Top 10 Best Smith Machines 2018


Check out the 10 Best Smith Machines on the market right now:

1. BodyCraft Jones Light Commercial Complete System with Lat Attachment, Cable Crossover

BodyCraft Jones Light Commercial Complete System with Lat Attachment


  • The patented 3-D barbell motion of the BodyCraft Jones Light Commercial Complete System with Lat Attachment, Cable Crossover and 7in Power Bar provides for an almost unlimited array of exercises
  • The Bodycraft Light Commercial moves both vertically and horizontally, allowing for natural, unlimited, user-defined motion
  • Because the bodys natural movements can be utilized within the Bodycraft Fitness Jones Smith Exercise Machine, all free weight exercises can be performed
  • Includes the cable crossover and lat attachments: The cable crossover mounts to the front of your Jones unit, includes a pair of independent 200-pound weight stacks, an ankle strap, and two single handles
  • Can adjust the cables to 18 different positions on the column
  • The lat Attachment comes with a 200-pound weight stack, full length stack shrouds, Lat Pull Bar, and Curl / Row Bar.

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2. Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station

Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer


  • Unique design integrates Olympic bar and weight stacks, eliminating the need for Olympic weight plates
  • Dual pulley system adjusts to 32 positions for unlimited functional training capability
  • Pull-up bar is adjustable in height to accommodate low ceiling height
  • Optional leg extension/leg curl attachment conveniently hooks up to weight stacks for a smooth, commercial feel
  • Innovative weight multiplier feature doubles maximum resistance to accommodate heavy lifters
  • Fully loaded includes SCS Bench, leg extension attachment, and leg kit
  • Frame: Heavy-duty rectangular and round tubular steel
  • Powder Coated Finish: The Electrostatic Powder Coat offers a durable, maintenance free finish
  • Bearing System: Precision steel ball bearing system provides a smooth, maintenance free action
  • Pulleys: Fiberglass reinforced nylon
  • Dual Independent Weight Stacks: The dual weight stacks allow you to work each side of the body independently for a more balanced workout
  • Weight Stacks: Two 150lb. commercial weight stacks with center drilled holes and magnetic weight pin for safety
  • Accessories: Tricep rope, pair of D handles, straight bar, EZ curl bar, ankle cuff, two water bottles, multi-function belt, swing handle, 2 – 5lb. add-on weights, exercise booklet
  • Dimensions: 61″ wide x 58″ deep without bench; 61″ wide x 89″ deep with bench; minimum height 83″; maximum height 88″

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3. Counter Balanced Linear Smith Machine

Counter Balanced Linear


  • Yukon Fitness This machine is perfect for those who are serious about weight training
  • It provides amazing versatility for a smooth self-spotting workout
  • The Unique Linear Bearing system is constantly circulating to provide three times the load capacity and twenty-seven times the travel life of ordinary bearings giving you the same benefits of a free weight workout with the safety of the best weight stack machine
  • This makes for the ultimate primary and secondary muscle group development and leads to a faster more productive route to achieving your fitness goals
  • Dimensions: 84″ H x 84″ W x 66″ D. CBS-150

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4. BodyCraft Jones Freedom Machine

BodyCraft Jones Freedom


  • The BodyCraft Jones Freedom Machine is the most economical version in the Jones Family!
  • This innovative machine features Bar Hooks and Safety Spotters that travel along with the bar in twenty lockout positions for maximum safety
  • The eight precision linear bearings and hardened stainless steel guide rods ensure smooth, natural and unrestricted user-controlled exercise
  • Now, you can safely move up, down, and side to side for completely natural movements
  • Or, lock the system into place for more traditional Smith exercises
  • And with an Olympic Bar with a 350 lb capacity you can enjoy the most from your workout
  • Get ready to burn the calories with the Jones Freedom Machine from BodyCraft!

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5. Body Solid Series 7 GS348Q Smith Machine with Linear Bearings

Body Solid Series 7 GS348Q


  • The Body Solid Series 7
  • Set to a 7-degree reversed pitch, the Series 7 allows natural upper and lower body movements for maximum muscle interaction; A feature not found in the traditional machine
  • User safety is provided by 20 cross-member lock-out points that are accessible with a simple 15-degree rotation of the bar, eliminating the need for a spotter
  • For those exercises that demand freeweight movement, the 14-position gunrack with 17″ extra heavy-duty safeties is also set to a 7-degree reversed pitch providing convenient lift-off points and predictable racking

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6. Powertec Fitness Roller Smith System

