Top 7 Best Tennis Racquets 2017

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There are hundreds of tennis racquets available in the market and too many manufacturers to choose from. Finding the right racquet can be very difficult and confusing; no matter you are a newbie or a pro in tennis.

Best Tennis Racquet

When it comes to choosing the right type of tennis racquets, there are too many options available, making it hard to select only one which suites you best.

Most of the companies release a new design every year; some of them stick with the original design which is famous for few years. These racquets range from $50 to $500 and there are dozens of different designs and model between these price ranges.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Tennis Racquet

1. Beginners/Newbie

The beginners or newbie in this sport are always looking for a racquet which makes the game more fun and easier for them to play with. In this scenario, weight of the racquet is a very important factor. If it is heavy, it will be difficult to carry and difficult to maneuver and on the other hand, if it is too light, it will be unstable and it will start to vibrate on every hit you make. Good quality racquets’ weight vary between 8 ounces to 14 ounces and if you are just starting with this sports, then the best racquet for you will be somewhere in the middle in terms of weight (around 10 or 11 ounces). This will allow you to enjoy the game with a light weight racquet and a heavy enough for the stability. When it comes to Head size, they range from 85 to 135 square inches, and as per the weight, the best head size for a beginner is between 95 to 105 square inches. They offer a good balance between power and balance for the beginner to learn the game while they are having fun with it.

2. Intermediate Players

Intermediate players already have an idea about their game and what they are looking for when it comes to buying a new racquet. They know if they are looking for a something which can give them power or control. If they think they already put in enough power in the game, then they should go for more control oriented racquet instead of power oriented one or vice versa. The main focus is always on both of the factors, power as well as control. So you need to make sure you balance them together and choose your racquets accordingly. This decision can only be made with experience as you go along and get a clean idea on what your strengths are and what are you weaknesses are.

There are dozens of different companies who offer wide range of tennis racquets in the market. The most famous brands are Wilson, Babolat, Yonex and Head tennis racquets. They offer wide range and different set of tennis racquets to choose from, so you need to make sure what is there you are looking for and this can only be judged when you’ve used 2 or 3 racquets already and have a little bit of idea on how you actually play your game.

Check out the 7 Best Tennis Racquets on the market right now:

1. Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson Tour Slam
Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket: aluminum, imported, strung balance 3 points head light, volcanic frame technology provides power and stability, power bridge increases power, stop shock pads reduce racquet vibration for greater control.

>> Wilson-Tour-Slam-Adult-Strung-Tennis-Racket




2. Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

Head Ti.S6
This racquet contains a combination of titanium and graphite. The titanium creates a light racquet with strength and the graphite composite gives the racquet great feel and durability. The head size of the racquet is 115 square inches and is 1″ head heavy. The beam of the racquet is 28.5mm. The string pattern of the racquet is 16×19. The racquet is extra long in length at 27 3/4″ and weighs 8 oz. The racquet does NOT come with a head cover.

>> Head-Ti.S6-Tennis-Racquet




3. Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson US Open Junior
Wilson is the Official Ball of the US Open and partner of the USTA. The US Open 19 inch Junior Tennis Racket is approved for 10 and Under Tennis and is extremely lightweight and easy to swing.

>> Wilson-US-Open-Junior-Tennis-Racquet




4. Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone Tennis Racquet

Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone
The Head TiS5 Comfort Zone is best suited to a beginning to intermediate level player with a slow to medium speed swing who requires a generous sweetspot that is easy on the arm (thanks to Head’s Comfort Zone technology). Open string pattern further enhances sweetspot without sacrificing control. Comfort Zone is the new patented dampening system made up of a combination of a hard and soft material reduces string vibration up to 25%. The cone shape of the grommets optimizes the sweetspot area on the string. The additional dampening of the ComfortZone provides for ultimate comfort. The sweetspot is enlarged by 20% and ball acceleration is increased.

>> Head-Ti-S5-Comfort-Zone-Tennis-Racquet




5. Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Drive
FSA Technology (Frame String Interaction Technology) It’s from the new impact zone that the FSI Technology of the Pure Drive 2015 was developed Woofer system to bring more feel to players with each strike of the ball. Tighter string pattern in the sweetspot area for better consistency on all strokes. EVO Beam Different frame thickness for power power. Elliptic Geometry Elliptical shape of the frame for added resistance against torque and flexing for increased power. Cortex System in the Pure Drive Racquets. Thanks to a new type of construction and a CDS (Cortex Dampening System) interface, the 2012 edition of Babolat’s active Cortex technology ensures the perfect transmission of information to the hand so players can get an incomparable feel for the ball, with greater power and control on each hit. Length: 685mm/27 Head Size: 645 cm/ 100 Weight:300 g/10.6 oz Balance: 320 mm HL/7pts.

>> Babolat-Pure-Drive-Tennis-Racquet




6. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph
The next generation Pro Staff series starts with Roger Federer’s personal racket. Meticulously play tested and developed by the greatest tennis player of all time, the RF97 Autograph is now more powerful while maintaining the classic Pro Staff feel players have come to love. The new power is delivered with a larger head size and sweet spot than the previous generation and shines with a brand new classically modern red and black aesthetic.

>> Wilson-Pro-Staff-RF97-Autograph-Tennis-Racquet




7. Yonex Voltric Z Force II 2 Badminton Racket (Unstrung/Strung)

onex Voltric Z Force II 2 Badminton
Isometric with large sweet spot for power and distance. The thinnest ever shaft and improved tri-voltage system increases the smash energy. Flex: extra stiff.

>> Yonex-Voltric-Z-Force-II-2-Badminton-Racket-(Unstrung/Strung)


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