Top 10 Best Pressure Washers 2018

Buying Guide

In this day and age, finding the best pressure washer is no longer the difficult challenge that it used to be. With innovations in highly advanced technologies and affordable manufacturing expenses, the companies in charge of creating innovative pressure washers, as well as the retailers who advertise them have been able to offer homeowners increasingly improved deals.

Best Pressure Washers

With more than 30 years of experience with advanced pressure washer technology, I’ve owned a fair enough number of these machines to realize that researching the right information, looking for a good PSI value and finding a well-designed pick-up tube will likely set you on the right path towards locating the most suitable product.

Through informative tips and pressure washer reviews, this article was designed explicitly to help you with this task and find the best pressure washers available at an affordable cost.

Choosing the best pressure washer

Pressure washers are designed to help you clean virtually everything, from various areas of the exterior of your house to patio furniture, your roof or even your car. Despite the fact that pressure washing is not the only method available, it is certainly one of the quickest and most efficient.

The process that allows pressure washers to be so efficient is made possible by a powerful electric or gas powered engine that shoots water out through the tip of a narrow wand up at a pressure of up to 50 times stronger than that of your common garden hose. The increased pressure allows for a more thorough cleaning process for anything from dust and dirt on your patio to hardened mold in areas more difficult to access, and the addition of interchangeable tips can make cleaning debris off different types of surfaces much easier.

Some of the most reliable pressure washers are designed to use up less water, providing a higher degree of efficiency, while using a simple siphon tube for adding detergent, bleach and other cleaning materials. Also, their superior construction makes cleaning a snap with the use of advanced gun assemblies.

Depending on your cleaning needs, there may be less need to invest in a high end cleaning device. Pressure washers are available in all shapes and sizes, and depending on their PSI output, energy consumption and portability, you can find the perfect affordable choice for your daily needs.

Today, there is no need to rent large, expensive pressure washers for $40-50 per day. The latest technology allows for the purchase and use of far more accessible, mobile and overall easy to use machines in exchange for a one-time purchase of $100-500 on average.

Understanding the Power of Pressure Washers

The most important choice you’ll have to make before selecting a pressure washer is whether you’ll want an electric or gas powered one. Now, electric pressure washers are more quiet and overall easier to use, however, they also have a power output of less than half of what a gas powered machine is capable of.

The factor that determines the strength of your washer is its PSI (pounds per square inch) output. This figure defines the amount of water the machine blasts out per every square inch. While electric pressure washers will generally fall between 500 and 1500 PSI, the most advanced gas powered washers can reach values of 1500 to even 3000 PSI.

Unlike the pressure differences, the cutting ability of each type of washer varies exponentially to the point that some gas powered machines can have up to 10 times more cutting power than electric ones. This means that, if you need your new pressure washer to perform admirably on complex tasks, beyond light chlorinating, you will likely need a gas powered washer.

On the other hand, while gas engines definitely outperform electric motors when it comes to anything from applying bleach to quickly removing loose paint, these machines are also louder (averaging about 82 DB, as opposed to the 75 decibel output of electric pressure washers), as well as more dangerous. Due to their increased power, gas pressure washers can damage fragile surfaces, and they also demand the careful study of various safety measures and precautions.

You have to know how to operate these machines properly to avoid damaging the area you want to clean, as well as to prevent personal injury. A good example would be using a zero degree tip on 2500 PSI. This setting can do considerable damage to wooden materials and even cement, so when coming in contact with the human body, it can cause serious injuries.

