Top 9 Best Inflatable Boats 2018

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You may think that you have to be an avid outdoors person to enjoy an inflatable boat. However, Inflatable Boats are suitable for any type of person, and the industry has developed a range of products that will appeal to both beginners and advanced adventurers.

Best Inflatable Boat

Lightweight and easy to carry

The main advantage of using an inflatable boat is its light weight and portability. They can be deflated and placed in the trunk of a car, allowing you to drive it to wherever your weekend adventure may be. Once you arrive, simply blow it up (either with a manual or automatic air pump) and away you go.

Inflatable boats are incredibly lightweight in both their deflated and inflated states. In fact, there isn’t much of a difference between the two states. After all, you’re just adding air. This makes it easy to do a short portage across land, or to carry an inflatable boat from your car to the water.

Most boats are so lightweight that they can be carried by just one person, which makes them an ideal solution for a weekend fisherman or for anybody who appreciates their solitude outdoors.


When some people hear ‘inflatable boat’ they think of air leakages, holes, and other such problems. Obviously, the industry is aware of these problems, and they’ve designed inflatable boats that are incredibly resistant to holes and tears. As mentioned above, many of them are strong enough to carry motors, while others can carry up to 7 people at a time.

Usable on shallow water

A standard boat has limitations: you usually need at least a few feet of water to prevent it from running aground. With inflatable boats, this is not the case. Many of inflatable boats need only inches of water to float, and can safely cruise along without hitting the bottom. While the inflatable boats with motors require slightly more depth, the angle of the motor can be adjusted to accommodate water as shallow as one foot deep.

Surprisingly powerful

Due to the durability and strength of inflatable boats, they are not confined to the same restrictions as other inflatable watercraft. Several models can be fitted with a motor, which holds up to five people and can cruise along at 16 miles per hour. At that speed, you can easily tow a water-skier.

Inflatable boats are even strong enough to take on powerful ocean waves. Instead of getting tossed around by the current, or feeling helpless against oncoming waves, inflatable boats hold their own in the open water, and can be taken virtually anywhere.

If you’re ready to start living a life of adventure, or if you’re already an experienced outdoors enthusiast, then buying an inflatable boat could change your life.

Check out the 9 Best Inflatable Boats on the market right now:

1. Bris Boat 10.8 ft Inflatable Boat Inflatable Rafting Fishing Dinghy Tender Pontoon Boat

Bris Boat 10.8 ft


  • The BSA330 BRIS inflatable boat are made by 1100 Denier 0.9mm PVC fabric with aluminum floor board and marine plywood transom
  • This model is our BEST selling model. It will take up to a 15 hp short shaft motor and will carry up to 5 people maximum or 4 people comfortably
  • This model can be used as a lifesaving raft in xase of an emergency
  • It also is a good choice for a larger portable dinghy or a primary boat for the rivers, lakes and bays !
  • Overall length: 10.8ft, Inside length: 7.2ft , Overall width: 5ft , Inside width : 26inch
  • Tuber diameter: 16.5inch . Chambes: 3 , Max person : 4 adults + 1 child
  • Max capacity: 1213 lbs, Max hp: 15hp, Boat weight: 121 lbs
  • Floor Design: Aluminum floor

>> Bris-Boat-10.8-ft-Inflatable-Boat-Inflatable-Rafting-Fishing-Dinghy-Tender-Pontoon-Boat




2. Newport Vessels 8-Feet 10-Inch Dana Inflatable Sport Tender Dinghy Boat – USCG Rated

Newport Vessels 8-Feet 10-Inch


  • High quality & heavy duty salt & freshwater inflatable sport dinghy tender boat
  • Boat is tested and designed for both 15″ short shaft outboards and 20″ long shaft
  • For optimal performance we recommend a 15″ short shaft outboard
  • Can handle both 2 or 4 stroke motors
  • Comes with all original paperwork needed for easy and hassle free registration
  • Newport Vessels is USCG rated and registered
  • Unique and original Hull ID/HIN numbers with each boat
  • Comes with Newport Vessels 2 year warranty

