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Sharpening Stones are by far the most popular method for sharpening hunting tools. There are a number of sharpening stones available, and some sharpening stones need lubrication in order to sharpen correctly. There are three grades of stone available: coarse, medium, and fine. The coarse sharpening stone should be used first before moving on to the medium and then finally the fine sharpening stone.

Oil Sharpening Stones

Oil stones are made from one of three materials, novaculite, aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide. All these stones require the use of oil as a lubricant. Oil is rubbed onto the stone before use. Honing oil, engine oil, or even kerosene can be used. Oil stones are the least expensive type of sharpening stone.

Water Sharpening Stones

Water stones are made from aluminum oxide, which is the same material used to make some oil stones. The stone is softer than an oil stone, and it sharpens blades quicker. The softness of the stone also means the stone needs to be flattened regularly. A flat stone is necessary to ensure the knife is sharpened equally along the blade. Water is used as a lubricant, and this makes it much easier to clean the stone after sharpening than it is after using oil. The water is used to remove the swarf from the stone. Swarf is the small metal shavings that come off the blade when it is being sharpened.

Diamond Sharpening Stones

Diamond stones are made from monocrystalline diamonds, and these stones sharpen tools quickest. Diamond stones can be used either dry or with water to help wash away swarf. Diamond stones are very long-lasting and do not need to be flattened very often because the surface of the stone is so hard. Diamond stones are the most expensive of the sharpening stones.

When buying a sharpening stone, the quality of the stone is important. Stones are capable of sharpening very blunt knives but they take considerable effort. Some stones need a lubricant to work correctly, and this may not always be convenient when out hunting.

Check out the 10 Best Sharpening Stones on the market right now:

1. DMT W250FCNB 10-Inch DuoSharp Bench Stone Fine/Coarse

DMT W250FCNB 10-Inch
The DMT W250FCNB 10-Inch DuoSharp Bench Stone offers the finest in sharpening technology. Double sided, with both fine and coarse diamond surfaces, this stone is capable of handling a wide variety of edges with industry-leading precision and accuracy. This innovative stone offers a multi-patented sharpening surface that features a convenient dual-sided design for sharpening. The stone’s hard wearing surface and durable design guarantees that it will provide consistent, even sharpening for years to come.

>> DMT-W250FCNB-10-Inch-DuoSharp-Bench-Stone-Fine/Coarse




2. King Two Sided Sharpening Stone with Base

King Two Sided
Make knife sharpening easier by getting the right whetstone. The King Combination Stone shown here has includes a stand and has what you need to remove grinder marks and finish with a polished edge. Made from the same materials as the King Deluxe Whetstones, this item will give much better results than an oil stone. Please see pictures for both sides of the whetstone! The King KW-65 (HT-65) Whetstone utilizes a combination of 1000 Grit on one side to sharpen and smooth the blade while the other side is a 6000 grit for honing the blade. The convenience of having both sides allows for a much sharper knife.

>> King-Two-Sided-Sharpening-Stone-with-Base




3. DMT W6EFC Three 6-Inch Diamond Whetstone Models in Hard Wood Box

DMT W6EFC Three 6-Inch
A beautiful hardwood box of 3- 6″ Diamond Whetstone sharpeners makes a perfect gift. One of DMT’s most popular sharpening stones, it is a fit at home or in the shop offering a sharpening surface to satisfy a variety of edge care needs. Extra-Fine diamond (9 micron / 1200 mesh) to polish and refine a razor edge after sharpening with a coarser diamond. Fine (25 micron / 600 mesh) for a razor sharp edge; Coarse (45 micron / 325 mesh) to quickly restore a neglected edge. Stone Size: 6-Inch by 2-Inch by 3/4-Inch. Box: 7-3/4 by 7.25 x 1.25 Box includes rubber feet. Sharpening with diamonds is fast and easy. No messy oils needed–sharpen dry or with water. Durable construction will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service For proper tool maintenance, woodworkers, chefs and other professionals rely on the superior quality and versatility of DMT products. Made in USA.

