Top 9 Best Inversion Tables 2018

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If you’re like me, you might be wondering if inversion tables can actually relieve your neck and back pain. Well, they really can. Many research studies indicate that inversion therapy can improve your posture, enhance blood circulation, and repair your disks. An inversion table is designed to focus on the source of all pain. This is how it heals the root cause of all problems.

Best Inversion Tables

Overall Benefits of Inversion Table

1. Improved Blood Circulation

An inversion table is designed to improve the overall blood circulation that usually slows down with age.

2. Reduced Back Pain

Many clinical and scientific studies reveal that inversion table therapy can help reduce and treat the symptoms of back and neck pain. Some of the most common symptoms of these muscle problems include severe pain throughout your spinal column and deterioration of spinal disks. With an inversion table, you can soothe this pain and also promote the rejuvenation of spinal disks.

3. Disk Rejuvenation

Inversion tables also support the rejuvenation of spinal disks. In case your disk is damaged or you have a bulging or herniated disk, using an inversion table is the best option you have to ensure proper recovery.

4. Muscle Relaxation

Most people don’t think about it, but it is a natural fact that the muscles in their backs and necks are constantly in use. Whether they work at office, exercise in the gym, or relax at home, their muscles are busy in performing their tasks. Since they need time to rejuvenate, it is a good idea to use an inversion table to help them relax.

5. Enhanced Posture

Using an inversion table is a practical idea to improve your posture. This will prove to be a beneficial choice in the long run as people tend to experience back problems with age.

6. Better Joint Health

Most inversion tables are exclusively designed to strengthen and improve shock absorption functionality of your joints.

7. Greater Core Strength

Advanced inversion systems are built with core flexibility and strength in mind. With this innovative training equipment, it is possible to perform several abs building exercises. You can even perform sit-ups in any demanding position using an inversion table. This is how this training machine ensures core strength improvements.

8. Relieves Stress

Since inversion therapy has been identified as a stress relieving therapy, using an inversion table is the ultimate choice you can make to avail this benefit. Most inversion tables are particularly designed to release the stress throughout your back, neck, and shoulder areas.

9. Better Flexibility

Inversion tables are one of the most important training units you can use to improve your flexibility and lead an active, sporty, and healthy lifestyle.

10. Home Fitness

Modern inversion tables are built with special home fitness considerations. If you want to strengthen your core abdominal area, some inversion tables have the perfect features to help you perform extensive sit-ups as well as core strengthening exercises. It is also possible to perform inverted squats to strengthen your quads and hamstrings using this efficient machine.

Draw Backs of Inversion Table

Along with so many benefits these inversion tables also have few drawbacks which disappointed some people. Some of the users of this method to release their back pain have experienced bruises on their ankles and knees due to the over pressure of the straps and buckle tied on them. For this reason people with joint and knee problem along with pregnant women should also avoid to use this method to release the pain in their back. Similarly people with diabetes and blood pressure problems should also avoid this method as blood can rush to their head causing various other health problems in upside down position.

Precautions For Using Inversion Table

The inversion tables normally used for releasing back pain should be used properly otherwise they can cause harm to your joints, spinal cord and other bones. So before setting up yourself on this table and using it you should be very much careful. You should buy it after consulting your doctor or an expert physiotherapist if it is absolutely necessary for you.

Choosing an Inversion Table

You can find inversion tables in wide variety in the market as well as online stores from which you should choose the best quality inversion table, which may not be an easy for you unless you know some basic things about them. Brief information about choosing an inversion table is provided here under to help you in this regard.

While choosing the best quality inversion table of your choice you should not be focus only on its brand or minimum price but on its effectiveness and your requirements also. Most of the buyers of these tables ask the dealers about their effectiveness while buying them. So you should buy this table from a reliable store which can advice you properly about its working and effectiveness. Moreover inversion tables from different brands may differ in the safety and quality features so you should be careful while buying them. Some of them may provide perks like safety, comfort and durability whereas other may be capable of improving your Abs. So you should go through the reviews and specifications of the inversion table thoroughly while buying one for you.

