Top 12 Best Stand Up Paddleboards 2018

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Are you in the market for a Stand up Paddle board? Have you finally decided to give the new sport a try, but still have some questions about the many different options table? Perhaps you’ve graduated from their first board and looking for a second plate specific purpose? Let’s delve into the many options available today so the markets SUP.

All Around SUP forms

Best Stand Up Paddleboard

Many stand up paddle boards that cater to first-time or casual paddler fall in the category “All Around”. All around forms can be used for all types of paddling above a greater or lesser extent, although they are more suitable for flat water playground recreation.

An All Around SUP board is usually around 30″ wide, if not wider typical length for a beginner are 11′-12′ lighter riders may be able to start 10′ – 10′6″ table. All around boards generally have a fairly wide nose and tail, and a considerable total thickness in the 4-1/2″ to 5″ range. The wide nose, broad tail and considerable length, width and thickness to a very stable and forgiving board.

Stable and forgiving are great features to have on a board while learning the basics of balance, rowing, negotiating the wave, ride, and the construction of its total strength and conditioning. All around many ways will also have a single center fin configuration.

While some may feel the need to jump into a form of performance there is a lot of wisdom to start in a whole way and after some time graduated to a form more adapted action. Also, once they have graduated have a second meeting to give your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband or friends.

If you choose wisely you can find a table that will allow you to move from basics of flat water and also allow paddle surfing in waves, try the scene of the flat water races, enjoy a SUP tour and navigate rivers and small rapids.

Paddle Surf Forms

Stand Up Paddle Surf has made great strides as a form of table and brokers have pushed the boundaries of performance. There are several styles of SUP surfing relating to the preference and size of the waves. Some prefer “scam” and “pinch” on a smaller board keeping your feet in relatively the same position on the board, others prefer to “walk” the board of the nose to the tail of an equally skilled but more traditional way. Each of these various styles are generally, but not exclusively carried out in different forms of table.

types of stand up paddle board

When it comes to learning how to paddle surf “All Around” it is usually a great way to start especially in small waves. Additional stability will enable the row in the wave length trust and help your slide as gain speed to get into the wave. Once on the wave form an All Around will be very stable on your feet.

The larger is generally considered best for paddlers first time you may want to consider a smaller board for surfing. The most likely want a board that is as small as possible while still being stable enough for you to balance on. If you head for the hangover you may want to borrow a slightly smaller board from a friend if possible and give it a try.

1. Riders nose:

Similar to a whole meaning nose shape a pilot basis for paddle surfing have a pretty wide nose hanging “five” or “ten” of your toes on the edge. The tail may be a variety of shapes which may include, square, squash, round or pin tail.

A nose board mount specific for surfing SUP have much narrower track and is tapered nose thickness will be less. The tail is often being too thin to allow it to be buried in the waves during turns. Other maneuvers may include “backward offs” that are made by the board paddling back into the tide and turn the board around 180 degrees after catching the wave and “helicopters” with are essentially a 360 degrees up nose while driving.

2. Rippers:

SUP boards sometimes referred to as “heartbreaking” are essentially short forms flown table that allows the surfer to paddle to turn faster, drop-in steeper waves and barrels negotiate more easily. Typical forms “Ripper” have a pointed nose and shot in the tail and have a 3 fin “thruster” fin configuration or 4 “Quad”. Sizes are typically in the sub 7 feet to 10 feet range. A common size is 9′ to 9′6 Ripper SUP forms “are Coreban”.

3. Big Wave boards:

tables breakers have to be capable of being rowed quickly enough to catch a fast-moving wave. Once the speed of a large wave board must be capable of making the drop and rotate at high speeds, is maintaining contact rails wave. Typical big wave boards are in the 11′ to 13′ range and be thinner in width than a regular table with very point lying on the nose and tail pin. Typical configuration fin fin 3 “propeller”.

4. Flat Water Boards Racing:

Racing boards are designed to allow the paddler to move through the water very fast, with the least amount of resistance. Typical widths of a board races will be 27″ to 30″ wide with a thickness in the 4.5″ to 5.5″ ranges.

