Top 7 Best Pressureless Tennis Balls 2018

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Pressureless tennis balls are an underestimated option when trying to keep the cost of playing tennis affordable. There is an interesting fact when one does a comparison of a pressurized tennis ball and a pressure less tennis ball. If one were to compare them when they were both new the experience would be that the one with pressure is very bouncy and has great spin response while the pressureless ball is stiffer and has less bounce. This is really only true the very first time they are used because soon the “playing field” changes very quickly.

Best Pressureless Tennis BallOver time the pressurized one loses pressure and also their bounce and spin response, which is why they are replaced almost daily. What can be expected from a pressureless ball, which is also referred to as a practice ball, is that they improve in performance the more they are played. The pressure less tennis ball gets lighter as the fuzz wears off and their bounce and spin response increase. Amazing!

While the average novice player will run out and spend a small fortune on new tennis balls that are pressurized, it is the experienced players that purchase the pressureless balls in bulk. The simple fact that they are cheaper is not the only reason that experienced players use them in practice. The fact that the practice balls improve with age simulate actual game play much more so than using old tennis balls that have gone….flat. Pressureless tennis balls never…. ever go flat and last many times longer than the ones filled with pressure.

What happens to pressurized tennis balls is that they lose their bounce as the air inside seeps out through the rubber.  Over time the fuzz will wear off the ball and this only speeds up the process of deflation. It is quite interesting that the exact opposite occurs when the fuzz wears off an unpressurized tennis ball. As the fuzz wears off the ball gets lighter and the bounce and spin improve. The interesting twist is that while a pressurized ball ages it becomes worthless, while the pressureless ball only becomes a better ball.

The end result is that if you are interested in playing tennis that you should really stock up on pressureless tennis balls, unless you have great wealth. If money is no object and you do not need to look for used or cheap tennis balls, then just go ahead and start a subscription to receive new balls. If you want to get in a great practice that is also affordable, then just order some pressureless ones and use them when you practice while saving the more costly pressurized balls for actual matches. The money you save will be you own.

Check out the 7 Best Pressureless Tennis Balls on the market right now:

1. Gamma Sports Pressureless Practice Tennis Balls – Pack of 60

Gamma Sports Pack of 60
You can instruct tennis novices or work on your own game with the Gamma® 60-pack of pressureless practice balls. Each practice ball’s 2-tone color scheme visually aids in spin development drills. Perfect balls for ball machines, teaching and general practice. Features gamma’s ultra-durable rubber core and heavy duty felt for hours of consistent performance. The two-tone balls aid in teaching spin Control. Package includes 60 tennis balls.

>> Gamma-Sports-Pressureless-Practice-Tennis-Balls-Pack-of-60




2. Gamma Sports Bucket or Bag of Pressureless Tennis Balls

Gamma Sports Bucket or Bag
Gamma pressureless tennis ball bucket-o-balls – unleash your champion. Complete with 48 Pressureless tennis balls, our Bucket-o-Balls is sure to be your next favorite tennis accessory! These high quality pressureless balls , will not lose their bounce over time and will allow you to keep enjoying your tennis sessions under any circumstances! Unlike standard pressured tennis balls that lose pressure with time and go dead the more you use them, the pressureless balls will provide you with maximum value-for-money experience, maximum durability & fun!

>> Gamma-Sports-Bucket-or-Bag-of-Pressureless-Tennis-Balls




3. Tourna PressureLess Ball (Pack of 60)

Tourna Pack of 60
Tourna Pressure less tennis balls never go dead and include 60 pressure less tennis balls per pack. They are ideal for practice and for throwing machines.

>> Tourna-PressureLess-Ball-(Pack-of-60)




4. Penn Pressureless 48-Ball Bucket

Penn 48-Ball Bucket
Practice every stroke in your arsenal without fetching balls after every third stroke with the Penn Pressureless 48-ball bucket. Ideal for ball machines and individual practice, the balls are made of high-quality felt, giving them the same action and feel you’ve come to expect from Penn. The reusable plastic bucket, meanwhile, includes a handle for easy transport.

>> Penn-Pressureless-48-Ball-Bucket




5. Wilson Pressureless Tennis Balls (18-Pack)

Wilson 18-Pack
The Wilson Pressure less Tennis Balls are great for tennis practice sessions. The superior quality of the rubber shell ensures that these balls do not lose their bounce over time. They work well for practices with ball machines because they easily stand up to heavy usage. The tennis training balls come in a reusable mesh bag with 18 balls per package.

>> Wilson-Pressureless-Tennis-Balls-(18-Pack)




6. Briton Tennis Balls with Mesh Carrying Bag, Pack of 24

Briton’s Tennis Balls are pressureless & won’t lose their bounce like standard balls. They actually gain bounce over time, for maximum, long lasting performance. For long lasting performance, the tennis balls are constructed from a durable rubber shell structure that delivers amazing bounce that only improves with time. It comes in a convenient bonus mesh carrying bag that makes it easy for you to store and locate your tennis balls. This package comes with 24 tennis balls so you always have an extra on hand. They are ideal for parties, trips with large groups, or teaching lessons to a group.

>> Briton-Tennis-Balls-with-Mesh-Carrying-Bag,Pack-of-24




7. Hello Kitty Sports Tennis Pressureless Practice Balls (12-Pack)

Hello Kitty 12-Pack
Hello Kitty Tennis Balls are low compression balls that travel slower than a standard ball making it easier and more fun for beginning players to learn the game. 12-pack hello kitty tennis balls. Stylish carrying tote. Semi pressurized.

>> Hello-Kitty-Sports-Tennis-Pressureless-Practice-Balls-(12-Pack)