Top 8 Best Snorkel Masks 2018

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A snorkel mask is a special mask that a person can wear over their eyes when they want to do shallow diving in clear waters. It provides perfect visibility that allows a person to see all that there is to see under the water in multiple directions. The mask usually fits over the eyes and nose, and has a clip that holds the nose plugged, forcing the person to breathe through their mouth.

It has an elastic band that holds the mask in place on the wearer’s head and a snorkel fits under the elastic, which keeps the snorkel against the head of the wearer. One end of the snorkel fits into the mouth of the wearer and the other end sticks out of the water accessing the air above. The wearer can then breathe through the snorkel to continuously receive fresh air so that they can stay underwater longer and not have to hold their breath or come up for air repeatedly.

Pack a snorkel mask for your next vacation

Best Snorkel Mask

It is usually a staple item for a vacation in a hot and sunny location. Of course, if you forget to bring your mask, many resorts offer rentals of masks, snorkels and flippers. You may also be able to purchase these items locally for use while you are on holiday, but you may not want to pack those items home because of the space they may take up in your suitcase.

Most resorts offer small tours where you can go out with your snorkel and snorkel mask to see local reefs or other underwater points of interest. The water is usually shallow enough that you can easily swim along the surface and view the wonders beneath the water. Reefs are fascinating little realms full of life that must be observed by people up close to be believed. From living plants to fish that live inside the folds, coral reefs can be expansive and exciting places to explore with a snorkel and mask.

Even just swimming along the water with a snorkel and mask can be exciting because the beaches are usually a place where people lose items in the water. You can be looking at the sand and moving through the sand with your hands while you observe what you move around with your hand. People have been known to find valuable jewellery and other interesting items in shallow dives near beaches, just as people wander the beach with a metal detector and find treasure.

Diving can be a fantastic and fun way to pass a day for most people. You may also wish to bring with you a disposable underwater camera to document the reefs and fish that you see and any other exciting underwater scenery. Most people only wish that they had thought of bringing a camera once they see the beauty and wonder that awaits them beneath the water. It provides a window to this underwater world that allows your eyes to see all that surrounds you with clarity.

Check out the 8 Best Snorkel Masks on the market right now:

1. Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask

Ocean Reef Aria
Goodbye jaw discomfort, goodbye difficult breathing and goodbye water in your snorkel. With Aria you breathe through your nose, while the dry top prevents water from getting in the snorkel. Aria has the largest field of vision of any mask out there. To that they added light colors for the brightest experience ever. No more fogging problems, goodbye defoggers, hassles and lost opportunities to see the fish of a lifetime. Aria’s breathing circulation inside the mask’s frame guarantees no fogging and no extra stress. Just take it out and jump in. No more water getting in your snorkel, you don’t have to clear it if you go underwater, and no water gets in if there’s surf, splash or such. Just breathe comfortably and enjoy the ride.

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2. Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask- Panoramic Full Face Design

Seaview 180° GoPro
Innovative design, you no longer have to deal with a tube snorkel in your mouth. Breathing chambers inside the mask and an innovative dry snorkel allow you to breathe naturally and calmly through either your nose or mouth. Breathing slowly through your nose helps reduce chances of fogging. It will prevent water from entering the mask through the snorkel tube. If water does leak through the seal around your face, just lift your head out of the water and it will drain through a one-way chin valve. It also has the largest viewing area on the market! The silicone mask insert provides a comfortable fit with no pressure points found on other masks. It is perfect for both adults who casually snorkel and kids or youth that are just starting out. Surface snorkeling, not free diving, is the optimal use for this mask due to the large surface area the mask covers on your face. If you’re ready to have a better snorkel experience, buy the Seaview 180° today!

>> Seaview-180°-GoPro-Compatible-Snorkel-Mask-Panoramic-Full-Face-Design




3. Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Tribord Easybreath
Tribord invented the Easybreath, the first full-face snorkelling mask, for breathing underwater as easily and naturally as you would on land with your nose and mouth. Thanks to its large size, this innovative also offers users an unobstructed 180° field of vision, and is prevented from fogging up by a double air-flow system that is identical to the system used in domestic extraction fans. To ensure that water does not enter via the snorkel, it is equipped with a mechanism that plugs the top of the snorkel when immersed in water. Furthermore, the top of the snorkel is highly visible in order to avoid any collisions on the surface.

