Top 10 Best Jogging Strollers 2018

Buying Guide

If you like to stay physically fit and have precious little ones at home, chances are you would benefit from purchasing a jogging stroller.  It can be difficult to “fit it all in” these days, but with a jogging stroller, you can take your child with you on your walks, hikes, jogs and even long distance runs.

Unlike the traditional 4 wheeled stroller, the jogging stroller has 3 large wheels, which provide a much smoother and more comfortable ride.  The downside to this design is that jogging strollers are generally less maneuverable and compact than standard strollers.

Types of Jogging Stroller

The three main types of jogging strollers are Fixed Wheel Strollers, Swivel Wheel Strollers and Bike Trailer Strollers, which come in single, double and even triple capacity.

1. Fixed Wheel Strollers

Best Fixed Wheel Stroller

As the name indicates, Fixed Wheel Strollers have a fixed front wheel, which keeps the stroller on a straight track.  Although this design is great for running, it does make the stroller difficult to turn and navigate tight spaces.

Because of the limited versatility, Fixed Wheel Strollers are recommended for those that plan to use the stroller exclusively for running or endurance walking.

Jogging strollers generally come with 16-inch wheels, but long-distance runners should look for models that boast larger 20-in wheels as this reduce the effort required to push the stroller for sustained periods of time.

For the occasional runner or walker, 16-inch wheels are more than acceptable.

2. Swivel Wheel Strollers

Best Swivel Wheel Stroller

This crossover stroller is designed to work as a jogging stroller, but also as a general purpose stroller. Unlike the Fixed Wheel Stroller, the Swivel Wheel Stroller has a swiveling front wheel that can be locked into place.

When the front wheel is locked, the Swivel Wheel Stroller can be used for walking, hiking or light jogging, though it doesn’t track as straight or perform quite as well as a Fixed Wheel Stroller.

If you are a serious runner, than the Fixed Wheel Stroller is probably your best bet. Still, if you are looking for stroller you can jog with and easily navigate around a shopping mall, then the Swivel Wheel Stroller may be perfect for you.

3. Bike Trailer Strollers

Best Bike Trailer Stroller

The Bike Trailer Stroller is a great option for those that enjoy running and bicycling.  This 2-in-1 stroller can be hitched to the back of a bike and can also be used as a Jogging Stroller.

Bike Trailer Strollers come in both 2 wheel and 3 wheel designs and generally provide a completely enclosed sun proof and bug proof compartment for the child to sit in.

Some Bike Trailer Strollers are highly convertible and can even be used as a general purpose stroller.

Cost of Jogging Strollers

A good quality jogging stroller is typically going to cost $300 or more. While there are cheaper alternatives, you are generally going to pay in performance and durability.

Strollers costing $200 or less often sport steel frames rather than aluminum frames, which makes them heavier and requires more effort to push.

Cheaper strollers often carry shorter warranties and have higher reports of durability complaints than their higher-priced counterparts.

Most strollers manufactured in the United States meet ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety guidelines.  Look for a JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) as proof of this.

Jogging Stroller Features

In addition to deciding whether a Fixed Wheel Stroller, Swivel Wheel Stroller or Bicycle Trailer Stroller is best for you, there are certain features to consider when purchasing a stroller, which include:

  • Location of Wheel Locking Mechanism – The swivel wheel locking mechanism is usually positioned down near the front wheel or on the handlebar.  It is highly preferable to have the mechanism on the handlebar as the wheel can be locked and unlocked while in motion, and does not require a full stop.  Not only is this more convenient, but can all improve safety as the wheel can locked quickly to clear a turn.
  • Adjustable Handlebars – Adjustable handlebars are an essential feature if the stroller is going to be used by more than one person, especially if there is a height difference between them.  Adjusting the handlebars to fit the height of the user will reduce fatigue and make it much easier to push the stroller.
  • Hand Brakes – Most strollers come with both a foot locking mechanism and a hand brake, however some come with only one or no brakes at all.  Hand brakes provide additional control and safety, especially if you are running in hilly areas or in crowded areas where quick stops might be necessary.
  • Wrist Strap – Another safety feature you might want to have is a wrist strap attached to the stroller.  This will prevent a runaway stroller in the event that you trip or fall.
  • Weather Canopy – Most strollers come with some type of weather canopy, though the function and performance varies.  Canopies usually have different layers which can block the sun, bugs and wind.
  • Weight – This is probably one of the most important features as the weight of the stroller is going to have a great effect on the amount of effort required to push the stroller.  Obviously, the lighter the stroller, the better for you.  That said, as performance increases, so will cost.

