Top 9 Best Leaf Blowers 2018

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The leaf blower can either be used in small areas like at home for clean looking patios, a suave lawn or for keeping leaves from trees at bay. On the other hand, the leaf blowers are applied in large scale ground maintenance like in the commercial settings.
Best Leaf Blowers
Used in large-scale processes, the commercial leaf blowers can be operated using two power sources; one is through a direct power cable connected and the other is the battery operated power source. The battery operated commercial leaf blowers are more opted for since they don’t need the power cable connected to them and are easier to move around with. The setback is they don’t run for longer periods since they constantly have to be recharged to keep the battery working. The power source operated blowers have limited mobility due to the power cable but you can operate as long as the power is available. Hence they run for longer hours.

The commercial leaf blowers are divided in three categories: the handheld, the wheeled or walk behind and the backpack leaf blowers. The handheld commercial leaf blowers come to play in most clean up jobs since they are easier to use. They are electrically operated meaning a power cord on them and they are also lightweight and less tedious to hold while blowing away. The handheld blowers also stand a better chance to be chosen since they have no emissions. Modern technology has also seen the release of hand-held leaf blowers that are gas operated. The free mobility is a plus on this one but the gas emissions are a setback that will have to be considered too.

The second choice of commercial leaf blowers are the backpacks. They are worn on the back during clean ups and are operated by a fan and engine situated at the back with the blowing tube connected from the back all the way to the front. The back-pack commercial leaf blowers are gas operated hence have greater mobility and can work on larger areas. They also have a higher power than the handheld blowers thus are more efficient.

The setback of the backpack blowers is they have emissions as a result of the gas operations. Moreover, these commercial leaf blowers are single tasked that is can only be used to blow leaves away; they don’t do any leaf shredding or vacuum jobs.

The last bit of commercial leaf blowers are the wheeled or walk behinds. The wheeled blowers have more powered compared to the above two. They are perfect for large scale clean up since they can blow leaves to a wider area. Best put, the y can blow a whole lawn! The wheeled commercial leaf blowers are also gas operated. They have four stroke engines in them limiting the trouble of mixing oils with gasoline. However, the walk-behind commercial leaf blowers are much more technical and require experts with experience to operate them.

Commercial Gas Leaf Blowers For Heavy Duty Applications

The commercial gas leaf blowers are eminent where clean up jobs require high power and more mobility in working. The Backpacks and wheeled blowers are the main kinds of commercial gas leaf blowers. The gas backpacks are even more used for their easy movement and high power performance. The wheeled gas blowers are good where a heavy lift job is required.

Both commercial gas leaf blowers are efficient in their jobs, however whichever you choose to determine will depend on your working area, ease in operation, the amount of power you need to work and definitely the price. It can be a downer buying a high powered gas blower to only work a small area or the other way round.

So what are the expectations before settling for any of the two commercial gas leaf blowers? First we begin on the kind of power required to work. If you are dealing with wet leaves, grass cutting, hedge trims or debris that needs a heavy lift and push, you definitely need high power. The wheeled commercial gas blower is the machine for the job. Furthermore, you need to know the wheeled commercial gas leaf blowers that have enough power to perform heavy lifts. A best bet is in the wheeled gas blowers that have a power of 170-200 mph or a blow of 400-800 cubic feet per minute.

Where ease of operation is required, the backpack commercial gas leaf blowers are more ideal to use. They are easier to carry and don’t have complex operation requirements. They only need to be powered, worn on the back and point the blowing tube and the engine will do the rest. Walking behinds will require professional handling; they are heavier with more technical operation requirements.

One more aspect is the kind of working area you have. A larger area will definitely require more time when working with low powered commercial gas leaf blowers. So you need something with high power; backpacks normally have 2 cycle engines with 25cc power. Their power thus is concentrated on a short distance. This leaves out the wheeled commercial gas leaf blowers to be the ultimate choice. The advantage is the 4 stroke engine capable of huge amounts of power at less exhaust pollutions. They blow a wide area at the shortest time.

