Top 10 Best Snow Blowers 2018

Buying Guide

The best snow blowers of 2018 are here, and we have all the data to prove it. With large mega storms brewing around the world the likes of which have never been seen. It is an excellent time to invest in a snow blower, which is also referred to as a snow thrower. The best rated snow blowers of 2018 are the newest that it gets this year. That means that the models that are on our list are the best you can get for this coming winter.

3 Types of Snow Blowers

1. Single Stage Snow Blower

best snow blower 2017-2018

A single stage throws the snow a single time. The rotating auger scoops up the snow and and delivers it out a chute in a single movement. These chute are able to pivot and can rotate about 180-200 degrees to direct where the snow is thrown. The rotating auger itself touches the ground when it spins, making this a bad choice for any gravel areas.

The main limiting factor on this model is the depth of snow it can remove. If you consistently have snow deeper than a foot or more, you should upgrade to a multi-stage unit. The main benefit is that due to it’s smaller size and lower requirements, the single stage models more often than not are electric. This contributes to being a great convenience in the colder months where handling liquids and mixing oils can become problematic. Mostly because of this reason, a majority of the best electric snow blower reviews are about single stage machines.


Single Stage Snow Blowers Entry Level Mid Grade Professional
Starting cc 87cc 160cc 212cc
Intake Height 10-13″ 12-13.5″ 12.5″
Clearing Width 18-22″ 20-21″ 21″

2. Two Stage Snow Blower

The two stage starts the same way as the single stage. Instead of projecting the snow straight out though the cute, two stage units gather the snow and move it to a high speed impeller that then breaks up the snow and ejects it out a chute up to 35 feet away. The best advantage of the two stage besides its increased snow depth capacity is that it’s rotating auger does not touch the ground. As a result you can now handle gravel areas and areas with non-smooth terrain. A majority of two stage snow throwers are gas powered as a larger engine is required making them the most common of the best gas snow blowers.

Two Stage Snow Blowers Entry Level Mid Grade Professional
Starting cc 163cc 208cc 305cc
Intake Height 16-23″ 16-23″ 20-23″
Clearing Width 20-45″ 20-33″ 24-45″

3. Three Stage Snow Blower

The three stage is not only the most powerful and most complex snow blower available for the commercial market, it is also the easiest to use as a result of it’s power assisted wheels. Two massive augers scoop snow and pass it to the center accelerator where it is sped to high velocities and passed to the impeller to be chopped up and even more rapidly expunged. These commercial snow blowers can toss snow 50 feet or more. They are the heaviest, most expensive, and most guaranteed to topple most any snow bank up to 30 inches high.

How to Choose a Snow Blower

Even the best snow thrower reviews won’t help you if you don’t know how to determine the best model for your application. Our ratings are determined by specifications and performance abilities to help you determine what are the best snow blowers. Even so, there are outside variables that you should consider when purchasing a snow blower. They are the climate, the size of your yard, the strength of the person operating the machine, and cost.

1. Climate

The size and type of terrain you are covering comes into play as well as the depth of your snow fall. Even if you have a massive yard, if you only receive an average of 10 inches of snow at a time, then a single stage snow blower will work for you. While having the hefty and reliable power of a three stage system, more times than not it will go under utilized. You should take into consideration the region you live. What are the average snowfall depths? The average snowfall depth chart to the right shows what you should be expecting.

2. Size of Yard

When considering the size of your yard, think not only about square footage, but dimensions of that square footage and how a snow blower works. The electric models have limitations the larger ones do not. The power assisted units can do what smaller ones are not able to. The number of stages can reduce the work load significantly if you have a larger distance to throw snow.

A lot of people living in the southern states like George or South Carolina may have small yards and low average snow fall where an electric snow blower would e a great fit. If the length of the yard is extensive, then the owner would have to consider buying a cordless electric snow blower or some kind of extension cord to cover the extra distance. Caution! If your extension cord or anything gets caught in the auger DO NOT attempt to remove by hand. There are many amputations and injuries every year from this kind of instance. Most units will come with a snow broom to assist. If the yard is relatively small, but snowfall is middle to heavy, then a sturdy single stage or a two stage model would be perfect but a new factor now comes into play.

