Top 9 Best Log Splitters 2018

Buying Guide

Did You know Firewood heats twice as much once you split and dry it? To get your firewood dry make sure you get the Log Splitter to split your log smaller then you will need to end up stacking a nice row of the splitted logs for them to Dry out faster.

If you want to take the sweat and strain out of building your wood pile, get a Log Splitter.

Best Log Splitters

To make your Log Splitter scouting an experienced and easier idea, we’ve divided log splitters into four unique styles.

1. Manual Top Log Splitter


To be completely honest, we’re not the biggest advocate of manual log splitters. Yes, they’re a cheap alternative to swinging an axe. But manual log splitters are no more sophisticated than the tire jack in the trunk of your car.
All of that cranking can make you very cranky!

2. Electric Log Splitters


Most electric log splitters are powerful enough to split small quantities of mid-sized logs without breaking your back or the bank. Plus, these lightweight log splitters can be easily transported from your backyard bar-b-que to your cabin or campsite. Larger electric log splitters can split as much wood as a gasoline unit, without the fumes and noise. Yes, you’re tethered to an electric power cord. So, don’t bother bringing an electric log splitter to a remote area without electricity.

3. Gas Log Splitters


Gasoline powered log splitters are the Top Log Splitter for using at your home if you burn alor of wood. Larger units have the option of splitting horizontally and vertically, saving your back as you turn big logs into firewood. How much wood you want to split, and how quickly you want to work will determine which unit is right for you.

4. Three-Point Log Splitters


That tractor in your barn doesn’t have to sit idle during the fall and winter months. Make the most of the power you already own by adding a 3-point or PTO log splitter. Your tractor easily hauls the splitter to where the wood is, even over rough terrain. Or, bring the logs to the tractor so you can work close to the woodpile and coffee pot.

Check out the 9 Best Log Splitters on the market right now:

#1. Swisher LSEB125341350 Log Splitter with Electric Start, 34-Ton

  • Swisher 34 ton log splitter with electric start features a heavy-duty steel frame construction providing unmatched strength and durability
  • New log cradles aid in retaining split logs to prevent the user from having to stoop to the ground to gather split logs
  • The exclusive cold-weather clutch eliminates hard pulling of cold, thick oil to take the load off the hydraulic pump, making cold starts quick and easy
  • Powered by briggs and stratton engines and heavy-duty two-stage pumps, this swisher log splitters works faster and provides between 34 tons of maximum splitting force
  • Easily towed behind your atv, utv or truck, swisher log splitters quickly and easily adjust between horizontal and vertical positions, allowing you to split up to 25″ logs, without the use of tools

Swisher LSEB125341350

Pros: if you split your own firewood so it is a great tool to have, this splitter is a beast and makes work done quick, heavy duty, a great price for the power, easily assembled in a few hours, the electric start is definitely worth the extra money over a rotary start engine, unbelievable power, unstoppable, mobility, easy to move by hand or by hitch, it has split some pretty nasty and knotty wood on half throttle …

Cons: it is heavy, the huge cylinder is slow …

=> Swisher-LSEB125341350-Log-Splitter-with-Electric-Start,34-Ton





#2. Dirty Hand Tools 100171 Log Splitter with Kohler Engine, 22 Ton

  • The DHT 196 cc 22-Ton Gas Log Splitter features a Kohler SH265 engine that produces 6.5HP for powerful vertical and horizontal wood splitting
  • This gas log splitter also features log catchers standard and a 10.9 second cycle time for lightning fast splitting
  • The auto return and adjustable detent also come standard
  • The DHT 22-Ton log splitter is road towable for easy mobility factory equipped with 2 in. coupler and safety chains
  • Like all DHT tools, this log splitter is ready to go to work

Dirty Hand Tools 100171

Pros: great machine for the money, customer service was outstanding, heavy duty splitter, well-made, incredible time saver, the Kohler engine starts first pull and is pretty quiet, having an adjustable throttle is a big plus, plenty of power to split even 36″ round oak tree sections, smooth running, it has split everything you have thrown at it, excellent cycle time of about 11 seconds to quickly knock out a cord of wood in no time, gets the job done in short order, recommend it if you don’t have big stuff to split …

Cons: only thing that could make it even better would be to keep the dirt, bark and shrapnel out of the channel near the back plate …

=> Dirty-Hand-Tools-100171-Log-Splitter-with-Kohler-Engine,22-Ton





#3. Champion Power Equipment No.92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter, 22-Ton