Important Criteria for the Selection of Pressure Washers

When hunting for the best pressure washer, it can be highly essential to know what you’re looking for. Here are some of the more important aspects and considerations to keep in mind before buying your first pressure washers:

  • Electric washers are usually the best choice for small tasks and light cleaning. As a result of their lower pressure, electric pressure washers are safer, easier to operate, more mobile and less likely to do any consistent damage. Silent once the trigger was released, electric washers can be very efficient for periodic household cleaning tasks, but they will not usually perform well with tougher surfaces.
  • As often mentioned in pressure washer reviews, gas pressure washers can deliver impressive results in most cases. If you need a gas powered washer, it is best to stay somewhere in the vicinity of 2000-3000 PSI. Anything more is likely to damage your objects and surfaces. For painting and tough jobs, however, these machines are considered to be the best.
  • The best pressure washers should be easy to manage, set-up and move around. They are light, since they often have to be moved during the cleaning process, and they should come with light, well-balanced wheels, a durable frame and a hose that can easily be stored or taken out depending on your needs.
  • The motors and pumps that pressure washers use are also highly essential. For electric washers, an induction motor would be the best choice, since it’s silent, uses up less power and stays cool while operating. An advanced gas pressure washer will be water cooled in the case of pumps running through thermal release valves. To prevent overheating and breakdown, make sure the water faucet is always on when you turn on the machine.
  • Understanding tip sizes and the differences between the pressures needed to deal with various surfaces is essential for safety and easy cleaning. The rule here is that the smaller the orifice, the greater pressure the machine will produce, so a 40 degree tip would have the most volume, while lower (25, 15 and 0) degree tips will provide higher water pressure. High pressure machines will usually use interchangeable tips, while low pressure ones may allow for adjustable size nozzles.
  • Safety is also extremely important. Consumer reports show that there are more than 2500 injuries each year as a result of the inappropriate use of pressure washers. The most common are eye injuries resulting from the improper use of bleach and chemicals, as well as burns from gas powered devices and debris bouncing back during the cleaning process.
  • Placing the wrong size tip or holding the wand too close to the surface you’re trying to clean can do considerable damage. You can end up splintering or scarring the surface, or even causing irreparable damage if the pressure output is too powerful.
  • Finally, consider the warranty and the service costs required for the machine you’re buying. As a rule, pressure washers don’t last very long, and even some of the best in the industry as presented on this website are rated at life spans of about 5 years, provided that they are properly maintained and taken care of. A one-year warranty on electric machines and a two-year warranty on the motor and pump for gas pressure washers should normally be enough.

Tips on What to Avoid

  • When starting the cleaning process it is best to keep the tip at a safe 4 feet away from the surface. Later on, you can adjust the distance depending on the pressure you need.
  • It is highly important to protect your eyes at all time using safety goggles, especially when dealing with dangerous cleaning compounds.
  • Always check your surroundings before starting. Make sure the water jet will not harm any people, pets, plants, fabrics or cars, and check all windows and doors when using a pressure washer on your house’s walls.
  • Avoid turning the tip towards electric outlets, wires or devices such as screens or air conditioning systems.
  • Zero degree tips are extremely dangerous. Use extra caution whenever you need to utilize them.

Additional Useful Tips

To keep your pressure washers working properly, pump and motor maintenance is essential. The rest of the parts are generally less expensive and easier to replace.

One of the maintenance precautions that are most important when it comes to electric pressure washers is the addition of commercial grade extension cords and heavy-gauge extension cords. Most experts will tell you not to use extension cords at all, but if you need to, it may be best to first check the instruction manual. Normally, a 14-gauge cord would work best for distances up to 25 feet, while a 12-gauge cord would be needed when it comes to distances between 25 and 50 feet.

Typically, a gas powered washer will need more maintenance than an electric one. Regular tune-ups, fuel stabilizers and regularly changing the spark plug are some of the most important ones, however, you also have to frequently check the oil and make sure you account for weather condition changes, especially when it comes to challenging winter temperatures.

In all cases, it would be good to keep a close eye on plastic connectors, and if possible replace them with reinforced steel or brass ones. Also, make sure there are no kinks during the storage and operation of pressure lines.

Finally, it’s also a good idea before even starting your pressure washer to apply the cleaning solution on a dry surface and leave it to do its work for a considerable amount of time. Also, you can reduce stains and drips by applying the solution for the bottom up when chlorinating various surfaces.

