Top 10 Best Stand Mixers 2018

Buying Guide

If you want to have a single solution for multiple tasks, like grinding, blending, mixing, slicing, dough kneading, shredding and beating, most probably you would be looking for the best kind of stand mixer.

Why Use A Stand Mixer

best stand mixers

1. It keeps your hands free

Perhaps the most useful benefit of a stand mixer, is that it keeps your hands free to do other things. You don’t have to hover over it – just start it up and you’re free to continue with other preparations while the stand mixer does the hard work for you.

2. Versatility

A great advantage of stand mixers is that you can use all sorts of attachments with it, letting you do many different things. There are attachments that grinds meat, rolls pasta and makes ice cream, just to mention a few.

3. Less Spills

Your kitchen will be a lot less messy if you decide to get a stand mixer instead of a hand mixer. The stand mixer uses a large bowl and keeps the food in, blending it perfectly even, without making a mess in your kitchen,

4. More power and speed variations

Stand mixers are almost always more powerful than hand mixers, and they have more speeds to choose from as well. This ensures that there’s always a suitable speed for what you’re making, and that there is enough power to do it without overloading the mixer.

5. Durability

Most stand mixers by well-known brands are extremely durable. It’s not unheard of to use the same stand mixer for 10, 20 or even 30 years without breaking it. A stand mixer is an investment in your home and kitchen that will last a long time.

How To Find The Best Stand Mixer

The modern stand mixers are capable of performing far more variety of tasks than you can even imagine, thus bringing creativity and versatility in your culinary activities. But how to find the stand mixer that comes with superior standards is again a question.

In the digitized global village, it is very easy for you to do so, i.e. just log onto and search the web and there will be many brands and models at your disposal. The famous ones, among these manufacturers, include Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Hamilton Beach and Sunbeam.

“What Measures to Take to Find the Best Stand Mixer?”

1. First of all, the mixer needs to be performing multiple functions, so that you may get an all-in-one appliance. For example, there are certain companies in the world that offer these machines with as many as 15 attachment options.

2. Simultaneously, these are equipped with very powerful motor for the accomplishment of a complex task efficiently and in less time. Some even have multiple speed levels—reaching up to 12!

3. Thirdly, look for the mixing bowl that has greater capacity and is made up of durable material.

4. On the fourth place, it should come with a comparatively long warranty period.

5. Fifthly, consider the level of affordability without compromising for any of the latest features.

6. Finally, do look for the honest stand mixer reviews about the product given by real life users.

The modern stand mixers, owing to their versatility of functioning, have rendered a great deal of facilitation to the culinary tasks. Some are cheap with low standard features while the others are costly with higher specifications. Still there are some which not only bring you superior specs but also offer amazing economy—these are the best!

Concerning how to find such marvelous models, you can get significant help from the online reviews. While you visit a store or an online marketplace, it will be better to make comparison and contrast of different brands also looking at their price tags.

The rising levels of inflation and shrinking economies have become a global issue where the low income individuals have to suffer the most. Whatever money you are earning, while shopping for a stand mixer, it will definitely be your keen desire to bring the best appliance home. So, the decision has to be made with due care and consideration.

Check out the 10 Best Stand Mixers on the market right now:

#1. KitchenAid KSM7586PCA 7-Quart Pro Line Stand Mixer Candy Apple Red

  • KitchenAid® 7 Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer designed to provide professional-style results
  • Their Most Powerful, Best Performing, Longest Lasting, Quietest, and Largest Capacity
  • 14 Dozen Cookies. Over 8 lbs of Dough. No Problem
  • Features Professional bowl-lift design raises bowl into mixing position
  • 7 Quart High Polished Stainless Steel Bowl Largest Capacity
  • Residential Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer Available
  • 16-Cup Flour Power Capacity
  • 10-speed slide control ranges from a very fast whip to a very slow stir

KitchenAid KSM7586PCAPros: fast shipping, 7-quart mixer is great for large quantities, large enough to do some hard tasks, easy to use and clean, love the color, large bowl is great, high quality stand mixer with a powerful motor, beats smooth and quiet, the slow start is a nice bonus feature, splash guard is especially useful,love having hands free to do other tasks while whipping, mixing, stirring, or kneading …

