Top 8 Best Lacrosse Arm Guards 2018

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Men’s lacrosse is known as a rough and rugged sport on the competitive levels. As the popularity of this sport has increased tremendously over the last 20 years, the need to protect its players has increased as well.

According the NCAA, “all players except the designated goalkeeper shall, in accordance with 20 rule 1/the game, field and equipment, wear shoulder pads and arm pads.” In an effort to better safeguard lacrosse athletes, new high-tech and innovative forms of upper body protection are being developed by all the big name brand lacrosse equipment manufacturers. It is important to note that the men’s and women’s versions of this sport are played differently and do not require the same level of protective equipment.

Best Lacrosse Arm Guard

The lacrosse arm pads that are worn today by most male players regardless of the competitive status are important pieces of equipment that allow players to take check after check without sustaining injuries. Arm pads should extend from a players bicep down to the glove and also cover the elbow. When gaps are left in the padding it presents an unfair opportunity for your opponent to check or slash your bare skin. Long, full length pads provide more protection and are always the recommended pads for male youth players. As lacrosse players progress and they develop their skills, less padding is needed. Lighter thinner pads tend to be the preferred choice by the older competitive male divisions as they allow players to move more freely. These lighter weight and smaller pads still cover the elbow, upper arm and forearm but are made from thinner high density foam pads.

The majority of lax arm pads are adjustable and tightly secured to the player by a hook and strap system which makes them easy to change based on your comfort level. The best way to fit your arm pad is to measure the distance from your shoulder pads to the cuff of your lacrosse gloves. Different pads have different advantages and can be custom fit a bit more than others. Also certain manufacturers use different sizing charts, so be sure to research each product before ordering it. Forearm slash guards are also highly recommended but not mandatory. These kinds of additional pads offer more protection to a highly vulnerable spot on a lacrosse player’s body. The way to figure out what kind of lacrosse arm protection you need is to consult with coaches and other team staff members. From there, your best bet is to get your lacrosse arm pads from a trusted and well trained licensed retailer.

Check out the 8 Best Lacrosse Arm Guards on the market right now:

1. STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Arm Guard

STX Cell 3
The STX Cell 3 arm guards feature patent pending Geo Flex Technology developed by STX. New STX-exclusive Geo-Flex technology (patent pending) provides flexible, lightweight impact resistance. New hard plastic elbow cap for protection in a contoured, low-profile design. Innovative strap system offers full-range adjustability and eliminates snag. 360 Degree interior silicone nubs improve slip-resistance. Targeted forearm protection for coverage on ground balls.

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2. Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Rome RX3 Arm Guard

Maverik Lacrosse Rome RX3
Designed for the advanced or expert level player, the Rome RX3 Arm Guards from Maverik are built on the anatomical Speed Fit profile for a close-to-the-body fit that will give you maximized freedom of movement. Anatomically shaped Anaform is designed to manage the slashes and cross checks youll receive yet remain flexible enough to keep you feeling mobile. Protecting your arms is the Poron XRD foam. It is soft to the touch but hardens on impact, providing critical protection to the dead-arm zone on the biceps. Molded poly elbow caps increase protection and are attached directly to the sleeves for minimized bulk. 37.5 technology in the sleeves keep arms cool and allows for the fast evaporation of sweat, keeping you dry. Adjustable 4-way stretch straps make the fit even more customized.

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3. Brine Clutch Arm Guard

Brine Clutch
The Clutch Line is designed to put you one step ahead of the defense. 3-piece construction with grid-flees provides a flexible form fit, perfect for offensive players. Compression molded foam allows it to absorb extreme impact while staying light. Ventilator stretch cleave provides superior fit, comfort and flexibility while keeping you dry. No slip gel print keeps pad in place.

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4. Brine LoPro Superlight Lacrosse Arm Guard

Brine LoPro
New to the line, LoPro AG is focused on providing added protection on last second slashes from opposing defenders. 2-Piece compression molded pad with ABS caos provides solid protection at a weight that is 30-Percent lighter than most arm guards. Contour Mesh Sleeve helps to shpa ehte pad to the contours of your amr providing a form fit and preventing slippage.

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5. Warrior Youth Rabil NXT Arm Pad

Warrior Youth Rabil NXT
Rabil Next Collection: for the NEXT generation of elite players including the performed floating coat and FLX mesh sleeves technologies. Dual adjustment straps with full-length FLX Mesh sleeve. Internal plastic elbow cap and forearm plate for added protection. Available in 5 sizes.

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6. Champion Sports Rhino Lacrosse Arm Pads

Champion Sports Rhino
Wrap around coverage for forearm, elbow and bicep with moisture resistant liner. High-impact internal plastic elbow cap is anatomically contoured for maximum coverage and protection. Durable Lycra shell with EVA Foam in key coverage areas. Comfortable spandex sleeve with adjustable elastic strap for no-slip fit.

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7. Reebok 7K Arm Pad

Reebok 7K
Griptonite on the elbow and forearm areas. Locks in the perfect fit and keeps pad from sliding down the arm. Reebok play dry. Wicks moisture away from the body, form fitting lycra sleeves. Prevents slippage while improving comfort, ergonomic and anatomical elbow cap design. Excellent fit and feel.

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8. STX Lacrosse Stinger Youth Arm Pad

STX Stinger Youth
Flexible, lightweight protection. Durable polyester shell construction. No-slip spandex sleeve. Adjustable straps at top and bottom for custom fit. Moisture wicking super soft liner.

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