Top 9 Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads 2018

Buying Guide

Lacrosse shoulder pads are probably the most important piece of protective gear for many lacrosse players. Offensive players, attackmen and midfielders get checked the most, and shoulder pads help protect some of your most vitals organs and the muscular-skeletal around them.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

Dislocated shoulders and broken ribs are not fun and they keep you out of the game for some time. Defenders want to protect themselves, but do most of the checking and would prefer pads that are lightweight and unobtrusive.

Types of Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Lacrosse shoulder pads vary in size and protection. Pads with more protection will be longer in the arms and will go down further on the chest and back. There are two types of shoulder pads in lacrosse:

  • Shoulder pad liners are designed to be snug fitting, low profile pieces that offer sternum and collar bone protection but do not have bulkier shoulder padding or arm padding. Liners are primarily worn by more advanced players that are shedding padding for better mobility and are playing either middie or defense. Liners trade less protection for more mobility.  An example of what a liner looks like is below.
  • Traditional lacrosse shoulder pads offer more protection than liners and are worn by advancing youth players and older offensive players that are getting checked often. Most advanced attackman opt for shoulder pads rather than liners even at the high school and collegiate levels as they want the extra shoulder and arm protection. Youth players should wear the most protection possible.

General Sizing

  • Small – height 4’3″-4’6″, weight 50-90 lbs., age 6-10
  • Medium – height 4’6″-5’6″, weight 90-150 lbs., age 11-13
  • Large – height 5’6″-6’+, weight 150-200+ lbs., age 14-17+
  • Extra large – height 6’+, weight 200+, age 18+

If your shoulder pads are too tight, you won’t be able to move like you want. if they are too loose, you expose yourself to injury.

Features To Consider When Buying Shoulder Pads

  • Breathability – the majority of shoulder pads on the market will have ventilation technology throughout the pads to manage body temperature.  One thing to look into is if the pads flex as you breath. Some of the top price-point models will feature elastic segments in the chest that stretch to allow the player to breath easier. Not only will the pads expand as you inhale, but they will contour to the players rib cage and provide better protection.
  • Strapping System – make sure to look into how the pads latch onto the players body.  Believe it or not many of the competing manufacturers have attempted different strapping systems over the years to improve the overall feel of the pads. Most shoulder pads use Velcro, but others use plastic buckles. Velcro is the most dependable and cost effective, but unlike Velcro the buckle system will not make your jersey fray and lose its strength of adhesiveness over time.
  • Heart Protection – it goes without saying that lacrosse is a dangerous sport. The ball travels at a high rate of speed and sometimes players get hit in the chest so hard it makes their heart stop. Many lacrosse pads offer a removable air bladder system that can be placed under the pads to protect the heart. Manufacturers are aware of this and have been working hard to prevent this by placing an extra sternum plate for added protection. Ultimately, the best way to prevent this tragedy is to get shoulder pads that offer a sternum plate or an air bladder system which is essentially a bag of air that is Velcro’d inside the pads.

Check out the 9 Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads on the market right now:

1. Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Rome RX3 Shoulder Pad

Maverik Rome RX3
The Rome RX3 Shoulder Pads progressive convertible design allows you to dial in the perfect amount of protection based on your style or game situation. Maverik continues to challenge the standard for lacrosse equipment. With a best in class design team and input from the games top players, Maverik is on a tireless mission to offer innovative, high performance products. Nothing should get in the way of an athlete playing their best.

>> Maverik-Lacrosse-Men’s-Rome-RX3-Shoulder-Pad




2. STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Shoulder Pad

STX Lacrosse Cell 3
The STX Cell 3 shoulder pad features patent pending Geo Flex technology developed by STX. The technology disperses energy evenly upon impact while remaining flexible. The technology works with the players body to help the player play better. Pre-formed shoulder caps designed to provide an anatomical fit.

>> STX-Lacrosse-Cell-3-Shoulder-Pad




3. STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Shoulder Pad Liner

STX Lacrosse Cell 3
New STX-exclusive Geo-Flex technology (patent pending) provides flexible, lightweight impact resistance. Includes first lacrosse cardiac silhouette coverage and raised chest plate. 7-point stretch zone system offers full range mobility.

>> STX-Lacrosse-Cell-3-Shoulder-Pad-Liner




4. adidas Performance EQT Berserker Speed Lacrosse Chest/Shoulder Pad

adidas Performance EQT

Designed to provide protection in all the right areas while providing superior range of motion, fit, and moisture wicking elements for ideal performance in all seasons. Anatomically designed for maximum mobility and protection. Sternum guard element with dual density compression molded EVA foam. Lightweight construction with climacool technology.

>> adidas-Performance-EQT-Berserker-Speed-Lacrosse-Chest/Shoulder-Pad




5. Brine Clutch Shoulder Pad

Brine Clutch
Clutch means speed. Clutch means faster reaction time, more freedom to react and getting to every spot before your opponent. The Clutch Line is designed to put you one step ahead of the defense. They use a series of anatomically-fitting, weight saving and armor-reinforcing technologies to make sure you’re faster without sacrificing strength and comfort. Adjustable armor system allows you to position the shoulder cap perfectly. Compression molded foam can absorb extreme impact while staying extremely light. Grid-flex pattern with redesigned silhouette increases comfort and protection. Ventilator liner keeps you dry.

>> Brine-Clutch-Shoulder-Pad




6. Warrior Adrenaline X2 Hitman Adult Shoulder Pad

Warrior Adrenaline X2 Hitman
Adrenaline X2 collection: playability and protection for the entry level player. Featuring their Hitman shoulder system and VPS foam technologies. Injection molded shoulder caps.

>> Warrior-Adrenaline-X2-Hitman-Adult-Shoulder-Pad




7. Warrior Youth Rabil NXT Shoulder Pad

Warrior Youth Rabil NXT
Rabil next collection: for the NEXT generation of elite players including the performed floating coat and FLX mesh sleeves technologies. Performed floating shoulder caps. Integrated rib protection and external sternum plate. Available in 5 sizes: ML/, YL, TM, YS, YXS.

>> Warrior-Youth-Rabil-NXT-Shoulder-Pad




8. Maverik Lacrosse Charger Shoulder Pad

Maverik Lacrosse Charger
The highest level of protection to charge your way up the ranks. Sternum protection where you need it most. Neck padding for comfort. Adjustable Velcro options to assure proper fit.

>> Maverik-Lacrosse-Charger-Shoulder-Pad




9. Brine Uprising Lacrosse Youth Shoulder Pad

Brine Uprising Lacrosse Youth
Entrry level protective series provides flexibility and protection for new and developing players. Sleek shoulder cap design for increased protection without limiting flexibility. Internal palte system in high-impact zones. Dual-density protection provides increased protection and comfort.

>> Brine-Uprising-Lacrosse-Youth-Shoulder-Pad