Check out the 9 Best Inversion Tables on the market right now:

#1. Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table

  • Treat yourself to the ultimate Inversion Therapy experience
  • The Health Mark Promax Inversion Table promises to give you the ride of your life
  • The Promax is the only table in its class to provide a unique design that not only allows you to assume the traditional face up position, but also face down positioning which can allow for simultaneous massage stimulation
  • Its massage table style construction and face rest ensures maximum comfort while supporting up to 600 lbs. of body weight, and its 6 preset angles provide for the ultimate in ease of operation
  • 180 degree inversion is easily achieved from the face-down position to allow for full gravity traction and performing back hyper-extensions, and also from the face-up position for complete abdominal work
  • If you’re looking to decompress your spine in order to increase circulation along the spinal column and reduce muscle stress, fatigue and lower back pain, then why not do it in maximum comfort?
  • As a complete therapeutic inversion table, the Promax has no comparable competition or equal on the market
  • Designed for therapy centers, but available for residential use, this is the only non motorized bi-positional table available on the market, as well as the only table of its kind that can be user operated and is available for purchase by the general public

Health Mark Pro MaxPros: extreme fast delivery, it is comfortable and easy to operate, super heavy duty, the quality is outstanding, built like a tank and stable, no wobble, very well constructed, functional, back surgery life saver, fast results, the padding is very comfy, assembly was very clear and easy, unit is built to last and will handle big people with no problem, recommend to anyone with back problems to try …

Cons: it doesn’t fold up, the bolt covers do not fit over the bolts …

=> Health-Mark-Pro-Max-Inversion-Table





#2. Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table With Healthy Back DVD

  • The EP-950 with NEW Ergo-Embrace Ankle System – Inversion Back Therapy with the highest level of comfort and security!
  • The patented ankle closure system is designed to distribute weight comfortably around the foot and heel, allowing for a more comfortable, secure, and relaxing inversion experience
  • Add this outstanding new feature to Teeter’s patented Flex technology with injection molded construction, along with Over EZ handles, EZ Stretch handles, and EZ Tether Strap for maximum stretching and decompression
  • Improve back health, relax muscles, decompress comfortably and securely with the Upgraded EP 950

Teeter Hang Ups EP-950Pros: package arrived on time, solid, durable, good balance, does the job perfectly, you can invert yourself to a variety of angles, easy to adjust for different size people, provides instant relief and pleasure from stretching, reduces back pain from neck to tailbone, quick fix for a sore back, it helps with achy muscles, stretching out the bones and muscles helps you sleep better, a great machine for the money, excellent DVD and support …

Cons: maybe it hurts your ankles and top of your feet …

=> Teeter-Hang-Ups-EP-950-Inversion-Table-With-Healthy-Back-DVD





#3. Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table

  • The IronMan ATIS (AB Inversion Training System) 4000 provides the additional benefit of AB training while inverting
  • At the same time inverting will provide effective back stretching and relaxation
  • The ATIS will lock at 10 different inverting angles
  • The ATIS can be locked for mounting and dismounting
  • It is constructed of extra wide oval tubing for extra weight support
  • The 2 1/2″ foam backrest with 1″ of Memory Foam provides extra an extra comfortable backrest with an extended head rest for head support
  • The ATIS can support up to 320 lbs and up to 6’6″ of height
  • Inverting hand grips (patent pending) provides maximum stretching while inverting
  • “Smart Gear” (patent pending) locks the table in different inverting positions, one of which is a full 180 degrees
  • “Ratchet Gear” locks the ankles in place easily and comfortably
  • “Super Side Holder” can store cell phones, eye glasses, wallets, coins and other articles while inverting
  • An extra large foot platform provides easy on and off the inversion table

Ironman ATIS 4000Pros: inversion and a great ab workout system, not difficult to assemble, the tube use in the construction of this unit is strong steel, very sturdy, solid like a rock, safe, strong, easy to use, has various height adjustments, secure with the adjustable ankle pads, this has the multiple stages of leveling for blood pressure stablilization …

Cons: locking mechanism is a little hard to get out of detente into movement …

=> Ironman-ATIS-4000-Inversion-Table





#4. Emer Deluxe Foldable Gravity Inversion Table for Back Therapy INVR-06B

  • Inversion tables have been a proven therapy that is recommended by physicians to alleviate back pain, increase flexibility, and improve joint health simply by using it for minutes every day
  • Built with a large steel oval tube frame the Emer EE-INVR-06B is heavy duty and can support users up to 300 pounds
  • With the innovative design it offers a full 180 degree inversion and with the upgraded easy ankle lock and release system it allows the user to lock and release the ankle locks with ease and prevents further injuries

Emer Deluxe Foldable Gravity for Back Therapy INVR-06BPros: great customer service, arrived quickly, the inversion table appears to be everything the advertisement said it is, chair is a pretty solid value, great for your back and abs, getting your back aligned and in shape, helps back pain tremendously, your spine needs this, it folds up for fast storage …

