Top 9 Best Rice Cookers 2018

Buying Guide

We all know the significance of the all important multi-purpose pressure cooker in the kitchen. It is our savior in terms of urgent cooking assignments and our friend in terms of those exciting adventures in the kitchen. There are so many different kinds of pressure cookers around to choose from. Choosing the right pressure cooker is rather important for you in the kitchen. What a good pressure cooker is for the people at large might not be the best cooker for you. So depending upon your needs, you can browse through different models of the product and decide for yourself.

Best Rice Cookers

Nowadays the pressure cooker models in the market come with a lot more functions than just the usual. It combines the advanced functions of a rice cooker, yoghurt maker and the likes. These programmable pressure cookers indeed are a great help in the kitchen! From cooking rice to porridge and other delicacies, the pressure cookers can look after all of these. There are a lot of companies who are into manufacturing these smart pressure cookers. Each will bring to you a unique set of features. But the decision lies in your hands.

Let us focus on a more detailed guide on buying a pressure cooker. Yes, it is a simple cooking instrument in the kitchen. But to be able to work with a cooker that is convenient and comfortable, you need to do some research and make sure your needs are being catered to by the product.

How do you choose the correct pressure cooker?

Here are some points you could look into:

1. Stainless steel

Stainless steel is always the best option for choosing the right pressure cooker. But all stainless steel are not of the same quality. Hence, try to look for a stamp on the bottom part that says, “18/10 Stainless Steel”. This will ensure that your product is made from a composition of 18% chromium and 10% nickel. This indicates a high quality cooker.

2. Pressure indicator and pressure release

A normal pressure cooker that is capable of doing most of the cooking work in the kitchen will be able to handle a pressure of about 15 psi. Be sure that the product you select treads around this number. Also, another important aspect here is to have a cooker that comes with a good pressure indicator. This might include a pop up marker or a colored indicator. This way we can be sure of the pressure inside the cooker.

3. Safety feature

The modern pressure cookers come equipped with a number of safety features. These are essential while you are working in the kitchen. There are different ways of venting excess pressure and steam if the need be from the cooker. While you narrow your choices down to one particular pressure cooker, make sure you check the security measures of the product.

4. Size

This is one of the most important aspects to consider while choosing a pressure cooker for you. It is always advisable to get yourself a 6 quart pressure cooker as standard. You can however opt for the bigger ones if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks. One thing you must remember here is that a pressure cooker can only be filled two-thirds with the food while cooking. For some frothing food items, it can be only half full. So, size is an important consideration here.

5. Warranty

We advise you on going for the best brands for your pressure cookers. One of the reasons for this is the post-sale service. The product you purchase must be accompanied by a warranty. This is just to be safe even though a normal cooker will last decades in the kitchen.

Tips for buying a pressure cooker

  1. Avoid non-stick cookers because these do not last as long as the others and also pose health issues.
  2. Choose a cooker with cooking racks so that you can cook several food items at the same time.
  3. A 6 quart cooker is ideal for a medium family.
  4. A cover locking system in the pressure cooker will always add to your advantage.

We have given you a detailed buying guide for the ideal pressure cooker for your kitchen. However, it is essential to note that the perfect cooker will be the one that keeps things convenient for you in the kitchen. The choice of the product will vary from person to person. So, make sure you look carefully into your own needs.

Check out the 9 Best Rice Cookers on the market right now:

#1. Zojirushi NP-NVC10 Induction Heating Pressure Cooker and Warmer, 5.5 Cups/1.0-Liter

  • The NP-NVC10 5-1/2-cup Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker and Warmer is the most intelligent rice cooker ever made
  • Advanced fuzzy logic technology with AI (Artificial Intelligence) “learns” and adjusts the cooking cycle to get perfect results every time
  • This rice cooker will automatically select from 3 pressure settings according to the menu selected for the best cooking results
  • The platinum infused nonstick inner cooking pan changes the water quality and allows rice to absorb water easily for better tasting rice
  • NP-NVC10 also includes superior induction heating technology, multiple cooking functions, an interchangeable melody and beep signal to indicate the end of the cooking cycle, automatic keep warm, and a detachable stainless-steel inner lid
  • For safety, the appliance provides a pressure-control valve, a back-up safety valve, an inner lid filter, and a pressure indicator on the control panel, which locks the lid during pressure-cooking
  • Accessories include a rice spatula, a spatula holder, and two measuring cups (for regular rice and rinse-free rice)