Cons: a little cumbersome

=> KitchenAid-KSM7586PCA-7-Quart-Pro-Line-Stand-Mixer-Candy-Apple-Red





#2. KitchenAid KP26M1XNP5 Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer

  • The Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is perfect for heavy, dense mixtures
  • Burnished metal flat beater, PowerKnead Spiral dough hook and 6-wire whisk will help you mix, knead and whip ingredients into culinary masterpieces quickly and easily
  • And for even more versatility, the power hub fits optional attachments from food grinders to pasta makers and more
  • Over 10 colors available
  • Multipurpose attachment hub, over 15 optional attachments
  • 6-quart stainless steel bowl, comfortable handle
  • All-metal 10-speed stand mixer with powerful 575-watt motor
  • Electronic speed sensor; auto shut-off; Soft Start minimizes splatter
  • Wire whip, burnished flat beater, spiral dough hook, and pouring shield included
  • Measurements H: 16.5, W:11.3, D:14.6

KitchenAid KP26M1XNP5Pros: delivered on time, it came in perfect condition, absolutely beautiful, makes your kitchen more beautiful and makes your life easier, comes with bigger bowl, faster more efficient speeds, professional mixer, powerful and makes quick work of any mixing job, it makes baking a lot easier, the new attachments they offer are great, well worth the high price …

Cons: its very heavy, didn’t fit well under standard counter-top …

=> KitchenAid-KP26M1XNP5-Professional-600-Series-6-Quart-Stand-Mixer





#3. Breville BEM800CBXL Scraper Mixer Pro Stand Mixer

  • The Breville Scraper Mixer Pro stand mixer helps make your baking stress-free
  • The designers at Breville are determined to make the baking just as enjoyable as the baked goods: no more scraping sticky bowls, no more splattering ingredients when you add them to the bowl, no more guessing how much more time you need to mix
  • ‘Tilt-release’ button releases the mixer head into the open ‘tilt-back’ position for easy removal and addition of ingredients, attachments, and mixing bowl
  • LED speed indicator LEDs illuminate to display the selected speed/mixing task
  • 12 speed control dial ‘pause’ function temporarily stops the mixer and pauses the timer
  • Internal cord storage located in the rear of the mixer. Cord pushes into the mixer base for convenient and tidy storage
  • LCD screen with timer so you can set the timer to count-down according to a specified receipt time before automatically switching off
  • Lift assist handles on the mixer head and base allow for easy handling and maneuvering
  • Attachment shaft attaches the scraper beater, flat beater, wire whip and dough hook
  • 2-piece pouring shield minimizes spattering when mixing and adding ingredients
  • 5 quart stainless steel bowl
  • Bowl locking recess securely locks the bowl in place for safety and stability when the mixer is in operation

Breville BEM800CBXLPros: excellent stand mixer, well priced, beautiful, sleek design, small footprint, functions very well, love the timer and retractable cord, easy to use, easy to clean, powerful, professional grade, great variable control, works through heavy dough with no problems, makes baking a wonderful experience, recommend this mixer for the quality and value …

Cons: the head moves quite a bit when mixing large batches …

=> Breville-BEM800CBXL-Scraper-Mixer-Pro-Stand-Mixer





#4. Cuisinart SM-55BC 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer

  • This stand mixer features a powerful 800-watt motor that can handle the heaviest mixing tasks
  • Its large, 5-1/2-quart, stainless-steel bowl accommodates big batches–even double recipes
  • The unit also provides 12 mixing speeds, along with a 15-minute countdown timer and automatic shutoff, for maximum precision
  • Choose the slow-start function to eliminate splatter or the ultra-gentle fold function to carefully blend in delicate ingredients
  • The mixer’s tilt-back head allows for easy access to the mixing bowl and makes attaching accessories simple
  • Accessories include a chef’s whisk, a flat mixing paddle and a dough hook, as well as a splashguard
  • The whisk aerates ingredients to increase volume or can also be used on slow speed to gently combine dry ingredients
  • Contoured to reach the bottom and sides of the bowl, the flat mixing paddle ensures thorough mixing
  • The dough hook makes hand kneading obsolete, while the splashguard offers an extra-wide pouring spout for easily adding ingredients
  • The stand mixer also contains three power outlets, including a high-speed outlet for its optional dedicated attachments (meat grinder, citrus juicer, blender, food processor, or pasta maker–all sold separately)
  • The stand mixer measures 15-1/2 by 10 by 12-1/2 Inch

