Top 10 Best String Trimmers 2018

Buying Guide

You will have to understand what sorts of jobs you will be doing with your trimmer before you decide on what kind to buy. It’s pretty easy to understand that a gas powered trimmer will have more power than a battery powered trimmer. An electric trimmer will usually be quieter though which is good for people who live in highly condensed areas and have noise ordinances put into place.

Best String Trimmers

Depending on where you live in the country you might not even be able to buy a gas trimmer simply because it’s against the law to have anything that omits fumes. Places such as California doesn’t allow gas powered trimmers or other gas powered tools because of their environmental responsibility, so make sure that before you buy anything that you know the laws and such including noise ordinances so that you don’t spend money on something that you cannot use.

People use an edger and trimmer after they mow a lawn to clean up the edges and around hard to reach places that a mower simply can’t go. Places such as up against a fence line, up the edges of a walk way or drive way, around trees and in delicate places such as around garden beds where a lawn mower simply couldn’t go. Now depending on the size of the jobs that need to be done would determine what kind of trimmer that you would need.

If you are simply doing small jobs every now and then having a battery powered trimmer would be the best because they have the least noise, the least amount of power and will only run for a limited amount of time before you have to put them back onto the charger.

If you have medium jobs that you want to do that could include weeds that need to be taken down or light underbrush you could consider getting an electric trimmer which you plug into a regulated plug or extension cord of 100 feet or less. If your jobs are less than 100 feet then it would be perfect for light to medium jobs.

Next comes the gas powered trimmers and these would be considered for large or often used jobs which means that you are either a professional landscaper and need it for work or that you have a lot of property that you own and want to do work on, constantly. The gas powered motors take more maintenance than the other kinds but it’s truly worth it if you need that kind of power and speed to get a job done right the first time.

Also making sure that you want either automatic feeding line or the feed line that you put in yourself that’s also something that should be considered. Also, usage and safety features should be looked at no matter which brand you decide to go with. So in conclusion figure out which kind is going to be right for the types of jobs you want it to do, the feed line, and safety features that are all going to be right for you.

Check out the 10 Best String Trimmers on the market right now:

#1. DEWALT DCST990H1 Max XR String Trimmer, 40-volt

  • The DEWALT DCST990H1 40V MAX XR String Trimmer features a 6 Ah premium high capacity battery (50% more battery capacity) with a brushless motor that provides more runtime and longer life with a more efficient and more durable motor
  • It has a patented gear drive design that provides more torque and maintains cut speed under load
  • This is contained within a metal gear case for better durability for heavy use
  • The impact-resistant Xenoy housing offers maximum durability for every day usage
  • It has a variable speed trigger which gives you precise speed control when needed with power and performance to tackle thick growth, as well as a padded auxiliary handle that offers comfort for long use
  • This trimmer has a dual 0.080″ line with a bump feed head that gives the user control over the feed rate, along with a 15 inch cutting swath to help you get the job done faster


Pros: very nice professional trimmer that comes with a battery instead of gas, for someone with a large yard or a lot of weeds to cut down, it isn’t very heavy, comfortable design reduces weight of the trimmer during use, the balance is great, wide 15” diameter cuts down nicely the extra back and forth to cover desired area, impressive power, without the hassle of gas fuel, was out cutting in under 2 hours, a full recharge takes less than two hours, extra batteries are available, 3 year limited warranty …

Cons: the trimmer is a bit on the long side, someone complained it is somewhat bulky and thus difficult to control in tight places …

=> DEWALT-DCST990H1-Max-XR-String-Trimmer,40-volt





#2. Husqvarna 224L 25cc 4-Stroke Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer, 17-Inch

  • The Husqvarna 224L 4-Stroke 25cc Professional Straight Shaft Trimmer is lightweight (11.24 pounds) making it perfect for professionals
  • The 4-stroke engine allows you to avoid the hassle of mixing oil and fuel
  • The Smart Start and air purge systems allow for stress-free easy starting