3. Strength of the Operator

The person using the snow thrower should be of average to better strength. While these machines make clearing a driveway of snow easier that with a shovel, they are still sometimes heavy machines going against potentially thick snow. You will be sore after it’s use if you are not in exceptional physical condition. With that said, you my be able to get away with a single stage unit. If you do not have the strength to push it you will need to find a model that has power assisted wheels. Some snow blowers will also require a pull card to start them, which can be difficult to use and require a lot of muscle to start. This comes into play even more when your yard isn’t completely flat. Uphill through the snow can be a nightmare for even the sturdiest of us. This means you’ll need a more advanced or bigger model to have this feature. That brings us to the last requirement.

4. Cost

When asking how much is a snow blower? Keep in mind the features coming with it. The power assisted wheels, headlights, electric start, pivotable chute, clearance width, and addons like a snow shield are all important features, and also make the cost of a snow blower much less, due to the value you are receiving. Our ratings try to keep this in mind when determining the appropriate amount of stars given.

Check out the 10 Best Snow Blowers on the market right now:

1. Ariens 921024 Deluxe 24 254cc 24-Inch Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

Ariens 921024 Deluxe
14 in. steel serrated augers deliver outstanding performance and clearing power. Ariens AX engine delivers the power and performance needed to tackle thick snow. 24 in. wide clearing path ideal for clearing sidewalks, driveways and walkways. Six speed forward self-propelled operation with two speed reverse offers easier movement through snow. Remote controlled chute rotation offers users precise control over discharge without the hassle.

>> Ariens-921024-Deluxe-24-254cc-24-Inch-Two-Stage-Electric-Start-Gas-Snow-Blower




2. Poulan PRO PR241 – 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snowthrower -961920092

Poulan PRO PR241
Poulan PRO PR241ES 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snow thrower -961920092. The Poulan Pro PR241ES two stage snow thrower features a 208cc Poulan Pro engine, electric start, 24-inch clearing path, 23-inch in-take height, improved performance ribbon augers, 180 degree remote chute rotation with remote deflector, 12-inch auger diameter, 13-inch tires, comfort grip loop handles with single hand control, and adjustable handle height. Speeds are 6 Forward and 1 Reverse. 2 Year Limited Warranty and 4 Year Engine Warranty.

>> Poulan-PRO-PR241-24-Inch-208cc-Two-Stage-Electric-Start-Snowthrower-961920092




3. Power Smart DB7103-26 Inch 212 cc Two Stage Snow Thrower With Electric Start

Power Smart DB7103-26
The Power Smart DB7103-26 Two Stage 26 inch wide Snow Thrower has a 212 cc Power Smart Snow Engine. This heavy duty workhorse has an electric start along with a recoil start. It features an LED headlight, self propelled steering and interlocking handles. It also features a control panel, with a remote chute control and 180 degree chute rotation. The powerful snow engine gives you up to 30 feet of throwing distance. It can handle snow up to 21 Inch in height. Comes with a two-year warranty.

>> Power-Smart-DB7103-26-Inch-212-cc-Two-Stage-Snow-Thrower-With-Electric-Start




4. Husqvarna ST224 – 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snowthrower – 961930096

Husqvarna ST224
The Husqvarna ST224 two stage snow thrower works great for snow accumulations of 2-12 Inch. Features include a 208cc Husqvarna engine, electric start, LED headlight, 24-inch clearing path, 180 degree remote chute rotation with remote deflector, heated grip handles, 12-inch improved performance ribbon augers, friction disc transmission, aluminum gearbox, 15-inch tires and 2.7 liter fuel tank.

>> Husqvarna-ST224-24-Inch-208cc-Two-Stage-Electric-Start-Snowthrower-961930096




5. Briggs and Stratton 1696614 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower with 208cc Engine and Electric Start

Briggs and Stratton 1696614
The Briggs & Stratton 1696614 Medium-Duty Dual-Stage Snow Thrower features a 24-inch wide clearing path with a 20 inch intake height for clearing snow from sidewalks and other outdoor surfaces. This model has the 950 Snow Series 208 cc Engine with 9.50 foot-pounds of torque to power through heavier snowfalls. This model comes equipped with electric start so when it’s time to start your thrower it’s as easy as pushing a button. Unit features a friction disc drive system with 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds and a 12 inch steel scroll auger. Other features include synthetic oil for easy starting, a dash mounted chute control and steel reversible skid shoes.