These methods, combined with the right hand tools and the best pressure washing technology can, in many cases, lead to faster and highly improved results regardless of the project you need to work on.

Please feel free to use the guidelines, tips provided on this website to get informed on how to buy the best models for your needs at an affordable price.

Check out the 10 Best Pressure Washers on the market right now:

#1. Pressure Pro E3027HC 3.0 GPM Honda Gas Powered Pressure Washer, 2,700 PSI

  • Pressure Pro E3027HC Professional 2700 PSI Gas Pressure Washer has revolutionary aircraft grade aluminum frame with dual handles
  • It can push 3 gallons per minute
  • The 50 mesh inlet filter protects the engine from any unwanted dirt and has an easy to adjust pressure unloader and a low oil indicator shut down
  • The pneumatic tires are great for any surface with dual padded shock absorbing feet
  • The commercial grade engines provide long lasting run time and includes a thermo sensor to prevent overheating the unit and is good for washing vehicles, brightening wood, cleaning siding, removing stains and stripping paint

Pressure Pro E3027HC

Pros: compact, takes up very little space, easy to start, easy to move around, the gun is solid and well made, it built with quality materials, seems to suggest durability for long time use, lightweight with fittings for the water and gun hoses, Honda GX engines are great and they run relatively quiet, packs a lot of power, someone ran it for almost 8 hours straight on a job with no problems …

Cons: the carriage bolts for attaching the handle are very easy to over tighten and brake …

=> Pressure-Pro-E3027HC-3.0-GPM-Honda-Gas-Powered-Pressure-Washer-2700-PSI





#2. YAMAHA 2.8 GPM Pressure Washer, 3000 PSI

  • The Yamaha PW3028 Pressure Washer is gas-powered with a multifunctional spray nozzle
  • Its water-pressure output rating of 2.8 gallons per minute at up to 3000 PSI is ideal for removing dirt, debris and grime from residential outdoor surfaces, plus its safe to use on vehicles and boats
  • The Yamaha PW3028 Pressure Washer comes with a Yamaha 192cc 4-stroke engine, which powers an all-brass, industry-standard reciprocating Triplex pump manufactured by Cat
  • The pressure washer has a 1.5 gallon fuel tank that provides plenty of operating time
  • The nozzle of the Yamaha 3000 PSI pressure washer is adjustable for spraying at 3 different angles and has a pivoting spray tip with 5 different spray settings
  • The pressure washer also comes with a low-pressure nozzle for washing delicate surfaces
  • The nozzle-gun handle of the Yamaha gas pressure washer rotates 360 degrees for ergonomic control


Pros: you won’t find a better pressure washer for the money, it is made of high quality parts, very durable and very versatile, the quick disconnects are awesome and don’t leak one drop, huge gas tank, solid tires, powerful, professional-level machine, there are two spray patterns for the full force 3000 pressure wash, starts on the first pull, idle down works well, recommend this product anyone from a homeowner to a professional, won’t be disappointed if you buy this …

Cons: the starter cord handle was a little bigger so someone can get a better grip …

=> YAMAHA-2.8-GPM-Pressure-Washer-3000-PSI





#3. Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot 2.8 GPM Honda GX200 Engine Gas Pressure Washer, 3200 PSI

  • Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the cleaning pro, the SIMPSON PowerShot is very powerful, yet extremely compact, easy to transport, set-up and load
  • Perfect for contractors who specialize in deck cleaning, wood restoration, paint preparation, graffiti removal, and all other professional cleaning services
  • Equipped with commercial series HONDA GX OHV engines that are built with high-quality components and designed for optimum performance in the harshest environments
  • Honda engines are paired with AAA industrial triplex plunger pumps, a brand with a history of over 40 years of innovation
  • AAA pumps are equipped with patent pending PowerBoost technology that provides higher pressure at the nozzle, resulting in greater impact and cleaning performance.
  • Please note that all of our pressure washers are 100% functionally tested in the factory and may contain minimum residual fuel or fuel odor
  • This is a new machine and a gas odor is normal and expected

