Top 14 Best Mini Projectors 2018

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Rapid technological developments in electronics have made it possible for designers to come up with a mini or pocket projector. This type of device is also known as pico projector, mobile projector or handheld projector. There are many contemporary electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, and PDAs that are now available in the market for recording and storing substantial amount of digital data. The data stored in these devices can be in various forms, including multimedia files. However, it is difficult to view these files without using computers or projectors.

Best Mini Projector

Standard projectors are incredible. They have mind blowing resolution, brightness, contrast and focus. Even if they are portable, are comparatively larger in size. This makes it difficult to carry them around for presentations.

Mini projector was developed to overcome this handicap. Therefore, mini projectors are good complimentary devices for such digital data storing electronic equipments. As of now, the technology relating to mini projectors is still not fully developed. Even so, it has already started making its presence felt in the market.

If you don’t have a permanent home theater with plans to permanently mounting your projector, chances are you might be better with a mini projector.

Reasons for choosing a mini projector

1. Cost

Standard projectors cost multiple $1,000′s, at the low end and go up in price to the six figures, but a good mini projector will cost $100 – $400. No it won’t provide the knock out picture a standard projector will, but it doesn’t need to. Backyard movies, sales presentations, or the kids playing video games don’t warrant any more than a mini projector will provide.

2. Size

As the name implies these projectors are small. The smallest “pico” pocket projectors are about the size of a cell phone.  True, the mini projectors with best pictures are a bit larger than that, but even coming in at the size of a tissue box, and weighing a few pounds, is plenty small and plenty portable.

3. Portability

An egg is small, but I don’t recommend lugging them around in your briefcase. Similarly,  a projector’s size doesn’t matter if its too fragile to be moved from place to place in a box, briefcase, or your pocket. A mini projector’s size is only half the story. Being specifically made to be portable is the other half. Many mini projectors can be powered from an AC outlet or battery, making them as portable as you can possible get.

4. Coolness Factor

The next time your see that viral video on your cell phone browser, you could pass your phone around letting people watch it one or two at a time, or you could whip out your pocket projector and show the video on the wall and wow your friends with your cool gadget. Seriously though, maybe your a salesman and you bump into a potential client… instant presentation.


“The best mini projector will connect to almost anything. What will you connect to your Mini Projector?”

Check out the 14 Best Mini Projectors on the market right now:

1. Xinda 2000 Lumens DLP Mini Smart Android Pocket Projector, Wireless

Xinda 2000 Lumens DLP
The Xinda WPJ601 can be used anywhere without a screen. It is compact, lightweight, automatic keystone, with a go-anywhere design. Project directly from the internet or via HDMI cable, airplay, miracast, or USB (smartphone, tablet, computer, media player, action camera, etc.) to enjoy crisp and vivid image with wireless & wired options. 20″ – 200″ viewable screen size with dlp (digital light processing) technology. Native resolution: 1280*800; supported resolution:1920*1080.

>> Xinda-2000-Lumens-DLP-Mini-Smart-Android-Pocket-Projector,Wireless




2. Optoma ML750 WXGA 700 Lumen 3D Ready Portable DLP LED Projector

Optoma ML750 WXGA
Present your best wherever you go with the ultra-compact Optoma ML750 portable LED projector. The power and performance of a full sized projector on the palm of your hand. Delivering an impressive 700 ANSI lumens and 10,000:1 contrast ratio, with razor sharp focus and magnificent color accuracy. The Optoma ML750 will make your presentations more impactful than ever before. Designed for traveling professionals, the palm-sized Optoma ML750 weighs less than one pound. Has built-in Media player and Office Viewer for completely PC-Free presentations. HDMI and MHL connectivity for direct from mobile device presentations. Its LED light source is rated to last over 20,000 hours so you can present with confidence. Never a bulb to buy or replace.

>> Optoma-ML750-WXGA-700-Lumen-3D-Ready-Portable-DLP-LED-Projecto-with-MHL-Enabled-HDMI-Port




3. APEMAN Mini Projector DLP Home HD Video Projector 3D

Enjoy superb projected images and videos with 1280×800 native resolution, 700 lumen brightness, and active shutter 3D capability. This projector is designed to provide you the ultimate viewing experience, with a 3D theater feel at home from full 3D movie sources. With built-in Android 4.4 OS, you can download apps, play games, and surf the Internet at any time through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Enjoy streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, all without leaving your couch or worrying about an unstable OS. Built-in speaker and multiple inputs guarantee that their product will work right out of the box, hassle-free. Plug your memory device into the USB port for presentation, laptop or media player into the HDMI port for movies, or use other inputs for any source you desire.