Husqvarna 224L

Pros: great weed eater, very reliable, runs on gas no need to mix with oil, it starts easily and cuts through like a champ, the Honda 4 stroke engine is much quieter and cleaner than 2 stroke versions, it can be tilted to any angle without problems, easy change spool head is simple to restring, recommend this to anyone who wants to do serious cutting effortlessly, do not hesitate to buy this …

Cons: slightly heavy, it can get loud at full throttle, recommend shoulder strap for extended use …

=> Husqvarna-224L-25cc-4-Stroke-Straight-Shaft-Gas-Trimmer,17-Inch





#3. CORE GasLess Power CGT400 CGTSD Gasless Powered Trimmer

  • The CGT400 Trimmer is reliable, lightweight and will run just as long as a tank of gas
  • It’s perfectly balanced and features an instant trigger start, high-energy power cell, dual mode controls for torque and speed, open view grass guard and a comfort grip handle
  • CORE Outdoor Power has designed and continues to develop a revolutionary new motor technology called Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy (CORE) specifically for use in its new line of Gasless emission free outdoor power equipment
  • CORE air-cooled motors are extremely light weight and have the ability to produce as much power as two cycle gas engines currently used for a variety of professional and consumer outdoor power equipment products
  • With the highest energy factor per weight of any existing motor or engine and one third to one fifth the size and use of raw materials
  • CORE Technology is designed to replace existing conventional motion devices, motors and engines
  • This lightweight, long life, virtually maintenance free CGT400 Trimmer will retail at a price comparable with high quality commercial gasoline trimmers on the market today

CORE GasLess Power CGT400

Pros: a great tool without the hassle, outstanding, the smoothness and quiet of this unit is truly amazing, lots of power, no power cord, no gas motor to worry about, battery last almost 70 minutes, the bump feed actually works perfectly, cuts tall grass with ease, recommend to anyone tired of mixing fuel, carburetor problems, and wearing yourself out pulling starter cords …

Cons: a bit heavy for an old lady, the 3 hrs it takes to charge the power cell …

=> CORE-GasLess-Power-CGT400-CGTSD-Gasless-Powered-Trimmer





#4. Hitachi CG22EADSLP 21.1cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Split-Shaft Commercial Grade Grass Trimmer

  • From Hitachi, the CG22EADSLP Two-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Split-Shaft Grass Trimmer features a commercial-grade engine, an extended-reach 60.3-inch drive shaft crafted from solid steel, and a cutting head with a semi-automatic line dispenser
  • Use this CARB-compliant tool to trim around gardens, porches, or walkways, or to tackle big cleanup jobs
  • The lightweight trimmer features the S-Start system, an anti-vibration design, and PureFire low-emission two-stroke engine technology that reduces fumes

Hitachi CG22EADSLP

Pros: this trimmer is a great deal for the price, comfortable to hold and use, quite easy to start, handles tougher grass and weeds than someone expected, more power and it does a better job, it cuts so effortlessly through the thickest of ground cover, not very loud, the automatic feed feature is really nice, plus 7 year warranty …

Cons: it does vibrate a little at lower speeds …

=> Hitachi-CG22EADSLP-21.1cc-2-Stroke-Gas-Powered-Straight-Split-Shaft-Commercial-Grade-Grass-Trimmer





#5. GreenWorks 21362 G-MAX 40V Digipro 14-Inch String Trimmer

  • Whether it’s mowing your yard, or trimming the hedges, weeds and limbs or blowing away debris
  • GreenWorks Tools offer a complete yard work solution to get your yard work done for a professional landscaped look with its eco-fuel systems
  • From 20v, 24v to 40v lithium-ion battery platforms, you can now find the best lawn and garden system that will fit your needs in cost, power and versatility
  • The DigiPro Brushless G-MAX Series provides the gas comparable power without the gas
  • Currently featuring the DigiPro 16″ Chainsaw, DigiPro 185MPH Blower/Vac and now the 14″ String Trimmer, you don’t have to sacrifice power to go cordless
  • The DigiPro Brushless String Trimmer offers a 14″ cut path with a .080 bump feed (head) to make it easy when advancing the line and cutting through tough weeds
  • The straight shaft design makes it easy to view your task without obstruction of view allowing you to work through your yard seamlessly
  • For versatility, the top mount motor head is detachable to offer multiple usage capabilities and is compatible with most gas attachments so that you don’t have to purchase new proprietary tools (please see content above for more compatibility models)
  • When looking for the right gas comparable lawn tools, GreenWorks G-MAX System is the right solution to turn to with the power and performance, longer run time and versatility to get the job done