Another feature we cannot leave out is the noise level the leaf blower will produce while in work. For their small engine capacity, the backpack commercial gas leaf blowers have a low noise rate and will work both in residential areas and the commercial settings. But the wheeled leaf blowers are limited to commercial areas for their high noise levels.

A last check on which gas blower to choose is the weight range. Backpack commercial gas leaf blowers will be ideal if you don’t like heavy weighted machines; they are lighter and more portable. If you need high performance regardless of the weight load you wouldn’t mind the wheeled gas blower. Each of the gas blowers has own pros and cons, choose the one that fits your needs.

Check out the 9 Best Leaf Blowers on the market right now:

#1. Husqvarna 570BT 9666294-02 65.6cc Gas Variable Speed Backpack Blower

  • The X-Torq engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60%, while increasing fuel efficiency by up to 20%
  • Powerful and easy to start, the X-Torq engine in combination with an efficient fan design delivers high air speed and air flow
  • Cruise-control option allows you to maintain a constant blowing speed
  • A carburetor air purge system removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting
  • Dampeners between the engine and chassis effectively reduce vibrations to increase user comfort

Husqvarna 570BT 9666294-02

Pros: it is a beast, super power, fantastic leaf blower, easy to start, well designed, easy to control, more focused air than any others, little vibration, makes short work of cleanup even when the trimmings are wet, perfect for clearing large amounts of leaves from large areas …

Cons: it is fairly heavy, loud …

=> Husqvarna-570BT-9666294-02-65.6cc-Gas-Variable-Speed-Backpack-Blower





#2. Makita BBX7600N 75.6 CC 4-Stroke Backpack Blower

  • Makita’s 75.6 cc backpack blower combines a cleaner-burning 4-stroke motor with longer run time and quieter operation
  • The bbx7600n is epa and carb compliant and delivers commercial-duty power and performance
  • The cleaner-burning, fuel-efficient bbx7600n is a true step up from older 2-stroke technology
  • The bbx7600n is powered by a 75.6 cc commercial-duty 4-stroke engine that requires no fuel mix
  • The blower has lower fuel and oil consumption than other models in the class, but has commercial duty performance with a maximum air speed of 195 mph and a maximum air volume of 526 cubic feet per minute
  • The decompression system ensures easy starting and the oil filling port and drain plug are easily accessed for maintenance. in addition, the large capacity air filter improves dust control and helps extend the life of the engine
  • The bbx7600n is compact and lightweight (22.6 lbs.) with wide straps and padded back panel for operator comfort
  • The handle-grip is located on the blower tube with

Makita BBX7600N

Pros: shipped fast, it is very fuel efficient, very powerful compared to a 2 stroke, no gas-oil mixing, runs for a long time on one tank of gas, good air speed, not too loud, light weight, comfortable, idles like a whisper, you’ll love the 4 cycle engine, this blower can clear a wide swath and cover a lot of ground quickly, the extra money is worth it for the benefits, don’t hesitate and lose your buy …

Cons: the hose assembly is poorly designed, the clamps don’t seem to stay tight …

=> Makita-BBX7600N-75.6-CC-4-Stroke-Backpack-Blower





#3. DEWALT DCBL790H1 Max XR Brushless Blower, 40-volt

  • The DEWALT DCBL790H1 40V MAX XR Blower, 6AH provides the ability to clear heavy debris with an air speed of up to 120 miles per hour and 400 cubic feet per minute of air volume with extended run time from a 6Ah battery (50% more battery capacity)
  • This blower is designed with an impact-resistant Xenoy housing which offers maximum durability for every day usage
  • The lightweight, ergonomic design is engineered with a variable speed trigger and speed lock to provide full control without having to hold the trigger during use
  • The blower’s curved tube design creates rotational control which helps to reduce arm fatigue
  • With an ergonomically optimized handle size and position featuring over-mold, this blower is designed to withstand everyday heavy-duty usage