Simpson PS3228-S

Pros: nice washer for the money, fast shipment, a wonderful tool for the home and ranch, it consistently delivers on power and dependability, smooth running, Honda motor and General pump work flawlessly together, has lots of washing power, the inter-changeable nozzles are easy to switch, soap dispenser works great …

Cons: you can’t use standard pipe connectors on the pump or wand, it does not come with quick connections for the hose …

=> Simpson-PS3228-S-PowerShot-2.8-GPM-Honda-GX200-Engine-Gas-Pressure-Washer-3200-PSI





#4. Generac 6602 OneWash 4-In-1 Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer, 3,100 PSI

  • The Generac 6602 One WASH Residential Power Dial Gas Powered Pressure Washer is designed to be a 4-in-1 tool with variable pressure technology and application specific settings to provide optimal pressure and water flow for multiple cleaning applications
  • This power washer is perfect for washing cars, decks, siding and masonry with a simple turn of a dial
  • The powerful Generac 212cc OHV Engine delivers up to 3100-PSI (pounds per square inch) and 2.8-GPM (gallons per minute) with less effort for efficient cleaning
  • The consolidated control panel is clearly marked, up front and centralized for quick, easy starting and adjustment
  • Users can select from (4) specific cleaning tasks on the power dial and the Generac 6602 automatically adjusts to deliver the right balance of pressure and water flow for the cleaning application
  • The axial cam pump is well above the ground, making hose connections easy
  • The cushion grip spray gun with easy-to-pull reverse trigger provides greater comfort and reduces fatigue during cleaning and the rear hose connection on the spray gun provides better balance and comfort
  • The Generac 6602 One WASH has large 11-inch never flat wheels that provide balanced, effortless mobility for easy transport regardless of terrain
  • Other features include a folding handle to provide quick and compact storage, a drainable on-board 0.75-gallon detergent tank for easy chemical removal and tank cleaning, (3) cleaning nozzles (0-degrees, 25-degrees and Soap) with onboard storage and a 30-foot PVC hose
  • The Generac 6602 One WASH Residential Power Dial Gas Powered Pressure Washer comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  • Note: This model is not for sale in California/non-CARB compliant

Generac 6602

Pros: great for all sorts of around-the-property chores, amazing flexibility, started right up and works great, you’ll love the multiple pressure settings and nozzles, the variable speed control is great, cuts through grime and mildew on concrete quickly and without using any chemicals, it can be used for delicate jobs as well as heavy duty jobs, meet or exceeded everything it’s advertised to do …

Cons: no downside whatsoever …

=> Generac-6602-OneWash-4-In-1-PowerDial-2.8-GPM-212cc-OHV-Gas-Powered-Residential-Pressure-Washer-3100-PSI





#5. Powerstroke PS80519B Gas Pressure Washer, 2200 PSI

  • The Powerstroke 2200 PSI, 2.0 GPM rated gas pressure washer with its ultra-compact frame and powerful 140cc motor is for those who like to keep their belongings neat and clean season after season
  • This machine comes with one 25 foot long, 3/8 inch diameter, non-marring, high pressure hose, two precision high pressure fan nozzles, 25 and 40 degree, one low pressure soap nozzle, and a trigger handle with a chrome plated spray wand with quick connect nozzle coupler
  • This machine features convenient onboard storage for the hose, trigger gun, wand and nozzles so transport and storage are a breeze
  • This unit is perfect for cleaning decks, patios, walkways, siding, cars, furniture, and other outdoor equipment
  • Because this pressure washer is PWMA certified you can be confident that what you see is what you get
  • Simple assembly required

Powerstroke PS80519B

Pros: powerful and effective washer, it is well built, makes more than ample pressure for cleaning anything, runs a very long time with very little gas, light and easy to maneuver, well balanced, perfect for the homeowner, little maintenance, save money and buy this washer …