GreenWorks 21362

Pros: it’s so quiet, powerful as a gas powered one, strap and extra handle are helpful additions, handles brush cutter just fine, battery charge lasts longer, great trimming capability, excellent string feed, cuts even thickest weeds with ease, best thing about this no mixing gas and oil which is a great improvement, recommend this trimmer to anyone for non-commercial use and who has a lawn that is less than a quarter-acre …

Cons: a little too big and it is heavy …

=> GreenWorks-21362-G-MAX-40V-Digipro-14-Inch-String-Trimmer





#6. Tanaka TCG24EBSP 2-Cycle Gas String Commercial Grade Trimmer, 23.9cc

  • Featuring an aluminum clutch housing, this Tanaka 23.9cc commercial grade string trimmer is built for the professional landscaper who demands maximum reliability and durability
  • In addition to commercial grade engine components, the 7mm splined, solid steel drive shaft is lined to provide minimal vibration
  • Padded front and rear handles, built in gear case spindle lock, 4″ tap and go cutting head
  • 2 piston rings, forged steel connecting rod, Walbro carburetor with purge primer, 17.6 oz. fuel tank capacity
  • Rugged fuel tank protector, S-Start pull force reduction system, fiber lined clutch
  • Blade and attachment capable, 50:1 gas/oil ratio, CARB/EPA compliant (300 hour rated), 10.8 lbs.
  • The TCG24EBSP is backed by a 2-year commercial use warranty and 7-year consumer use warranty as well as a lifetime drive shaft warranty

Tanaka TCG24EBSP

Pros: the engine is super reliable, the head is very easy to use and dispense string, smooth, light, perfectly balanced, not too loud, cuts well, you can trim weeds 5ft high, 7 year warranty is nice as well, perfect trimmer for residential or home users, you won’t find a better trimmer with similar specs at this price point …

Cons: you really have to bump hard for the string to come out, you really have to adjust the guard up high cause it will get caught n the grass …

=> Tanaka-TCG24EBSP-2-Cycle-Gas-String-Commercial-Grade-Trimmer,23.9cc





#7. Makita XRU04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless String Trimmer (Bare Tool Only)

  • Landscapers are demanding more cordless alternatives to corded and gas-powered outdoor power equipment, and Makita delivered with the 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless string trimmer (model XRU04Z, tool only)
  • With zero emissions, lower noise, and considerably less maintenance, as well as category-leading battery charge time and unmatched breadth-of-line, this 18V cordless trimmer is a welcome solution for landscapers
  • And with the efficient Makita BL Brushless motor, they’ll get up to 50% longer run time, more power and speed, and longer tool life
  • The BL Brushless Motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the BL Motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life
  • BL Brushless motor delivers up to 6,000 RPM for faster cutting
  • Adjustable speed dial (0-3,500 to 0-6,000) allows the operator to match speed to application
  • Compact size is ideal for trimming and precise edging

Makita XRU04Z

Pros: great little tool for edging and walkways, nice design and solid feel, very nice not to run and extension cord or have to mess with starting your gas powered trimmer, runs about 30 minutes on a charge, the brushless motor is definitely worth the extra money, does a nice job at high speed, the safety features are nice, excellent fit and finish, great quality, super quiet, really light, very adjustable, has one string that spins and cuts grass & soft weeds …

Cons: the plastic debris guard is just not built to last, manual string feed is a bit of a pain …

=> Makita-XRU04Z-18V-LXT-Lithium-Ion-Brushless-Cordless-String-Trimmer-(Bare-Tool-Only)