>> APEMAN-Mini-Projector-DLP-Home-HD-Video-Projector-3D-Small-Home-Theater-Projector-with-Android-4.4-OS




4. AAXA P300 Pico/Micro LED Projector, 400 Lumens

The P300 is a true ‘pocket projector’ at less than 5.9-inch long, 3.9-inch wide, and 1.6-inch tall, it is both compact and is energy efficient – consuming less than 25W when plugged in. The P300 incorporates a premium grade 60 minute lithium ion battery able to withstand multiple charge-cycles with very little capacity reduction. The onboard lithium ion battery enables true anytime, anywhere projection. The AAXA P300 joins the mobile revolution as a complete all-in-one system for the discerning mobile professional that comfortably fits in a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag. At the heart of this diminutive system is a brilliant turbocharged optical engine that delivers 120-inch projections. This engine is a powerful multi-media player able to project high resolution pictures and videos. When an external data source is necessary an array of inputs are available including HDMI, Composite, and VGA. With its onboard battery and quick start (no warm up) LEDs business professionals can easily and quickly deliver a group presentation without needing to fumble with cables, external devices, or to crowd around a notebook or table.

>> AAXA-P300-Pico/Micro-LED-Projector-with-60-Minute-Battery-Life,WXGA-1280×800-Resolution,400-Lumens




5. DAEON(TM) Portable Video Projector for iPhone 7/6/6s plus 100 ANSI Lumens

This iPhone Projector is designed to work with iPhone 7 and 6 series with Apple lightning digital AV adapter. It also has an additional HDMI/MHL port to connect to other devices such as laptops, DVD players, tablets, game consoles etc.. The Pico Projector is equipped with the latest LED projection technology and delivers clear, sharp, bright, dazzling color quality images with an operating life of over 20,000 hours. What appears on your iPhone can now be easily mirrored onto a big screen for work or play!!!

>> DAEON(TM)-Portable-Video-Projector-for-iPhone-7/6/6s-plus-100-ANSI-Lumens-LED-854×480-HDMI




6. iCODIS G1 Mobile Pico Projector

iCODIS G1 Mobile
Coming in at just 200 grams, the G1 is one of the lightest Micro Projectors on the market. Enjoy its premium feel on the go, its aluminium band ensures a sturdy feel, and provides protection. The glass-like surface looks gorgeous, and its small size would make you feel like it’s as portable as your smartphone. G1 Mobile Projector use DLP Technology with 100 ANSI lumen brightness, native resolution 854×480 and support 1920*1080, 30,000 hour led life, and a projection display size of up to 120 inches.

>> iCODIS-G1-Mobile-Pico-Projector,DLP-Home-Theater,HDMI&WIFI-Wireless-Connectivity,Portable-Mini-Size&120″-Display,30,000-Hour-LED




7. RIF6 Cube Mobile Projector with 120-inch Display

RIF6 Cube
The Cube is a new kind of mini projector; 2” of weightless aluminum equipped with 120” of vivid projection display, designed specifically for your mobile devices. Fully portable and autonomous, featuring an LED bulb with a lifespan of 20k hours, it’s the open door for limitless multimedia possibilities. Transform your surroundings into a mind-blowing cinema, an immersive art installation, a virtual world; the power fits in the palm of your hand.

>> RIF6-Cube-Mobile-Projector-with-120-inch-Display,Portable,Rechargeable,includes-HDMI-Cables-and-Tripod




8. ASUS S1 200-lumen LED Pocket Projector

ASUS S1 200-lumen
A palm-sized projector weighing only 0.75lbs at a height of 1.18-inches, the ASUS S1 LED projector features a built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to 3 hours of projection time that can also be used to charge mobile devices over USB. The S1 has a 1.1:1 short-throw lens that projects a 41-inches diagonal image at a distance of one meter. Housed in an aluminum chassis with a sleek concentric-circle finish, and features an HDMI/MHL port, a USB port (for charging) and an ASUS Sonic Master-enhanced speaker, making the S1 the perfect sidekick for both professional and personal projection.

>> ASUS-S1-200-lumen-1080p-support-HDMI/MHL-USB-Built-in-6,000mAh-Battery-bank-Short-Throw-LED-Pocket-Projector




9. Mobile Pico Portable Mini Pocket Size, Rechargeable, HDMI & WIFI

Mobile Pico
New look, new packaging and the new version. Widely used for watching movie, work presentation, play gaming, studying, camping, small business, meeting, outdoor, entertainment, wireless with the screen function, support DLNA, airplay, miracast download a variety of apps such as games, singing applications to enjoy on the projecting wall. The mini project can let you game on the big screen anytime, instantly view your pictures in a slideshow, connect to any tablet or mobile device and onnect it up to your laptop and you’re good to go. LED video projector support full 1080P HD video. Enjoy HD image projection up to 120 inches. Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9/16:10. Easily turns virtually any surface into a HD theater through a simple Wi-Fi connection. Built in speakers and easy set-up. LED projector up to 100 lumens, OSRAM LED Lamps work for 3,000 hrs rechargeable and long lasting, a truly portable projector.