Cons: it comes with oil, but is a gas engine …

=> Powerstroke-PS80519B-Gas-Pressure-Washer-2200-PSI





#6. Karcher K 3.000 Follow Me 1.3GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 1800 PSI

  • Unique Four Wheel Base – Follows while you clean. Equipped with oversized rear wheels and durable front casters
  • Designed to manuever over and around most obstacles
  • Quick Connect System on All Hose Connectsions Makes set-up fast and easy, simply push and click into place
  • N-Cor Pump – Durable, non-corrosive pump. Self priming and siphon capable: Draw from a standing or collected water source
  • Molded Trigger Gun Storage – Securely store trigger gun
  • Onboard Removable Detergent Tank
  • Child Saftey Lock on the Trigger Gun
  • DirtBlaster Spray Wand for up to 50% more pressure!
  • Vario Power Spray (VPS) Wand adjusts water pressure level right at the wand

Karcher K 3.000

Pros: the wheels are handy and make it easier to use, with the follow-along feature it won’t tip over and take unneeded abuse, a pressure washer that follows you, terrific little machine, strong enough for home use, fairly quiet, the pull along feature is great, it has the capability to be used in many places like the roof …

Cons: the nozzles won’t hold on the rack on top of the washer …

=> Karcher-K-3.000-Follow-Me-1.3GPM-Electric-Pressure-Washer-1800-PSI





#7. Sun Joe SPX3000 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 2030 PSI

  • Power. Performance. Versatility
  • The Pressure Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer delivers it all to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks: homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment and more
  • Packed with an 1800-Watt/14.5-amp motor, the Pressure Joe SPX 3000 generates up to 2030 PSI of water pressure and 1.76 GPM of water flow for maximum cleaning power
  • Remove tar and grease from concrete, heavy mildew stains, oil stains, rust from steel, caked mud on equipment, and other stubborn gunk and grime
  • Equipped with a dual detergent tank system the Pressure Joe SPX3000 carries and stores two different types of detergent simultaneously in its two .9L onboard removable detergent tanks
  • Conveniently switch between different detergents with its detergent selection dial and blast away all sorts of grime
  • Its 34-inch extension spray wand and rear wheels provide easy maneuverability and access to hard-to-reach areas such as 2 story buildings and the undersides of the automotive vehicles and lawn equipment
  • Tailor the pressure output of the spray to your cleaning needs with Pressure Joe’s five quick spray nozzles
  • Other features include: 20 foot high pressure hose, 35 foot power cord, garden hose adaptor, and a TSS (Total Stop System) trigger that automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged
  • The SPX3000 comes with a full two year warranty and is CSA listed

Sun Joe SPX3000

Pros: great little pressure washer if you don’t want gas, lot of power for small to medium jobs, inexpensive, effective, portability, storability, functions well, plenty powerful, it shuts off the pump when you release the trigger, the 5 different types of nozzles are easy to switch back and forth, this unit handled both jobs perfectly, recommend over a gas machine for ease of use …

Cons: it’s very hard to hand tighten due to the tight space, the cord hanger is a bit small for hanging the cord unless cord is tightly wound …

=> Sun-Joe-SPX3000-1.76-GPM-Electric-Pressure-Washer-2030-PSI





#8. THE FORCE 2000 POWERHOUSE INTERNATIONAL 1.6 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 2000 PSI

