Top 11 Best Pull Up Bars 2018

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If you want to get more exercise into your daily life then you must join a gym and pay regular visits. Otherwise, if you do not have sufficient time to be regular at gym; then installing a pull up bar in your room is a great idea. The bar would really encourage you to perform pull up exercises – the exercises that are characterized by an upper body compound pulling action.

Best Pull Up Bars

Usually the motion involved in a pull up is that your body stays suspended by your arms gripping a fixed bar. Here you pull your body up using the strength of your arms until your elbows are fully bent and the head gets higher than your hands. However, the body should not swing while executing this motion. It mainly depends on solely your upper body power.

Reasons why the pull up bars are more beneficial and useful are discussed in subsequent lines.

1. Acts as Reminder for Exercise

This first benefit of installing a pull up bar in your room is more a psychological one than anything else. A pull up bar in your room keeps reminding you that you are yet to take on the exercise for that day. It is highly beneficial and helpful to get you to continually focus on exercise; and acts as a powerful motivator to exercise since it is basically staring you in the face each time you are entering your room. So, you will immediately associate the bar with the drive or push to exercise. As it is well said that ‘Out of sight is out of mind’; when the exercise equipment is far away, as in a place that you do not frequently visit, the tendency is to overlook the practice since you may push it to the back of your mind. On the contrary, with the exercise equipment welcoming you every time you are in your room, it is going to be a difficult task for you to escape it.

2. Multiple Muscle Exercises

A pull up bar, whether at home or gym, benefits you with multiple types and categories of exercises with a single apparatus. Pull ups are a compound. Most of the work during a standard pull up is dedicated on your lat muscles, yet at the same time, a tributary exercise is also delivered to your biceps, rhomboids, traps, chest and forearms.

3. A Little Goes a Long Way

To adopt an effective pull up routine, you do not need to be aggressive right in the opening. Doing pull ups is a no-pressure exercise because if you can only do one or two at the beginning, that really suffices. Just do not give it up and repeat the exercise several times during the day. Go for as many repetitions as you can comfortably do. Resultantly, the good that will come out of this activity is that you will eventually build up the stamina to do more than just a few after only not many days.

4. Non-Powered Equipment

A pull up bar needs to electric power for its operation. No external source is required to set it go. It is a simple appliance, which is mechanically fixed and physically utilized to attain the multiple objectives in terms of many exercises.

Types of Pull Up Bar

1. Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar


Ceiling mounted pull-up bar is designed to be mounted to ceiling. It is suitable for rooms with low ceilings, for example, in prefab apartments. It is also suitable for garages, basements, or anywhere where you cannot mount the pull-up bar on a wall. Ceiling mounted pull-up bar is made of thick-walled, steel profiles and it is protected with highly resistant textured comaxite varnish. Handles are not knurled, however, roughness of the varnish prevents your hands from slipping. Thanks to its construction and proportions the ceiling pull-up bar provides maximum comfort while exercising.

On the ceiling mounted pull-up bar you can perform exercises for your back, belly, and arms.

2. Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar


Wall mounted Pull-up Bar is designed to be mounted on a wall. Wall mounted Pull-up bar is made of thick-walled, steel profiles and protected with resistant textured comaxite varnish. Handles are not knurled; however, roughness of the varnish prevents your hands from slipping. The sufficient distance of handles from a wall provides maximum comfort when exercising (an exerciser do not touch or chafing against the wall while exercising).

On the wall mounted pull-up bar you can perform exercises for your back, belly, and arms.

3. Adjustable Pull Up Bar


The adjustable pull-up bar enables you to adjust the height of the bar for all differently tall exercisers (there is possible to set 7 various positions). Thus both men and generally smaller women, or children can exercise on this bar. Adjusting the height is possible thanks to two rails with flanges, which are attached to a wall and so they substitute for hanging the bar on wall bars. Moreover, the bar can be turned into parallel bars so you can do more exercises on the bar. The adjustable pull-up bar is made of thick-walled, steel profiles and it is protected with highly resistant textured comaxite varnish. Handles are not knurled, however, roughness of the varnish prevents your hands from slipping. The sufficient distance of handles from a wall provides maximum comfort while exercising (an exerciser do not touch or chafing against the wall while exercising).

On the adjustable pull-up bar you can perform exercises for your back, belly, chest, and arms.