Although racing boards come in many lengths there are some standard lengths to match the official classes of racing events. These classes include: Photo 12′6 and under, 14′ and under and “unlimited which could include tables 14′1″ and more. Race boards usually have a very narrow nose and tail. Many boards also feature a displacement hull, which is basically a deep vee nose running into a rounded bottom.

Displacement hulls generally excel in the harshest ocean conditions. The displacement hull design is similar to many boat hull designs. Other variations of race meetings will have a slight vee in the nose, but have a flat bottom that holds more square rails.

Flatter designs are more favorable background for race conditions very flat and calm water. Some tips on everything in the 14′1″ and lengths have a rudder that can be controlled or” cut “by the foot while beating. Regulations races only allow rudders in the 14′1″ and “Unlimited” class. This can be very useful when faced with crosswinds that could normally only be counterbalanced paddling on one side.

Cut your paddle wheel lets evenly on each side prevent fatigue while traveling in the desired direction.

5. Downwind Rowing:

Rowing is rowing Downwind the wind typically from point A to B. In the ocean you can catch waves of open sea that allow the paddler to ride the wave for short distances. Once a wave takes the paddler can rest for a few seconds and adjust their management course before paddling again in another wave or “corridor”.

In this way the paddler can travel great distances to impressive average speeds. Boards wind direction are typically in the 12′6″ to 18′ range. Have narrow widths 27″ to 30″ range profiles have pointed nose, and pulled frac.

Downwind boards usually have a lot of rocker nose that allows them to fall into the waves stack without the “pearl” nose or go underwater. The bottom of the tables are typically quite sharp flat rear rails that allow them to ride the waves and change direction very easily if necessary.

6. Touring paddle boards:

A board tour will allow you to cover large distances and have ample floatation to allow the transport of additional camping equipment, small dogs or small children with you. Rotation boards are generally in the 12′ and longer range. If you are a light rider you can get away with using a table of “All Around” for tourism. Similarly some All Around tables in the “range can work well as 12 tourism boards.

Accessories include plates on tour can cover fixing mount kits for creating attachment points for strapping down backpacks, dry bags, coolers or any another thing that is able to take with you paddle Multi-day trips are a great way to explore the lakes, rivers and the ocean while camping on the way.

7. River/rapids Paddle Boards:

A growing sector of Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the use of paddle boards and running fast rivers. Of course there are many kinds of fast that one can choose to run. As in the surf board that is large enough to be stable, without being time desired.

Many opt for a board with a configuration of 3 fin thruster commonly used for surfing, allowing them to use 3 small fins instead of a large fin giving them more free space on stretches of shallow rocky rivers. It is also common today are inflatable SUP boards that are virtually impermeable rocks.

These include softer fins that are less prone to serious damage or causing a rock to the board. Another benefit of the inflatable seals are deflated once portability.

Another variation on the river paddling standing wave surfing. Certain river rapids have standing waves caused by the current fast moving water on the edge of the Rocky River bottom. If you can paddle in this wave has a theoretically infinite wave until it falls or is physically exhausted.

Check out the 12 Best Stand Up Paddleboards on the market right now:

1. BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wing Stand Up Paddleboard

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wing
Designed for efficiency and stability the WING series offers a smooth and effortless paddling experience. Perfect for sunrise cruises along your local lake, destination day-tripping to secluded spots as well as serious exploration in extreme conditions. A full vee entry transitions to a displacement hull through the nose into a flat planing hull under foot and out the tail. This unique design gives the WING impressive glide as well as stability, allowing you to go further, faster and quieter than on a traditional board. Boards sizes: 11 feet 0 inch / 12 feet 6 inch.

>> BIC-Sport-ACE-TEC-Wing-Stand-Up-Paddleboard




2. ISLE Airtech Touring Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

ISLE Airtech Touring Inflatable
The ultimate touring sup – the ISLE Airtech 12’6” Touring Inflatable Paddle Board is designed for long distance cruising on the flat water or open ocean. Equipped with nose mounted handle and bungee system, giving you plenty of room to stash all your gear. The bow shaped nose entry helps it cut across chop with ease. Revolutionary iSUP technology is now 30% lighter than comparable inflatable paddle boards without compromising quality. They utilize a unique high end manufacturing process which machine coats the drop stitch with a special seal and bonding layer, followed by a machine-laminated, higher-density PVC layer. The result is a lighter, stiffer, more durable iSUP board without any of the extra weight. Includes 3 piece aluminum adjustable travel paddle, carry backpack, high pressure pump with pressure gauge (inflates to 15 psi), removable travel fin and repair kit.