>> DMT-W6EFC-Three-6-Inch-Diamond-Whetstone-Models-in-Hard-Wood-Box




4. Smith’s 50008 8-Inch Diamond Tri-Hone Bench Stone

Smith's 50008 8-Inch
Smith’s (#50008) 8″ Diamond Tri-Hone Bench Stone was designed for the edge enthusiast who demands the highest quality sharpening tools and abrasives, it features two interrupted Surface Diamond sharpening stones with a unique overlapping, oval hole design. This design speeds the sharpening process by collecting and holding the metal filings that ordinarily build up on the abrasive surface during sharpening. In addition, each interrupted surface diamond stone comes with a Micro-Tool Sharpening Pad for sharpening small cutting edges and tools, or the tip of your knife blade. The third stone included on the 8″ Diamond Tri-Hone is a Soft Arkansas stone. Natural Arkansas stones are known as “the world’s best finishing stones,” and can actually polish and hone the cutting edge at the same time. No other sharpening stone can perform both these functions simultaneously. This three-stone sharpening system can sharpen edges ranging from very dull or damaged to already sharp blades in need of a quick touchup. It is excellent for sharpening medium to large-sized knife blades with either a single or double bevel on the blade, woodworking tools, fixed-blade broadheads, or straight razors. The three 8″ x 2-1/2″ stones are color-coded and labeled for easy stone identification and mounted on a durable triangular-shaped stone holder with handles on each end for easy rotation from one stone to the next. A sturdy, non-skid base with a trough in the bottom to catch oil drippings, a 1 ounce bottle of Smith’s Premium Honing Solution and a sharpening angle guide are also included.

>> Smith’s-50008-8-Inch-Diamond-Tri-Hone-Bench-Stone




5. DMT D8EE 8-Inch Dia-Sharp Continuous Diamond Extra-Extra Fine

DMT D8EE 8-Inch
DMT is recognized as the worldwide leader in diamond knife sharpeners and sharpening products, with a diverse product line and reputation for quality and innovation. DMT’s patented and award-winning products are known for their superior quality and versatility, are easy to use, and allow for sharpening in a fraction of the time required by other methods. DMT manufactures a full line of diamond knife sharpeners and other sharpening tools for use in woodworking, culinary arts, gardening, camping, fishing, hunting, outdoor and winter sports, industrial applications and more.

>> DMT-D8EE-8-Inch-Dia-Sharp-Continuous-Diamond-Extra-Extra-Fine




6. Norton 24336 Japanese-Style Combination Waterstone 4000/8000 Grit

Norton 24336 Japanese-Style
The Norton 24336 Japanese-style 4000/8000-grit combination waterstone creates an abrasive slurry for effective sharpening, with 4000 grit on one face for maintaining and refining a cutting edge, and 8000 grit on the opposite face for polishing cutting edges; this 1 x 8 x 3 inch (H x W x D) stone, suitable for bench use, cleans up easily with water, and comes encased in a blue plastic hinged box. (H is height, the vertical distance from lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.) The box protects the waterstone and provides a reservoir to keep it moist. The removable box lid, with no-slip rubber feet, acts as a sharpening station to hold the waterstone in place during bench use.

>> Norton-24336-Japanese-Style-Combination-Waterstone-4000/8000-Grit




7. Whetstone Sharpening stone SHAPTON Ceramic KUROMAKU #5000

Whetstone Ceramic KUROMAKU #5000
Feature 1: there is no there tend slippery feel to the conventional finishing abrasive, bite is often superior to the polishing force. Feature 2: can also be used as a sharpening stand convenient storage case to carry. Applications: for sharpening finish, such as fleas, knives, scissors.

>> Whetstone-Sharpening-stone-SHAPTON-Ceramic-KUROMAKU#5000




8. Smith’s DCS4 4-Inch FINE & COARSE Diamond Combo Sharpening Stones

Smith's DCS4 4-Inch
Smith’s 4 inch Diamond combination bench Stone features coarse and fine grit sharpening surfaces. These surfaces contain multiple layers of micron-sized monocrystalline Diamonds and a unique sharpening surface with an overlapping oval hole design. This innovation speeds sharpening by collecting and holding the metal filings which ordinarily build up during the sharpening process. Each Stone has a micro-tool sharpening pad and a sharpening groove for fish hooks or pointed tools. The soft grip rubber handle is designed to make sharpening safe and easy, and when you are finished sharpening, you can store your stones in the handle for safekeeping.

>> Smith’s-DCS4-4-Inch-FINE&COARSE-Diamond-Combo-Sharpening-Stones




9. Mighty Dreams Premium Knife Sharpening Stone 2 Side Grit 1000/6000 Whetstone

Mighty Dreams Premium 1000/6000 Whetstone
Your purchase of Premium quality knife sharpener stone comes with a complete bundle. A global knife sharpener double sided stone with Grit 1000/6000 combination – which can sharp any blade, a slica base for holding stone inside Non slip bamboo base, knife sharpening angle guide, easy to read instruction manual. This simple-yet-unparalled award winning tool is used by everyone from stay at home moms to various professionals.

>> Mighty-Dreams-Premium-Knife-Sharpening-Stone-2-Side-Grit-1000/6000-Whetstone




10. Love This Kitchen Premium Home Knife Sharpener Stone Kit For Chef

Love This Kitchen Premium Home Kit
This kit features an exclusive, patented dual base design: use it flat if you’ve mastered the right sharpening angle or use it on a 15 degree angle (the basis for a sharp edge), no need for a sharpening guide! When you’re done sharpening, simply place the wet stones back in their box. It has holes that allow the stones to air dry in storage—no need to leave them out.

>> Love-This-Kitchen-Premium-Home-Knife-Sharpener-Stone-Kit-For-Chef


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