>> Briggs-and-Stratton-1696614-Dual-Stage-Snow-Thrower-with-208cc-Engine-and-Electric-Start




6. Brute 1696666 Single Stage Snow Thrower, 22-Inch

Brute 1696666
Brute 22″ Single Stage Snow Blower with SnowShredder™ Auger. Hardworking Brute 22” single-stage snow blowers are built to quickly move light to medium snowfall. They are designed to deliver optimum power in extreme winter conditions. This snow blower features the innovative patened SnowShredder™ serrated auger. The durable welded steel auger with 14 high-performance serrated surfaces helps to clear compacted snow in less time. Powered by a dependable Briggs & Stratton Snow Series engine, electric start makes it easier to start. On-the-go chute rotation control and quick chute deflection makes Brute snow blowers simple and convenient.

>> Brute-1696666-Single-Stage-Snow-Thrower-with-Snow-Shredder-Technology-and-Electric-Start,22-Inch




7. Poulan Pro PR291E30 30-Inch 291cc LCT Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Thrower

Poulan Pro PR291E30
The PR291E30 2-stage snow thrower is equipped with standard speed drive and electric start engine; it is well-suited for homeowners who live in areas with moderate to heavy snow accumulation. Power steering and large, deep-tread tires allow for increased maneuverability and stability, and a 30-inch open width and 23-inch intake height allow for quick clearance on sidewalks and driveways. Convenient controls on the operator panel move the machine in forward and reverse, as well as rotate the discharge chute’s positioning and pitch. Other features include skid pad, installed drift bar, and flood light. It also has option to install weight bar.

>> Poulan-Pro-PR291E30-30-Inch-291cc-LCT-Gas-Powered-Two-Stage-Snow-Thrower-With-Electric-Start




8. Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

Toro 38381
The Toro 1800 Power Curve 18 inches Electric Snow Blower is designed to move snow quickly and clean all the way down to patios, decks and driveways while helping to eliminate clogging. The snow blower’s zip deflector provides a choice between high, low and in-between snow throwing while its 160-degree chute helps you direct the snow discharge in many directions. This model features an ergonomically-designed handle for a comfortable grip during use. Combining a 15 amp electric motor with patented Power Curve technology, the blower moves more snow in less time and cleans all the way down to the pavement. In one pass, the blower can clear a path 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep. Just plug it in and throw snow up to 30 feet.

>> Toro-38381-18-Inch-15-Amp-Electric-1800-Power-Curve-Snow-Blower




9. Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower with Light

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621
Built to handle big driveways and deep snowfalls, the Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 can move 650 pounds of snow per minute. It cuts a swath 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep, and a scraper blade efficiently clears snow right to the pavement–all without significant strain on your body. And because this snow thrower is powered by electricity instead of gas, it is incredibly easy to start and maintain. Each pass cuts a path 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep. Powerful 13-1/2 amp motor can move 650 pounds of snow per minute. Convenient 20-watt halogen light for safe, effective work in low-light conditions. 180-degree adjustable chute controls snow stream direction. Chute deflector controls height of snow stream. Instant Start for quick, convenient start-ups. Electric engine doesn’t require gas, oil changes, or tune-ups. Ergonomic grips for improved operator comfort.

>> Snow-Joe-Ultra-SJ621-18-Inch-13.5-Amp-Electric-Snow-Thrower-with-Light




10. GreenWorks 2600502 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower

GreenWorks 2600502
GreenWorks 2600502 13 amp motor delivers powerful results for gas alternative. Adjustable 180 degree directional chute makes snow throwing manageable. Discharge snow up to 20-feet.

>> GreenWorks-2600502-13-Amp-20-Inch-Corded-Snow-Thrower