There are many strollers to choose from, and finding the right one can be an overwhelming process. Please read through our below list to help you determine which stroller is right for you.

Top 2 Fixed Wheel Strollers


1. BOB Ironman Stroller

BOB Ironman
Lean and mean, the IRONMAN Stroller by BOB is the official stroller of the IRONMAN triathlon. Born to run? This stroller is perfect for sprinting, endurance training or just a nice long walk with your kiddo. The IRONMAN Stroller’s fixed front wheel provides added stability for fast speeds and the lightweight design is perfect for taking your little one with you during training sessions. And the aluminum alloy wheels with 16-inch semi-slick tires are built for pavement, just like a road bike, so you have all the tools you need to hit new personal records. Simple 2-step folding makes for ultra-easy transport and storage and with a state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system, your child experiences an ultra-smooth ride. This latest model comes with perks like an adjustable handlebar to fit parents of any height, a larger storage basket and improved quick-release front and back wheels. The seat reclines with a simple push of a button or you can position it fully upright so your little adventurer can take in the world. Get moving with your baby sooner using the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter. Just combine the stroller with an infant car seat, such as the BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat by Britax, to make the perfect travel system.

>> BOB-Ironman-Stroller




2. Schwinn Arrow Single Stroller

Schwinn Arrow Single
The perfect option for the active parent who wants to go out and run that 5K with the little ones. The 16″ alloy wheels with pneumatic air tires provide performance and style. Parent tray and dual fin grip cup holders adds convenience. The removable fleece seat pad is machine washable and the Dual trigger folding mechanism offers uncompromised safety, rubberized grip is comfortable and slip. The rear dual shock absorbers for a smooth ride while the retractable canopy and sun shade keeps the passenger cool. The canopy mounted speakers accepts most MP3 players so your little one can enjoy their favorites while mom or dad run to their hearts content.

>> Schwinn-Arrow-Single-Stroller




Top 5 Swivel Wheel Strollers


3. BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Single
With the latest innovative features, the Revolution SE is perfect for any sport experience. From the zoo to the beach, zip through congested areas and around tight corners with the revolutionary swiveling front wheel or lock it in place for increased stability jogging or when the terrain turns tough. Easy fold, lightweight design means this BOB is ready to stow, go or roll wherever life moves you. The state of the art suspension ensures baby will have a smooth ride on the journey. If your little one is not quite ready for the roomy, comfortable seat, the Accessory Adapter feature quickly secures a BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or Snack Tray when he’s older. Also available in a Duallie two seat model.

>> BOB-Revolution-SE-Single-Stroller




4. Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller

Graco Relay Click Connect
Graco’s Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller, Tangerine, is the ultimate performance jogger -the only one with all accessories included, allowing you to include your child in your active lifestyle. Designed for avid joggers, it features air-filled rubber tires, a locking front-swivel wheel with tracking, premium suspension and a lightweight frame. Reflective, tech-fabric helps keep you visible in low light and the UV50 canopy gives your child sun protection. This stroller is compatible with all Graco Click Connect infant car seats to create a custom travel system. It’s just what moms – who need to go the extra mile – need.

>> Graco-Relay-Click-Connect-Jogging-Stroller




5. Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller

Chicco Activ3
The Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller is the ideal combination of a stylish everyday stroller and a fitness jogger. Your active lifestyle now has the perfect stroller solution. Designed to accommodate children from 6 months old through 50 lbs, in the comfort of its premium, water resistant fabrics. A full coverage extendable canopy, multi-position reclining seat, and adjustable 5-point harness offer a comfortable and secure environment for baby’s earliest adventures. The Activ3 includes a removable arm bar designed specifically to attach #1 rated Chicco KeyFit infant car seats. An ample basket, parent tray, and swiveling front wheel make everyday use and maneuvering easy and enjoyable. Want to stroll through the grass or go for a jog? You will love the ability to adjust the FlexCore suspension with a simple toe tap, and you can lock the front swivel with controls on the adjustable handlebar! The lightweight and sporty aluminum frame folds down with one hand into a standing fold for the garage, or a flat fold for the car trunk. Additionally, quick release wheels offer maximum space saving. With their no-maintenance never-flat tire technology, the performance tires will never need to be pumped up! Usage: from 6 months to 50 lbs.

