Top 7 Best Pole Saws 2018



Check out the 7 Best Pole Saws on the market right now:

#1. Husqvarna 327PT5S 24.5cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered 13-Foot Telescopic Pole Saw

  • The Husqvarna 327PT5S is a robust pole saw with telescopic tube
  • The versatile cutter head makes it easy to reach even dense trees and bushes without using a ladder or cherry picker
  • Low weight, good balance and rear-mounted engine provide a comfortable working position and reduced exhaust fumes
  • The slim cutter head has adjustable and automatic chain lubrication

Husqvarna 327PT5S

Pros: great pole saw works perfect even comes with a harness, very well balanced, superior quality and performance, very versatile and easy to use, it works wonders on high up branches, very quite, starts right up and runs smoothly, gets the job done faster, safer than climbing up a ladder …

Cons: a little heavy especially when extended but harness takes most of the load …

=> Husqvarna-327PT5S-24.5cc-2-Stroke-Gas-Powered-13-Foot-Telescopic-Pole-Saw





#2. OREGON PS250 40-Volt Max Cordless Pole Saw

  • The PS250 Pole Saw (Tool Only), with its mid-mount motor design, provides superior weight distribution and balance
  • This distinctive engineering creates an original user-centric tool unique to the cordless tool industry
  • The Pole Saw is equipped with a tool-free extendable fiber glass shaft that allows the tool to extend from 7’3″ to 10’4″ and provides approximately 14-15′ of reach
  • The high-torque performance is controlled by a custom designed planetary gear reduction system allowing for an efficient transfer of power
  • The PS250 is configured with a compact cutting head for improved cutting agility, light-weight maneuverability and reduced elevated weight
  • This pole saw maximizes the ergonomic design, motor power and battery performance to produce up to 500 cuts on 2-3″ size branches when using the 4.0 Ah Battery pack
  • Weighing only 10.8 lbs without an OREGON Battery Pack, this rigid and balanced, pole saw with 8″ bar length and cast aluminum branch removal hook will allow for more work to get done
  • Battery Pack and Battery Charger not included
  • Fully charged battery voltage measured without a workload is 40 volts.
  • Nominal voltage is 37. Based on estimate for a 5’10” (1.8m) individual operating at a 60 degree angle +/- 18 degrees


Pros: well balanced even at full extension, the noise level is pretty low although with the motor situated in front of your hand, lasts a long time on a charge, cuts through the branches like butter, cuts beautifully and is very easy to handle, the power it has is amazing, someone trimmed branches for 4hrs straight and the batter finally depleted, it has everything you look for in a cordless pole saw, best pole saw ever …

Cons: someone liked to see them come out with a longer version …

=> OREGON-PS250-40-Volt-Max-Cordless-Pole-Saw





#3. Silky Telescoping Landscaping Pole Saw HAYAUCHI 390 16-Feet 178-39

  • Silky Hayauchi 2-Extension Pole Saw, 7.7 Feet To 16 Feet 178-39 2-extension 3-poles/sections telescoping pole saw model that extends to 16 feet
  • Extension range is 7.7 feet to 16 feet (2,350 to 4,900 mm); maximum working reach is 21 feet
  • 15-2/5-inch (390 mm) blade length; 5.5 teeth per inch (6.5 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration
  • 5.55 pounds (2,520 grams) operating weight; 6 pounds (2,720 grams) weight with blade cover
  • Product applications include pruning & trimming, arborist & forestry, lawn & garden
  • Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Silky Telescoping Landscaping HAYAUCHI 390

Pros: this saw is light, made of high quality material, the handle is comfortably wrapped as well, lowers your fatigue level, the blade is incredibly sharp and thin, easily cuts the hardest limbs, cuts 4-6 inch branches effortlessly in just a few strokes, the handle locks are easy to use and rock solid, the variable lengths and the ability to remove the blade to use on lower branches makes it extremely flexible, it works great and are safe to use …

Cons: none …

=> Silky-Telescoping-Landscaping-Pole-Saw-HAYAUCHI-390-16-Feet-178-39





#4. GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX 40V Li-Ion 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw

  • Green Works GMAX 40-Volt 2.0 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion Pole Saw with 8-inch Bar and Chain
  • G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery System powers multiple tools for complete yard syste
  • Includes 2Ah Battery and Charger – Model No.20672
  • 8-Inch bar and chain for easy trimming of branches
  • Easy adjust chain tensioning system for quick tightening of the chain
  • Automatic oiler applies oil to bar and chain when needed to ensure durability and optimal use with a translucent oil tank for clear view of oil level
  • 3-piece aluminum shaft can be extended to 8 ft. for the perfect extended