Pros: delivered flawlessly, this is a true gas performance, powerful and strong smooth quiet, designed for comfort, easy to use one handed, very little vibration making it comfortable to use, no cord to manage, puts out a lot of air which is variable, gets the job done quickly, 40V battery goes a long ways and contains a life indicator, the battery and charger fit nicely on the tool bench, long-lasting charge, easier for older people, recommend for the average homeowner …

Cons: no complaints …

=> DEWALT-DCBL790H1-Max-XR-Brushless-Blower,40-volt





#4. Husqvarna 350BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle X-Torq Gas Powered 180 MPH Midsize Back Pack Blower

  • Perfect for professional landscape contractors as well as homeowners with large land areas, the uniquely lightweight, mid-size Husqvarna 350BT back pack blower features a new, powerful X-Torq engine for increased power, better fuel economy and reduced emissions
  • The harness and controls are ergonomically designed for high capacity and ease of use, and throttle controls are mounted on the tube
  • With its 2.1-horsepower engine and maximum power speed of 7,500 RPM, this blower is able to generate wind speeds up to 180 miles per hour–enough to blow away even the most stubborn yard waste
  • Husqvarna’s patented 2-stroke X-Torq engine technology gives you more power when you need it, and with up to 20 percent less fuel consumption and up to 60 percent less emissions (when compared to a standard 2-stroke engine)
  • Comfortably designed for hours of use, the 350BT features an integrated harness that’s ventilated and helps reduce load with a hip belt that’s shaped to fit the contours of the operator and wide shoulder straps
  • The handle has an easily adjustable soft grip for optimal maneuvering
  • Its high-volume 42.27-ounce tank can sustain hours of use
  • It also features a cruise-control function that maintains a constant fan speed, allowing you to complete big jobs without having to constantly regulate your blower’s speed
  • Other features include a an easily adjustable soft-grip handle, intuitively gathered controls, and an air purge function that removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easier starting
  • It’s backed by a 2-year limited warranty

Husqvarna 350BT

Pros: best blower for the money, very reasonable price, provides very strong blowing capacity, it works perfectly for moving a large amount of leaves, long run time on tank of gas, starts up easily, superior to hand held, comfortable to use for extended periods of time, blows hard and fast, does not waste that much gas at all …

Cons: the plastic tube is quite flimsy …

=> Husqvarna-350BT-50.2cc-2-Cycle-X-Torq-Gas-Powered-180-MPH-Midsize-Back-Pack-Blower





#5. GreenWorks GBL80300 80V 500CFM Cordless Jet Blower

  • Green Works is starting a revolution in outdoor power equipment starting with its Green Works Pro 80V Li-Ion MAX system
  • Combined with our DigiPro Brushless motor, this is the highest voltage, gas equivalent, commercial grade cordless outdoor power tool system in the industry
  • Featuring the simple electric start, light weight designs and quieter motor, professionals and heavy DIY’ers can now tackle tough jobs through variable terrain without the hassle of gas, fumes, heavy gear or delicate maintenance needs of gas powered engines
  • The evolution of Green Works lithium-ion technology and designs have made it possible for professionals to get their jobs done by simply snapping in a battery and pressing a button while delivering high performance power and longer run time to get the job done
  • Green Works Pro 80V Li-Ion MAX System features a Jet Blower, 18-inch Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer, String Trimmer, Lawn Mower

GreenWorks GBL80300

Pros: excellent purchase for the money, requires zero maintenance, the 80v blower definitely outperformed the 40v, the highest setting is surprisingly strong for a battery blower, fantastic air flow, performs nearly as well as or corded unit, makes a lot less noise, recommend this to anyone who means business about keeping sidewalks, yards, and parking lots clean …

Cons: it lacks enough power to remove 100% of cobwebs, 2 second delay after pulling trigger …