>> Chicco-Activ3-Jogging-Stroller




6. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight
The Zoom 360 Ultralight is the newest addition to the Joovy jogging stroller line. Made with 6061 aircraft aluminum, it is 10% lighter and its updated design is simpler, stronger and better looking than its predecessor. The new Zoom 360 Ultralight has a straight through axle that runs straighter and truer while the suspension smooths out the bumps to provide a comfortable ride for your little one. Strong, light weight mesh reduces weight and adds better ventilation to the foot rest area, and Joovy’s signature over-sized canopy with covered window provides the best sun protection available. You also get an updated neoprene parent organizer that holds 2 cups, has a zippered pocket and uses a new easy on/off mounting system. The easy to access basket and in-seat mesh pockets offer plenty of storage so you can bring along all of your necessities. The Zoom 360 Ultralight has an incredibly easy and compact fold. The Zoom 360 Ultralight’s swivel front wheel allows for maximum maneuverability. The swivel wheel can also lock in a straight position providing a long, stable wheelbase for running or walking on long, straight paths. Car seat adapters (sold separately) are available in various models to accommodate most infant car seats.

>> Joovy-Zoom-360-Ultralight-Jogging-Stroller




7. Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger

Baby Trend Expedition LX
The Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger in Elixer is great upgraded unit to fit more needs of parents. With a lockable front swivel wheel with remote release for ease of maneuverability travel is easy and convenient with all-terrain bicycle tires. A convenient parent tray includes two cup holders and covered compartment storage. The child tray is also an infant car seat adapter child tray with two cup holders. An extra wide, ergonomically shaped rubber handle makes the jogger handling comfortable. Adjustable canopy with sun visor and covered sunroof ratchets to block sun and wind. The effortless trigger fold easily reduces stroller to a compact unit. The jogger seat features a multi-position, reclining, padded seat and is equipped with a fully adjustable 5-point safety harness and tether strap. Attached reflectors provide greater low-light visibility, and underneath the seat is an extra large storage basket to keep the necessities at an easy to reach area. This product has been JPMA Certified. It is recommended that children are at least 6 months of age up to 50 pounds or 42″ whichever comes first.

>> Baby-Trend-Expedition-LX-Jogger

Top 3 Bike Trailer Strollers


8. Burley Design Honey Bee Bike Trailer

Burley Design Honey Bee Bike Trailer
The hardworking Honey Bee is the perfect balance of value and versatility, without compromising on safety. It features seating for one or two children and includes a 1-wheel stroller kit so you can bike or stroll with the whole family. Share your love for the outdoors with your little ones in the burley Honey Bee. Adjustable ergonomic handlebar fits parents of any height and doubles as an additional roll bar when folded forward in biking mode. Compact fold flattens the trailer for easy storage and transportation. Tinted side windows are rated UPF 30. 20” push button wheels for quick removal.

>> Burley-Design-Honey-Bee-Bike-Trailer




9. THULE Coaster XT Bike Trailer + Stroller

THULE Coaster XT
Your outdoor excursions with your child will never be the same with this Thule Coaster. Bike your way to the trail with your little one rolling right behind, then easily switch it up to a stroller when you reach your destination. Secure attachment to bike using Thule patented ezhitch. On-board storage of strolling wheel. Extra storage space for hauling around cargo. Height right tm adjustable handlebar for parents comfort. Easy folding for storage and transporting.

>> THULE-Coaster-XT-Bike-Trailer+Stroller




10. Allen Sports Premium Aluminum 2 Child Bicycle Trailer and Stroller

Allen Sports Premium Aluminum 2
Tote your children around town in style with the Allen premium two-child bicycle trailer. The trailer features a lightweight aluminum frame that safely transports up to two kids at once, along with 20-inch inflated rear wheels and a foot bed insert to keep them comfortable on bumpy terrain. As a result, you can safely bring your kids along on a recreational bike ride or a trip to the farmer’s market. The trailer also includes large front and side windows to give your kids an entertaining view of the world outside as you ride. And once you arrive at your destination, the trailer quickly converts to a stroller, with an adjustable jogger handle and swiveling front wheel for easy sauntering. The trailer includes such additional features as a safety harness, a rain and bug shield, a safety flag, and quick-release wheels for easy storage. The Allen bicycle trailer–which supports two children at 50 pounds each–comes with a universal coupler that attaches to most bicycles.

>> Allen-Sports-Premium-Aluminum-2-Child-Bicycle-Trailer-and-Stroller