Top 6 Best Laundry Sinks 2018

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Laundry sinks can be a great adding up to a home if it’s put in a position where it will really be used. While most people don’t actually believe they have as much need for old shaped laundry utility sink as of automatic washers and dryers, the installation can really add value to your home and offer a special sort of usefulness that smaller sinks can’t. If you are thinking about redoing your laundry room sink or your basement, a laundry sink can be a great technique to do it.

Best Laundry Sink

Whereas the apparent use for a laundry sink is for washing functions there are a great deal of other uses for these sorts of laundry sinks that may not be fairly as clear. Logically, they are great for hand washing fragile clothing or hand sewn quilts plus for pre-soaking laundry as well, but there are plenty of other great things that can be done with a laundry sink that several people don’t think of.

One great case is that laundry sinks can be utilized for parties to keep drinks chilled and on ice. When your fridge is packed filled of snacks and food, you may be tempted to use a cooler for drinks, but coolers are large, heavy and not convenient. If you have a laundry sink, you can fill it with ice and store all of your drinks ice cold without putting a huge safety risk on the floor for people to trip over.

One more way to get the most out of laundry sinks is to use them for melting large quantities of meat. Whether it’s a big roast chicken to feed an entire backyard full of guests, using them to defrost your meat will let you to keep your fridge open for other items and your kitchen sink empty as well.

When you first start to believe laundry sinks, you may think that these sinks are all the same, but the reality is that there is a little dissimilarity in design that set one sink apart from another. The major choice you have when purchasing laundry sinks are whether you want it to be wall mounted or a four legged stand alone. Whilst wall mounted models may seem logical, it’s important to take into contemplation whether or not your wall will be able to hold the weight. If you have any qualms, then a standing model may be good for you.

The other huge disparity from one sink to the next is what it’s made up of. You can find laundry sinks that are developed of polypropylene, stainless steel, etc in a range of sizes ranging from 20 gallons up. Although the name might make you think that a laundry tub is limited in purpose, the reality is that in these modern times there are tons of ways to use it in your home. Most people feel like them has become outdated. This is false; they still have abundance of uses, limited only by your mind’s eye. These sinks can enhance your home’s value.

Check out the 6 Best Laundry Sinks on the market right now:

1. Apex DuraSteel Stainless Steel 24″x 24″ SH24241P NSF

Apex SH24241P NSF
Commercial-grade products are generally designed for commercial environments settings that expose products to heavy use. Commercial-grade products are typically built with stronger, more durable materials. Minor flaws (scratches, marks, or dents) are acceptable in commercial environment if it does not affect it’s functionality and is not a defect. May not be acceptable for residential. 304 16 Gauge Stainless steel (S/S) all welded construction for rigidity and strength. Weight: 45 lbs. S/S legs with cross bracing for firm support. Extra welded under tubs for longevity. Strainers included, fits 3-1/2″ to 4″ sink tub drain opening. 8″ Wall Mount Faucet Hole. Recommended faucet AA-710G No Lead with 10″ swivel spout for this item (not included).

>> Apex-DuraSteel-Stainless-Steel-Utility-1-Compartment-Preperation-Sink-24″x 24″-SH24241P-NSF




2. Swan MF-2F Floor-Mounted Double Laundry Tub

Swan MF-2F Floor-Mounted
44-gallon capacity; includes four legs and drain; pre-marked 4-in centers, not drilled; molded-in wash board. Made of sturdy. Veritek with no surface coating to chip or crack.

>> Swan-MF-2F-Floor-Mounted-Double-Laundry-Tub




3. Mustee 28CF Big Tub Utilatub Combo Utility Tub, 24″ x 40″

Mustee 28CF Combo Utility Tub
The mustee 28CF is massive single-tub unit with a capacity that perfect for soaking and bleaching large loads. The tub has a maximum capacity of 36 gallons and is made a single piece of thermoplastic resin with an integrated leak-proof drain (with stopper). the resin is a proprietary blend of fiberglass and stone called durastone, which is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and stains, making it perfect for dyeing. A large back shelf and retainer curb help prevent runoff. Unit is supported by heavy-gauge steel legs.

>> Mustee-28CF-Big-Tub-Utilatub-Combo-Utility-Tub,24″x40″




4. Cashel Heavy Duty Sink – Fully Loaded Sink Kit – Granite

Cashel Heavy Duty Sink
Cashel’s most popular sink – upgraded again. The heavy duty sink is the upgraded workhorse of the Cashel utility sink line. This versatile, extra-strength laundry tub will handle everything you can throw at it. Made to be durable, this free-standing sink will last. Not only available in white, it comes in granite, too! It is a tough tub designed for hard work. With a large 20-gallon capacity, it will easily fit into your laundry and utility rooms. It will also fill workspaces in the garage, pantry, greenhouse, or studio. Further, the Heavy Duty Sink utility tub has two self-draining soap holders. Great for wet or dry environments, this sink is stain and rust resistant, too.

>> Cashel-Heavy-Duty-Sink-Fully-Loaded-Sink-Kit-Granite




5. Swanstone PT-1-010 22” by 25” Floor-Standing Single Laundry Tub

Swanstone PT-1-010
Swanstone 22-Inch by 25-Inch Floor-Standing Single Laundry Tub in White # PT-1-010. When it’s time to get busy, Swan’s utility products and accessories are ready to go to work. The selection of laundry tubs, service sinks and shower cabinets offer you solutions that are strong, practical and performance-minded.

>> Swanstone-PT-1-010-22-Inch-by-25-Inch-Floor-Standing-Single-Laundry-Tub




6. Mustee 27F Double Bowl Laundry Tub

Mustee 27F Double Bowl
Mustee  Double Bowl Laundry Tub is the ideal tub for utility rooms. The molded, structural thermoplastic construction is long lasting and easy to clean. The 19-gallon capacity, floor-mount tub includes a complete drain assembly and floor mounting hardware for easy installation.

>> Mustee-27F-Double-Bowl-Laundry-Tub