>> Newport-Vessels-8-Feet-10-Inch-Dana-Inflatable-Sport-Tender-Dinghy-Boat-USCG-Rated




3. HydroForce Mirovia RIB Inflatable Boat

HydroForce Mirovia RIB


  • The Mirovia model is a highly capable, inflatable boat suitable for most marine activities
  • At a spacious 10’8″ in length, it holds up to 4 Adults and 1 Child- plenty of room for all the family in one trip
  • Add to this the fixed buckle straps for an external outboard engine fuel tank and the high pressure keel and you start to realize that this is a highly versatile, functional and capable boat that holds its own at great value, against more expensive models
  • Constructed of a heavy grade PVC, the Mirovia has superior strength and can survive extreme nautical conditions, including petroleum and UV exposure
  • Having five air chambers to inflate, rather than the standard three or four, gives the Mirovia balance and buoyancy
  • It is also far easier to control if one of its chambers receives a puncture
  • The extra-tough strake runs around the front and sides of the inflatable RIB boat, providing greater rigidity and buoyancy on the water
  • It can act as a shock-absorber if the boat comes into contact with rocks and other hazards, safeguarding from impact and friction damage
  • Quick Inflation/Deflation Air Valves specially designed to increase air flow during the inflation process
  • The valves also enable you to release far more air during deflation
  • This makes inflating and deflating the boat a far quicker and easier process
  • This inflatable boat includes: aluminum oars, air hammer hand inflation pump, 33′ towrope, durable carrying bag, fixed buckle for oil box, pressure gauge and repair kit
  • With decades of experience of working with inflatables, Bestway knows how best way to manufacture fabrics and seams to resist the elements
  • For this reason the boat is covered by a 1 Year Warranty

>> HydroForce-Mirovia-RIB-Inflatable-Boat




4. Sea Eagle SE9 Inflatable Motormount Boat – Fisherman’s Dream Package

Sea Eagle SE9 Inflatable Motormount


  • Sea Eagle Inflatable Motormount Boats are multi-purpose inflatables that can be used for fishing, yacht tending, mild whitewater rafting and general motoring or rowing around lakes and bays
  • Simple to use, simple to set up, lightweight and compact to carry or stow
  • These boats are many things to many people
  • The New Sea Eagle 9 is now equipped with a higher pressure – up to 3 psi versus traditional less than 1 psi inflatable floor and seats that are removable, I-beam reinforced, and encased in their very own superior high strength protective nylon fabric sheath
  • This lightweight, affordable, inflatable fishing boat holds up to 4 people, is super stable and works great with small gas or electric motors!
  • The Fisherman’s Dream Package includes: SE9 Hull, SE9 Inflatable Floor, Motormount, A41Foot Pump, AB254, Carry Bag, 13″ High Fishing Inflatable Seat, 4″ High Rowing Inflatable Seat, Small Repair Kit, and Instructions
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

>> Sea-Eagle-SE9-Inflatable-Motormount-Boat-Fisherman’s-Dream Package 




5. HydroForce Caspian 7’7″ Inflatable Boat

HydroForce Caspian 7'7


  • The Best way Hydro-Force Caspian Pro is made up of 2 high density nylon supported PVC chambers with integrated drain valve
  • The rigid floorboards are made of marine-grade plywood which offers stability while still being light and easy to roll-up
  • The Caspian is made from heavy grade PVC designed to stand up to the stresses of UV degradation, abrasion pollutants and sticking it on the beach
  • Other features include a metal steel tow ring, Omni-directional oarlocks, safety grab ropes and an extra tough strake to protect against impacts and friction
  • This boat is suitable for carrying 2 adults or a maximum load capacity of 568 lbs. with an outboard motor of up to 3hp
  • Great as a cruiser for exploring lakes or on fishing trips
  • Includes a pair of aluminum oars, Air Hammer hand Inflation pump, 33′ towrope and pressure gauge