Cuisinart SM-55BCPros: quick shipping, well packaged, the DVD that comes with it is very clear instructions, fabulous mixer, nice and solid, easy to use and clean, the timer feature is wonderful, a smart stand mixer that can handle a heavy workload, can take a beaten and keep on mixing, lots of power, not too noisy, mixes very fast, great for making bread …

Cons: it is a little loud but not too bad …

=> Cuisinart-SM-55BC-5-1/2-Quart-12-Speed-Stand-Mixer





#5. KitchenAid Certified Refurbished Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer RKSM6573OB, 6-Qt

  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished, shows limited or no wear
  • Includes all original accessories plus a 90-day warranty
  • 6-Qt. Easy Access, Extra Deep Stainless Steel Bowl with Comfortable Handle
  • Power Hub- The power hub turns your stand mixer into a culinary center
  • 67-Point Planetary Mixing Action
  • Electronic Soft Start(R) Feature and 10 Speeds – Powerful enough for nearly any task or recipe

KitchenAid Certified RKSM6573OBPros: great value for the price, quick delivery, larger bowl, strong work horse of a machine, great for large batches, it makes perfect mixes, no noise and vibration, clean up is easy with a quick wipe down, recommend to anyone who uses mixers frequently …

Cons: can’t say anything bad about it – just need more attachments …

=> KitchenAid-Certified-Refurbished-Bowl-Lift-Stand-Mixer-RKSM6573OB,6-Qt





#6. KitchenAid KSM150PSAQ 5-Qt. Artisan Series with Pouring Shield

  • Choose from over 20 different colors of the KitchenAid Artisan Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer for the one that perfectly matches your kitchen design or personality
  • Easily make your favorite cakes and multiple batches of cookie dough with the 5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl with comfortable handle
  • With 10 speeds, the standmixer will quickly become your kitchen’s culinary center as you mix, knead and whip ingredients with ease
  • And for even more versatility, the power hub fits optional attachments from food grinders to pasta makers and more

KitchenAid KSM150PSAQPros: it’s American made, price is unbeatable, fast delivery, wonderful selection of colors, the color adds a decorator touch, heavy duty, strong, solid, beastly, it works and durable, very quiet when turn it on to high speed, help you to make perfect cakes, lots of attachment options, beater easy to remove for washing, recommend to anyone looking for a high quality mixer …

Cons: no hassles & no problems at all

=> KitchenAid-KSM150PSAQ-5-Qt.Artisan-Series-with-Pouring-Shield





#7. KitchenAid K45SSOB 4.5-Quart Classic Series Stand Mixer

  • Multipurpose attachment hub, over 15 optional attachments
  • 4.5-Qt. Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Tilt-head design
  • 59-Point Planetary Mixing Action
  • Includes coated flat beater, coated dough hook, wire whip
  • Bullet point : 250-Watt

KitchenAid K45SSOBPros: priced fairly and delivered on time, sturdy and heavy, does not move around on counter, powerful enough to handle dough, makes cookies and dough with ease, very easy to change mixing tools, easy to clean, all the parts are dishwasher safe, comes with a small recipe book, recommend it to anyone who enjoys cooking …

Cons: the size of the bowl is not too big, wish could have gotten it in a different color and more attachments …

=> KitchenAid-K45SSOB-4.5-Quart-Classic-Series-Stand-Mixer





#8. Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 63221 All-Metal Stand Mixer