  • The Champion 22 Ton Gas Powered Log splitter provides heavy duty, dependable, and portable log splitting with power and speed
  • 22 Ton performance with 23″ x 4″ Hydraulic Cylinder, 2 Stage Hydraulic 11 Gallon/minute Pump producing Maximum pressure of 3500 psi. 14 second no load cycle time and integrated log cradle can accommodate 24″ long logs with maximum weight of 100 lbs
  • Towable frame with 2″ ball hitch, DOT approved wheels includes 6.5 gallon hydraulic oil capacity (oil not included) and spin on oil filter (included)
  • Operates either vertically or horizontally, adjust using pull pin
  • Powered by Champion 196 OHV engine with cast iron sleeve with 1 Gallon gas tank and low oil shutdown
  • EPA/CARB approved for sale in 50 states
  • Ships crated and unassembled
  • Dimensions: “85.8 (L) x 45.8″ (W) x ” 40.7 (H). Weight: 397 lbs
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Champion Power Equipment No.92221

Pros: shipping was better than expected, fantastic log splitter, it is a monster, no leaks, easy to transport and operate, perfect for home use, built with quality parts and materials, not very hard to assemble, love it saves on the back, the champion split this like a hot knife through butter, was able to split 24″ sections in the vertical position, 5 gallons of light hydraulic oil was plenty, it is a good value for your dollar, you can not find a better buy, best log splitter ever …

Cons: when in the vertical position the bottom plate is on the ground and is difficult to move in that position …

=> Champion-Power-Equipment-No.92221-Gas-Powered-Log-Splitter,22-Ton





#4. Pow’ R’ Kraft 65575 15 amp 2-Speed Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton

  • 7 – TON quiet – running Pow ‘R’ kraft Log Splitter
  • This Electric Splitter gives you serious power, in a quiet-running package safe to use in the shed, garage or even basement
  • Splits logs 20″ long and 12″ diam
  • Consistent, easy and safe…
  • ZHB control system requires both hands to use
  • All-steel construction. 15 amp 3-hp electric motor; 2 speeds
  • Faster 4-ton splitting or max-strength 7-ton power setting
  • Generates 2,320 psi hydraulic pressure
  • 6.8-quart hydraulic fluid capacity
  • 42″ of workspace
  • Fully assembled
  • 42 x 11 x 20″h., 172 lbs

Pow' R' Kraft 65575

Pros: best feature is its price point, very serviceable log splitter, safe to use, reasonably powerful, the two-speed hydraulics make it fast, cuts quickly and well, the engine noise is very quiet compared to the gas, this unit tore through pine logs up to 20 inches in thickness, anything less than 7 ton would not do much wood splitting, free shipping offer was great …

Cons: both hands on the controls to operate it by your self, the wheels on unit really don’t do well on grass …

=> Pow’-R’-Kraft-65575-15-amp-2-Speed-Electric-Log-Splitter,7-Ton





#5. Grizzly H8171 Hydraulic/Electric Log Splitter, 5 tons

  • Motor: 1-3/4 hp 110v 15 amps
  • 5 tons of hydraulic pressure
  • Handles logs from 15-Inch – 20-Inch long and up to 10-Inch diameter
  • Electric power for use in basement or garage
  • Built-in wheels and handles for portability
  • Easy operation – even with gloves on. approx
  • Shipping wt.: 110 lbs.

Grizzly H8171

Pros: priced right, it is solidly built, perfectly fitted and welded, the directions were easy to follow, the set up and use of this are great, safety feature that is probably very necessary, easily splits clear pine log sections up to 20 inches in diameter and 22 ” long, able to split a lot of wood with no problem at all, this log splitter is worth every penny …

Cons: it’s so short off the ground, wheels are poor and mobility is awkward, the ram stops to short of the splitter wedge, takes two hands to operate …

=> Grizzly-H8171-Hydraulic/Electric-Log-Splitter,5-tons





#6. Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton

  • The ES7T20 offers easy one handed operation and portability
  • Automatic ram return allows operators to get jobs done in half the time
  • Rugged design, professional-grade hydraulics and quality craftsmanship insures that this work horse will keep on splitting
  • 2 HP electric motor
  • Easy push button electronic start
  • Professional-grade hydraulic system

Boss Industrial ES7T20

Pros: for residential use you can’t beat it and that goes for the price, good price and suits average loads, actually nice it being electric, no fumes and no refilling of gas, nice and quiet, very strong and compact, if your logs are not wider than 12 inches and not too long them you can quickly split wood, perfect for homeowners with acres and need to clear some wormy trees for firewood …

Cons: it doesn’t perform as someone had hoped but for small jobs this is a good splitter …