=> GreenWorks-GBL80300-80V-500CFM-Cordless-Jet-Blower





#6. Black and Decker LSWV36 40V Lithium Ion Sweeper/Vac

  •  The Black & Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper and Vac is ideal for clearing driveways, sidewalks, decks, garages and other hard surfaces of leaves, grass clippings, and other lawn debris
  • It has a rechargeable 40 volt battery for easy use that will give users reliable power year after year
  • Power Command controls speed for maximum run-time or maximum power
  • It is lightweight at just 5.4 pounds and allows for quick and easy clearing of debris
  • It easily converts to vacuum mode for quick and easy vacuuming of debris from hard surfaces like patios, decks, garages and walkways
  • Its low noise design allows for quiet operation and it has a built-in scraper that allows users to loosen matted leaves and stuck-on debris
  • The soft grip handle provides added comfort during use
  • Powered by an energy star qualified charger for a better environment

Black and Decker LSWV36

Pros: very light weight, handles easily, nice balance, no cord, decent batteries, low noise, multiple speeds make it easy to operate, charges up fast, works great as a vac, very handy for jobs on hard surfaces, perfect for people with small to medium homes and yards …

Cons: bag too small …

=> Black-and-Decker-LSWV36-40V-Lithium-Ion-Sweeper/Vac





#7. WORX WG575.1 WORXAIR Lithium Multi-Purpose Blower

  • 85 percent of the dirt in your home is tracked, blown, or carried in from entry points like your garage, deck, porch, or workshop
  • The WORX AIR is a multi-purpose blower with eight convenient attachments to create a clean zone around the entry points to your home
  • With the WORX AIR, clean-up is easier and faster when you do not have to move a single thing
  • The 32-volt MAX Lithium battery gives you cordless clean up without any smelly exhaust or tangled cords
  • Ultra lightweight and compact to fit and go anywhere around the home, car, RV, or boat
  • Use to clean, clear, sweep, brush, inflate, deflate, dry, and create a clean zone
  • Cordless convenience with the powerful 32-volt MAX lithium battery
  • Includes 9 attachments to blow and sweep away debris around the home
  • 120 mph air speed with 80 cfm air flow, and only 3.8 lbs

WORX WG575.1

Pros: small, compact, light and no cords, quiet, smooth and easy transaction, easy to handle, convenient for small jobs, moderately powerful, 32-volt battery is crazy long, works terrific, over all good blower, perfect for smaller yards ...

Cons: wish it had a little bit more power …

=> WORX-WG575.1-WORXAIR-Lithium-Multi-Purpose-Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner,32-volt





#8. Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2 Stroke 170 MPH Gas Powered Handheld Blower

  • Covered by Hitachi’s industry leading 7-year Consumer warranty, the RB24EAP hand held blower is one of the lightest (8.6 lbs) and most powerful (at 441 CFM) blowers in its class
  • Available to both homeowners and professionals, the RB24EAP features a purge primer for quick and simple starts, a low emission PureFire engine and a large two finger throttle for easier operation
  • The exceptional balance and light weight make it ideal for small clean up, while it has the power to handle larger yard work

Hitachi RB24EAP

Pros: fast shipping, well priced, lightweight, easy to start, variable speed trigger, plenty of air speed power and dependable, nice to get rid of the cords, it puts along at idle, strong enough to blow large clippings and wet leaves, 7 year warranty …

Cons: it is loud and cold blooded, the hand trigger throttle control …

=> Hitachi-RB24EAP-23.9cc-2-Stroke-170-MPH-Gas-Powered-Handheld-Blower





#9. Toro 51609 Ultra 12 amp Variable-Speed (up to 235) Electric Blower/Vacuum

  •  Powerful and effective, the Toro Ultra 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and leaf shredder (model 51609) makes completing yard work fun and easy
  • With air speeds up to 235 mph, and airflow of up to 390 cfm, this electric blower nevertheless is lighter, quieter, and cleaner than similar gas blowers
  • Featuring a sleek, ergonomic design, it’s a tool that is easy to use and will grab your neighbors’ attention

Toro 51609

Pros: quick delivery, low reasonable priced, strong and fast, this is a little light weight monster, easy to handle, has 2 speeds or strength options, very light so your arms do not get tired while using it, works like a champ for cleaning my garage floor, sidewalks and back patio, highly recommend this product for homeowners …

Cons: never disappoints at this price …

=> Toro-51609-Ultra-12-amp-Variable-Speed-(up-to-235)-Electric-Blower/Vacuum