  • The Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Die Cast Stand Mixer offers high performance in a reasonably priced appliance
  • The 400 watts of power is powerful enough to tackle any mixing need
  • Eclectrics add a splash of fashion to any kitchen
  • Mixing action gives complete bowl coverage
  • 3 attachments offer mixing versatility to blend, beat, whip, mix, and cream
  • Stainless steel 4.5 quart locking bowl with handle
  • Includes two-piece pouring/splatter shield
  • Attachments, bowl, and shield are dishwasher safe
  • Mixer head locks down for thorough mixing
  • High-performance electronics ensure constant power at any speed
  • 12 settings for maximum flexibility
  • Includes dough hook, whisk, and flat beater
  • Hands-free mixing action – mixing head spins as it rotates completely inside the bowl
  • Nonslip feet
  • Mixer head tilts and lifts out of the way for easy bowl access
  • Individually hand-finished with a smudge-free coating

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 63221Pros: powerful motor, heavy-duty, best value for your money, fast delivery, high quality, beautiful stainless steel look, doesn’t take up too much counter space, no moving on your counter, motor is quiet running, mixed all the ingredients completely, ergonomic and easy to clean stainless steel bowl, extremely sturdy …

Cons: nothing negative to say, wish it had a grinder attachment …

=> Hamilton-Beach-Eclectrics-63221-All-Metal-Stand-Mixer





#9. Rev-A-Shelf – RAS-ML-HDCR – Heavy Duty Lift System

  • Rev-A-Shelf has kept design and flexibility in mind, the heavy duty chrome lift can be attached to any custom made shelf and therefore will fit all full height cabinet sizes allowing a perfect match to your counter top or interior cabinet
  • Revered as the “best in the industry”, the RAS-ML-HDCR features built-in shock dampeners, adjustable spring tension and holds appliances up to 60 lbs
  • Heavy Duty Lift (Assist) System and mounting hardware
  • Can be used with many different widths with a minimum base cabinet frame opening of 9″
  • Full height cabinet required, simply supply your own custom shelf
  • Spring loaded system with 3 tension settings to adjust to heavier items gently brings small appliances to counter height

Rev-A-Shelf - RAS-ML-HDCR - Heavy Duty Lift SystemPros: nice for a hide-a-way shelf, installs with variable size shelf to fit cabinet and mixer, various speed settings, the fit and finish of the parts were amazing, it doesn’t move when mixing even the heaviest of batters, loves the heavy feel of the base, can be adjusted for height or for distance from the table top, easy to raise and lower …

Cons: installation instructions were incomplete, challenging installation for someone …

=> Rev-A-Shelf-RAS-ML-HDCR-Heavy-Duty-Lift-System





#10. Sunbeam FPSBSM2104 Heritage Series 350-Watt Stand Mixer

  • Introducing the new iconic Sunbeam Heritage Series Stand Mixer
  • This Mixmaster is made with elegant and durable die-cast, all metal construction
  • Equipped with a powerful 350-watt motor, this convenient stand mixer works well for everything from high-volume holiday cooking and baking to everyday tasks in the kitchen
  • The appliance offers 12 different speed settings for quickly and precisely mixing ingredients
  • Accessories include stainless-steel beaters for creaming butter and sugar or mixing heavy cake mixes, stainless-steel dough hooks that take the hard work out of kneading dough and other hard mixtures, and a 4.6 Quart stainless-steel mixing bowl
  • Other highlights include a turntable base that allows the bowl to turn while mixing, a soft-grip molded handle for a secure grip, an eject button that releases the attachments, and a tilt-back locking head for convenient removal of the mixing bowl and attachments
  • After unplugging the unit and removing the beaters, the mixer head can be wiped down with a damp cloth and removed for compact storage and the accessories can be cleaned in the dishwasher

Sunbeam FPSBSM2104Pros: nice sturdy mixer for your basic kitchen use, great for first counter top mixer, fine basic mixer perfect for light batters, stainless mixing bowl is excellent in finish, not very heavy, looks good, functional and easy to use, can handles tough bread dough, solid performance, not too loud, plenty of power …

Cons: it has setting for 2 bowls but only comes with one …

=> Sunbeam-FPSBSM2104-Heritage-Series-350-Watt-Stand-Mixer