>> ISLE-Airtech-12-Feet-6-Inches-Touring-Inflatable-Stand-up-Paddle-Board-with-Paddle-and-Bag




3. Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2 10’4″ Package

Tower Adventurer 2 10'4
New design includes front bungee, carrying handles on the nose and tail plus a 3 piece fiberglass paddle, fin and pump. Easy to store and transport. Weight limit of up to 350 lbs on the water. When fully inflated, it feels very similar to a hard board. Military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction. Never worry again about dings and board cracks. 2-year manufacturers warranty which covers everything outside of normal wear & tear.

>> Tower-Paddle-Boards-Adventurer-2-10’4″-Package




4. Journey Stand Up Paddle Boards EPS/Epoxy Paddle Board, 10’6″

Journey EPS/Epoxy Paddle Board, 10'6
The 10’6″ journey SUP board is a stable all-around SUP for anyone wanting to experience Standup paddling. Included is an integrated lift SUP handle for easy carrying, an EVA foam deck pad, vent plug, and removable single fin. This high quality paddle board is made out of premium molded EPS foam core and epoxy resin (3x 6oz top + 2x 6oz bottom) with carbon fiber reinforced rails for added protection. Eps/epoxy construction provides the best glide on flat water and the best performance in the surf, no other construction of SUP really compares to the experience you will have on EPS/epoxy. The materials also keep the board incredibly light for easy carry to and from the water and loading onto vehicles for transport, which they have found to be one of the biggest complaint using premium materials and their proprietary construction processes the journey 10’6″ paddle board is a incredible value and the perfect paddle board for beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

>> Journey-Stand-Up-Paddle-Boards-EPS/Epoxy-Paddle-Board-with-LiftSUP-Easy-Carry-Handle,10’6″




5. ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10′ All Around Stand Up Paddle Board (6″ Thick) iSUP Package

ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10
The ISLE 10’ All Around Airtech® Fusion-Lite Inflatable Paddle Board is now 30% lighter than comparable inflatable paddle boards without compromising quality. To obtain this they utilize a unique high end manufacturing process and machine coat the drop stitch with a special seal and bonding layer, and then add another machine-laminated, higher-density PVC layer. This effect is to remove any human factor or error in the bonding process. This creates a consistent, unique bond by a highly controlled machine process that’s just not achievable via the previous hand-gluing methods of the competitors. The end result is a lighter, stiffer, more durable iSUP board without any of the extra weight.

>> ISLE-Airtech-Inflatable-10′-All-Around-Stand-Up-Paddle-Board-(6″ Thick)-iSUP-Package




6. Atoll 11’0″ Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board, (6 Inches Thick, 32 inches wide) ISUP

Atoll 11'0
Atoll’s flagship ISUP, the Cruiser Deluxe, is 11 foot x 6 inch x 32 inch ISUP ready with everything you need to paddle that same day. BRAND NEW NEW Fusion Light Construction – 30% lighter than comparable models .Manufactured with a built in state of the art H3 valve. It comes with a the industry leading Bravo dual action hand pump. Replaceable, reliable and airtight 2nd generation detachable fin which keeps the inflatable stand up paddle board headed on its intended course. Fully wrapped with second layer of patented material on the top and bottom, creating a stiff, rigid and sturdy ISUP. EVA foam on the top: prevents ISUP rider from slipping and loosing their balance. Pressure ranges up to 15 psi with Korean style drop stitching technology, it provides for an extremely rigid inflatable paddle board. It also comes with a 3 piece paddle and nylon blade. Supports ISUP riders up to 250 lbs (see image). Two year manufacturer warranty and product guarantee. Become part of the fastest growing lifestyle sport in the world.

