Top 9 Best Skinning Knives 2018

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Chefs have always taken steps to maintain and protect their knives to keep up the sharpness. Swiss knives today in the world have an image of life time guarantee of their sharpness and durability. A lot of different types of knives are available today depending on the need of chefs. Some of these types are paring, chopping, carving, skinning knives, boning, fillet, peeling, cheese moneygram california knife, bread knife, butter knife, meat knife, and more.

Best Skinning Knife

Despite various uses of knives under the professional kitchen roof, different materials are also preferred by certain chefs. For instance, carbon steel is one type that is easier to sharpen. But a lot of maintenance is required to prevent them from rust. Stainless steel is therefore more preferred nowadays because of its resistance to corrosion. This is very true for skinning knives.

Skinning Knives – Steel As Steel Can Be…

To match the needs of carbon and stainless steel, a material called High order kamagra Carbon Stainless Steel is used as a higher grade of stainless steel. This prevents corrosion and offers long lasting sharpness. One of the latest and safest from Japanese Technology is a light weight ceramic knife which is very hard and has got the sharpest edge ever without imparting any taste to the food. These knives never corrode and can chip away if used on a really hard substance.

Butchers on the other side have a great demand for best quality knives. One of the main things they do is removal of the animal skin which requires proper skinning knives. It is done before extracting the meat from the animal. The process includes removal of fur, which can be later used as a trophy or used for other everyday needs like leather stuff and more. It is recommended that skinning knives should be always kept clean when not in use to keep away from corrosion and stains. Debris of the animal and blood stains should be hand washed and never kept in dishwashers.

Hunters and trappers also use skinning knives to remove animal skins to feed themselves in the jungle. They sharpen the edges with a fine sharpening stone which is available in most of the sports gear stores. The most important part of skinning knives is the sharp top edge that allows making an initial puncture to the animal before you can start skinning.

If you are in need for the best tactical knife, skinning knives might not be your first choice. But if you are in need for a very sharp knife with a flexible blade, then you got it. As there are many different types and styles of skinning knives on the market, you have to make up your mind which one is the best for you.

Check out the 9 Best Skinning Knives on the market right now:

1. Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker #3

Tom Brown Tracker #3
10 5/8″ overall. 5 1/2″ black traction coated ATS-34 stainless wide design blade with sawback. Full tang. Finger grooved black linen micarta handles. Lanyard hole. Black Kydex belt clip sheath with dual clips and survival whistle. Certificate of Authenticity. Bulk packed. Made in U.S.A. Blue Ridge Knives Exclusive!

>> Tops-Knives-Tom-Brown-Tracker#3




2. Buck Knives 0141VP PackLite Field Master Knife Kit

Buck Knives 0141VP
The Buck PakLite FieldMaster Kit is designed to meet a hunter’s most difficult field dressing demands. The Kit contains the Large Skinner, Caper, and the Guthook knives. The knives have a minimalist, lightweight design for those hunts well off the beaten path. The 420HC stainless steel blade and frame provide durability and corrosion resistance for a lifetime of use. The kit comes in a heavy duty nylon sheath that has removable liners for easy cleaning, extra pocket, and adjustable belt strap for comfortable carry.

>> Buck-Knives-0141VP-PackLite-Field-Master-Knife-Kit-with-Skinner,Caper-and-Guthook-Blades-and-a-Combo-Sheath




3. Raptorazor Big Game Skinner and MAKO Hunting Knife Combo

Raptorazor Big Game Skinner and MAKO
Featuring the Big Game Skinner and MAKO hunting knife combo pack. Two knives that are revolutionizing the hunting and fishing world, designed and invented by avid hunter and fisherman Rick Grover. Featuring 100% machined aluminum, light weight, easy grip handle, stainless steel blades, and a survival compartment. This multi-functional knife will change the way you process game. The Combo back comes with the Big Game Skinner and MAKO knives, 3 stainless steel replacement blades, a canvas bag, gutless field processing instructions, and a limited life time warranty.

>> Raptorazor-Big-Game-Skinner-and-MAKO-Hunting-Knife-Combo




4. Benchmade – Hidden Canyon Hunter 15016-1, Drop-Point

Benchmade Hidden Canyon 15016-1
A compact knife for those who are looking to save space, it’s truly about as much knife as you’ll ever need for processing your harvest thanks to the large applied blade radius that excels at skinning and meat removal. Intended for Hunting use, our Saddle Mountain Hunter models have a lanyard hole and comes with a sheath. The 15007-1 comes with a black, molded Kydex sheath with reversible belt loop, and the 15007-2 come with a brown, pressure fit, rich-leather sheath with an integrated guard.

