Top 8 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans 2018

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When purchasing outdoor ceiling fans, getting one that is precisely designed for the purpose of outside use is essential. There is a high probability that using an indoor ceiling fan as as assembly for outside lighting may cause problems soon after the job is complete. Ceiling fans for outside use employ an entirely different design than indoor ceiling fans. The outside versions are made to handle many weather conditions that include excessive heat, rain, ice, snow, fluctuations in wind, and more.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan

One of the differences in an outdoor ceiling fan is that it will be made with a barrier or design around the decorative motor casing. This seal keeps moisture and water away from the motor inside, which is not the case of an indoor fan assembly. In addition, the light fixtures are sealed on top and designed precisely for outdoor use. The wiring is made of a higher quality with added coverings and screws, and along with other important components, are usually made of stainless steel. There is a protective powder coating applied to the hardware and motor casing of them. More protective layering may be added to specifically guard against the exposure of outside influences. Rather than plywood, it blades are often produced of ABS plastic. This material is sturdy and tough enough to oppose the harsh effects of warping caused by moisture, and the possibility of discoloring caused directly from UV exposure.

Two kinds of them are available: those that have a dry rating for slightly damp areas, and those with a wet rating for extremely wet conditions. Between those two are significant differences, so it is vital to select the correct unit. Either way, be certain the fan you buy is always UL listed for the capacity needed. This will assure you of a safe installation process without the possibility of any potential electrical hazards.

Outdoor fans produced with a damp rating are made to handle moisture only – not direct moisture, including rainfall, sleet or snow. Screened porches, patios, and other covered areas protected from dripping or direct moisture contact are appropriate locations to install these units. Outdoor fans with a wet rating can be installed indoors and outdoors in covered or uncovered areas. These units are specifically made to operate in rainy conditions. An open gazebo, a lanai with a lattice covering or any shaded constructions are areas to safely install it with a wet rating – as well as wooden decks, patios, and covered porches. Purchasing a wet rated outdoor fan over a damp rated design is encouraged, because they are significantly water sealed so all that you have to do is simply hose them off to clean them.

Installation of an outside fan (also commonly known as indoor-outdoor-ceiling-fans) can also be safely completed inside the home – from the living room to nearly any room in the house. Most people make this choice because of the distinguished characteristics an outdoor fan has. Additionally, for any room in your home that is susceptible to excessive moisture, such as bathrooms or laundry areas, an outdoor fan is highly advised. They significantly are a benefit when used in homes that are located in climates that are muggy or humid.

Many people wonder if battery operated outdoor ceiling fans are available, particularly when they are faced with the challenge of connecting wires and putting in junction boxes. This option would be a practical solution for outside lighting. However, while ceiling fans are available that are DC powered, these units are typically not strong enough to meet the capacity required for the outdoors. The majority of ceiling fans using DC power have an AC/DC converter which still requires electrical wiring.

Light fixtures that are used with ceiling fans also have damp or wet ratings. This function is vital to consider when you are purchasing ceiling fans with lights. Purchasing a fan that comes with an outside lighting fixture is best to be assured they are compatible. But if this is not possible, buy a lighting assembly produced by the same product manufacturer with a matching rating. Some reputable manufacturers and designers of outdoor units include Casablanca or Hunter Brands.

Check out the 8 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans on the market right now:

1. Haiku Home L Series Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan with Led Light

Haiku Home L Series Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Enabled
The award winning, elegantly designed haiku L Series delivers serious airflow and exceptional efficiency in equal measure. The L Series is energy star certified and performs 4 times as efficiently as standards require, saving you money on utility bills. This 52-inch Fan is available in matte black, glossy white, cocoa and Caramel adding a touch of modern sophistication to any space. With an integrated LED and 16 brightness settings, you can adjust the light output to fit every occasion. Ten unique control settings allow you to choose the Fan speed, timer, sleep mode, and whoosh mode, which simulates natural breezes. The light and Fan can be controlled using the included remote, the free mobile app on your smart phone, or the Amazon echo (Alexa), which allows you to adjust the Fan using simple voice commands. Every L Series also features precision-balanced airfoils and is sound tested to make sure your Fan will never wobble, rattle or click. Stylish and efficient, the L Series is the perfect comfort solution for all spaces.