Zojirushi NP-NVC10Pros: this cooker is the supreme grade in the world, the build quality is superb, instructions are easy to read and understand with lots of pictures, settings for different kinds of rice and lots of nice features, makes the perfect brown rice, rice become good taste, the rice was fluffy and soft and easy to swallow, it’s well-worth the extra investment …

Cons: expensive, American 120v only, doesn’t make a lot of rice …

=> Zojirushi-NP-NVC10-Induction-Heating-Pressure-Cooker-and-Warmer,5.5-Cups/1.0-Liter





#2. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1.0-Liter

  • The Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker & Warmer features advanced Fuzzy Logic technology, which allows the rice cooker to ‘think’ for itself and make fine adjustments to temperature and heating time to cook perfect rice every time
  • The Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer cooks flawless rice
  • This 5-1/2-cup rice cooker and warmer makes 10 cups of cooked rice and includes a variety of cooking functions comprising of white (regular/sushi, softer or harder), mixed rice, porridge, sweet, semi-brown, brown, rinse-free, and quick cooking
  • This unit uses a black thick spherical pan with stay cool side handles that provides even heating for better cooking
  • There is a programmable melody or beep audio indicator to indicate when the cooking cycle has ended
  • Other highlights include a detachable and washable inner lid, an easy-to-read LCD control panel, and automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and reheating cycle, delay timer with two settings and a built-in retractable power cord
  • Accessories include a spatula, a spatula holder, and 2 rice-measuring cups (regular and rinse-free)
  • The 680-watt rice cooker and warmer measures 10-1/8 by 13 by 8-1/8 inches

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10Pros: great tiny cooker, very good for small family, lot of functions, set it and forget it, convenient, perfect fluffy rice every time, with no browning in the bottom, tastes better than restaurant rices, rice stays warm without drying out or sticking, the bowl is effortless to clean, the retractable power cord is wonderful …

Cons: the price is high but its worth every penny, only can be used under 120 voltage, it takes longer to cook in this thing than on the stove …






#3. Tiger JNP-S18U 10-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer

  • 10 cups rice cooker and warmer
  • Automatically switches “Keep Warm” after cooking is completed
  • Easy to use single -stick inner pan for easy serving and cleaning
  • Spatula and rice measuring cup includes
  • Dimension 10.7L x 11.7H x 11.8W 9.9lb
  • Made in Japan

Tiger JNP-S18UPros: just right for a family, little bit larger capacity which helps for dinner parties, made in Japan, heavy duty and sturdy, the instructions were pretty clear, easy to operate, cooks quickly, the rice after prepared is delicious, clean up is a breeze, rice also keeps nicely overnight unplugged …

Cons: wish it came with a plastic rice scoop …

=> Tiger-JNP-S18U-10-Cup-Rice-Cooker-and-Warmer





#4. Aroma 60-Cup (Cooked) Commercial Rice Cooker ARC-1033E

  • Save time and energy with this 60-cup (cooked) commercial rice cooker from Aroma
  • Just add water, push a button and walk away!
  • It automatically senses when rice is finished and switches to keep warm mode, leaving you free to work in the kitchen
  • The heavy duty lid and Uncoated aluminum inner cooking pot are designed for continuous use and maximum durability so you can count of batch after batch of perfect, fluffy rice for years to come
  • Includes measuring cup and serving spatula

Aroma 60-Cup ARC-1033EPros: heavy duty pot not some thin flimsy tin, the instructions were easy to read and understand, cooked 10 pounds of rice to perfection, great for large gatherings, cooks 60 cups in 25 min, a great time saver in the kitchen, recommend for a business or big family …

Cons: the edge of the heavy duty lid is sharp, hard to clean after cooking, wish it was non-stick surface …






#5. Cuisinart CRC-800 8-Cup Rice Cooker

  • Now making the perfect rice dish is easy with the brushed stainless Cuisinart Rice Cooker
  • Its steam vent helps to prevent splattering, while its chrome-plated handles stay cool to the touch
  • Use the built-in tray to steam other foods while the rice is cooking; when you’re done, the non-stick coating and durable construction make cleanup a breeze
  • Cuisinart rice cooker steams rice, meats, and vegetables. Makes 8-15 cups of cooked rice

Cuisinart CRC-800Pros: fantastic price, beautifully, stylish, small footprint, doesn’t take up too much counter space, consistently, easy to use, easy to clean, perfect to make rice to 2- 4 people, makes cooking rice so much easier than on the stove, recommend to all rice lovers especially for cooking difficult brown …