Powertec Fitness Roller


  • Back by popular demand, the WB-RS incorporates a revolutionary carriage system for the smooth weight training experience
  • The WB-RS13 allows for a range of exercises to be performed; Expand with the optional WB-UB and WB-LTO making this the only machine you need
  • The optional WB-LTO13 requires a “Lat Tower Option Connector” to connect with the Roller System machine; The connector is sold separate
  • Weight Capacity – Smith Roller: 450 lbs.; Lat Tower Option: 300 lbs.; Low Lever Pulley: 300lbs.; Weights, Bench and Lat Tower Sold Separate

>> Powertec-Fitness-Roller-Smith-System




7. Powertec P-PR Power Rack

Powertec P-PR Power Rack


  • Built to take a beating, the Powertec P-PR power rack is the ultimate free weight training system
  • The power rack offers a sturdy cage for safely performing all of the power barbell exercises, such as squats, rows, dead lifts, and all the pressing movements, with adjustable spotter bars for extra security
  • The built-in chin-up and dip bars, meanwhile, let you add pull-ups, chin-ups, tricep dips, and a host of other exercises to your workout routine
  • And even though the P-PR is sold as a standalone unit, it’s also compatible with Powertec’s high/low lat tower pulley system for exercising the back, shoulders, and more
  • The P-PR rack measures 44 by 82 by 60 inches (W x H x D), supports up to 1,000 pounds (rack section) and 400 pounds body weight (chin-up and dip bars), and carries the following warranties: lifetime on the frame, two years on component parts (such as bearings and spring pins), and one year on pads and grips
  • All plates are sold separately

>> Powertec-P-PR-Power-Rack




8. XMark VKR Vertical Knee Raise with Dip and Pull-up Station Power Tower XM-4432

XMark VKR XM-4432


  • The XMark Power Tower XM-4432 boasts 14-gauge, 2 by 2-inch steel construction
  • Tough skid resistant feet help protect your floors and a scratch resistant powder coat finish ensures that the equipment will maintain its clean looks over time
  • The power tower features thick, high-density cushions and large roller pads for long lasting comfort
  • The chin-up/pull-up bar works the arms and back, push-ups place focus on your chest, while the vertical knee raise station targets your core and abs
  • Twin dip handles are ergonomically spaced to help give a great dip workout to strengthen arms and shoulders
  • Also included is a sit-up station with adjustable padded foot bar for additional abdominal work

>> XMark-VKR-Vertical-Knee-Raise-with-Dip-and-Pull-up-Station-Power-Tower-XM-4432




9. ProSpot Fitness HG1 Home Gym

ProSpot Fitness HG1 Home Gym


  • An outstanding feature of the Fusion line is its cutting-edge appearance
  • Unique V-frame design, sapphire-blue ambient lighting and smoky, semi-transparent flat-panel front is truly eye-catching
  • The HG-1 also features flared, curved side panels for a truly unique look
  • From brushed aluminum lettering, embossed end caps and decorative cut outs to the mesh side panels and clear coat finish, nothing has been overlooked
  • This is one piece of fitness equipment you’ll be proud to display in your home!
  • The Fusion HG-1 is an impressive home gym with the strength and dependability you need to reach your fitness goals
  • Virtually any free weight barbell exercise can be performed – from curls and presses to lunges, squats and hang cleans
  • Included high/low pull provides various cable exercises
  • Whatever you fitness level, the HG-1 is your perfect workout partner
  • Grab & Go® Operation
  • Olympic touch sensor barbell with spring clips
  • Dual-weight barbell loading system
  • 200-lb selectorized weight stack
  • Barbell Holder secures barbell when performing chin ups
  • Cup holder, Hooks for securing lat bar
  • Side-to-side barbell ratcheting, Spot Blocks, Wheelchair accessible
  • Vinyl-coated, aircraft-grade cables, each rated for 2,000 pounds, 750-lb capacity

>> ProSpot-Fitness-HG1-Home-Gym




10. PowerLine PSM144X Smith Machine

PowerLine PSM144X


  • True powerhouse that’s often imitated but never duplicated, the PowerLine PSM144X combines the sophistication of free weight power and resistance with the safety and control of a machine
  • The unit is ideal for everything from squats to bench presses to shoulder shrugs, with PowerLine’s patented Super-Glide carriage riding smoothly within the four 2-by-2-inch, 12-gauge steel pillars
  • Once you load on the weights, the bar lifts and lowers in a controlled manner, so you needn’t worry about losing your balance during a lift or loading on more weight than you can handle
  • The machine also offers 14 lockout positions and adjustable safeties to guarantee the lifter’s security while helping him or her strive for greater muscle gains
  • Other details include spotter extensions for when you’re working out alone and a scratch- and rust-resistant, powder-coated finish
  • Measures 76 x 80 x 45 inches (W x H x D) and carries a 10-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on all other parts

>> PowerLine-PSM144X-Smith-Machine