>> Tribord-Easybreath-Full-Face-Snorkeling-Mask




4. Head Sea Vu Dry Full Face Snorkeling Mask – Made In Italy

Head Sea Vu Dry
For snorkeling enthusiasts who don’t like the traditional snorkels, you’ll be able to breathe easy with this. It covers your entire face and lets you breathe the way you do naturally, using both nose and mouth. Your breath, like the defroster function in your motor vehicle, will circulate to the mask lens, eliminating fogging. It offers a wide field of view so you can take in everything below the surface. Your whole face stays dry thanks to comprehensive coverage, and the snorkel tube is integrated into the top of the Head Sea Vu, keeping water out. This innovative design means you’ll stop struggling with breathing through a mouthpiece and start enjoying the mind-blowing underwater life instead. It has a dry top snorkel design. The snorkels polycarbonate tube easily detaches from the mask for storage and safe transport. Internally the tube has a float that will close off the snorkel tube when submerged and upon returning to the surface will re-open for effortless breathing. It has a polycarbonate lens, surgical grade silicone skirt with wide seal edge and elastic straps for a perfect seal on the face. It is available in multiple sizes.

>> Head-Sea-Vu-Dry-Full-Face-Snorkeling-Mask-Made-In-Italy




5. Easy Snorkel Mask 180° Panoramic Full face Design

180° Panoramic
Experience an underwater adventure like never before with this easy set! While typical one only offer a limited perspective, it gives you a full 180° view of the beauty below you. Instead of breathing through an uncomfortable plastic mouthpiece, Easy Breath snorkeling gear allows you to breath naturally through either your nose or mouth, making it the perfect beginner or kid’s snorkel. This smart swimming mask also has soft, fabric straps that keep the snorkel goggles in place and won’t pull your hair when you put them on or take them off. To give you the clearest and most comfortable snorkeling experience, the equipment is designed to be anti-fog and anti-leak so you can enjoy hours of endless exploring without having to rinse or drain your diving gear. Whether you’re trying out snorkeling for the first time or have had years of practice, it will give you the best and most enjoyable, underwater experience possible!

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6. SeaFin Mask Full Face Snorkel Mask Technology

It is a revolutionarily designed device that features an all-in-one full face mask breathing system, drastically improving upon traditional 2 piece sets. Using this system, it enhances comfort, vision, and breathability while in the water, allowing you to enjoy your adventures to the fullest. It comes in 2 sizes that can accommodate most all face dimensions with additional strap adjustments. Please refer to the sizing chart to determine your size. The L/XL is generally recommended for most men, while the S/M is recommended for most women and youths.

>> SeaFin-Mask-Full-Face-Snorkel-Mask-Technology,Mouthpiece-Free-Design,Anti-Leaking,Anti-Fogging,GoPro-Compatible,-Adult&Youth-Sizing




7. Octobermoon 180°Full View Panoramic Snorkel Mask-Full Face Snorkeling Design

Octobermoon 180°
Octobermoon provides a 180° viewing area- with full face design. Easy to adjust size and comfortable with your face, great unrestricted view and allowed you to concentrate on what was around you. It’s view really is amazing, see more water world with larger viewing area. Everybody loved it ,especially the kids. It surprisingly fits pretty well on small heads too and you don’t have to worry about water getting into their nose and mouth.

>> Octobermoon-180°-Full-view-Panoramic-Snorkel-Mask-Full-Face-snorkeling-Design




8. Vaincre 180° View Snorkel Mask Full Face Design Snorkeling

Vaincre 180°
180° makes it easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose when you are snorkeling. Easy to adjust size and comfortable with your face. Exclusive breathing snorkel tube design prevents fogging. Dry top snorkel system stops water entering through the top of the snorkel. The bottom purge valve on the mask can drain water when the head is raised. Transparent Snorkel top can be seen from 4 times further away than a traditional Snorkel. Reminder: surface mask, not suitable for free diving.

>> Vaincre-180°-View-Snorkel-Mask-Full-Face-Design-Snorkeling-Anti-fog-and-Anti-leak-Technology