Cons: no directions or suggestions for use, the mechanism that grabs the ankles is a bit uncomfortable …

=> Emer-Deluxe-Foldable-Gravity-Inversion-Table-for-Back-Therapy-Exercise-Fitness-INVR-06B





#5. Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

  • The IronMan Gravity 4000 inversion table is built with a durable tubular steel frame with a scratch resistant powder coated finish
  • 2 ½ inches thick Memory-foam vinyl covered backrest for a comfortable head and back
  • It has tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers that provide stability when inverting
  • Extra-long safety handles provide easy return to the upright position and vinyl safety covers are added for safety
  • The ergonomically molded ankle holders provide comfort and security
  • When not in use, the Gravity 4000 can be folded

Ironman Gravity 4000Pros: it is made to last, compact, sturdy, the solid back and the molded ankle holders are very comfortable, well balanced, easy to use, totally relaxing, relatively easy to assemble, you can fold the legs together to store, the memory foam makes the back rest much more comfortable, solid performer, great investment, well worth the money …

Cons: it is a little big when folded up …

=> Ironman-Gravity-4000-Inversion-Table





#6. Best Choice Products® Inversion Table Pro Deluxe

  • Best Choice Products is proud to present their brand new premium inversion table
  • With this inversion therapy, you can relieve the stress on your lower back, by relieving pressure on the discs and nerve roots
  • This allows your discs to recover lost moisture and to return to their original shape
  • With this heavy-duty table, you can increase blood flow to your lower spine, increase body flexibility, and may help with posture
  • Table folds for easy storage. Nylon support pads (removable for cleaning). Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Padded ankle clamp holds user in one place (very comfortable). Adjustable user heights from 4’10” – 6′ 6″
  • 3 position roller hinge provides control for rotation
  • Weight: 300 lbs Max; Width of actual table is 18″

Best-Choice ProductsPros: it came quickly, it comes with a video, high quality folding inversion table at a low low price, good material it was made with, light weight, clear instructions, fairly easy to put together, safe backstrecher, sturdy and performs great, its made your abs so much stronger and your whole body just feel better, durable, well worth the cost …

Cons: when inverted you need straps for your ankles to keep you from sliding down …

=> Best-Choice-Products®-Inversion-Table-Pro-Deluxe





#7. Sunny Health & Fitness Inversion Table

  • Relieve back pain
  • Reduce muscle tension and stress
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Reduce the effects of aging caused by gravity

Sunny Health & FitnessPros: nice table for the price, fast results & great value, sturdy and comfortable, it can be adjusted for all the adults in the family, stretch ligaments, relax spinal disks, really relaxes the joints, few minutes a day in it and no back pain, relief at last …

Cons: the ankle padding needs to be thicker, the instructions are a bit confusing …

=> Sunny-Health&Fitness-Inversion-Table





#8. Pure Fitness Inversion Therapy Table

  • The Pure Fitness Inversion Therapy Table delivers all the benefits of inversion therapy while maintaining a smaller profile than other tables – excellent for small spaces with limited storage
  • This easy to use inversion table features curved handles for varied grip positions and a three position bench with adjustable leg height
  • The contoured bench is padded with high density foam and upholstered with durable, washable vinyl for added comfort
  • Great for stretching, posture, relief of back pressure and increased blood circulation, this compact, yet sturdy table folds for easy storage

Pure Fitness TherapyPros: the table is nice, good buy for the price, it is sturdy and doesn’t tip sideways, it naturally uses gravity to relieve the stress in the spine and shoulders, helped your neck and shoulder pain, no more pain, the curved handles and adjustable leg height makes it easy to use for a variety of positions, fits every height, folds up pretty good …

Cons: the directions were not clear, the illustrations are very small and blurry …

=> Pure-Fitness-Inversion-Therapy-Table





#9. Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table

  • Inversion Therapy counteracts the forces of gravity on the body (particularly the back) by decompressing and elongating the spine
  • This relieves pressure on your spinal cord’s ligaments and nerve roots
  • In essence, Inversion Therapy reverses the negative effects of gravity
  • Using the Body Max Inversion Table for just 10 minutes a day will allow you to be on your way to improved circulation and posture while relieving muscle aches, back pain and stress

Body Max IT6000Pros: fast shipping, a good buy to relieve back pain, simple and effective, great for an aching back, this is an incredible way to re leave the stress, height adjustment very easy, it provides a great stretch, i recommend to amy one who has lower back problems …

Cons: it is hard to assembly, works good but hard on the ankles …

=> Body-Max-IT6000-Inversion-Therapy-Table