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A meat thermometer is essential in cooking meat dishes in whole or huge cuts, to make sure that the inner part of the meat is well cooked. Raw meat can be a source of certain diseases acquired from bacteria. Heat can kill these bacteria and therefore it is important for the meat to reach a specific temperature. In cooking, the temperature is also important to determine the doneness in whatever we are cooking. For instance, we cab ne sure that the period of cooking is enough for us to achieve a well done, rare or medium rare steak. Cooking may involve a scientific side which is important to learn if we want to be sure of the end product. Through a meat thermometer, we can be sure of the temperature of the meat as it is related to the “doneness” of what we are cooking.

Best Meat Thermometer

To measure the internal temperature of meat, a meat thermometer comes with a metal rod which has a sharp point to be inserted in the meat. It also has a display for the user to see the temperature. It may be digital or dial method. There are thermometers that use the traditional dial method that shows markings for the ideal temperature for certain kinds of meat such as poultry, beef, pork and lamb. This dial is very helpful for the user to see easily when the right time to stop cooking is. Or better yet, the use of a meat thermometer with an alarm is ideal if you want to be sure that you will not forget to turn it off as soon as it is done.

For cooking professionals, they consider a meat thermometer as an in important tool. We all want to enjoy a roasted turkey that is well done. We wouldn’t want to see our steak or grilled pork having blood as we cut it through. With a handy tool like a meat thermometer designed specifically for meats, we can avoid serving raw or half done dishes and end up spoiling a special meal.  To have an accurate temperature of the meat, it is important to know at which part of the meat the metal probe should be inserted. Generally, it is essential to insert it at the thickest part of the meat but touching the bone should be avoided for you may not have an inaccurate temperature of the meat. Bones conduct heat and could give a higher estimate of temperature.

A meat thermometer helps us enjoy steaks with the right doneness. We must also use the thermometer properly to achieve accurate measurements. In lamb, veal or beef, the point should not be touching the bone, cartilage and fat. It also applies to pork. For other foods such as eggs and ground meat, the probe should be inserted at the thickest part of the dish. Cooking is considered to be a talent, for there are people who are cook well even if they do not have a formal training, but there are times when it also involves scientific methods such as when temperatures should be measured to achieve desired end product. With equipment like a meat thermometer, cooking is made easier.

How to Choose the Best Meat Thermometer

1. As a measuring device, it has to be accurate. Accuracy is essential for equipment such a temperature for the user depends on its readings for him to decide to stop or continue cooking, or to achieve the desired doneness for the food. Meat can be quite challenging to prepare for it has to have a certain temperature to be assured that the pathogens found on it are already killed, and to also be assured that it is tender enough to eat. The best meat temperature should produce the most accurate temperature readings and could be stand frequent use.

2. The best meat thermometer should read temperatures quickly. An average time of about 5 seconds is good enough, but excellent ones can read in as fast as 2 seconds. You can also find thermometers that can have a variety of temperature range which you can use both on freezing and cooking meat.

3. The thickness of the metal probe should also be considered in choosing the best meat thermometer. Thin ones are preferable for it can be inserted easily and leaves thin holes as well. Chefs who want a good presentation for their roasted chicken or hams prefer thin probes to seal the hole faster. If holes are thick, important juices from the meat can also come out. Others prefer thermometers that can be adjusted or calibrated. It is also important for thermometers to be water resistant and cleans easily.

4. Most cooks consider the best meat thermometer to be easy to use. The most ideal device is one that involves less complicated steps in using, which takes only a few buttons and settings to use.

5. Price may also be a major consideration, but prices of this type of device can vary greatly. Though there are durable ones that doesn’t cost too much.

6. Meat thermometers should be durable enough to last longer, but it is also important to be mindful about the availability of parts in case it has to be replaced. The distributor should also be willing to offer longer warranty. Repairs should also be offered at a reasonable price after the end of warranty.

Meat thermometers vary in type. There are digital and dial displays. There are oven-safe and stand-alone types but in choosing the right one, you must consider a particular type that could serve you best according to how you will use it. A good reputation of the manufacturing company also helps in choosing the best one.

Check out the 8 Best Meat Thermometers on the market right now:

1. Famili OT008 Wireless Food Meat Cooking Electronic Thermometer Dual Probe

Famili OT008
The Famili OT008 Oven Thermometer is a dual probe Digital Wireless thermometer that allows you to accurately cook by monitoring both your meat and oven/grill/smoker temperature remotely from 300 feet away. Stop getting up and sitting back down to check on your meat and just await the Famili Meat Thermometer’s alarm when your meat is cooked to perfection or when the BBQ/OVEN/SMOKER is at your set temperature range. Find yourself using the same temperature for a few recipes? No worries, the Famili cooking Thermometer stores both temperature settings and timer settings. This unit has a back lit LCD display that’s easy to view in low light conditions, coupled with a belt clip which allows for complete mobility. If you find yourself sitting down while the meat is on the grill, then you’ll be happy to know the belt clip also doubles as a pull out stand.

