Top 9 Best Steam Irons 2018

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When you’re looking for an iron it’s generally a good idea to get the best steam iron you can find. This appliance is going to be with you for a very long time and you need to make sure that it can withstand day to day life in your home. In order to do this you need to do research and inspect multiple models in order to find the right one for you. So how do you begin to compare and contrast the different models?

best steam irons

First off the best steam iron isn’t the most expensive one but rather the most reliable one. You can buy a nice high end model with a lot of extra features but it could be extremely flimsy. This applies to everything that a consumer might buy from electronics to cars but it is nonetheless important to remember. When starting your quest you should set a budget for yourself and not go over your assigned limit.

When this is done you need to narrow you search down to the models you like from certain brands. There are various brands out there to choose from and picking four specific product brands can reduce the amount of time you spend researching. For example if you choose Rowenta, Shark, Black and Decker, and T-fal you will only have to compare models between these four brands.

When doing your research into the best steam iron you should first read user reviews on the durability and functionality of each model. There are always those that complain but there are also those that give honest reviews of products. You’ll be able to pick these out and you’re looking for the model that has the greatest number of these. Next you’ll have to examine the price performance ratio in order to fine tune your selection.

When examining performance it’s generally a good idea to find a model that you like and then see if there’s another comparable model that’s cheaper. After all why pay a lot for the best steam iron with one brand if you can find it a few dollars cheaper with another? Aside from researching reviews, opinions, and price comparisons the only thing you have left to do is inspect the unit itself.

If you’re shopping online and aren’t really pressed about quality then you won’t need to examine it. If however you’re looking for an iron in an actual store you have several floor models to examine. This allows you the opportunity to check the actual durability of the unit in person.

While a light weight iron is a good thing you want to make sure it’s sturdy enough to handle the occasional drop or accident. Accidents happen in a home and the last thing you want to do is stop what you’re doing and buy a new iron. It’s not only disruptive to your workflow but it’s also inconvenient.

After all your research, price searching, and personal inspection you should be able to pick out the best steam iron for your home. If you’ve chosen the right model it will last you for many years and in some cases a few decades. An iron is an extremely important appliance for your home and can directly impact how you take care of your laundry. Both men and women alike should learn how to use one properly to ensure that their clothing always looks its best.

Check out the 9 Best Steam Irons on the market right now:

1. Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam 1800-Watt Eco Energy Steam Iron, 400-Hole

Rowenta DG8520

The Rowenta DG8520 Perfect steam station heats up in just two minutes (use the Eco setting to use 20% less heating energy), and with the touch of a button generates 120g of pressurized, wrinkle-removing steam for up to 90 minutes on one tank. The stainless-steel soleplate has 400 holes for super-smooth gliding, and the precision tip easily smoothest between collars and buttons, and other hard-to-reach spots. Eco Energy with 400-Hole Stainless Steel soleplate, 1750-Watt.

>> Rowenta-DG8520-Perfect-Steam-1800-Watt-Eco-Energy-Steam-Iron-Station-Stainless-Steel-Soleplate,-400-Hole




2. Oliso TG1600 Smart Iron/Steam Iron + Ironing Board Cover BUNDLE

Oliso TG1600

iTouch® technology: Patented Scorchguards™ lift with the touch of your hand and lower when you’ve stopped ironing, preventing burns, scorching and tipping.
Ergonomic: No more repetitive lifting; iron levitates above the fabric and lowers with the simple touch of your hand.
Quad Auto Shut-Off: Never worry if you accidentally leave the iron turned on or if it tips over.
Anti-drip system: Prevents spitting and leaking while the iron is hot.
Pointed Detailer Tip: creates crisp pleats, pockets, cuffs and collars.
Rapid Heating: 1800 watts of power
OnePass™ Pressing: extra thick soleplate glides over fabric. Powerful vertical and horizontal steam removes the toughest wrinkles.
Ultra Premium Soleplate: Beadblast chromium finish for effortless glide and durability, scratch resistant
Tripleplay™ Xtremesteam: provides powerful steam in continuous, horizontal or vertical blasts

>> Oliso-TG1600-Smart-Iron/Steam-Iron-+-Ironing-Board-Cover-BUNDLE-iTouch-Self-Lifting-Technology-Auto-Shut-Off




3. Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate, 400-Hole

Rowenta DW5080

Made in Germany and loaded with features, this Rowenta Focus steam iron makes easy work of removing wrinkles from fabric. The iron’s smooth-gliding stainless-steel soleplate features 400 steam holes to ensure thorough steam distribution and time-saving efficiency, while its stainless-steel precision tip maneuvers effortlessly over collars, along seams, and between buttons. The iron works with tap water (no need for distilled) and powers on with a simple turn of the thermostat knob, which comes with clearly marked low to high heat settings and options for nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen. The iron auto-adjusts the steam output to match the soleplate temperature (turn auto-steam off for dry ironing). It also offers “burst of steam” to remove tough wrinkles and vertical steam for drapes and hanging garments. For safety and peace of mind, the iron shuts off automatically after 8 minutes if left unused in the upright position and after 30 seconds if left in the horizontal position or tipped over. An anti-calcium system prevents impurities for clean steam, and a self-clean system flushes out loose mineral deposits for optimal performance. From work shirts to table linen, the Rowenta Focus steam iron gets the job done.