>> HydroForce-Caspian-7’7″-Inflatable-Boat




6. Intex Mariner 4, 4-Person Inflatable Boat Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

Intex Mariner 4


  • Ideal for a relaxed, low key day on the lake or easy river, the US Coast Guard-approved Intex Mariner 4 has room for four — with two fishing rod holders, if you’d like to try and catch your lunch — and four rapidly inflating chambers
  • Made of Super-Tough PVC material, the Mariner 4 is durable enough to stand up to years of heavy use, and deflates and packs down quickly for easy transport
  • Four-person raft measures 57 by 19 by 129 inches (W x H x D)
  • 880-pound maximum weight limit
  • Made of Super-Tough laminated vinyl that resists abrasion, impact, and UV ray damage
  • Heavy-duty extruded plastic flooring for comfort and rigidity
  • Inflatable keel for improved control and handling
  • Quick-fill, fast-deflate Boston valves
  • Rotating oar locks and oar holders
  • Two fishing rod holders
  • Three inflatable seat cushions for comfort and support
  • All-around grab line and rock guard
  • Grab handle on each end of the boat for easy carrying
  • Battery and gear pouches
  • Motor mount fitting
  • Certified by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) and U.S. Coast Guard I.D.
  • Includes inflatable seats, repair patch kit, 54-inch deluxe aluminum oars, and high-output manual hand pump

>> Intex-Mariner-4-4-Person-Inflatable-Boat-Set-with-Aluminum-Oars-and-High-Output-Air-Pump




7. AIRHEAD AHIBF-06 Angler Bay 6 Person Inflatable Boat

AIRHEAD AHIBF-06 Angler Bay 6 Person


  • Angler Bay Inflatable Boats are designed to give you all the components you need for your next fishing adventure
  • Features include two rod holders, multiple molded drink holders, 4 drain plugs, a battery storage bag, and a ditty bag
  • It’s lightweight, portable, and ideal for lakes and slow-moving streams
  • Equipped with wrap-around grab lines, swiveling oar locks, trolling motor transom mounts, and side mounted oar holders, the Angler Bay is constructed of heavy-duty vinyl with electronically welded seams
  • Factory tested for quality assurance, the Angler Bay also comes with locations for motor mounts
  • Comfort features include an inflatable floor and a movable seat
  • Patented speed safety valves offer quick inflating and deflating

>> AIRHEAD-AHIBF-06-Angler-Bay-6-Person-Inflatable-Boat




8. HydroForce Voyager 1000 Inflatable Raft

HydroForce Voyager 1000


  • This Best way Hydro-Force Voyager boat is made from heavy grade PVC designed to stand up to the stresses of UV degradation, abrasion pollutants and sticking it on the beach
  • This boat features integrated fishing rod holders, inflatable cushions, storage bag, Omni-directional oarlocks, safety-grab ropes and motor mount grommets
  • The Voyager is capable of supporting 2 adults and 1 child with a maximum load capacity of 594 lbs. and an outboard motor of up to 1.4hp
  • Great for exploring lakes or on fishing trips
  • Includes a pair of aluminum oars, Air Hammer hand Inflation pump and storage bag
  • Dimensions: 115″ x 50″ x 18″

>> HydroForce-Voyager-1000-Inflatable-Raft




9. Intex Challenger 3, 3-Person Inflatable Boat

Intex Challenger 3


  • The Intex Challenger 3 Boat is a durable, inflatable boat that comfortably accommodates up to three people
  • This rugged watercraft features three air chambers for safety, an inflatable floor for added rigidity and support, rugged vinyl construction, welded oar locks and holders, a grab handle on the bow, all-around grab line, motor mount fittings, and two quick-fill/fast-deflate Boston valves
  • Fun for the whole family, this compact inflatable vessel is the perfect boat for casual excursions on the lake or on your favorite small river

>> Intex-Challenger-3-3-Person-Inflatable-Boat