#8. Toro 51488 48-Volt MToro 51488 48-Volt Max Cordless Dual Line Trimmer, 13-Inch

  • No Gas. Full Power
  • Toro’s 48-volt Max lithium-ion cordless trimmer delivers the performance and durability to tackle tough jobs, without the hassle of gas or cords
  • It will allow you to go anywhere in your yard and have 20 percent more power to do the job over 40-volt lithium-ion products
  • The 51488 innovative features, sleek design and battery technology will give you all the power you’ll need to trim the average yard
  • The Toro 48-volt Max cordless trimmer is made of long-lasting, durable materials
  • This newly designed trimmer vibrates less, is well balanced and weighs 25 percent less than an average gas powered string trimmer, which makes this trimmer more comfortable to use
  • No more disturbing the peace of your lungs — Toro cordless trimmers are quieter and run cleaner than gas trimmers

Toro 51488

Pros: 48 volt trimmer, not to have a cord on the trimmer helps a great deal, no longer need to worry about smelling like gas & oil or catching fire, the power is incredible, great speed control, plenty of power even in tall grass, makes trimming & edging easy, battery time lasts at least a hour each time, fast recharge …

Cons: battery on this tool is huge, it’s a little heavy …

=> Toro-51488-48-Volt-MToro-51488-48-Volt-Max-Cordless-Dual-Line-Trimmer,13-Inch





#9. Poulan Pro PP125 17-Inch 25cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Straight-Shaft String Trimmer

  • Optional attachments and a split boom shaft turn the Poulan Pro 25 cc 2-cycle gas trimmer into 6-tools-in-1: trimmer, edger, blower, cultivator, brush cutter, or pole pruner
  • The straight shaft trimmer features a 17-inch cutting width and dual exit
  • 096-inch diameter cutting line
  • This tool also includes a durachrome cylinder for extended engine life, heavy duty automatic clutch, Tap N Go dual line cutting head, and an effortless Sure Fire pull starting system that eliminates complications with the choke
  • It is backed by a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Poulan Pro PP125

Pros: decent trimmer, it starts on the third pull on a cold start, changeable shaft for different tools is quick and easy makes all the difference, easy enough to control and works very well even on thick grass, whacked lots of weeds, easy to change attachments, push to extend string works great, very satisfied for the price …

Cons: a little bit heavy and having a little trouble keeping the string exposed, it required a tune-up to get the unit to function properly …

=> Poulan-Pro-PP125-17-Inch-25cc-2-Cycle-Gas-Powered-Straight-Shaft-String-Trimmer





#10. Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

  • Designed for cutting efficiency and the freedom of cordless convenience, the 13-inch cordless LST136W trimmer and edger delivers more power from the motor to the cutting string so you can get the job done faster
  • Thanks to BLACK+DECKER’s exclusive PowerDrive Transmission, you’ll be able to trim grass in hard-to-reach areas where mowers cannot cut while also maintaining a neat edging along hard surfaces
  • It’s powered by BLACK+DECKER’s high-powered 40-volt MAX lithium-ion battery system, which offers power, excellent runtime, and the versatility to share batteries with other tools within the system
  • 40-volt battery provides longer runtime and longer battery life year after year
  • PowerDrive Transmission delivers more power from the motor to the cutting string
  • Automatic Feed Spool ensures continuous work without bumping
  • PowerCommand dial lets you choose between max power and max runtime
  • Easily converts from trimmer to edger; tool free handle and height adjustment
  • Power Command controls speed for maximum run-time or maximum power
  • Fast charger recharges included 40-volt battery in about 1 hour

Black & Decker LST136W

Pros: fast service, hassle free trimming, no longer need to buy gas or oil, low noise & instant start or stop, lightweight enough, strong performance, much better than dragging a cord around the yard, the battery has a glow indicator on it, good battery life, uses the same line as the 18 volt black & Decker is very convenient, you can flip it over to get awkward areas, the trimmer and blower are working great …

Cons: no problems with it …

=> Black&Decker-LST136W-40V-Max-Lithium-String-Trimmer