#7. Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter, 7-Ton

  • You may split more than 100 logs in less than an hour without giving yourself a backache or headache
  • This powerful tool eliminates injuries and empowers anybody to be able to split their own logs at the comfort of home
  • An important safety feature is the two handle simultaneous operation so that both hands must be used to operate, avoiding any injury
  • This patented Log Splitter be used to operate, avoiding any injury
  • This patented Log Splitter automatically retracts when you remove your hand from the lever so that you can load the next log with minimal effort and time load the next log with minimal effort and time
  • Splitting time: Takes about 6-seconds to split a hardwood log with length 20-1/2-Inch and diameter 12-Inch then the ram returns to original place within 5 Seconds ready for your next log
  • Portable, Powerful, Patented 7 Ton Capacity, Electric Powered with hydraulic ram and safety controls to keep hands away from dangerous areas, the Powerhouse 7 Ton Log Splitter has left a dramatic impression on wood split and hearth users around the globe

Powerhouse XM-380

Pros: fast delivery, little electric splitter works great, no gas, no exhaust fumes, good splitter for the money, its capability and durability, fast enough and powerful enough for home use, can split logs 12 inches around easily, split over a cord of oak up to 14″ diameter with ease, handles logs that are bigger than the recommended size, the 6 second retraction is nice and quick, quiet operation …

Cons: two handles required for operation are a bit of an inconvenience

=> Powerhouse-XM-380-Electric-Hydraulic-Log-Splitter,7-Ton





#8. WEN 56206 Electric Log Splitter, 6-Ton

  • The WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter quickly turns that pile of wood into something useful-firewood for your fireplace!
  • Safer and more productive than swinging an ax!
  • The heavy-gauge welded-steel construction handles all of your log-splitting demands
  • A powerful 2 hp 15-amp motor applies up to 12,000 pounds of force, effortlessly splitting any log under 20.5″ in length and 10″ in diameter
  • A 4″ by 4″ push plate connected to the 15-1/2″ ram pushes logs into the 4.5″ wedge, splitting the wood quickly and efficiently
  • For safety purposes, WEN designed this operation to require both hands
  • Removal of a hand returns the ram to its starting position, decreasing the chance of bodily injury
  • The electric power allows for lower maintenance costs and indoor usage without worries of exhaust fumes
  • No gas to run out. No batteries to change. Just plug it in and go!
  • The splitter includes convenient comfort-grip handles and 6″ tires to easily transport to your work area when necessary
  • Use up to a 50′ twelve-gauge extension cord
  • Includes AW32 hydraulic oil to fill the 2.8-quart reservoir
  • Use Dextron auto transmission fluid for operations below 40 degrees Fahrenheit

WEN 56206

Pros: shipper really fast, awesome little log splitter, quiet and powerful, no noise, no starting hassles, hydraulic oil was well-above required level, takes the back breaking work out of splitting logs, splits large pieces of birch effortlessly, it will be good for someone who just needs to split some firewood for the fireplace or patio fire pits, recommend this unit to anyone looking for an indoor log splitter …

Cons: I didn’t like the 2 hand operation, deck height is awkward …

=> WEN-56206-Electric-Log-Splitter,6-Ton-now!





#9. Woodeze Electric Wood Splitter, 4-Ton

  • Take all the work out of splitting that wood pile with the new WoodEze 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter
  • The dependable 15 Amp, 1.75 horsepower electric engine runs on regular household current and features a ground fault breaker that protects against overload
  • With 4 tons of splitting force, this unit will split logs up to 20” long and 12” in diameter
  • The all steel construction makes this splitter durable and tough allowing for years of dedicated service
  • Fully assembled when delivered this 4-Ton Wood Splitter makes splitting logs a simple task
  • Two handed operation keeps your hands safe while operating
  • The left hand controls the hydraulic control lever, while the right hand controls the pushbutton switch
  • The log splitter will freeze with the absence of either hand
  • Only after both hands release the controls will the log pusher start to return to the starting position
  • This splitter provides a consistent, convenient, and secure cutting motion every time
  • You are sure to get the job done quickly and easily with the WoodEze 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter!
  • There is no noise or harsh fumes to deal with, so this log splitter can be used in the yard, in a shed, garage, or even in a basement
  • Safe and easy to operate!

Woodeze Electric

Pros: inexpensive, amazing little machine, excellent light duty splitter, no assembly, easy to use, lightweight and portable, wonderful quiet little machine, does a great job, it beats a sledge and a wedge hands down, split up to 8 to 10 inches with no problems, perfect for the home owner that just supplies wood for their own use …

Cons: a bit slow on the rate of speed …

=> Woodeze-Electric-Wood-Splitter,4-Ton