>> Rowenta-DW5080-Focus-1700-Watt-Micro-Steam-Iron-Stainless-Steel-Soleplate-with-Auto-Off,400-Hole




4. Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Iron, Curved Stainless Steel Soleplate

Panasonic NI-L70SR

Enjoy hassle-free ironing thanks to the cordless design of this powerful iron by Panasonic. The unit charges on its charging base and then it’s ready to go–no more power cord getting in the way, slowing you down. The unit also features a curved stainless-steel soleplate with a series of round indications that trap pockets of air between the soleplate and the fabric, helping to ensure smooth gliding and crease-free results. The iron’s electronic temperature-control panel with helpful indicator lights makes it easy to set and maintain accurate temperature settings. Even more, the iron offers adjustable steam, a cool spray mist option, an anti-drip system, and vertical steaming for efficient wrinkle removal of hanging garments, as well as a detachable water tank for easy filling. Other highlights include automatic shut-off for safety and peace of mind, a built-in retractable cord on the iron’s charging base, and a clear heat-resistant carrying case for safe, easy transport.

>> Panasonic-NI-L70SR-Cordless-Iron,Curved-Stainless-Steel-Soleplate




5. BLACK+DECKER D2630 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron


Take the guesswork out of ironing with the BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Iron. Easy-to-use digital controls let you choose the best temperature and steam output for whatever fabric you’re working with, and the backlit LCD screen makes each setting easy to see. The fabric guide on the water tank shows you the perfect setting for every fabric type, and the stainless steel soleplate glides easily over anything. Plus, the iron works as a vertical steamer for drapes and clothes still on the hanger.

>> BLACK+DECKER-D2630-Auto-Off-Digital-Advantage-Iron



6. Sunbeam Steam Master 1400 Watt Large-size

Sunbeam Steam Master 1400

Experience the wrinkle blasting power of the new Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master Professional Iron with retractable cord. Engineered with powerful Vertical and Shot of Steam technology to remove wrinkles fast while ironing flat or hanging clothes or draperies, and a professional-size stainless steel soleplate to smoothly glide across a variety of fabrics. Dual Spray Mist sprays more water to remove stubborn wrinkles and Securecord retraction allows safe and convenient cord management. The stylish chrome finish, and modern teal accents, boast design and durability. Built on 100 years of product performance, Sunbeam irons are designed with the latest features and steam technology to make your life easier.

>> Sunbeam-Steam-Master-1400-Watt-Large-size-Anti-Drip-Non-Stick-Stainless-Steel-Soleplate-Iron-with-Variable-Steam-control




7. Shark Professional Steam Power Iron (GI405)

Shark Professional

The Shark Professional Steam Power Iron will become your trusted tool to keep clothes and other fabrics free from wrinkles—leaving a crisp tailored finish. The secret to the Professional Steam Power Iron’s success is the rapid heat up time, granting the user faster, more effective pressing of delicate and heavy-duty fabrics. The compact design of the Shark Professional Steam Power Iron allows for easy operation. Innovative features like the 9” premium stainless-steel soleplate with Smooth Glide maneuverability and 1600 watts of power give you the unmatched ability and control to remove the most stubborn wrinkles from clothes and fabrics. With the additional safety feature of a multi-positional auto shut-off, the Shark Professional Steam Power Iron is guaranteed to impress.

>> Shark-Professional-Steam-Power-Iron-(GI405)




8. T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron Ceramic Scratch, 1725-Watt

T-fal FV4495

New black and silver T-Fal ultraglide easy cord 4495 iron embodies ingenuity and innovation for easy ironing and high performance. Thoughtfully designed iron smoothest out wrinkles quickly and easily. Ultraglide ceramic soleplate has the best glide, with incomparable smoothness, scratch-resistance and non-stick properties. Pointed tip works well for getting into pleats, between buttons and along seams. Iron produces continuous steam (up to 35-gram per minute), delivers a powerful burst of steam (100-gram/min) as needed to help smooth out stubborn wrinkles from difficult fabrics. Continuous steam and soleplate temperature are both adjustable to the fabric type. For added convenience, iron comes with extra large sealed inlet opening for easy filling and to prevent spills, large 9-ounce water-tank size means fewer refills necessary; and has a 12 feet extra long cord. Use iron on a flat surface for traditional ironing or hold it upright for vertically steaming out wrinkles from hanging drapes and delicate garments. Easy cord system keeps the cord out of the way when ironing and prevents from re-wrinkling already-ironed fabrics . Dual self-cleaning technology with calc-recollecting valve and integrated anti-scale system provide better long-lasting performances while the anti-drip system prevents water leaks when the iron is not hot enough to steam. Lightweight, the 1725-watt iron endears itself to users with its soft grip handle for ergonomic comfort. Extra-Large heel helps to prevent tipping over and is perfect to wrap up the cord when the iron is stored. For peace of mind and added safety, iron comes with a 3-way auto off feature. Iron will shut off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity if left on its soleplate or tipped over on its side; if left vertically on its heel rest, it will shut off after 8 minutes.

>> T-fal-FV4495-Ultraglide-Easycord-Steam-Iron-Ceramic-Scratch-Resistant-Non-Stick-Soleplate-with-Auto-Off-and-Anti-Drip-System,1725-Watt




9. Shark Rapido Electronic Iron, GI468

Shark Rapid0 GI468

Take smooth to a whole new level with the most powerful steam iron around. Vertically or horizontally, the professional stainless steel soleplate glides effortlessly over virtually any fabric, while intelligent electronic controls maintain and inform you of actual and selected temperatures. Advanced electronic technology automatically turns iron off from any position (sideways, flat or upright) after 7 minutes of inactivity for peace of mind.

>> Shark-Rapido-Electronic-Iron,GI468