Top 8 Best Post Hole Diggers 2018

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“Good fences make good neighbors and good fences start with proper post holes”.

A Post Hole Digger, as its name suggests, is a tool that is used for digging post holes. It is made up of two shovel blades hinged in an arrangement that resembles a jaw. Each of these shovel blade has its own handle.  To utilize the post hole digger, the handles are held together when the ground is being struck. When the blades pierce the ground, the handles are forced to pull apart causing the jaw to close. The closed jaw holds the dirt so that it is removed from the hole easily. A post hole digger is so effective and efficient that it can dig a 3-inches deep hole in less than five minutes.

Best post hole digger

These helpful tools can be found in almost any local hardware or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) store.

There are Different Types of Post Hole Diggers to Choose from:

1. Heavy Duty Traditional Post hole Digger

This type is equipped with large blades that have been proven to work effectively.  They are the same types that are employed by telephone pole installers as they are suitable for digging very deep holes manually.

2. Split Handled Post hole Digger

The blades on this type of post hole digger are attached by welding and not by riveting like other types.  The handles are held together by two bolts which are easy to replace whenever necessary.  The split handles are used in a to-and-fro motion.

3. Eric Hole Digger or the “Boston Digger”

This type is designed to dig effectively in gravel and stony soils.  It is said to be really good at dislodging stones, cutting roots and sizing and shaping holes.  It has a single point which reaches down and removes the dirt.  The levered scoop hinges down and pulls out the dirt from the hole.

4. The Hole Deal

This one claims to be the best of all post hole diggers.  It boasts ease of use because of its hinged leverage point that opens and closes the digger with little hand movement.  It is perfect for digging straight-sided holes and also holes as deep as 5 feet.  It requires less effort to operate than its other counterparts.  The carbon steels have good edge retention and a long life span.

5. All Metal Post hole Digger

The suppliers of this type have claimed that it fosters more productive digging.

Other Types:

Post hole diggers are also categorized into three categories, which are, hand held, small motor powered and implements.

  1. The Hand Held is the most commonly used and the least expensive post hole digger.  They must be lightweight to reduce the operator’s workload.
  2. The Small Motor is also handheld but is powered by a small motor with a hydraulic system.  They work faster than hand held types.
  3. Implements are designed to be used alongside tractors or other heavy equipment.  They perform well in hard, rocky soils and whenever there is need for speed.

Check out the 8 Best Post Hole Diggers on the market right now:

1. Jackson Dig EZ Post Hole Digger – 1715100

Jackson Dig EZ 1715100
The Jackson dig EZ post hole digger features an innovative design with shaped fiberglass handles to protect knuckle collision. The tempered blades are pointed for maximum penetration with less effort. The travel distance is an ergonomically friendly 40% less than that of standard post hole diggers. The fiberglass handle provides ultimate core strength and durability. The beveled steel carbon head has a 6.21-inch spread, perfect for digging post holes for mailboxes, fences, and flowers.

>> Jackson-Dig-EZ-Post-Hole-Digger-1715100




2. Seymour DG-16 6-1/2-Inch Post Hole Digger

Seymour DG-16 6-1/2-Inch
A heavy-duty digger/wire stretcher. High strength steel pipe handles are welded to square steel shanks and yoke. High carbon steel blades are square cut for digging in heavy and rocky soils. 6.25″ Point spread, 48″ steel handle. Made in USA.

>> Seymour-DG-16-6-1/2-Inch-Post-Hole-Digger




3. Seymour Structron Hercules Post Hole Digger PD48

Seymour Structron Hercules PD48
The Seymour Structron Hercules post hole digger provides maximum strength for the most demanding industrial and commercial digging applications. Built for extra durability, its fiberglass handle has a fiberglass core insert, which reinforces the connection to the head, the point of greatest stress. A cushioned grip provides better grip and comfort. The digger has a 6-1/4-inch point spread.

>> Seymour-Structron-Hercules-Post-Hole-Digger-PD48




4. UnionTools Post Hole Digger, Atlas Pattern – 78003

UnionTools 78003
Quality and performance make UnionTools the choice of both professionals and general consumers. If your next project involves installing a fence, post, mailbox, or basketball hoop, make sure you use the right tool for the job. This post hole digger is perfect for digging those necessary holes and footings and will help you do so without bending over or straining your back.

>> UnionTools-Post-Hole-Digger,Atlas-Pattern-78003




5. Bully Tools 92382 14-Gauge 5.25-Inch Post Hole Digger with Fiberglass Handle

Bully Tools 92382
The Bully Tools 92382 5.5-Inch Post Hole Digger features handles made of heavy-duty fiberglass with triple wall construction and blades made of high-quality 14-gauge steel that measure 9-inches by 5-inches. This post hole digger is great for quickly digging holes for posts, plants and other digging applications. The handle is 47-inches long. The total length of this tool is 59.5-inches. This tool is a must for construction and landscaping. The Bully Tools 92382 comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be confident in the quality of your tools. Whether you’re farming, landscaping or gardening, let Bully Tools’ 100% American-made products make your job easier.

>> Bully-Tools-92382-14-Gauge-5.25-Inch-Post-Hole-Digger-with-Fiberglass-Handle




6. Kodiak Post Hole Digger

Kodiak heavy duty 12 gauge post hole digger. Odiak 9.5 x 6.5 heavy duty 12 gauge 48 handles, overall height – top to bottom: 6″, overall width – side to side: 6″, overall depth – front to back: 60″, overall product weight: 11 lbs.

>> Kodiak-Post-Hole-Digger




7. 48″ GP PH Digger

48 GP PH
Seymour manufacturing dg-100: overall product weight: 8.2, overall height – top to bottom: 58.5, overall width – side to side: 5.25, overall depth – front to back: 4.75.

>> 48″-GP-PH-Digger




8. Seymour Promotional Post Hole Digger with Wood Handle DG-60

Seymour DG-60
The Seymour post hole digger features a 48-inch hardwood handle and a one-piece, carbon steel full-size head. Designed for homeowner use and other occasional applications, the post hole digger is built for durability. Its hardwood handle is square cut and double-bolted for added strength, and the replaceable blades are triple-riveted to thick yokes for long life, as well as sharpened for easier digging.

>> Seymour-Promotional-Post-Hole-Digger-with-Wood-Handle-DG-60