4. Doorway pull-up bar


The doorway pull-up bar is designed to be set into the upper part of a door (between doorframes). The doorway pull-up bar is ether suitable for hanging – stretching your muscles – or for performing exercises on it. The fundamental part of the doorway pull-up bar is a steel pipe. The rollers which are drilled in the doorframes are used for fixing the pull-up bar, and they will fit into holes at the both ends after setting the bar. The doorway pull-up bar is made of thick-walled, steel profiles, and protected with resistant textured comaxite varnish. Handles are not knurled; however, roughness of the varnish prevents your hands from slipping. It is important to fix the pull-up bar properly. If you do not fix the bar with screws, or you buy a pull-up bar which do not come with such fixing, you will run the risk of hurting yourself while exercising (the pull-up bar might come loose and fall down)! The disadvantage of the doorway pull-up bar is not having much space around you and above the bar while exercising.

On the doorway pull-up bar you can perform exercises for your back, belly, and arms.

Check out the 11 Best Pull Up Bars on the market right now:

#1. All-in-one Stand Alone Pull up Bar

  • This portable pull up bar is perfect for people who don’t want a big bulky “tower” that you can’t move
  • You can assemble and disassemble the product in a minute (no tools required)
  • It comes in 7 pieces (all under 45″ in length) and fits in a 48″x8″x8″ box
  • This product is also a “transformer”
  • In its “normal” configuration, it is 7 feet tall, and the top bar lets you do pull ups, chin ups, and “neutral-grip” pull ups
  • You can adjust the height in 4″ increments
  • In its “dipping” configuration, you take off the top half, so that the top bar is 3.5 feet high, allowing you to do dips, inclined pull ups, and and inclined push ups
  • Again, you can adjust the height in 4″ increments
  • The construction is rock-solid, hand-welded by guys who make trapeze rigging that people trust their life to
  • The system can easily handle 350 pounds without bending
  • The product is made entirely of aluminum, so its lightweight but won’t rust
  • This product is proudly designed and manufactured completely in the USA

All-in-one Stand AlonePros: portable pull up bar stand, it is lightweight, easily moved to different places, very solid when it is put together, with proper attention to the balance its very stable, incredibly sturdy and strong, easy to assemble and disassemble, great for those with limited space, can fold away after use, this is a very versatile piece of equipment, adjustable height allows additional exercises …

Cons: it’s a little wobbly, can’t use this such as the iron gym due to the way the doors are configured …

=> All-in-one-Stand-Alone-Pull-up-Bar





#2. Promountings Pull Chin Up Bar

  • Designed by PRO Mountings the original I-beam Pull-Up Bar easily mount to any steel I-beam from 3-1/2″ to 10″ wide
  • It has 3 Different Grip Positions and has a certified and tested 500lb Weight Limit!!
  • All Mounting Hardware is Included
  • Used by professional trainers, athletes, military troops and commercial gyms this pull up bar is designed to last!

PromountingsPros: customer service was excellent, fast shipping, industrial strength pull up bar, terrific product and sturdy, top quality, extremely safe, easy install, solid construction, the grip bar have more hand grip positions, you can do all the pull-ups your body can handle, a little expensive but worth it …

Cons: its a lot pricier than a lot of other diy i-beam solutions …

=> Promountings-Pull-Chin-Up-Bar





#3. Stud Bar Pull Up Bar

  • Stud Bar is a ceiling or wall mountable pull up bar designed for those looking for a sturdy fixed mount bar
  • Stud Bar is available in 3 sizes to accommodate varying ceiling heights
  • Stud Bar is 48″ wide allowing it’s mounting holes to center on your existing ceiling or wall studs for easy mounting
  • Stud Bar is a gym quality pull up bar made using 14 gauge steel with triangular gussets for added strength
  • Stud Bar can support up to 600 lbs
  • The bar is 1 1/4″ diameter for a comfortable grip
  • Hammer tone powder coated finish
  • Wood mounting hardware included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Patent pending
  • Please measure your ceiling prior to ordering

StudPros: commercial grade workout product, outstanding product, this thing is solid as a rock, high quality thick gauge steel, nice thick bar, very stable, will accommodate very wide grip pull-up, perfect for high ceilings, easy installation with step by step video instructions on the product website …

Cons: the bar is pretty slick so suggest taping it or sanding it as they suggested …

=> Stud-Bar-Pull-Up-Bar





#4. CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar with 300-Pound Capacity