>> Haiku-Home-L-Series-Indoor/Outdoor-Wi-Fi-Enabled-Ceiling-Fan-with-Led-Light




2. Westinghouse 7800000 Brentford Indoor/Outdoor Five-Blade Reversible Ceiling Fan, 52-Inch

Westinghouse 7800000
Approved for wet locations, this Westinghouse Brentford has a distinctive aged walnut finish and clear seeded glass lantern style light fixture which will add a rustic charm to any area. This fan features five reversible dark cherry with shaded edge/walnut blades which allows you to match your decor .Designed especially for patios, verandahs and gazebos, the Brantford brings indoor comfort outdoors. Ideal for rooms up to 360 square feet (18 by 20 feet), this fan features a 153-millimeter by 17-millimeter silicon steel motor with triple capacitor. Three fan speeds (high/medium/low) and a reversible switch help keep you comfortable. In warm weather, you can run the fan counterclockwise to stay cooler and in the winter run it clockwise to recirculate warm air from the ceiling, eliminating cold spots and drafts. The fan provides airflow of up to 5,062 cubic feet per minute (cfm). It is rated to operate at 55 watts at high speed (without lights), which gives it an airflow efficiency rating of 92 cfm per watt.

>> Westinghouse-7800000-Brentford-Indoor/Outdoor-Five-Blade-Reversible-Ceiling-Fan-with-Clear-Seeded-Glass,52-Inch




3. Casablanca Fan Company 59137 Orchid Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Wall Control

Casablanca Fan Company 59137
It’s no secret where the orchid got its name. The expansive blades mimic the asymmetrical shape and flow of beautiful blooming orchid petals. The long down rod extends and expands from the ceiling like a fluid stem, placing focus entirely on the beautiful blades. The drastic contrast in color between the blades and the fan enhance this effect, and the result is a delicate balance between softness and rigidity that elevates this feminine fan to a level of charm rarely achieved by such a simple design.

>> Casablanca-Fan-Company-59137-Orchid-Outdoor-Ceiling-Fan-with-Wall-Control




4. Minka-Aire F581-WHF, Gauguin, 52″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light & Wall Control

Minka-Aire F581-WHF
It is part of the Gauguin Collection and has a Flat White Finish. It is Wet Rated, Damp Rated, and Outdoor Capable. This Flat White fan has a Contemporary style that is sure to add a touch of charm to any room. The 14 Degree blade pitch allowes for an ideal air flow for any sized room

>> Minka-Aire-F581-WHF,Gauguin,52″-Outdoor-Ceiling-Fan-with-Light&Wall-Control




5. Emerson CF621VNB Batalie Breeze 52-Inch Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Emerson CF621VNB
You can use it for indoors or outdoors – patios, porches, verandas etc. It is also UL (Underwriters Laboratory) listed for wet locations. The Batalie Breeze not only leads the pack in function and beauty but it’s also an expert at moving air. In warmer weather, a ceiling fan can make you feel up to seven degrees cooler by creating a “wind chill” effect. So set your thermostat higher and save up to 40 percent on air conditioning bills. In the winter, flip a switch and conveniently run your fan in reverse to recirculate the hot air trapped near the ceiling. You can set your thermostat lower and save considerably on heating costs.

>> Emerson-CF621VNB-Batalie-Breeze-52-Inch-Indoor-Outdoor-Ceiling-Fan




6. Casablanca Fan Company 59195 Piston Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Remote

Casablanca Fan Company 59195
Taking cues from the early American industrial age on the brink of a revolution, this fan is a unique blend of styles -like a piece of old machinery received an ultra-contemporary makeover. The piston gets its name from its likeness to machine pistons from old, large machinery. However, the clean lines and slick finishes combine with the mid-century blade design to provide a look that is undoubtedly modern and truly Casablanca.

>> Casablanca-Fan-Company-59195-Piston-Outdoor-Ceiling-Fan-with-Remote




7. Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan, Distressed Koa

Minka-Aire F844-DK
It is part of the Light Wave Collection and has a Distressed Koa Finish. This Brown fan has a Traditional style that is sure to add a touch of charm to any room. The 48 Degree blade pitch allowes for an ideal air flow for any sized room.

>> Minka-Aire-F844-DK-Light-Wave-52″-Ceiling-Fan,Distressed-Koa




8. Hunter 54098 Bayview 54-inch ETL Damp Listed, Provencal Gold Ceiling Fan

Hunter 54098
The ideal choice for covered porches, patios, and sunrooms, with 54-inch, it has a fresh look that transforms outdoor spaces into breezy spots for relaxation and entertaining. This ultra-efficient fan has a Provencal gold finish with five antique dark reversible plastic blades in wicker and a palm leaf shape. Like all Hunter fans, it features a high performance, Whisper Wind motor, built to exacting tolerances from the finest materials and rigorously tested to be truly whisper quiet. Safe to use in covered areas, the Bay view is built to last and provide reliable performance season after season.

>> Hunter-54098-Bayview-54-inch-ETL-Damp-Listed,Provencal-Gold-Ceiling-Fan