  • This High-Powered Workhorse will be the Envy of the Neighborhood!
  • THE FORCE 2000 is the all-in-one cleaning champion of cold water electric pressure washers
  • The high powered washer is equipped with the Total Stop System (TSS) trigger gun which has a trigger safety switch and brush motor shuts off automatically when the trigger is released
  • This prolongs the motor life of your washer
  • Additional accessories include a spinning patio cleaner, an adjustable nozzle which adjusts the spray from wide fan to pencil point, and spinning turbo nozzle which removes dirt and debris from most surfaces
  • THE FORCE 2000 also boasts a foldable handle and attached hose reel that keeps the hose from tangling or kinking
  • As well as an attachable soap/ foam bottle that adjusts the amount of soap dispensed with a quick twist
  • Take a look at the pictures below to see how nicely the accessories store on this unit
  • For your safety, a GFCI plug and automatic safety valve with low pressure by-pass is standard on all Powerhouse International models
  • The pressure washers are CE, GS, ROHS an EMC certified
  • You will absolutely “LOVE” how well this product cleans!
  • Please note: This item is electric (not gas) and does not have universal fittings, they are specially made for the washer


Pros: great pressure washer for the money, shipping was very fast, great for patio cleanup, light, easy to use, very powerful, performance and value benefit is super high, has a lot of power for an electric pressure washer, easy to connect to a garden hose, adjustable nozzle is very helpful, it has all the attachments you could need, the folding system works beautifully, the hose reel makes storage much easier …

Cons: no problems …

=> THE-FORCE-2000-POWERHOUSE-INTERNATIONAL-1.6-GPM-Electric-Pressure-Washer-2000-PSI





#9. Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 Electric Pressure Washer, 1800 PSI

  • Electric pressure washers are the ideal way to efficiently clean siding, driveways, cars, patio furniture, and lawn equipment with the power of pressurized water jets
  • 1800 PSI and 1.5 GPM gives this unit the power to spray and scrape away grit and grime with ease
  • A 120-Volt, 14-Amp universal motor is lightweight and reliable, as well as being quiet, odorless, and having zero emissions
  • The instant start/stop feature automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged, prolonging the life of the pump
  • A swivel adaptor on the hose fitting allows it to easily connect to your garden hose
  • When you want to add a bit of detergent for even deeper cleaning, an onboard detergent tank holds one liter of any high pressure water solution
  • This pressure washer includes a 20-Foot high pressure hose with spray gun, an adjustable fan lance, a turbo lance and a 35-foot GFCI-equipped power cord, all of which can be stored in the convenient on-board storage

Campbell Hausfeld PW1825

Pros: it shipped very fast, can’t beat the price, very good for cleaning house siding or outdoor furniture and vehicles, not heavy like some gasoline power washers, no having to worry about gas, nice addition to your home, recommend this pressure washer to anyone looking for a great deal on a quality tool …

Cons: a bit bulky but it does the job, it leaks a little bit at connection but for around the house jobs it’s wonderful …

=> Campbell-Hausfeld-PW1825-Electric-Pressure-Washer-1800-PSI





#10. AR Blue Clean AR383 1.5 GPM Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel, 1,900 PSI

  • The AR Blue Clean AR383 electric pressure washer quickly blasts away dirt, mold, moss and grime to reveal a fresh clean look
  • Pressure clean wood surfaces like decks, siding and fences clean to look new again with no need to sand, scrape, or paint
  • Safe to use on most concrete, stone and stucco surfaces
  • Clean cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs and bicycles in minutes
  • Don’t forget patio furniture, garbage cans, pet cages, lawn mowers, outdoor equipment and much more
  • The AR383 electric pressure washer features a 1.5 HP with 13 AMP universal motor and tri-axial pressure washer plunger pump delivering a peak 1900 PSI to make it a powerful, durable and reliable electric pressure washer
  • Much quieter than a gasoline pressure washer
  • The AR383 is certified by CSA International for safety

AR Blue Clean AR383

Pros: great little power washer, good home pressure washer, excellent price, fast shipping, packaged and functioned beautifully, unbelievably lightweight, long power cord and hose, nice smooth running machine, does a terrific job cleaning patio and concrete sidewalks, cleaned walk-in shower tiles without damaging grout, it stores well …

Cons: the leaking hose connector is annoying, pipe winding is kinda flimsy …

=> AR-Blue-Clean-AR383-1.5-GPM-Electric-Pressure-Washer-with-Hose-Reel-1900-PSI