>> Benchmade-Hidden-Canyon-Hunter-15016-1,Drop-Point




5. Moorhaus Handmade D2 Tool Steel Tracker Knife With Leather Sheath

Moorhaus Handmade D2
D2 Tool Steel. It is tempered to 60-62 HRC on a C-Scale. The knife is very well made and is sharp. The handles are known for being lightweight, tough, and not slipping in wet or bloody conditions. 3 Brass O-Ring pins and 1 lanyard hole.The O-Ring pins can be used with para-cord to strap the knife to a pole to make a spear. This knife measures 10″ with a 5″ Blade.

>> Moorhaus-Handmade-D2-Tool-Steel-Tracker-Knife-With-Leather-Sheath




6. CFK Cutlery Company Tactical Tracker Hunter Skinner Bushcraft Knife

CFK Cutlery Company Tactical Tracker
This tracker is a full .25 inches thick and has a 59HRC tempered edge. The knife is strong and durable. Great for bushcraft, chopping, hacking, camping, hunting, game processing, skinning, and survival uses. The handle is large with finger grooves and won’t slip out of your hand. The knife comes with a custom fit handcrafted leather horizontal belt sheath with a ferrocerium fire starter set.

>> CFK-Cutlery-Company-Tactical-Tracker-Hunter-Skinner-Bushcraft-Knife




7. RUKO 3-1/8-Inch Blade Gut Hook Skinning Knife

RUKO 3-1/8-Inch Blade Gut Hook
RUKO whitetail-8a genuine deer horn handle gut hook skinning knife is made exclusively for Ruko by muela of Spain. The whitetail-8a features a razor sharp 440a stainless steel 3-1/8″ gut hook skinning blade; genuine handcrafted deer horn handle with solid brass guard and pommel cap; supplied with genuine full grain leather sheath with button snap closure; blade: 3-1/8″, overall length: 7-3/4″, weight: 6.69oz; lifetime warranty, made in Spain.

>> RUKO-3-1/8-Inch-Blade-Gut-Hook-Skinning-Knife-with-Genuine-Deer-Horn-Handle-and-Leather-Sheath




8. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Huntspoint Fixed Blade, 3.6-inch

SOG Specialty
The SOG Specialty Knives & Tools HT021L-CP Huntspoint Boning is a fixed blade knife designed for boning tasks. Made of AUS-8 steel with an attractive satin finish, the 3.6-inch straight edge, fixed blade has a clip point shape that delivers a quicker and deeper puncture and makes quick work for boning. The GRN and TPR handle makes the knife balanced and strong with a weight of 3.7-ounces. The SOG Specialty Knives & Tools HT021L-CP Huntspoint Boning comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against defects in manufacturing and materials.

>> SOG-Specialty-Knives&Tools-Huntspoint-Fixed-Blade,3.6-inch




9. Knives Ranch Damascus Steel Knives – 5.5 inch Fixed Blade Knife

Ranch Damascus 5.5 inch
Damascus steel knives are custom and handmade, therefore, there may be slight variations in steel patterns or handle details. High quality, forged knife constructed out of European Damascus steel and resilient alloys for a unique look with reliable durability. Built for the sportsman, the rancher, and the collector alike without any compromise. Constructed by skill specialized artisans who are craftsman of the trade, held to the most rigorous standards using the most modern technology. Damascus carbon steel (AISI 1075 and AISI 4340) is stacked in sheets, heat treated to 1560 degrees Fahrenheit, hammer forged, and repeated 4 times until 176 layers of high quality Damascus steel is used to create your knife. Held to the highest standard and standing behind every knife that leaves the production line, so that you never have to worry about your knife not making the cut. Overall Length: 5.5″ Blade Length: 2″ Blade Thickness: 1/8″ Handle Length: 3.5″ Please note, Knives Ranch. INCLUDES: Knife & Custom Leather Horizontal Sheath.

>> Knives-Ranch-Damascus-Steel-Knives-5.5-inch-Fixed-Blade-Knife-with-Bone-Handle-INCLUDES-Leather-Horizontal-Sheath