GreenWorks 20672

Pros: light weight, powerful and handy, long reach and makes quick work of surprisingly thick limbs, cuts down big trees fast, cut up to 7 inch limbs with no problems, recharging took about 1.5 hours and was good for over 100 cuts, this is a real work saving tool …

Cons: the battery is very difficult to remove at times from charger and saw …

=> GreenWorks-20672-G-MAX-40V-Li-Ion-8-Inch-Cordless-Pole-Saw





#5. Black and Decker LPP120 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Pole Saw

  • Leave the gas can and the cord behind, and pick up the LPP120 pole saw for those challenging overhead trimming jobs
  • For pruning taller trees and shrubs or high branches over fences, garages or other structures, the Black & Decker LPP120 20-volt MAX Lithium cordless pole saw gives you the power, control and overhead maneuverability you want to get the job done right
  • The shaft extends easily to give you a useable length of 6.5 feet or 10 feet — bringing cutting jobs up to 14 feet off the ground well into reach
  • Easy to control at just 6.3 pounds, the LPP120 Pole Saw’s powerful 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion battery and 8-inch cutting bar let you easily power through branches up to 6 inches in diameter
  • And for when the job is done, the LPP120 cordless saw disassembles easily to a compact size
  • It comes with its own blade guard for safe handling
  • The LPP120 cordless lithium pole saw features a Black & Decker 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery for long-lasting performance
  • You can make up to 100 cuts through 1-1/2-inch pine branches with each charge
  • And your cordless saw will perform for you year after year — with a longer lifespan and 5X better charge retention than NiCad batteries
  • It’s compatible with the full line of Black & Decker’s 20-volt MAX line of power and gardening tools, and you won’t be limited by an extension cord

Black and Decker LPP120

Pros: great saw for trimming up trees, not industrial quality but works great for the money, a smaller head would be nice for getting in tight areas, battery life is good, it has made tree trimming a lot easier and less time consuming, cutting at ground level and slightly above is fine, it can reach 14” which includes 5” of your own height, comes with an awesome good quality storage bag that everything fits easily into with tons of extra space …

Cons: to cut with the full extension is quite a chore, it would be nice to have an automatic oiler for the bar instead of having to do it manually …

=> Black-and-Decker-LPP120-20-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Pole-Saw





#6. Remington Ranger 8-Amp 10-inch Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo

  • When you need to go that extra mile, Remington has you covered
  • Taking down hard-to-reach branches is one of the most important parts of yard maintenance
  • The 2-in-1 Ranger pole saw/chainsaw has two adjustable aluminum poles that extend 10-feet to give you extra strength and improved reach
  • The instant start, electric 8 amp motor helps you power through branches quickly and the low-kickback 10-inch bar and chain makes lopping and pruning simple
  • Then when you’ve finished using the tree trimmer to take down branches from above, the easy flip and lock clamps mean you can immediately disconnect and get down to cutting those downed limbs
  • The Ranger is equipped with anti-rotation pole design for stable use, and a non-slip grip for added comfort
  • The 2-in-1 detachable saw converts with no tools required
  • Remington offers a 2-year limited warranty
  • Shaft Type: Telescoping, Bar Length (in.): 10.
  • This model was formerly known as the Branch Wizard

Remington Ranger 8-Amp 10-inch

Pros: it’s a chain saw on the end of an adjustable length pole and it will keep you off the ladder, the materials and construction seem to be right for the duty, can’t beat the price, the motor is powerful enough to handle medium sized trees, the saw can easily be used separately from the pole, very great for small jobs, not too loud and cuts very very well, cut 8″ branches easily

Cons: I complained about the weight on the end of the pole, a little off balance when extended

=> Remington-Ranger-8-Amp-10-inch-Electric-Chainsaw/Pole-Saw-Combo





#7. Earthwise CVPS41008 8-Inch 6 Amp 2-in-1 Electric Chain Saw/Pole Saw Combo

  • Earthwise CVPS41008 Electric Convertible Pole Saw extends to over 9-Feet 6-Inch The 8-Inch Oregon Bar is adjustable to 3 cutting angles which allows you to cut high sections of the tree from various positions
  • Remove the light weight extendable fiberglass handle from the Earthwise CVPH41008 and the Convertible Pole Saw becomes a powerful chain saw with 6-1/2 Amp motor that quickly cuts branches up to 6-Inches thick

Earthwise CVPS41008

Pros: simply amazing tool, brilliant design for easily switching from pole saw to handsaw, light enough to be in a tree with and still have good control, easy to assemble, this pole chainsaw cuts through limbs up to 7″ or more without complaining, able to cut thorny branches or high branches away from the roof, convert without the pole and cut in the can with the smaller version is perfect saving time and energy …

Cons: no issues …

=> Earthwise-CVPS41008-8-Inch-6-Amp-2-in-1-Electric-Chain-Saw/Pole-Saw-Combo