Cons: no timer, top gets very hot …

=> Cuisinart-CRC-800-8-Cup-Rice-Cooker





#6. PARS Automatic Persian Rice Cooker (8 cup)

  • The Pars Rice Cooker is among the best in its class for creating the deliciously popular “Persian Rice”
  • It features a customizable timer to get the “tah dig” (rice crust) as preferred, removable teflon non-stick pot , measuring lines that let you add water, removable cord (for easy storage), works with US electric system (110V), and an attractive and white exterior design
  • Approximate dimensions are 12 3/4″ x 9 3/4″ x 10 3/4″
  • (For 10 cup cooker ONLY) Cook your rice to perfection using this specialty rice cooker for Persian rice
  • Instructional booklet for new cooks included
  • Recipe booklet is combined with the instructional manual

PARS Automatic PersianPros: great electric rice cooker for persian rice, very lightweight, nothing stick to the bottom, easy to clean and easy to use, makes great persian style rice with a crusty and yummy tahdig, takes rice to a whole new level, the rice comes out perfectly soft inside with crunchy crust, a must have for anybody who wants to cook persian rice a have no to little time …

Cons: directions are not entirely clear but not hard to figure out …

=> PARS-Automatic-Persian-Rice-Cooker(8-cup)





#7. Tiger Corporation JBV-A10U 5.5-Cup Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer

  • Syncro-cooking function tacook makes it possible to cook main dish and rice at the same time
  • One push operation 4 cooking menu settings (Synchrony-cooking/Plain rice/Brown rice/Slow cooking)
  • Easy to clean non-stick coating inner pan
  • Includes Non-stick spatula, Cooking plate, Measuring cup
  • Cookbook for using Synchrony-cooking function

Tiger Corporation JBV-A10UPros: it’s adorable and easy to wash, great size, good choice for small family, good quality rice cooker for the price, automation for rice cooking, makes great rice, rice tastes very good, love the option to keep the rice warm, the rice won’t stick in the pan …

Cons: no timer …

=> Tiger-Corporation-JBV-A10U-5.5-Cup-Micom-Rice-Cooker-and-Warmer





#8. Oyama CFS-F12W 7 Cup Rice Cooker

  • Oyama 7-cup White and Stainless Steel body with Stainless Steel Cooking bowl and Stainless Steel Steamer Tray
  • No non-stick coatings are used
  • The stainless steel cooking bowl has a Triple-layered bottom for uniform heating without burning of the rice
  • This cooker is tailored for people looking to cook meals without chemicals from non-stick material possibly leaching into their foods
  • This cooker also uses 3-dimensional heating (base, side and lid) for keeping rice warm for extended periods after cooking
  • This enables this rice cooker to keep warming past the normal 12 hour limit up to 24 hours
  • The stainless steel steamer tray can be used steam vegetables, meats and poultry or any other foods that can be steamed cooked

Oyama CFS-F12WPros: good deal for the money, this is a very simple rice maker, rice cooker with non-Teflon bowl, all stainless steel rice cooker for health concerns, cooks rice quick, makes excellent brown and white rice, keeps rice warm easily, cleans up in a snap …

Cons: the documentation was very confusing, wish the the button and the ring on the lid were of better material …

=> Oyama-CFS-F12W-7-Cup-Rice-Cooker





#9. Panasonic SR-3NA Automatic 1.5 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

  • Conquer a variety of culinary endeavors with help from Panasonic’s automatic rice cooker
  • Create light, fluffy, restaurant-quality rice–perfect for side dishes or stir-fries
  • Or make sticky rice for rolling sushi, Spanish rice for enchilada night, or hearty wild rice to add to a tossed green salad–or even creamy rice pudding with cinnamon sprinkled on top for dessert
  • The small electric appliance takes care of cooking the rice, so that busy moms and dads can focus on getting the rest of the meal prepared and on the table
  •  Panasonic’s automatic rice cookers come in four useful sizes
  • Choose from a 3-cup, 6-cup, 10-cup, or 20-cup cooked-rice capacity–great for single people and small families or for larger-size families or for those who love to entertain
  • The rice cooker automatically cooks the rice for the correct amount of time, then shuts off automatically for excellent results

Panasonic SR-3NAPros: travel-size rice cooker, sweet little rice cooker, small and compact, perfect size for 1 or 2 people, price is right, makes rice cooking easy and convenient, so much better and easier than cooking rice in a pot, automatically shuts off when done

Cons: it doesn’t do brown rice enough, wish it came with a rice paddle

=> Panasonic-SR-3NA-Automatic-1.5-Cup-(Uncooked)-Rice-Cooker