  • Turn the walls or ceiling of your garage into a pull up rack without having to buy a pull up rack!
  • The CFF Pull Up Bar is a heavy-duty, commercial quality stud/joist mounted system
  • The 46 inch wide bar sits 30 inches out from the wall to allow for all types of pull up and rig work
  • The installation is straight forward and all of the hardware is included
  • The CFF Pull Up bar has been over engineered so that it can support users up to 300 pounds

CFF Wall/Ceiling MountedPros: dimension fit wall studs perfectly, very burly pull up bar, sturdy stable and strong, easy to mount, the bar is smooth and no grips, frame is solid, great size to do pull-ups, large and sturdy enough to put two bodies one for pull ups at once, great investment for the price …

Cons: the hardware was scattered throughout the box …

=> CFF-Wall/Ceiling-Mounted-Pull-Up-Bar-with-300-Pound-Capacity





#5. Ultimate Body Press Wall or 9ft Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar

  • Stylish and durable white powdercoat finish compliments your decor
  • Precision 48″ on-center mount holes are universal fit for 16″ and 24″ ceiling joists or wall studs
  • High clearance 22″ risers are ideal for 9′ ceilings and provide room for HIIT exercises even when wall mounted
  • Jig welded gusseted risers support 450 lbs for ceiling mount – 350 lbs for wall mount
  • 1.25″ diameter steel bar with Perfect Grip Hammertone textured Bar for a secure comfortable grip
  • Mounting template, hardware and complete assembly instructions provided
  • USA tech support and 100% satisfaction guarantee

Ultimate Body Press Wall or 9ftPros: great size and texture on the bar, it is 48″ and easily mounts on studs that are 16″ or 24″ on center, there are a total of 4 contacts to hold it to the ceiling – not just 2, it held your weight and felt very sturdy, everything is straight and exactly how it is supposed to be, best of the bunch for price point …

Cons: the bar is a little too thin for someone hands …

=> Ultimate-Body-Press-Wall-or-9ft-Ceiling-Mount-Pull-Up-Bar





#6. Ultimate Body Press Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar

  • Rapidly develop shoulder, arm and back strength with the top rated Joist Mount Pull Up Bar by Ultimate Body Press
  • Easily mounted to any exposed beam in your home, the joist mount pull up bar targets distinct muscle groups with three grip positions including ideal 21” spacing on the parallel grips, 42 inches of overall width and 14 inches of riser height for plenty of room to move for wide grip pull ups, chin ups, and a host of expanded upper body exercises
  • The Joist Mount Pull Up Bar gets the results you want – fast
  • Made with thick wall steel and bolted to the structure of your home, the Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar is the rock solid alternative to a doorway pull up bar for pullups

Ultimate Body Press Joist MountedPros: durable and quality product, the bar is very sturdy with no obvious signs of weak points, handles have comportable foam, pipes are over an inch in diameter, wingspan is wide, very easy to assemble in one solid piece, it is built to last and very stable when using, fantastic solution for your basement gym …

Cons: the grips slide around a little, no assembly hardware was included, do not over tighten the bolts …

=> Ultimate-Body-Press-Joist-Mounted-Pull-Up-Bar





#7. Pull Chin Up Bar Ceiling or Wall Mounted Stud Mount HD

  • This is a great piece to build the back , lats, and entire upper body
  • Great for chin ups, pull ups, Bands, and other fitness exercises also
  • The chin up bar can be attached to hang either 12″ or 22″ from ceiling
  • The side legs will hang down 24″ from the ceiling
  • The unit can also be attached to the side wall
  • The bar can be hung 22″ from the wall
  • Please check these dimensions to make sure this unit would be compatible
  • This unit Must be carefully and securely mounted to a solid surface such as studs
  • If unsure, a qualified contractor should be used to mount this unit

Stud Mount HDPros: delivered very fast, very high quality without paying all the extra money, the metal is heavy duty and all holes lined up, the pull up bar is very sturdy and utilitarian, easy adjustments, the length of the chin up bar is very roomy, had no problems with holes matching up or parts fitting each other, instructions for installation were clear, YouTube has videos from other manufactures for an identical product to help install …

Cons: maybe a little slippery …

=> Pull-Chin-Up-Bar-Ceiling-or-Wall-Mounted-Stud-Mount-HD





#8. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Doorway Pull Up Bar

  • Rapidly add strength and quality muscle to shoulders, arms, back and core
  • Combine the space saving versatility of a doorway pull up bar and the rigid performance of a mounted bar
  • Angled ergonomic bar with three grip positions reduces strain and let you target more muscles over longer workouts
  • Ultra thick mounting plates and massive 1.25 inch thick steel bar for confident and rewarding workouts
  • New exclusive ‘Perfect Grip’ hammertone texture bar finish makes it easy to maintain a comfortable grip over longer workouts
  • Complete installation and mounting hardware included
  • Universal fit for standard residential doorways 24-30 inches in width
  • Makes an ideal anchor for accessories