>> Atoll-11’0″-Foot-Inflatable-Stand-up-Paddle-Board,(6-Inches-Thick,32-inches-wide)ISUP




7. XTERRA 10′ Inflatable Paddle Board (5.5″ Thick) Complete iSUP Package

XTERRA Boards makes the best world’s best inflatable stand up paddle board on the market. All Around Paddle Board (10′ x 30″ x 5.5″) – Ideal for Riders 225 pounds or lighter. They use the best military garde drop-stitch material and each side of the board is double reinforced.

>> XTERRA-10′-Inflatable-Paddle-Board-(5.5″-Thick)-Complete-iSUP-Package




8. iRocker Triple Layer Military Grade PVC Inflatable Paddle Board

iRocker Triple Layer Military Grade PVC
Weight limit of up to 385 lbs – similar to a hard board when fully inflated to 15 PSI max. Constructed with military grade materials, Run it into the rocks or drive over it with your vehicle. It’s virtually indestructible. No need for roof racks, throw it in the trunk of your car or travel the world with it in your luggage. Light weight and easy to store in any closet. Includes 1 board, dual action high pressure hand pump, adjustable aluminum paddle, back pack carry bag, and repair kit. 2 Year warranty.

>> iRocker-Triple-Layer-Military-Grade-PVC-Inflatable-Paddle-Board




9. Atlantis Paddle Boards SUP Inflatable Paddle Board 10’6″ & 6″ Thick

Atlantis SUP
The Atlantis Paddleboard performs just like a hard board. Riding this rigid SUP will make you feel like you’re on a hard board without compromising stability or performance. Many inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUPs) on the market are only 4” thick and pretty difficult for an adult to comfortably ride. The inflatable SUPs are 6” thick, which make the boards 4x as rigid with 2x the weight capacity. The added benefits make Atlantis SUPs a great option for beginners and tandem riders alike.

>> Atlantis-Paddle-Boards-SUP-Inflatable-Paddle-Board-10’6″&6″-Thick




10. Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet Inflatable Standup Paddleboard SUP

Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet
The Weekender from ten toes boards is their best selling and most versatile inflatable StandUp paddle board. At 10′ long, it’s easier to maneuver and less intimidating for beginning boarders. Carry it around with ease using the extremely sturdy handle in the middle of the front of the board. The rounded hull and 30 Width improve stability while the textured foam deck pad makes standing more comfortable and less slipping prone. The Weekender is a great choice for adventurers of all skill levels. Relax as you move through calm WATERS with the three-piece ultra lightweight, durable and adjustable aluminum paddle. It weighs less than 2 pounds but is very sturdy. This is the most stable board shape and is the best board for yoga. Their boards are made of military-grade PVC, which basically means they’re indestructible. When fully inflated, the Weekender is just as stiff and stable as a traditional SUP. But when you deflate and roll up your board, you will be amazed how easy paddle boarding has become. When collapsed, the boards measure approximately 11×36 and are incredibly easy to load and unload. This small package can be effortlessly stowed in any nook or cranny, whether you’re boating, camping, or simply heading to the water for the afternoon.

>> Ten-Toes-WEEKENDER-10-Feet-Inflatable-Standup-Paddleboard-SUP




11. California Board Company (CBC) Stand up Paddle Board

California Board Company (CBC)
This custom molded shape has 3 multi-layered (molded-in) laminated wood stringers coated with waterproof resin. It has a heat laminated high denisty 100% waterproof EPS core and high density polyethylene slick bottom (heat laminated). High density durable IXPE/XPE deck (heat laminated) with graphic. Molded-in nylon leash plug, molded nylon SUP handle with finger grooves.

>> California-Board-Company-(CBC)-Stand-up-Paddle-Board




12. Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard (10-Feet 8-Inch)

Solstice Bali 10-Feet 8-Inch
Solstice by Swimline Solstice Stand-Up Paddleboard 10’8″. High-pressure inflatable paddleboard. Sleek, lightweight and fast. Extremely rigid and strong. Includes 4 stainless tie-downs for securing gear. Durable 1000 Denier 3 ply PVC reinforced fabric material. Kit Includes: Carry bag, pump & gauge.

>> Solstice-Bali-Stand-Up-Paddleboard-(10-Feet-8-Inch)