>> Mobile-Pico-Video-Projector-Portable-Mini-Pocket-Size,Rechargeable,HDMI&WIFI-Wireless-Connectivity-for-Iphone-And-Android-Support-Home-Theater




10. PowerLead Gypo PL-M6 WiFi 1080P HD LED Pocket Projector

PowerLead Gypo PL-M6
Mini Portable DLP projector with 720p HD display of projection size ranging from 30-120 inches, your ideal choice whether for your personal home theater or office team meetigs. Creating little noise while the mini projector is running, with mini tripod included, the best mini projector for amatuer users. Large capacity 5000mAh built-in rechargeable battery, running for up to more than 2 hours with a single full charge when the external power is not available. Sleek, ultra-thin and pocket size design with a lamp of of 110 lumens, and it can synchronize your Iphone (or other Android phones like Samsung) screen with the projector display via Airplay or screen-sharing function. Android 4.4 System, 3.5mm audio jack output and wireless bluetooth speaker, bluetooth mouse and other devices connectable.

>> PowerLead-Gypo-PL-M6-Android-4.4-WiFi-1080P-HD-LED-Pocket-Projector-with-Tripod-and-5000mAh-Built-in-Rechargeable-Battery




11. iCodis CB-100S Mini Portable Projector, 100 ANSI Lumens

iCodis CB-100S
This Mini projector has build-in android OS. You can Watch Netflix Youtube Vodu by using this projector without connecting your phone or PC. LED lamp has brightness of 100 ANSI lumens and native resolution of 480p, this pocket projector provides home cinema quality entertainment. Projection size is between 40-60 inches diagonally.
Keystone function: Adjust picture sizes and orientation easily with the use of accessible soft touch buttons unlike most pocket projectors. Equipped with HDMI Out, USB port, Micro SD, and Auxiliary jack. This enables direct transfer of files and connection of video and audio accessories. Runs on built-in batteries that can last up to 1.5hours.

>> iCodis-CB-100S-Mini-Portable-Projector,Android-OS,100-ANSI-Lumens,30000-hours-lamp-life




12. 2000 Lumens LCD LED Multi-media Mini Portable Video Projector

2000 Lumens LCD LED Multi-media
Ideal for home theater movies and video game use. Portable design, easy to take and travel. Great for outdoor movies. Can provide crystal clear image in home,even when light is on. Image size 20-140 inches. Share wonderful moved moments with your friends, partner, family and your dear guests. We suggest best projection distance: 5-9 feet; best projection size: 49 to 90 inches, which can make you obtain best user experience. The LED lamp works for about over 50,000 hours, provide super clear picture.

>> 2000-Lumens-LCD-LED-Multi-media-Mini-Portable-Video-Projector-Game-Home-Cinema-Theater-Movie




13. Dihome 170″ Portable mini Multimedia Video Projector 1500 lumens

Dihome 170"
It’s a portable home theater projector, watching movies and football matches with solid clear image in dark, in courtyard or outside, party. Lastest built- in lens design,prevent lens passive electrostatic dust pollution focus and trapezoidal adjust height integration. Support HDMI/VGA/USB/SD/AV/TV input, Audio out, also has built-in speaker, connecting PC, Laptop, DVD for movies, enjoy games on big screen by connecting Playstation PS3/PS4, WII or XBOX via HDMI port. You also can use your smartphone connecting the projector by HDMI adapter.

>> Dihome-170″-Portable-mini-Multimedia-Video-Projector-Home-Cinema-Theater-1500-lumens




14. iDGLAX iDG-787W LCD LED Video Multimedia Mini Portable Projector

Smart and affordable, portable design. A great experience for home theater movie nights & game. For example, works with game consoles: PS2, PS3, Xbox, Wii etc. You can also connect your smartphone or tablet to the projector by HDMI adapter (not included). Or watch TV by HDMI connecting the TV BOX. The 5v-output USB port can charge your smartphone or tablet. Big projection screen, Image size: 34-130 inches, the best projection distance is 1.5-2 meters. Native resolution 800×480, compatible with 1080i/p, aspect ratio 16:9/4:3, contrast: 1000:1, 500 lumens(50 ANSI). Not recommended for use in a large conference/church/class room with bright lights on or during the day time. Please use it in dark environment.

>> iDGLAX-iDG-787W-LCD-LED-Video-Multimedia-Mini-Portable-Projector