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted DoorwayPros: sturdy and stylish design with simplicity, the bar is made with obvious quality, well made bar, the bar came with substantially large lag bolts, super heavy duty, use it without worry of it failing, the hand grip comfortable and smooth, it is comfortable to grip with a good circumference, the instructions are very clear, the installation was not hard if you have the tools the installation will be quick, the size is right, great for standard doorways …

Cons: you might need gloves if your hands sweat much …

=> Ultimate-Body-Press-Wall-Mounted-Doorway-Pull-Up-Bar





#9. Ceiling Mount Chin Up Joist Rafter Mounted Pull Up With 4 cushioned grips HD

  • This chin up bar is great to work your back, shoulders, arms, and biceps
  • Professional Gym quality bar with superior design compared to other bars
  • For instance, the chin bar is welded onto the main supports
  • Other companies attach using one bolt, a weak link
  • Also, the front handles are a comfortable 25″ apart
  • Other companies space their handles 32″ apart, which is too wide
  • The bar also can be mounted very securely to bottom of any joist regardless of spacing
  • Other bars have to line up perfectly or will not fit
  • Side handles bend down for a more ergonomic angle, reducing stress on your wrists
  • Has the feel of a lat pull-down machine
  • Extra front grips allow for a variety of workouts

Ceiling Mount Joist Rafter With 4 cushioned grips HDPros: it came quickly , great price, well build, easy to put together, this pullup bar is absolutely rock solid, perfect for roof mounting, you’ll love the multiple hand holds, diameter of steel tubing makes for excellent grip, provides a wide variety of grips, overall an excellent product …

Cons: zero complaints …

=> Ceiling-Mount-Chin-Up-Joist-Rafter-Mounted-Pull-Up-With-4-cushioned-grips-HD





#10. Joist Mount Chin Pull Up Bar Rafter Mounted

  • The strongest most versatile chin bar available for joist rafter mount
  • One piece welded main frame
  • Front handles for variety
  • Great for pull ups, chin ups, crossfit, p90x, bands, suspension straps, rings, etc..
  • front and outside handles now have quality rubber grips for comfort
  • Only bar that can be mounted to 1, 2, 3+ joists
  • Hardware included for mounting
  • Front rubber grips might have some indentations from shipping, but can be rotated to adjust
  • Middle of bar has non-slip paint, no knurling
  • This will allow you to attach bands, rings, straps, ropes, etc. at any point without worrying about cutting or damaging bands
  • If needed you can apply grip tape where desired on bar
  • If unsure about mounting a contractor should be used
  • Get one and take your workouts to the next level.

Joist Mount RafterPros: super quick delivery, heavy duty material, excellent bar and solid construction, mounts very securely, comfortable bat diameter, it didn’t take long to mount and had all the required hardware, you’ll feel much safer using this than any over door mounted bar, the variety of hand positions that can be used on this bar make for great workouts …

Cons: zero complaints …

=> Joist-Mount-Chin-Pull-Up-Bar-Rafter-Mounted





#11. Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar with Neutral Grip Handles

  • This chin up bar is one weld with neutral grips attached….
  • this is not a bar you put together that compromises the integrity of the bar like other companies joist mounted chin up bars
  • They also use knurled grips instead of rubber handles which slip and break down after use
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction with down degree angle at ends
  • Comes with multiple grips from neutral to angled. Chin Up Bar is 48″ long and comes with knurled grips on angle, middle, and traverse handles to give the user various positions to achieve pull up results
  • This Chin up Bar is strong enough to use (as long as your joist is strong enough) with Rings and other band devices for reverse push ups, dips and other various exercises
  • There is NO break in the middle of the chin up bar so this can be used for multiple functions

Joist Mounted with Neutral Grip HandlesPros: higher quality constructed bar, sturdy and made with quality components, quick set-up, the neutral bars are a plus, great value for the cost, nice thickness to the grip, enhances your upper body strength, great addition to your gym, built to last, worth every penny …

Cons: hands can slip a bit …

=> Joist-Mounted-Pull-Up-Bar-with-Neutral-Grip-Handles