




5. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Individual Hybrid Club

Callaway Men's Big Bertha Individual
Where the fast ball speed comes from; It’s thin, light and robust so that it’s fast all across the face. The CG is low and forgiving, and by doing this they can offer up the full package of high MOI for maximum forgiveness and ball speed. Adjustability at its finest, with an adjustable hosel lets you choose from a combination of 8 different loft and lie angles. Now this is how you find your optimized trajectory and shot shape.

>> Callaway-Men’s-Big-Bertha-Individual-Hybrid-Club




6. Callaway Men’s XR Hybrid

Callaway Men's XR
For the new XR Hybrids, they changed their whole approach to make a hybrid that’s easier to hit and longer, because they love a challenge. From the ground up, they developed a completely new Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup that increases ball speed for much greater distance and forgiveness. The ideas kept coming, so they put in more MOI and lowered CG even more by redesigning the head shape and improving the Internal Standing Wave. It’s amazing what you can do when you change everything.

>> Callaway-Men’s-XR-Hybrid




7. TaylorMade Men’s SLDR Rescue/Hybrid Golf Club

TaylorMade Men's SLDR Rescue/Hybrid
SLDR fairways woods and Rescue clubs combine two of TaylorMade’s most recent innovations: Speed Pocket technology and an exceptionally low-and-forward center of gravity (CG) location. Smaller is better. The new Speed Pocket is smaller (introduced in the RocketBallz fairways and Rescues), which actually makes it more efficient at increasing how fast the face flexes at impact, promoting faster initial ball speed across a wider portion of the face, which helps you get consistently long distance on every swing. The new Speed Pocket design also gave TaylorMade engineers room to move the club head’s CG lower and farther forward, to a place that promotes faster ball speed and a lower spin-rate. They learned with the SLDR driver that a low-forward CG location allows many players to increase their loft to achieve the right combination of high-launch/low-spin that promotes maximum distance. The same thing goes for SLDR fairway and Rescues, which is where the Loft Sleeve technology serves such an important purpose, by allowing you to adjust the loft 1.5Degree up or down to dial in their optimal launch conditions. Visually, SLDR fairways and Rescues incorporate the same rich, charcoal-gray crown and traditional shaping as the SLDR driver. The dark crown-color contrasts beautifully with the silver-colored clubface to make it easy to align the face accurately at address.

>> TaylorMade-Men’s-SLDR-Rescue/Hybrid-Golf-Club




8. Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Hybrid Wood

Cleveland Golf Men's 588
All-Around Design Tour-proven, compact profile has minimal offset for a confidence inspiring look from any lie. Hottest Hybrid Face their first hybrid engineered with variable face thickness technology creates the hottest flight on center strikes and incredibly fast ball speed on off-center hits for maximum forgiveness. Glide rail Technology Combination of two rails with subtle center keel on the sole measurably decreases turf drag for more lift and speed at impact. Optimal Center Of Gravity Combined with a rear sole plug, advanced wall construction allows more weight to be positioned low in the club head for a higher launch. Premium Matrix OZIK Altus Shaft This shaft promotes a high launch and an all-around combination of speed and stability with solid feel at impact; Made by Matrix, one of the fastest growing shaft brands on tour.

>> Cleveland-Golf-Men’s-588-Hybrid-Wood




9. Cobra Men’s Baffler T-Rail + Hybrid Club

Cobra Men's Baffler T-Rail
Tungsten Rail Sole: Offers high density tungsten weights in the sole for higher and longer ball flights. Shallow Face: Low center of gravity promotes high launch for better carry and distance. High Strength Face: High Strength steel is CNC milled thin delivering more ball speed and distance. Graphite Design G-Series Shaft. Cobra Lamkin REL 3GEN Grip.

>> Cobra-Men’s-Baffler-T-Rail+Hybrid-Club