>> Famili-OT008-Wireless-Remote-Digital-Kitchen-Food-Meat-Cooking-Electronic-Thermometer-Dual-Probe




2. Supreme Home Cook, Touchscreen Digital Meat Cooking Thermometer

Supreme Home Cook
Designed to do one job perfectly, that is cook your food to exactly what you want without having to check it, or guess how long, or worse still to overcook anything ever again. No clunky buttons, touch screen operation. With clear alarm to tell when you food is perfectly cooked. Never waste another meal again. Just select your meat (Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Beef, Lamb, Veal, or Fish) Then your cooking preference. Then the Alarm. On the back is an on/off switch and a switch for use as a Timer. Its all preset with leave in thermometer. You want a perfect medium rare lamb rack then choose lamb, then choose medium rare, and when it starts beeping take it out of the oven. Its that simple.

>> Supreme-Home-Cook.The-ORIGINAL-Oven&BBQ-Touchscreen-Digital-Meat-Cooking-Thermometer-and-Timer




3. Paksh Novelty Cooking Bundle – Digital Meat Timer, Thermometer Probe

Paksh Novelty Cooking Bundle
If you’re one of those that keep getting your food burnt or undercooked, then you will absolutely love this 2 in1 timer and thermometer for an oven / smoker. The way this digital thermometer works is by sticking the probe included right into your food. The probe reads the temperature of your food and the alarm sounds when it has reach your preset temperature. An extra probe is included with your purchase along with 2 rear wall mount magnets, a USDA food temperature cooking chart and 1 AAA battery. turn the LCD facing whichever way is convenient to you for easy read. With this awesome innovation you are sure to get perfectly baked food every time! Enjoy the free red paksh cloth included with your purchase!

>> Paksh-Novelty-Cooking-Bundle-Digital-Meat-Timer-and-Thermometer-Probe




4. Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo Ambidextrous Backlit Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer

Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo Ambidextrous Backlit Instant Read
Instant read 2-3 second readings. Large 2″ auto-rotating ambidextrous backlit display. Ip65 splash resistant construction. Intelligent stabilization alert + temperature hold. Integrated magnet for convient storage.

>> Lavatools-Javelin-PRO-Duo-Ambidextrous-Backlit-Instant-Read-Digital-Meat-Thermometer




5. Amir Digital Instant Read Thermometer, Cooking Thermometer Electronic Barbecue Meat Thermometer

Amir Digital Instant Read
Instant read thermometer with 4 – 7 second digital readout. With an easy to read electronic LCD display, giving you accurate temperature results in seconds. The high precision temperature sensor, accurate to ±1°F (between -4°F to 392°F), ensures you can grill meat to your perfect doneness knowing it wont be under cooked or burnt. You won’t get this level of accuracy with infrared laser gun thermometers. The wide temperature range of -50°C to 300°C(-58°F to 572°F) makes these utensils the best for use when grilling on your gas bbq or turkey fryer, making candy, using hot oil to deep fry, brewing beer and wine and even making cheese and bread.

>> Amir-Digital-Instant-Read-Thermometer,Cooking-Thermometer-Electronic-Barbecue-Meat-Thermometer




6. Innoo Tech Instant Read Thermometer – BBQ Meat Thermometer

Innoo Tech
It is able to achieve an ultra-fast 4 second response time at all typical temperatures. This food thermometer provides highly accurate temperature readings in 4 seconds. No long will you have to guess if your food is done. Its measuring range is 2 times more than other brands. Simply insert the probe a couple of centimeter into your food and wait for the internal temperature to be displayed on the LCD screen. It just is 4 to 7 seconds. The temperature probe is made from food grade stainless steel and it can be thoroughly sanitized after you’re finished. The thermometer can be used in kitchen or over the barbecue grill and with the touch of a button you can select between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales.

>> Innoo-Tech-Instant-Read-Thermometer-BBQ-Meat-Thermometer




7. Alpha Grillers Instant Read BBQ Meat Thermometer For Grill And Cooking

Alpha Grillers Instant Read BBQ
The second you flip out the probe it starts reading the temperature. Insert the tip into your food, and in 4-7 seconds you will have an accurate and easy to read temperature displayed on the large dial. No more sweating over a hot grill waiting for the temperature to settle. No more squinting in the sun to read the numbers. When you’re done simply flip the probe back and the unit auto powers off. Never again worry about ruining a meal by over or under cooking. With the digital meat thermometer at your disposal you can confidently cook any food to perfection. Get inspired to cook and BBQ more often, be creative in the kitchen and eat healthier! They even include a comprehensive laminated meat temperature guide for quick reference.

>> Alpha-Grillers-Instant-Read-BBQ-Meat-Thermometer-For-Grill-And-Cooking




8. Alpha Grillers Waterproof Instant Read Kitchen Thermometer For Meat & Cooking

Alpha Grillers Waterproof Instant Read Kitchen
Having friend over for a BBQ, hosting a dinner party, or simply rustling up a meal for yourself? Whatever you are cooking, it is just so much easier when you have a top quality, reliable thermometer at your disposal. The Alpha Grillers Instant Read Thermometer is fast so no more burning hands as you wait for the temperature to settle over a hot grill. It is also extremely accurate so you can really trust the reading it gives you. On top of that they have designed the dial to be extra large and bright so you can easily read the temperature, even on a sunny day.

>> Alpha-Grillers-Waterproof-Instant-Read-Kitchen-Thermometer-For-Meat&Cooking


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